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These are 5 advanced level/Cambridge CAE Interview exercises though they could also be used for general

fluency and speaking activities.

What are the best ways to get to know a foreign city – imagine you have about 10 days –

Museums Shops Sporting events Theatre Guided tours Using the tourist information office Knowing someone who lives there Reading a lot before you go there Just walking around without a plan
Follow up questions – How important is it to know the local language when you go abroad? Does travel really “broaden the mind”? Does the tourist/travel industry exploit people (both customers and locals?) Should we spend more time visiting our own country and less going abroad?


Choosing extra-curricular subjects for a college. Imagine you are designing a series of classes for a college (14-18 year olds) as a compliment to the main studies. Which of the following would you include and why? Cookery Car Maintenance Woodwork Sewing and Knitting Painting and decorating Model making Gardening Fitness and dieting Sex education Multicultural studies Music and dancing Follow up questions – Should schools and colleges offer more subjects than they do? Can things like good manners and respect for others be taught at school? Should some schools offer young people the chance to learn practical rather than academic subjects? How up to date do you think our schools and colleges are? .

and why? Which. would you choose? Space tourism – circle the earth and see the stars! Travel to the bottom of the ocean Down the amazon by boat Climbing in the Himalayas Visit the world’s most dangerous volcanoes Trekking in the polar regions From Canada to South America by Balloon Gastronomic Tour – 10 days. 10 countries. if any. Crossing the Sahara by motorbike Ghost hunting in Scotland Follow-up questions What are the attraction of adventure or dangerous sports? Has traditional tourism become boring and predictable for a lot of people? Do you think space tourism will be a reality in the future? .Unusual trips – Look at the following examples of unusual holidays/trips – which do you think are most likely to appeal to people. 10 amazing meals.

Doing projects and studies.. Follow-up questions Can respect for the environment be taught? Are we doing enough to protect the environment? How have attitudes towards environmental issues changed in the last 10 years? Do governments and politicians listen to ordinary people on the subject of ecology and pollution? Do you consider yourself “green” in any ways? . The Body Shop etc) Talks from TV and music personalities who support Conservation. water etc. Going to Zoos Visiting “green” businesses (organic farms.Awareness of the environment Imagine you are responsible for developing a programme for children to teach them the importance of caring for the environment.. Which of the following would you include and which would you consider the most effective and important? Lectures and talks from conservationists Visits to recycling plants Prizes for drawing pictures about conservation Going on countryside “cleaning-up” trips Visiting places damaged by pollution Learning to save electricity.

Education programmes for developing countries Rehabilitation programmes for ex-prisoners “Sponsor a third world child” Cancer research Abandoned animals home Developing farming in the third world Starvation relief Aid for natural disasters Victims of domestic violence Drug education for schools Follow-up questions: Do charities provide governments with an excuse not to spend money on important causes? “Charity begins at home.” do you agree? To what extent can society be blamed for problems like drug and alcohol addiction? Do you think charities should be run by religious organisations? .Charities You have been asked to decide how a large cash donation to charity should be spent – consider the charities below and say which you would consider the most urgent and deserving.