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Exposition Intro 1st subject Bridge


Sonata Form


Recapitulation Recap of 1st or second subjects or both Coda


2nd subject Codetta Using 1st or second subject or both in dominant, subdominant or relative minor

Quick Test on Bars 1 - 44
• What interval is used in the opening motif?
A) Sixth.

• What is a Sequence? – A musical passage that
is repeated either up or down.

• What is a Pedal Note? - A repeating note that
is in the low instruments of the orchestra

• What key is the First Subject in? – G Minor • In the Bridge section, it modulates to Bb

Quick Test on Bars 44-72
• These bar numbers are where the 2nd subject is. • The two instrumental families that have a musical conversation with each other are the String and the Woodwind sections. • This section is in the key of Bb Major

Second Subject (bars 44-72)
• New Theme (called the 2nd subject) in Bb major • More relaxed • Use of Semi-Tones • Bb Major perfect cadence link • String and Woodwind swap tune playing duties • Theme extended , Dom 7 chord – then use of cresc. And chromatic movement

Key Vocab
The Word
• • • • • • • • • • • Sonata Form Symphony Exposition Development Homophonic Recapitulation G Minor Sequence Modulation Primary Chords B Flat Major

The Defenition
• • • • • • • • • • • The Key of the Opening I IV and V Key of the Bridge/2nd Subject A work for orchestra A reminder of the original tune The original tune Intro-Exp-Dev-Recap-Coda Blocks of sound A change of key The tune develops A Tune, moved Up or Down

Learning Objectives
• MUST be able to identify through listening/discussion/performance the key musical points of the Codetta Section • SHOULD be able to identify through listening/discussion/performance be able to link the key point with sections earlier on in the movement • COULD able to discuss the use of composition devices to bring the exposition to a close

Watch This.......
• vPdU
• This video has clear headings. It also gives all the information about the different keys that the sections are in too.

Practical Performance 1
• As we have now completed the Exposition section of Mozart 40, I’d like you today to bring this all together by:• Putting the First Theme • Putting the Second Theme • Putting the Codetta ‘audio clue’ • Putting the Perfect Cadence Fest All into an Arrangement – with a spoken description of what you are playing and the characteristics of it

Answer honestly
• What I don’t understand about Mozart 40 is.......
• I am happy with ............. In the Mozart 40

• How can this be taught better to help you make progress?

Practical Performance 2
• We’re going to re-inact the Perfect Cadence fest (in different keys) • I want you to fully be able to recognise the ending of codetta section (of the exposition) by use of the Perfect Cadence fest. • We’re going to work in pairs, in different keys and assume to roles of V and I