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Key Responsibilities of a Manager-Commercial: Accounts & Finance: • • • • • • • Ensuring proper and online maintenance of accounting records.

Ensuring proper booking of RA Bill, ED, Stock, all Purchase / Expense bills, Provisions, WIP, Cash & bank payments, bank reconciliation. Ensuring compliance with accounting guidelines with respect to treatment of Site infra expenses, consumable assets, Steel – Wood WIP. Monthly scrutiny of Trial Balance and ensuring correct / qualitative books of accounts. Finalisation of Cost Centre Report and reviewing major deviations with Achievement budget with Site in-charge / RO Commercial head. Preparation of Monthly Cash flow statement - Plan Vs Actual and co-ordinate with RO for requirement of funds. Preparing of Liability Statement (Labour & Vendor) & ensuring timely payment to vendors / contractors – keeping in view critical priorities, disbursement plan to be finalized in consultation with Site in-charge. Internal audit – Co-coordinating with all concerned at Site and ensuring timely compliance. Taking required corrective & preventive actions for improvement in system controls. Updating of Receivable statement & collection of TDS certificate from client in respect of Income tax / VAT To implement and comply with all Corporate policy / procedures.

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Commercial & Taxation • Ensuring compliance with all commercial terms of the contract such as payments terms, BGs, taxes & duties, escalation, price variations, recoveries, deductions, deemed exports benefits etc.

major administrative expenses. labour contracts. Labour reconciliation / Diesel reconciliation with Site in-charge / Billing & Planning Engg. collecting proof of tax payments from vendors/contractors. Finalization of monthly overhead expenses budget of site in consultation with Site in-charge and ensuring control on actual expenses in line with budget. Review of Material reconciliation . Pending PO approval status. if necessary. Follow-up with Site in-charge / Client for certification of bills and timely collections. Ensuring compliance with mandatory statutory requirements e. and initiating necessary corrective / preventive actions. Review of key MIS reports such as MRBNR. Age wise analysis of inventory etc. Pending indents status. Participation in commercial negotiation of local materials purchases. Providing support to ensure day to day & online updation of all stores records. Approval of PO for local purchases / Work orders for labour .• • • Providing require details for VAT / Service tax invoice.g. • • • • • • • Stores • • • Overall supervision and monitoring of stores function and Inventory control. hiring / rental agreements. . Ensuring proper security of Advances given to subcontractors through BGs. VAT / Service / PAN registration of Vendors / Contractors. controlling Advances and initiating process for recovery as per the condition of contract. Verification of accuracy of ED statement and cross verification of the same with Claim Vs Certified statement. Material Reconciliation Statement. Maintaining records and keeping track of all BGs given to client and taken from sub contractors. co-coordinating with RO / HO for issue of invoices and submission of the same to client. Stock statement. Providing support / clarifications for sorting out any commercial issues. composite and expenses with respect of all commercial / taxation matters.

Fuel. Consumable assets and Fixed assets on periodical basis and taking necessary steps if. Timely processing of Fixed Assets invoices and submission of the same to RO  HO. there are major deviations with book stock.• Physical verification of major items of Raw materials. Ensuring proper identification of Job code / group code / Asset code for all issue transactions. Identifying non moving / obsolete / surplus items and taking up necessary further actions for its disposal / transfer etc. Ensuring proper valuation of stock including WIP as per Accounting guidelines. Spares. Ensuring proper storage and safety arrangement to minimise loss / damage of materials. • • • • • • • . To ensure necessary corrective / preventive actions for internal audit observations. Ensuring necessary follow-up with all concerned persons at Site / RO for timely availability of critical materials.