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Designation CPO • • Brief Duties Chief Personnel Officer is the Head of Personnel Deptt. and ensures implementation of all policies on establishment matters over entire Western Railway. He is responsible for proper Manpower Planning, Staff Welfare, Industrial Relations, Staff Grievance Handling, Court Cases and all other establishment matters pertaining to staff and officers on Western Railway. He is the co-ordinator of establishment matters between Railway Board and Head of Deptts. on Western Railway. He is the ex-officio President of all Railway Schools on Western Railway. Chief Personnel Officer (Administration) assists CPO on establishment matters. As per Schedule of Powers, he deals with the cases relating to Manpower Planning, Staff Welfare, Industrial Relations, Staff Grievance Handling, Court Cases and all other establishment matters pertaining to staff and officers on Western Railway. He is the Training Manager of Personnel Deptt. and maintains liaison with the Branch officers of Personnel Deptts. on various units of Western Railway. Chief Personnel Officer (IR) looks after the work of Dy.CPO(W), SPO(M&E), SPO(RP) & SPO(IR). Deals with establishment matters of Construction Organisation. Also deals with Court cases pending before Labour Officers/Labour Commissioners on similar issues related to casual labours of closed project. Deals with issues relating to employee-employer relationship which are likely to arise in execution of projects. Deputy Chief Personnel Officer (Gaz.) deals with career progression upto JAG (adhoc) as well as various establishment matters of all Gazetted officers of Western Railway. Also responsible for all selections from Gr. ‘C’ to ‘B’, except Security Deptt. and conducts exams. Also also deals with deputation and nomination of officers for training. All Court & DAR cases pertaining to Gazetted Officers are dealt with by Dy.CPO(G). Dy.CPO(HRD) is responsible for submission of monthly PCDO from CPO to MS, submission of manpower statements to GM for preparation of his MCDO to CRB, preparation of brochure for MS/AMS during their visit to WR, creation & surrender of posts, maintenance of HQ surplus staff, monitoring of redeployment of surplus staff, submission of monthly statement on benchmarking to

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Further panels are required to be prepared urgently to meet the requirement of additional poss. Dy. ‘D’ staff for Western Zonal Railway. Deals with audit cases/Audit and accounts objections. Inspections notes. Committees. Organisation as frequent postings and transfers are required. He also deals with the policy matters pertaining thereto.CPO(Rectt. Deals with interpretation of rules and issue of policy circulars. Also deals with RTI cases of Personnel Deptt. Dy. which are resulting in to PNM items and staff grievances. Also deals with Establishment Policy. 9 Dy. Dy. Processing of Annual Railway week awards both at Railway Board level and GM’s level.CPO(Rectt.) is responsible for recruitment of Gr. Dy.CPO(HQ) • • • • • 8.) • • • 10.CPO(S&C) • . Inspection notes of GM/CPO/Board etc. Work related to issue of various passes/PTO’s and issue of policy circulars thereon.• • Board. there are large number of associates of Personnel department including procure ment of stationery & other items. including appeal cases of divisions / units in HC / SC. etc.DPO’s Conferences. The workload has considerably increased in case of Gaz..CPO(Wel. All other Misc. In addition to this. Issue of NOC and medical cards to working & retired staff including officers. There are large number of court cases required to be monitored regularly. Allotment of Quarters. Dealing with parliamentary questions.CPO(HQ) deals with establishment matters of Law. Policy matters pertaining to all the disputes arising out of all legal labour legalizations including dealing with RLC & ALC is also done by him. societies and periodical returns pertaining to thereto is also being dealt by him. Dealing with DAR cases of divns. He is also the Secretary of GM’s Welfare and Relief Fund. The incumbent deals with establishment matters inspectorial staff of Personnel Department. 7. submission of Book of Sanction to Board.) Dy. Policy matters pertaining to co-op. teaching staff of schools and staff of staff canteens. Implementation of Hours of Employment Regulation and all proposals for change of classification as also joint job analysis is also being monitered and done by him../units wherein PHODs/GM is the appellate /revisionary authority.. Deals with court cases and DAR cases of NG staff of HQ Office. organizing & follow up of Sr. Dealing with all work pertaining to Rajbhasha. All welfare activities are also co-ordinated by him through Central Staff Benefit Fund Committee of which CPo is the Chairman.

Deals with monitoring & maintenance of NG confidential 12. drawing & inspectorial staff of Engg. Deptt. Also deals with PRT of Stores & Signal Deptts. Manages the administration of Stenographers & Group ‘D’ staff of Personnel Deptt. Issuing agenda / index / minutes of these meetings. Dealing with all correspondence. to CPO • • Assists CPO in day to day working. disposal of references received from National Commission for SC/ST & Railway Board. Working Committee. Dealing with court cases of recognized / un-recognised trade unions. SPO(Engg. conducting selections / suitability tests & trade tests for filling up vacancies of Track Machine Organisation.G.11. SPO(IR) • • • • 15. court cases pertaining to Mechanical & Electrical deptts. monitoring shortfall of SC/ST. Issuing notifications for special casual leave / passes to office bearers of recognized trade unions. Conducting meetings with both the recognized unions at different levels. maintenance of service sheets. Deptt. SPO(RP) • 14. Co-ordinates various meetings to be attended by CPO... Arranging separate joint meetings with both the unions. Personnel officers of divns.) • • • 13. Branch Education classes conducted by Trade Unions as well as Central Board of Workers Education etc.. & S&C deptt and Work Study Organisation. SPO(Engg. both in recruitment & promotion and OBC in recruitment.. posts of Engg. working in HQ Office and work study organization.. Deals with cadre of Motorman & AC/DC projects as well as litigation matters of Motormen. Secy. co-ordination with Parliamentary Committee for welfare of SC/ST as and when visits & submissions of various statistical information to Board.) deals with creations/surrender/abolition of N. SPO(M&E) • • • • . SC/ST/OBC Association references. SPO(RP) deals with reservation policy of SC/ST/OBC. clerical & drawing cadre of HQ Engg.. Deals with subjects like finalization of Union items. service records of Mechanical & Electrical deptts. Bridge organization. creation/abolition of posts. inspection of communal rosters of all divns. conducting informal meetings with SC/ST/OBC Associations. notifications of seniority lists. including workshops. disposal of Railway Board / VIP references and Inter Railway Transfer applications. SPO(M&E) deals with selections / suitability tests / screening./units. staff representations. deputations. Deals with Railway transfers. Issuing notification for office bearers of recognized Trade Unions. leave accounts of clerical. General Body./units and HQ Office. maintenance of leave records. including policy and memoranda received from both recognized unions. division/unit references etc.

deputations etc. forwarding of leave files of officers. PF withdrawals. Deals with Gr. SPO(Gaz. maintenance of leave / records of these staff. EDP centre staff & Statistical staff.CPO(Gaz. creation & extensions of workcharged posts. APO(B&A) • reports of HQ staff. Budget Br. awards. unions items . conducting selections / suitability tests / trade tests for filling up vacancies in ministerial category of Establishment. Deals with creation/surrender/abolition of other ministerial posts of Commercial & Traffic deptts. dual charge allowance. honorarium.. CA-iii references. conducting pension adalats. Various work assigned by Dy. Dealing of Plan Head 51 & 52 of Pink Book. Reversion & Transfers of all these categories.Railway. Deals with creation/abolition of N. Deals with nomination of Doctors for seminars / workshops. Medical Practitioners (CMPs). circulation of policy of pay & allowances. payment of interest on delayed settlement dues. maintenance of service records.. Subjects like preparation of bills. of HQ Office. ‘D’ recruitment & recruitment of EXServicemen from open market as per recruitment drive. Of HQ staff. typists of all deptts. payment of travelling / packing allowance.G.receiving grievances. Deals with Promotion. leave accounts.) • • • • 17. SPO(Gaz.16. VIP references. diary reference. Honorary Visiting Specialists. deputations to IRCTC/RCT. Subjects like Promotion. ‘B’ selections. Hindi organization and Gr. Commercial.. 18. Selections of Stenographers. Also deal with day to day work given by CPO(IR) & CPO. Reversion & Transfers of Medical staff. arranging settlement dues.) deals with court cases & DAR cases of Gazetted officers of Western Railway. Hospital.On going & new contract. nomination of officers for training. APO(Rectt.). Assists Dy. Deals with subjects like Inter Railway transfer. including conducting selections. ‘D’ staff of all deptts. union items. Mechanical. APO(Plg. Law Book and Mini Law Book of IRPSM.) • . Dealing with Medical related issues on W. posts of ministerial staff.CPO(G) in conducting Gr. Non-Rly. Electrical. disposal of Railway Board’s reference. S&T. APO(T&C) • • • 19. Operating. checking of TA/DA/CA bills etc. General Admn. Medical.) • • • • 21. of HQ staff. fixation of pay. APO(HQ) • • 20. Contract with Super Speciality Hospitals. contract with Dental surgeons & Para Medical staff Deals with SMS based E-Helpline –setting it up. disposal of diary references.