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Pavilion Dance South west
Bournemouth’s National Dance Centre
Supporting dance across the South West

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02 Pavilion Dance South west | Welcome & Contents

T: 01202 203630

T: 01202 203630

PERformance | Pavilion Dance South west


Each summer Pavilion Dance South West intends to present a season of unusual dance in unusual places that gets us out of our building, Pavilion Dance, and into the community. This year’s performances take us into the Russell Cotes Museum, to the new Pier Approach outdoor performance space, into a historic Georgian Mansion House, into local libraries and to secret locations around Bournemouth. We are also excited to be expanding our live streamed events to include Glyndebourne Opera this season as well as introducing a regular programme of world and contemporary cinema every Monday from May. So many reasons to get to know us better and we haven’t even mentioned all the participatory opportunities, children’s performances and our support for dance makers across the South West and beyond! Come and visit and while you are here drop into the Terrace Bistro next door for a drink or some food. It promises to be open before all of our performances so you can meet up with friends, enjoy a pre-show meal or buy a drink to take into the performance with you. Enjoy! The Pavilion Dance South West team


South Asian Dance Summit
Friday 17 – Saturday 18 May
The South Asian Dance Summit is a miniature festival featuring four brand-new works performed by four UK based South Asian contemporary and classical dance companies (see also our programme of Asian art house films, p. 16–17).
Erhebung is presented at Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum and £5 will get you into the building to see it. Due to limited capacity booking in advance is strongly recommended. Tickets to Erhebung only available at 01202 451858. All other performances in the Summit are presented at Pavilion Dance and cost £10 each or £15 for all three.

by Sadhana Dance

Under My Skin

Photo: Kathy Hinde

EXPECT: An evening of contemporary and classical Indian dance styles exploring the theme of surgery

Friday 17 May, 7.30pm
Tickets: £10/£15 (for all 3 performances) There will be some pre-show foyer activity featuring craft and clinical experts showcasing their intricate connection to surgery How do dance and surgery speak to each other? In this collaboration between choreographer Subathra Subramaniam and surgeon/educator Roger Kneebone, dance is used as a medium to allow the audience a rare insight into the operating theatre, where intricate detail, perfectly timed exchanges and analytical spatial patterns are vital to explore the boundaries between clinical practice and dance.

All performances will take place at Pavilion Dance unless otherwise stated
Performance Programme 3–10 Performances for Children 11–13 Cinema 14–17 Take Part 18–19 Supporting Dance Makers 20 How to Find Us 21 Events Calendar & How to Book
Cover photo by YaNaS media: Bloom/Batch Gueye and Friends (see page 8–9)

Photo: Kathy Hinde


The performance is followed by a Café Scientifique where Quentin Cooper, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Material World, will chair a discussion between the artists, collaborators and the audience.

04 Pavilion Dance South west | PERformance

T: 01202 203630

T: 01202 203630

PERformance | Pavilion Dance South west



by ATMA Dance

Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum*

Friday 17 May, 11.30am & 1.30pm**
Tickets: £5 for entry to museum Classical Indian dance meets abstract sculpture in this collaboration between choreographer Mayuri Boonham and sculptor Jeff Lowe.
* Russell Cotes Rd, East Cliff, Bournemouth, BH1 3AA Booking in advance recommended: 01202 451858 ** Duration: 30 minutes. Seats available on request
Photo: Kestrel Vision

Power Games
by Altered Skin

Selling Secrets
by Casson & Friends and Pavilion Dance South West
EXPECT: unusual dance moves and unexpected glimpses into other people’s lives


Saturday 18 May, 9.30am
suitable for ages 14+

Tickets: £10/£15 (for all 3 performances) Deepak is a wealthy banker whose life is spiralling out of control and you, the audience, will have the power to control his fate by voting. Will you save Deepak before he hits rock bottom in this exciting mix of theatre, dance and visual storytelling?

Thursday 6 to Saturday 8 June, 7pm, 7.45pm & 8.30pm
Tickets: £5 Promenade Performance Secret Location Duration: 40 minutes Have you ever wondered what happens in hotel rooms, behind closed doors, where people are stuck in a confined space, out of real time, removed from their lives, families and loved ones? Selling Secrets is a new site-specific dance work. Authored and choreographed by members of the local community by day and performed by professional dancers each night, Selling Secrets will explore local peoples’ stories and secrets through a unique and intimate performance in a secret location in Bournemouth. Book your tickets and we’ll tell you more! Over three nights, nine miniature performances will ask how much we are defined by the public’s perception. Is the businessman all he seems? Does the chambermaid have forgotten dreams? Everyone has a story to tell... Everyone has a secret to sell...
Photo: Simon Richardson

Photo: Simon Richardson


Dancing My Siva (Live dance solo)
by Seeta Patel and Kamala Devam

The Art of Defining Me (Film) &
Saturday 18 May, 12pm
Tickets: £10/£15 (for all 3 performances) While The Art of Defining Me takes a humorous look at how we are influenced by other people’s expectations, Dancing My Siva shows the beautiful interplay between a dancer and Lord Siva.

The South Asian Dance Summit is a collaboration between Pavilion Dance South West and Asian Arts Agency. It is part of Asian Arts Agency’s Bhangra Action Research Project.

If you would like to work with Casson & Friends to be one of the people helping to create this world premiere, please contact by 24th May 2013.

06 Pavilion Dance South west | PERformance

T: 01202 203630

T: 01202 203630

PERformance | Pavilion Dance South west


Bodies in URBAN Spaces
by Cie. Willi Dorner
EXPECT: an hour of fun following a human sculpture trail of 20 performers across Bournemouth

EXPECT: a celebration and showcase of the finest Hip-hop dancers from across the world

Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 June, 12pm & 4pm
Free Outdoor promenade performance Meet outside Pavilion Dance main entrance, facing the Lower Gardens Duration: 60 minutes Bodies in Urban Spaces by Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner sees human bodies squeezed into the nooks and crannies of the finest landmarks in Bournemouth. By cramming themselves into doorways, alcoves and any gap they can find, the performers offer different and often hilarious interpretations of urban architecture. This is a brilliant opportunity to perform and create an internationally renowned and groundbreaking work. Auditions will be held at Pavilion Dance on Sunday 28 April from 1pm to 4pm. Performers with experience in Physical Theatre, Breakin’, Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation and Parkour are particularly encouraged to apply. For further information email The creation period will run from Monday 17 to Friday 21 June and performances will take place on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June. Attendance at all days is necessary. Idea, concept: Willi Dorner; choreographic assistance: Ian Dolan, Nicholas Keegan
Photo: Lisa Rastl

Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 July, 11am to 9pM
FREE Outdoor event Pier Approach
(near Bournemouth Pier, former IMAX building)

With performances and special events to watch, a pair of our Dancing Terraces (see page 18) to take part in and sensational battles for the whole family to talk about, B-town Throwdown will present some of finest crews in the area in action and showcase different elements of Hip-hop in its original outdoor setting. As part of B-town Throwdown we’re proud to host Vile Style 9 on Saturday afternoon in partnership with All Elements and Second To None, a legendary BBOY JAM which will feature both solo and crew battles. B-town Throwdown has been created in partnership with All Elements, Second To None, Shake Dance, MISSFiT, Storm, BEAT, DFA (Dance For All), Independance and Secret Walls x Bournemouth.

Supported by

08 Pavilion Dance South west | PERformance

T: 01202 203630

T: 01202 203630

PERformance | Pavilion Dance South west


Bagatai – Land of the Baga
Ballet Nimba 12.30pm & 9.30pm

If you thought ballet was all about pirouettes, let West African Ballet Nimba recalibrate your preconceptions with six high octane dancers, coupled with potent musicianship, soaring vocals and outstanding percussion and rhythms.

Photo: Anita Hummel

FREE Outdoor performances and workshops Pavilion Dance Terraces

ADAD and Pavilion Dance South West present

Photo: Anita Hummel

Kawlahk and Fass
Batch Gueye and Friends 12.30pm & 4.30pm

with Ballet Nimba, Galang Crew and Batch Gueye and Friends
EXPECT: a joyous outdoor celebration of African dance and music, to watch and take part in

Be transported to the sweltering streets of Dakar with these fast and frenetic Senegalese Sabar dancers. Kawlahk (‘dance like a lion’) is a fast paced traditionally male dance. Fass is a dance of good luck, the better you dance the luckier you get!

Photo: YaNaS media

Saturday 20 July, from 12.30pm – 9.50pm

Dancehall v African
Galang Crew 12.30pm & 7.00pm

Bloom is an outdoor festival celebrating authentic dance from Africa and its diaspora, featuring six performances and six hours of dance workshops.

Bloom at a glance:
PERFORMANCE TIMES: 12.30pm, 4.30pm, 7pm, 9.30pm WORKSHOP TIMES: 2.30pm, 3.30pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm For the full timetable please visit our website.

After creating her own genre Dancehall v African and pulling together influences from far and wide, Sara Galan has definitively made her mark. The Galang Crew will be presenting Dancehall and Coupé Decalé with a touch of Kuduro, all with a sultry feminine touch.

10 Pavilion Dance South west | PERformance

T: 01202 203630

T: 01202 203630

FOR CHILDREN | Pavilion Dance South west


Le savoir et le faire
by Elodie Escarmelle/Small Room Dance Pavilion Dance South West and Dorset Visual Arts present
Photo: Estelle Offroy


(The know and the how)
Saturday 1 June, 7.45pm to 10.30pm
Kingston Maurward House, Dorchester, DT2 8PY Part of Dorset Art Fair Art Party Tickets: £15 To book please email Escarmelle investigates the concept of know-how in both craft and dance. This work is the outcome of her research with master craftspeople from various fields, including glass blowers, ceramicists and cabinet makers.
Pavilion Dance South West presents

EXPECT: An amazing fusion of dance and physical theatre from a world-class BBoy choreographer

Travelling Light presents an East London Dance, Sadler’s Wells and Stratford Circus production

Based on the award-winning book Varmints by Helen Ward and Marc Craste and with the permission of Templar Publishing

Sunday 9 June, 11.30am
Tickets: £5, babes in arms free
suitable for ages 8+

Duration: 65 minutes There was once only the sound of bees and the wind in the wiry grass, the low murmuring of moles in the cool dark earth, and the song of birds in the high blue sky. Varmints tells the poignant tale of one small creature’s struggle to preserve a world in danger of being lost forever. Every day the city grows larger and the noise grows louder, until there is so much noise that no-one can hear themselves think. This exhilarating new dance-theatre show is choreographed by Wilkie Branson (Champloo Dance Company) and directed by Sally Cookson who most recently brought the brilliantly energetic Christmas show BOING! to Pavilion Dance.
Photo: Manuel Vason

Spotlight Showcase
Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 June, 5pm
Tickets: £5 The annual Spotlight Showcase is our platform for schools and youth dance companies in Bournemouth, Poole and the wider Dorset area. For young people aged 4 to 19.

Pavilion Dance Cabaret
Sunday 21 July, 6pm & 8pm
Tickets: £5 Start the summer holidays by joining us for some entertainment from a diverse selection of class performances, residency performances by 2BU, Coevo and guest artists.

Photo: Rian Harvey

Created with support from Pavilion Dance South West

12 Pavilion Dance South west | FOR CHILDREN

T: 01202 203630

T: 01202 203630

FOR CHILDREN | Pavilion Dance South west


If the Shoe Fits
by CScape Dance
EXPECT: A LIVELY SHOW with story telling, Dance, Acting and Music

Humpty Dumpty:
A Wibbly Wobbly World of Words
by Second Hand Dance and Claire Reed

Sunday 30 June, 11.30am & 3pm
Tickets: £5, babes in arms free
suitable for ages 3+

Saturday 17 August
Tickets: £5 per child, adults free*
suitable for ages 4–7

Duration: 55 minutes When Emily pays a visit to Nicefits Shoe Emporium, she soon realises it is no ordinary shop. Hidden inside every box is a shoe with a story to tell, from slippers that speed up time to the cowboy boots of Dustbowl Bill. But the question is, which shoes should Emily choose? The performers bring the shoes and their stories to life using physical theatre, dance, storytelling and music, creating a delightful visual world that engages children in tales of new shoes, old shoes, shoes with laces and velcro, and even a re-telling of the Emperors new … shoes!

Promenade performance Bournemouth Library (10.15am & 11.15am) and Kinson Library (2.45pm) Duration: 45 minutes In a topsy-turvy land behind the bookshelves, Humpty Dumpty has lost the words to his riddle and doesn’t know where to find them! Can you help? This interactive performance takes children and their adults on an exciting journey travelling around the library, in between bookshelves and through a magical landscape of words and actions that encourages active literacy and learning.
*Tickets must be booked in advance from Pavilion Dance, no ticket sales on the day.

Photo: Perran Tremewan

Photo: Rosie Heafford


Pavilion Dance South west | CINEMA

T: 01202 203630

T: 01202 203630

CINEMA | Pavilion Dance South west


Ballet & Opera
Tickets: £15/£12 for groups of 5+
EXPECT: a luxurious front row experience of world-class opera and ballet on your doorstep

Glyndebourne Live:

(French with English supertitles)

Hippolyte et Aricie
Tuesday 25 JuLY, 6pm

by Jean-Philippe Rameau Rameau drew on ancient Greek tragedy and 17th-century classical French drama to create his version of the story of Theseus, Phaedra and Hippolytus. Dance is integral to this opera, in which a woman falls in love with her stepson, a man jumps to the wrong conclusions and is pursued by fate, and two young lovers await an uncertain destiny. Glyndebourne Live:

We are thrilled to announce that our Bolshoi Live season will be complemented by the very finest of opera, with a summer season of live satellite screenings from Glyndebourne. Recognised globally as one of the great opera houses, its productions travel worldwide, are performed live on stage and screened in cinemas from New York to Tokyo ... and now also in Bournemouth. Bolshoi Live:

(Italian with English supertitles)

Don Pasquale

Romeo & Juliet
Sunday 12 May, 4pm
Choreographer: Yuri Grigorovich When Romeo, heir of the Montagues, meets Capulet’s daughter Juliet at a ball, the rivalry between their two families threatens to destroy their love. Glyndebourne Live:

Tuesday 6 August, 7pm
by Gaetano Donizetti Don Pasquale is a man no longer in the first flush of youth who nonetheless hopes to marry and produce an heir, being dissatisfied with the current holder of that position, his nephew Ernesto. His carefully hatched plan, however, does not develop quite as he had hoped.

Ariadne auf Naxos
(German with English supertitles)

Tuesday 4 June, 6.45pm
by Richard Strauss The kernel of this story is a clash between two different types of dramatic performance, as represented by a troupe of comic artists led by the irrepressible Zerbinetta, and the high seriousness of the classical myth of Ariadne.

Don Pasquale. Photo: Bill Cooper

16 Pavilion Dance South west | CINEMA

T: 01202 203630

T: 01202 203630

CINEMA | Pavilion Dance South west


Film Times
Tokyo Story (1953) Monday 6 May, 2.30pm & 7.45pm Directed by Yasujirō Ozu Kai Po Che! (2013) Monday 13 May, 2.30pm & 7.45pm Directed by Abhishek Kapoor Poetry (2010) Monday 20 May, 2.30pm & 7.45pm Directed by Chang-dong Lee Syndromes and a Century (2006) Monday 27 May, 2.30pm & 7.45pm Directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Monday Night is Film Night
EXPECT: different perspectives on life, death and relationships by FOUR leading asian film directors

May 2013 sees the launch of our very own art house and world cinema programme that will bring award winning films from festivals such as Cannes, New York, Tokyo and further afield to Bournemouth every Monday at 2.30pm and 7.45pm. Our film programme will sometimes have a thematic relationship to our performances and may also feature dance, but we want you to know that whatever film is presented, it will be stylish, challenging and considered. We believe you shouldn’t have to travel beyond Bournemouth to see art house and world cinema. Kicking off our programme will be four films that have a connection with our South Asian Dance Summit (see pages 3–4). Featuring the BFI’s no.1 film of all time, Tokyo Story by Japanese master Yasujirô Ozu, Abhishek Kapoor’s tale of three friends set against the 2002 riots in Gujarat State, Kai Po Che!, a delicate and touching exploration of Alzheimer’s, Poetry by Korea’s Chang-dong Lee and the visionary exploration of memory, Syndromes and a Century by Apichatpong Weerasethakul from Thailand.

Our film programme will continue throughout the summer
ts ticke r With o 6 £ g in cost £10, we’re r o f nday two g Mo makin ilm Night. F Night

Syndromes and a Century


Tokyo Story


Pavilion Dance South west | TAKE PART

T: 01202 203630

T: 01202 203630

TAKE PART | Pavilion Dance South west


Dancing Terraces
July – August 2013
Pier Approach and Pavilion Dance Terraces. 7pm FREE Join us on various Friday and Saturday evenings for a variety of free dance classes for all ages to participate in or to watch and enjoy. Classes will be held at The Pier Approach and on the terraces at Pavilion Dance. They will vary each week and include styles such as Bollywood, African, Ceilidh, Samba, Caribbean Carnival and 1940s Social Dance. Go to for more information.

15 April – 20 July
We have two spacious studios and over 40 weekly classes for all ages and abilities. Ask for a classes leaflet, visit our website for full details or email our Participation and Outreach Coordinator at for more information.


Pilates 6pm Burn to Beats 6pm Tap Basic /Basic Plus 7.15pm New Wave 7.15pm Tap Intermediate/Advanced 8.30pm Street Dance All Styles 8.30pm


Contemporary Advanced Hula Hooping African Dance Irish Dance Acrobatics for Dance 1940s Social Dance Intermediate/Advanced

6pm 6pm 7.15pm 7.15pm 8.30pm 8.30pm

ICON (Summer School 2013)
Monday 29 July to Friday 2 August, 9.30am–5pm daily
Performance: Friday 2 August, 6pm Tickets: £50 (including 2 free tickets for the performance) School is out and a summer full of fun can begin! The Pavilion Dance South West Summer School kicks off at the end of July for a week dedicated to music and its many styles for ages 5–8 (pop music and jazz dance), 9–13 (rock with a contemporary dance twist) and 14–19 (a journey though Hip-hop’s history).

Pavilion Dance South West presents

Mini Ballet under 5s 10.30–11.15am Yoga 6pm Ballet Advanced 6pm Dance The Musicals 7.15pm Contemporary Intermediate 7.15pm 1940s Social Dance 8.30pm Basic/Basic Plus Ballet Intermediate 8.30pm


Mini Movies under 5s Contact Improvisation Ballet Basic Pilates Ballroom Basic Body Rhythms Ballroom Intermediate


10.30–11.15am 6pm 6pm 7.15pm 7.15pm 8.30pm 8.30pm

Saturday 21 September, 10.30pm
by Silent Arena Outdoor Event £8 on the day/£6 in advance Experience the decidedly weird sensation of being with a whole host of people dancing wildly, apparently to nothing at all – unless, that is, you’re wearing headphones, in which case there are two DJs to choose from and a host of big tunes.

Mini Movers under 5s OAP – Older And Perfect Tap Basic / Basic Plus Parkinson’s Dance Salsa Fit Ballet Basic Plus Belly Dance Contemporary Basic Burlesque Jazz


10.30–11.15am 11.30am 1.30pm 3.15–4.45pm 6pm 6pm 7.15pm 7.15pm 8.30pm 8.30pm

Breakdance 5–9 yrs 9.30am Parkour 6–9 yrs 10.45am Parkour Basic 10–15 yrs 12–1.30pm Parkour Intermediate 10–15 yrs 1.45–3.15pm

Pavilion Dance SOUTH WEST companies:
Coevo Tuesdays, 7 May – 16 July 7.30–9.30pm £75 per term Adult Contemporary Dance company (for ages 20+). 2BU Tuesdays, 7 May – 16 July 5.30–7.30pm £60 per term Youth dance company for young people aged 14–19.


Pavilion Dance South west | Supporting DANCE MAKERS

T: 01202 203630

T: 01202 203630

HOW TO FIND US | Pavilion Dance South west


Why: We’re interested in supporting artists and companies who share our aspirations for creating work that connects with people, is a visceral experience and makes for compulsive viewing. Who? We will support artists and companies from across the country who want to develop a strategic relationship with the region as well as championing those already based in the south west. How? We have three levels of engagement which reflect our focus on building relationships over time: Pavilion Dance Discovery Artist: We’ll invite you to spend up to a week in our studios, indulge in creative conversations together, to get to know each other and help contribute towards your travel and accommodation costs. Pavilion Dance Playtime Artist: Here we begin to investigate a shared curiosity together and bring in additional creative influences to help encourage your work to grow. We’ll offer a co-commission investment, up to two weeks of space (including time in our theatre) with access to equipment, knowledge and support. Pavilion Dance Dream Artist: This is where we commit to a relationship of a year or more and support the development of a new idea, model or way of working which cultivates at least two parts of the dance ecology (create, produce, distribute, promote, present and appreciate). We’ll commission your work; provide studio space and production time whilst supporting you with other bespoke and responsive inputs, tailored to you. We like conversations. If you want to start one with us, please take a look at our artistic manifesto online, then, if you think you are a good match, email our Artistic Producer, with 250 words about which of your areas of interest chime with ours and tell us all about your idea.

Access: We welcome visitors with disabilities to all our productions and events. Wheelchair users: Pavilion Dance has a lift and accessible facilities, including backstage. Level access is via the seafront entrance of the Lower Gardens. If you are a wheelchair user please advise us when booking so we can ensure seating is available for you and a companion. Companions: For audience members who are unable to attend a performance unless accompanied, a seat is available for a companion free of charge for performances presented by Pavilion Dance. Please ask when booking. Hard of hearing:  We have a hearing loop system. Please ask when booking.


• Pavilion Dance: Westover Road, Bournemouth BH1 2BU • Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum: Russell Cotes Road, East Cliff, Bournemouth BH1 3AA • Pier Approach: Near Bournemouth Pier, former IMAX building, Bournemouth BH2 5AA • Bournemouth Library: 22 The Triangle, Bournemouth BH2 5RQ • Kinson Library: Wimborne Road, Bournemouth BH11 9AW • Kingston Maurward College: Dorchester, Dorset DT2 8PY



Teachers’ CPD – Primary Focus
with Zoie Golding



Monday, 10 June, 3pm
Tickets: £30
Photo: Will iam Hodson

Kingston Maurard HOUSE Pier APproAch BOURNEMOUTH PIER

Specifically tailored towards Primary School teachers, this Continued Professional Development opportunity looks at the fundamentals of introducing dance to young children; offering inspiring ways to incorporate dance into your creative curriculum, as well as some technical dance expertise. The session will be delivered by Zoie Golding, Artistic Director of FuzzyLogic Dance Company, who has 12 years of experience in curriculum enrichment and teacher training.


• In a promenade performance the audience follows the performers around rather than sit and watch as you do in a theatre or cinema • Supertitles help you understand the lyrics being sung in an opera. They are being suspended from above, that’s why they are being called supertitles rather than subtitles

22 Pavilion Dance South west | Events Calendar

T: 01202 203630

T: 01202 203630

Events Calendar | Pavilion Dance South west


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Dancing Terraces Tokyo Story (1953) Bolshoi Live: Romeo And Juliet Kai Po Che! (2013) Erhebung Under My Skin Power Games The Art of Defining Me & Dancing My Siva Poetry (2010) Syndromes and a Century (2006)

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Sat 21 18 Pavilion Dance terraces Silent Disco

How to book
Online: Telephone: 01202 203630 Box office hours: Mon–Fri 10am–5pm (10am – 9pm during classes); Sat 10am–5pm. Check page 19 for class times. In person: Visit us and book your tickets at reception. Credit / debit cards: There is a 50p transaction fee.