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Table of Contents What is the Global Talent Program? Why should you participate? Candidates’ Skills How can you participate? Special Packages .

Why should you participate? • High Quality Global Graduates A large diverse pool of global talents from over 100 countries and territories Selecting candidates based on the needs of your company Sourcing talented.What is the Global Talent Program? AIESEC’s Global Talent Program (GTP) gives your company the opportunity to tap into a wide pool of high-quality individuals. innovative young leaders with a global perspective Experienced practical hands-on project management - - - - • Cultivating international perspective in the working culture A chance to explore new cultures and markets for your company Developing and implementing new ideas. technologies and techniques Potential market expansion by establishing a network with the candidate’s home country Increase your company’s competitive edge locally and globally - - - - • Cost effectiveness - - - Easy access to international talent Administration fee is a fraction of the cost of recruitment agencies’ fees Candidates’ salary is comparable to their Malaysian counter-parts • Holistic service provision Complete logistical and visa requirements handled Reception at the airport upon arrival of the candidate and introduction to your company’s doorstep AIESEC offers integration programs and communities for the international candidates Ensure constant servicing and evaluation to maintain the quality of the Exchange program - - - - . These talented candidates have an international mindset to complement an investment you will not regret.

Candidates’ Skills Management skills • • • • • • Finance Accounting Marketing Project Management Organisational Management Human Resources Technical Skills • • • • • • Web development and management Software development and programing System analysis and design Network management Database management SAP and C++ Educational Skills • • • • • • • Teaching a language Teaching another subject in another language Curriculum development Character development Career counseling Cultural interaction Perspective promotion in academic fields or sectors .

newsletters.000 Recognised as AIESEC Malaysia’s National Partner Brand presence on our website. and annual report Brand presence on our intranet. a chance • to be branded among 38. newsletters.000 only per candidate • One-off payment only upon signing of contract Candidate’s Renumeration • Minimum of RM2.000 • Recognised as AIESEC Malaysia’s National Partner • Brand presence on our website.How can you participate? Program Process Program duration • Minimum of 6 weeks • Maximum of 52 weeks (1 year) Application Fee • RM2. and annual report Invitation to AIESEC Malaysia’s annual Gala Dinner etc .200 (pre-tax) per candidate per month Special Packages • • • • Platinum Package • 10 talent placements at RM17.000 members Invitation to AIESEC Malaysia’s annual Gala Dinner etc Gold Package • 5 talent placements at RM 9.