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Significance of knowledge economies

Editor in chief :Mir shakeel-ur-rehman Group editor: shaheen sehbai

No study of economics is fulfilled without paying homage to Adam-smith..The profounder who also wrote his book ‘wealth of nations in 1776. In it he discussed the ways to make a country prosperous, though the use of more capital and its resources more theories have been put forward to establish the cause. The key ingredients for a nation’s progress are capital and labor but possessing knowledge was not considered useful, but it was due to Robert solo that attributed to the growth function to capital investment. Moreover its not just capital to be needed to secure a better status quo.A complete knowledge is required to complete the transaction. He actually attributed towards the human capital. Initially he means to train posterity for their future rewards. And when one ponders to achieve the prospects, it is included on his capital formation side. India, china, Bangladesh, Hyderabad, Deccan have survived due to their intense vibrant attitude towards their real life. In my vision: “ Integration across the globe across the globe is the order of the day. Innovation is the new name of game ” New brands are introduced .variety of things are produced on the bases of latest knowledge .all these superior challenges cannot be met with physical acumen but the need of hour is the scrupulously honed and superior intellect .. We can see live examples in Bangalore and Hyderabad Deccan. Their urge for survival keeps the views for better vistas of progress. Same for medicine fields have been

witnessed. Special heart surgeons, liver transplants, those have been related with medicine have been flourishing day by day. “The main panorama of success lies behind the fact to ameliorate our communication skills “ In our south Asian region, we have much of the unexplored talent: our verbal skills sill remains amongst most high classed societies. It’s my view that , the strength of an evolution is contingent upon investment in crafting its knowledge workers development , training that is imparted to build its nation . In Pakistan...About 65% population is youth …rest lies on the past endeavors. Pkistani young nation adores being free all time .but the need of hour is to inculcate in them the future of superb linguistics. We must open new vistas of prosperity though the introduction of special training programmes in English language : moreover those interested in Persian, Spanish, French must be anviled. There is a plethora of opportunities available in terms of job and education particularly in European part of globe. We need our people to refurbish their skills for better centaury politics. Esp. my view is skills linguistics without which immensely knacked beings don’t at all matter in the otherwise notion. There are examples turning into lexicons, pervade. In my view Scholarships offered by foreign varsities don’t matter at ALL! Even for the bright students, if they don’t have necessary verbal skills to be a stickling to their views! China, India, Bangalore, united states, are all paragons of progress. They have immensely multiplied their GDP, GNP, all economic factors only posthumously. We can also inaugurate better life endeavors by exporting our people on shortterm assignments in various fields/ parts of world. Our universities must offer scholarships to students. , to improve our future econometrics. It can add in our quality education and refining perspectives.

Human resource is a vital mean to step ahead of others .capital is a mere mean. Only promising liberty lies in educating our fellows. It can be done if they work on their on volition. It is a well-known fact that that behind every established nation, there’s a hand of an educated women and we must work on our better-halves!
(Published article in The News on Monday 9the April 2012) Article written by Hamza Moatsim Billah