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The  Causes  of  Euro-­‐Scepticism  

Is  there  a  German  debt  towards  Romania?  

The   European   Union   progress   towards   deeper   political   integration   faces   the   criticism   and   resistance   of  Euro-­‐scepticism.   While   rejected   by   the   European   federalists,  that  Euro-­‐scepticism  nevertheless  has  its  explanations,  which  should   not  be  ignored.         Among  the  Euro-­‐sceptic  arguments  one  could  find:  EU’s  democratic  deficit  or  the   alleged   impossibility   of   building   a   trans-­‐national   democracy,   discrimination   against   certain   member   states   or   their   citizens,   hegemonic   temptations   of   the   main   European   national   protagonists,   oligarchic   character   of   the   Euro-­‐ bureaucracy,   lack   of   a   true   trans-­‐national   solidarity,   unfairness   of   the   most   developed  European  nations  towards  the  less  developed  ones,  distrust  induced   by  unsettled  historic  debts  etc.  Such  arguments  are  worrying  for  the  future  of  the   European  Project.     Hence,  we  are  offering  a  platform  for  presenting  and  debating  such  issues.  This  is   not  intended  to  promote  Euro-­‐scepticism,  but  rather  to  place  the  plea  for  “more   Europe”  and  for  a  “political  Europe”  within  a  better-­‐informed  and  more  realistic   context.     In   this   first   conference,   the   guest   speakers   will   present   their   findings   and   opinions   on   Germany’s   attitude   towards   Romania,   with   special   regard   to   the   financial   debt   Germany   might   have   towards   Romania.   Is   this   a   valid   cause   of   Euro-­‐scepticism?     Agenda     12:30-­‐13:00  Networking  lunch  outside  the  conference  room     13:00  -­‐  13:20  Opening  remarks:   • Adrian  Severin,  MEP,  Member  of  the  Foreign  Affairs  Committee     13:20  -­‐  14:20  Confirmed  Speakers:   • Dr.  Ec.  Radu  Golban,  Political  Scientist,  Lecturer  and  Publicist,  Switzerland   • Dr.  Albrecht  Ritschl,  Professor  of  Economic  History,  London  School  of   Economics,  UK   • Dr.  Klaus  Thörner,  Historian,  Lecturer  and  Publicist,  Germany     14:20  -­‐  14:50  Conclusions  /  Q&A      
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When:  Wednesday  10th  of  April  2013     Time:  13:00  –  15:00     Where:  Room  PHS  7C050,  European  Parliament,  Rue  Wiertz  60     B-­‐1047  Brussels     Interpretation  will  be  provided  in  English  -­‐  German  -­‐  Romanian     If  you  are  interested  in  attending  and  you  require  an  access  badge  for  the   European  Parliament,  please  send  an  e-­‐mail  to  adrian.severin-­‐  including  your  name,  surname,  date  of  birth,   ID/Passport,  company  and  role,  no  later  than  the  3rd  of  April  2013.     We  would  appreciate  if  you  could  confirm  your  participation  by  the  same  date.     A  networking  lunch  will  take  place  outside  the  room  from  12:30          
PLEASE  NOTE:     This   chain   of   events   does   not   express  the  Euro-­‐sceptic  orientation  of   MEP   Adrian   Severin,   nor   does   it   imply   that   he   necessarily   shares   the   views   of   the   guest   speakers;   its   sole   purpose   is   to   assess   the   reasons   of   Euro-­‐scepticism   and   to   address  them  in  a  rational  and  effective  way.    


*  Rue  Wiertz  –  B-­‐1047  Brussels  -­‐  (  32/      Fax:  32/   *  F-­‐67070  Strasbourg  Cedex  -­‐  (  33/    Fax:  33/   E-­‐mail: