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This hospital closest to my home but for 8 years in Makassar not even my treatment there, from the outside

looks spacious but unfortunately neglected and seem spooky. Spacious parking space is also relatively quiet for the size of a hospital. But one night I was forced to go there, when the maid in the house, Aunt hospital. At around 22:00 I heard my aunt and she screamed in pain spread, eyes closed, sweat pouring cold, pale face,. I panic. He was vomiting constantly, I finally brought to this hospital. Jump to the UGD , handled by a doctor, two nurses and one nurse man woman who looks still young and stuttering. I later found out was still sitting in vocational, internship at the hospital. There are several vocational nurses over there, even one bet anyone wear school uniform. It was almost midnight and their internship there. My understanding is that the intern fit school hours only. Doctor examined briefly and directly hit vertigo.Saya mendiaknosa told to administration for hospitalization costs. Sister guy there asked for an X-ray the aunt. I'm confused, how x-rays? "That's just the rules here, saw he was already 40 years old, in order to know the condition of his body." Lha, the vertigo, why should his body on x-rays. From I was not comfortable with this hospital. In the administration of the funds they handed me the room price I have to pay in advance with a deposit of reasons. "If excess dipulangin ma'am," said one of the two mothers there. When I want to pay, one mother suggested I pay $ 1 million for the drugs. "If no one is waiting for, nurse trips to the pharmacy, to use this money. If more dipulangin, it's the rules, "she said confidently. I find it strange. I was hospitalized at the hospital when it's just given birth alone, so sy not know rule there. But this is pretty weird, I barely paid but the husband forbids so just pay the DP room. Then I was told to check the room, and the nurse there told me I had to serve drinks because the kitchen was closed (sy see all the patients there to bring their own drinking mineral berbotol2). Then that night I ordered 2 x redeem medicine for aunt. The next day, because sy work so late aunt had visited recently. Surprisingly, the nurses there did not ask me pay for healthcare. Though they spoke yesterday, the drug must be redeemed by the nurse if there is nothing keeping aunt. When I asked the doctor, the nurse said not to come. (Then red dates), but the nurse told me the doctor would come after they were before sunset. The next day as I work, so my mom and husband sy to the hospital to visit her aunt. Mom tells sy condition in a patient's room when the doctor came. The doctor only 'nyetor' advance without ngiderin room without asking and checking the patient's body. When my mother asked the state's aunt, the doctor ignored even out without speaking and turned a bit. My mother reprimanded, but dokjternya not stop. "It's so ma'am, but I want to ask about my child's condition. Doctors never jelasin, I am so confused, "said a mother in the same room. "And we pay the doctor." Seeing the condition of it, we decided to bring my aunt out and the situation is also

So what maksudanya told me to add $ 1 million to the reasons deposit? I am sure. DP turns out the money is already included drug room. no more patients in this hospital so broke. if I add the money. my money would be lost. Hopefully. So only outpatient care. RS will increase the cost up to him the origin of the money does not come out. a pity there rata2 those patients who can not be argued down and be quiet when it's told to pay . When I receive a receipt for RS.improving. We just add the cost of USD 200 thousand. No wonder why the hospital was very quiet.