Punched Flowers
Punched flowers can be made by girls of any age. Older girls may put more details into their flowers while younger girls are happy with just assembling the pieces into a flower. Punched flowers can be used for: • Cards • Scrapbooks • Flower friends to represent the girls • Ceremonies • Centerpieces • And more!

Tools: Paper punches — Flowers, leaves, etc. Foam mat Stylus Scissors Tweezers, optional Materials: Paper — Scrapbook, old book pages, etc. Glue Wax paper, optional

Steps: Punch shapes. Select your paper and punch shapes. Cardstock will hold shaping better than lighter papers. Shape pieces. Using the stylus and foam mat, shape your pieces. Assemble without glue as you work to see how it looks. Glue. Using tweezers, do your final assembly for your flowers. Assemble on wax paper if you are a messy gluer. Allow to dry before using the flower in another project. Option. Before shaping, add color to pieces with a marker, direct to paper techniques or even stamping.

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