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Trimester- I Instructors : Mrs. Chandrika Srinivas (2012-2014)

Economic reforms implemented in the form of liberalization, privatization and globalization have bought wide array of changes in the industrial, agricultural and the service sectors in most of the nations during the last 10 years. This calls for structural adjustment programs on business, government and the society and has become significant in the 21st century. The course insists on business environment prevailing both nationally and internationally, the mode of economic planning, and the relationship that the business shares with the society. The course also comprises of business ethics and social responsibility of corporates.

OBJECTIVES The course will be focusing on: Business, Environment and Corporate Governance Economic System and Economic Planning National Environment International Environment Business relation with the society i.e., corporate governance and social responsibility

The Course would be taught by class room lectures supported by case studies. The students would be also given Assignments, mini project, exercises, quiz etc.

GRADING SCHEME Final Grade in the course would consist of the following components Quiz 1 & 2 Assignment-1 Assignment-2 / Test End Semester Exam Total 100% 10% 20% 20% 50%




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Introduction Origin & Evolution of Business Business Nature, Scope, characteristics Business Environment Definition, Factors Business Environment- classification Internal Environment & Factors influencing it External Environment Micro & Macro Impact of Environment changes & coping with it Quiz -1

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Environmental Analysis - concept, Process, importance & Limitations Environmental Analysis - Techniques like SWOT, ETOP,QUEST Approaches to Environmental Analysis Environmental Analysis and strategic management Competitive Structure of industries Michael Porters Theory Managing Diversity - Importance, Cultural and Workforce diversity Economic System and their impact on business Quiz -2 UNIT 2: NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT

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Indian Economy An overview, Economic Reforms in India Economic Planning Definition, Objectives and 5 year plans Sector wise Analysis (with reference to 5 year plans) UNIT 3: INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT

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Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization Meaning and Scope Globalization Phases and Indicators ASSIGNMENT -1 UNIT 4: BUSINESS AND SOCIETY

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Nature & Scope of modern business, Vision, Mission, Objectives and Goals & Critical Success Factors UNIT 5: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY


Social Responsibility Definition, Advantages and Limitations

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Business Ethics and Code of Conduct Social Accounting and Social Audit ASSIGNMENT -2Country specific SWOT & PEST Analysis (Students Presentation)

REFERENCE BOOKS T-1 Justin Paul, Business Environment Tata Mc Graw Hill, 2009. T-2 S. Sankaran, Business Environment: Policy and Strategic Management, Margham Publications, 2004. R 2 L.M. Prasad, Business Policy and Strategy, Sultan Chand and Sons, 2002 **********************************************************************************