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DECEMBER, 1901, TO :MARCH, 1903,











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~,195. 1903.
Ll urgent deficien_ cineteen hundreq

FIFTY-SEVENTH rescribed thereunder

CONGRESS. by the Secretary


CR. 195,196. 1903.
shall pay a fine


of the Interior,

ts of the United
wing sums be, y in the Tl'eas- , in the appro, namely:

Pf oot more than five hundred dollars, or be imprisoned not more than ~\Velve month~, or both, in the discretion of the court trying the same." APproved, January 21,1903.

.: CRAP, 196,-.4...n Act' To promote purposes.

the efficiency of the militia,

and for other

January 21,1903. [Public, No. 33.J

tice, to be exeousand dollars.

.: Be it enacted by t7~eSenate ctnd House of 'Iiepreeentccioee of the United · Stcttes of America in Oonqress assembled, That the militia shall consist

three thousand mdred dollars; fifty-two thou.iaid out of the ialf out of the

for the use .Indian Territory,"

ues of the United .ct entitled "An
.iestic and indusa sixth, nineteen .) prescribe rules one for domestic :mintenance, and 11y in the It;lcli!\,n" arritory whICh ~s o the said Ternlizecl Tribes, and collect the sa~e Lt nothing herel~ 'om disposing of iection sixteen, of ' pIe of the ~ndll1D e twenty-eIghth, ~he allotment by ~ or al'dS 01' is 's' or procure~ t l~nds of eithey? 1 the regulatlOOS



able-bodied male citizen of the respective States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, and every able-bodied male of foreign birth who has declared his intention to become a citizen, who is more , .. than eighteen and less than forty-five years of age, and shall be divided into two classes-the organized militia, to. be known as the National National Guard. Guard of the State, Territory, or District of Columbia, or by such other designations as may be given them by the laws of the respective States. or Territories, anCi the remainder to be known as the Reserve Reserve Militia. Militia. . SEC, 2. That the Vice-President of the United States, the officers, Persons exempt. judicial and executive, of the Government of the UnitedStates, the :members and officers of each House of Congress, persons In the mili.: tary or naval service of the United States, all custom-house officers, :with their clerks, postmasters and persons employed by the United ·\States in the transmission of the mail, ferrymen employed at nny ferry ':on a post road, artificers and workmen employed in the armories and i),fsenals of the United States, pilots, mariners actually employed in " the .sea service of any citizen or merchant within the United States, . and alJ persons who are exempted by the laws of the respective States "or Territories shall be exempted from militia duty, without regard to age: Provided, That nothing in this Act shall be construed-to require PE,·aviso· · b f . d re lici xemp t Ion ecause 01' compe 1 any mem b er 0 any we 11 -recogruze grous sect or organ- of creed, ization at present organized and existing whose creed forbids its members to participate in war in any form, and whose religious convictions !!ore against war or participation therein, in accordance with the creed 'of'said religious organization, to serve in the militia or any other armed or volunteer force under the jurisdiction and authority of the United States. , ,S.E?:.3. That the regularly enlisted, organized, and uniformed. active Organized militia . m~htJaIn the several States and Territories and the District of Colum bia ~whQhave heretofore participated or shall hereafter participate in the fapportionment of the annua appropriation provided by section sixteen R. S. sec. 1061, p, 290. J-:,udredand sixty-one of the Revised Statutes of the United States, as Vol. 24, p, 40l. m~,n J Iesi J G nard, militia, or Vol. 81, p. 662. c1~d ,wet h h e1' k nown anCl (.eSlgnateCt as National • t~erWIse, shall constitute the organized militia. The organization, To conform to gen, ',arrnamen.t, a~cl discipline 'of t.he ?rga~ized militia in the several States U~~s, Army Regula, and Terl'ltones andlll the Dlstnct of Columbia shall be the same as th,at which' is now or may hereafter be prescribed for the Regular and Volunteer Armies of the United States, within five years from the date °Sf the approval of this Act: Provided That the President of the IT nited P':O~SOS. I tates' ,. number .r· ,In t'1me 0f peace, may by orc'1 er :fix t h e nll111mUIll number of of i\Imunum enlisted men, _en lSted men in each company, troop, battery, signal corps, engineer eorps, and hospital corps: And provided fU1,tAer, Tha.t any corps 'of artillery, cavalry and infantry existing in any of the States at the Priyilegesofcertain ~~.shge of the Act of May eighth, seventeen and' ninety-two, eX~~~f.~rfk CO l~ , by the laws, customs or usages of the said States have been in anntrnuous existenc~ ,since the pa:ssage of said' Act uncleI' i~s provisions d under the prOVISIons of SectIOn two hundred and thIrty-two and 1660, R. S., sees, 2~2: 1025pp. 37, 285-290.

·or every

~~~~~sition 01.


". y






CR. 196. 1903.

general ( such obs , tion of C , SEC. 1 on the r tories, 0 Columbi ·zine arn such otl for the. militia i: chargin~ Decemb therewi1 (lolumb 'hundrec ing pay: credit t . arms, r( old arm United erty sha -- States ~ and Tel' and Dis Depart) credit 1 States J To pl the neo . arms·, a . issued Treasu: . SEC.

Sections sixteen hundred and twenty-five to sixteen hundred and sixt ~oth inclusive, of Title s~~t~en of the Revised Statutes. of the Unitlci States relating to the Militia, shan be allowed to retain their accustomed l~Tivileges, subject, neveTth.e~e~s, to all other duties required by .. law in like mauuer as the other MIlItIa. .. . To be cfanediorth SEC. 4. That whenever the U nited States is inv-aded, or in dano'eI' of . m case 0 IDVaSIQn, . . L f' ti f J II" b. ,. etc. invasion rroni any orel~'n na .011,01' 0 rene Ion against the authoritv ' . of the Government of the United States, or the President is unable . with the other forces at his command, to execute the laws of the Ul1io~ in any part thereof, it shall be lawful for the President to call forth . for a period not exceeding nine months, such number of the militia o¥ the State or of the States or Territories or of the District of ColumlJiw as he may deem necessary to repel such invasion, suppress such 1'ebel-' lion, or to enable him to execute such laws, and to issue. his orders for' that purpose to such officers of the militia as he may think proper. Term of serviceto SEC. 5. That whenever the President calls forth the militia of any bespecified. State or. Territory or. of the District of Columbia to. be employed in. the seT.Vlee of the United States, he may spec!fy lll. his call the period for which such service IS required, not exceedmg nme months, and the militia so called. shall continue to serve durh:g the term so specified, unless sooner dIscharged by order of the President, _ Apportionment. SEC. 6. That when the militia of more than one State is caned into the actual service of the United States by the President he may, in his' discretion, apportion them among such States or Territories 01' to the' District of Columbia according to representative population. .Mustering in. SEC. 7. That every officer and enlisted man of the militia who shall' be called forth in the manner hereinbefore prescribed and shall be . found fit for military. service shall be mustered or accepted into the, United States service by a duly authorized mustering officer of tbe :~~~~ent for re- United States: Provided, Iunoeoer, That any officer or enlisted man of,·· fusal to answercall. the militia who 'shall refuse or neglect to present himself to such mus-" tering officer upon being called forth as herein prescribed shall be subject to trial by court-martial, and shall be punished as such conrt-. martial may direct. ." cO~~~:i~i~~n:-artiftl, SEC. 8. That courts-martial for the trial of officers or men of the' , militia, when in the service of the United States; shall be composed of', . militia officers only. ' g~~lRegu1atlOnsto ~EC: 9. That the militia,. when .called into the actual s~rvice ~f the ITmted States, shall be subJect to the same Rules and Artlcles of WaF " •.•. -"" ..",'.:< ... as the regular troops of the United States. ,. '. Payandallowances. SEC. 10. Tbat the militia, when called into the actual service of the. United States, shall, during their time of service, be entitled to the;' same pay and allowances as are or may be provided by law fOI' the .. Regular Army.. . Commenccment of SEC. 11. That when the militia is called into the actual serVIce or . pay. the United States, or any portion of the militia. is accepted under t~e .. provisions of this Act, their pay shall commence from the day of ~b.elr ". .tuf.~:,vioUS expendi· appearing at the place of comp~ny rendezv~)Us. But thi.s prOVl~lO? . shall not be construed to authol'lze any speCIes of expenditur~ plevl- {f ous to arriving at such places of rendezvous which is not prOVIded py laws to be paid after their arrival at such places of rel~d~zvoud', ea~gj~t~t~:-~ic~eralinSEC. 12. That there shall be appointed in each State, Terntory anb Dutiesof. District of Columbia, an Adj utant-General, who shall perform sue duties as may be prescribed by the laws of such State, Territory, and, District, respectively, and make returns to the Secretary of W'U1:,at such times and in such form as he shall from time to time prescnbe, ., of the strength of the organized militia, and also make such repo}l'tst Reportto may from time to time be required by the Secretary of ·Wal' .. T 1a . the Secretary of War shall, with his annual report of each yea1:, trans- . mit to Congress an abstract of the returns and reports of the adJutants-

-which i
at least that tll Ooluml duty in of the ~ genera . the sai· of its sixteer shall b such p camp ~ militia .. and tr: ., regal'(; .. his ac officer good: 13ec1'et and pa SEC for pa Terrii



903. lel sixty l Unitecl r (lCcusuired by langer of Luthol'ity ; unable he Unio~ ~ll forth militia of' Columbia. ich rebelirders for roper. ia of any ployed in jhe period is, and the , specified, called into nay, in his s or to the



196. 1903.


who shall id shall be sd into the icer of the ted man of o such mused shall be such court:I.

men of the ~omposed of ,1'vice of the icles of War arvice of the

titled to t be
r law for the tal service of ed under the l day of their his provisio? lditlU'e prevIGprovided by f rendezvous. rerritoryand perform such Cerritory, and ,ry of vVal'., at ' une prescrIbe, l such reports )f War. _That ,eh year, trans! the adjutants-

O'eneral of the States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, with .~uch observations. thereon as he may deem necessary for the information of Con~Tess. SEC. 13. That the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to issue, Issueof arms, etc. on the requisitions of the governors of the several States and TerriPost, p. 942. tories 01' of the commanding general of the militia of the District of ColLl~bia, such number of the United States standard service magazine ai-ms, WIth bayonets, bayonet scabbards, gun slings, belts, and such other necessary accouterments and equipments as are required for the Army of the United States, for arming all of the organized militia in shaid States anld Ttehrritolf:ies and Dish'~rihcthof Coblum"?ia, wdit~out ai1,~~l~~f~f~~~\: to cha.rging t e cost .01' va ue ereo, or any w IC ave een Issue since Decemher first, nineteen hundred and one, or any expense connected therewith, against the allotment to said State, Territory, or District of Colum bia, out of the annual appropriation provided by section sixteen R. S.,sec. 1661, p. 290, hundred and sixty-one of the Revised Statutes, as amended, or req uir- Exchange of am. ing payment therefor, a~~ to exchange, without l'e?eiving any money muuinon. credit therefor, ammunition, or parts thereof, SUItable to the new arms, round for round, for corresfonding ammunition suitable to the old arms theretofore issued to saic State, Territory, 01' District by the United States: Prouided, That said rifles and carbines and other propProviso. a . 1 for . anc1 s h a 11 remain . t h e property 0f th e U nite . d new Exchange of 01 for arty sha 11b e receiptec arms. States and be annually accounted for by the governors of the States and Territories as now required by law, and that each State, Territory, " and District shall, on receipt of the new arms, turn in to the Ordnance Department of the United States Army, without receiving any money credit therefor, and without expense for transportation, all United States rifles and carbines now in it."! possession. , To provide means to carry into effect the provisions of this section, Appropriation. the necessary money to cover the cost of exchanging or issuing the new arms, accouterments, equipments, and ammunition to be exchanged or issued hereunder is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. . SEC. 14. That whenever it shall appear by the report of inspections Payment f~r.nctuaJ hi h . h h S ' orr d' field,etc., service. W lC It shall be t e duty of t e ecretary of \'y ar to cause to be rna e at least once in each yeaI' by officers detailed by him for that purpose, that the organized militia of a State or Territory or of the District of Columbia is sufficiently armed, uniformed, and equipped for active duty in the :field, the Secretary of War is authorized, on the requisition of the governor of such State or Territory, to pay to the q uartermastergeneral thereof, or to sucb other officer of the militia of said State as tbe said governor may designate and appoint for the purpose, so much its allotment out of the said annual appropriation under section slXteen hundred and sixty-one of the Revised Statutes as amenoed as sball be necessal~y for the payment, subsistence, and transportation of .such portion of said organized militia as shall engage in actual :field or camp service for instruction an.d the officers and enlisted men of such Pay of officers and militia while so engaged shail be entitled to the same pay, subsistence, men. and tl'anl:;portation or travel allowances as officers and enlisted men of {!ol'~'esponding grades of the Regular Army are or may hereafter be entitled by law, and the officer so designated and appointed shall be h~garded as a disbursing officer of the United State:;, and shall render Accounts. , IS accounts through the War Department to the proper accounting ?fficers of the Treasury for settlement, and he shall be require.d to give g;ood and sufficie·nt bonds to the United States, in sucl:i sums as the ... Sectetary of War may direct, faithfully to account for the safe- keeping an~ payment of the public moneys so intrusted to him for disbursement. SEC. 15. That the Secretary of vVar is hereby authorized to nrovide Participation in for l)a b y any par t 0 f t h e orgamze . d ml·t·· 6 Regular Army T . 1of:' lclpa t' IOn ltla 0 f any I.Jt~te or campments, etc. enerntory on the request of the governor thereof in the encampment,







.. SESS. II.

CR. 196. 1903.

SEC. ~ Territor Act or discretic goveT~lo orgal1lZE of the g SecretaI SEC. ~ post or.' aDlmunl prescrib f:lhall be purpose SEO. ; or the IT orincUl all the l· and in c service' after be or won: childre[ . SEC.~: qualifie( after bl other tl: is autho and con 'shall ex for the i.n the E forces ( or Ten United instruct Army, which a ent or 1 course, shan b of Wal capacit; applica the con Depart the ofE approv qualifie ment f( subject class f( force I'

maneuvers, and field instruction of any part of the Regular Army at or near any military post or camp or lake or seacoast defenses of the Pay,etc. U nited States. In such case th.e organized militia so partieipating shall receive the same .pay, subsistence, and transportation as is provided by law for t~e officers and men of t?e Regular Army, to be paid . out of the approl;matlOn for the pay, subsistence, and transportation of K~~~f~~ Armyom- the Army: Provided; That the command of such military post or camp cer JO retain com- and of the officers and troops of the United States there stationed shall man. remain with the regular commander of the post without regard to the rank of the commanding 01' other officers of the militia temporarily so encamped within its limits or in its vicinity. Allowance to mili- SEO. 16. That whenever an. officer of the. orsanized militia shall . tia otlicersattending d .' b . • , militaryschools. upon recommen ation of the governor of any State, Terntory 01' general commanding the District of Columbia, and when authorized bJ:' ~he President, attend and pill's';le a l~egular co.urse of study at any military school or college of the U nited States SL1chofficer shall receive from the annual appropriation for the support of the Army the same' travel allowances, and quarters, or commutation of quarters, to which an officer of the Regular Army would be entitled if attending such school or college under orders from proper military authority, and shall also receive commutation of subsistence at the rate of one donal' per day while in actual attendance upon the course of instruction. Issueofarmystores, SEC. 17. That the annual appropriation made by section sixteen . et~.s.,sec.lG61,p.290. hundred and sixty-one, Revised Statutes, as amended, shall be available for the purpose of providing for issue to the organized militia any stores and supplies or publications which are supplied to the Army by .Purchase.of enddiAnvJ State Territory • , or the District of Columbia tional supplies, tc. any department, . .' .' may, With the approval of the Secretary of War, purchase for cash from the War Department, for the use of its militia, stores, supplies, material of war, or military publications,' such as are furnished to the Army, in addition to those issued under the provisions of this Act, at the price at which they are listed for issue to the Army, with the cost sa~~~ of receipts from of transportation added,. and funds received from such sales shall be credited to the ap)?rOpnatlOl1S to which they belong and shall not be covered into the I'reasury, but shall be available until expended to replace therewith the supplies sold to the States and Territories and . . to the District of Columbia in the manner herein provided. st:~~g~~~ a~~iJJtnr~~t SEC. 18. That each State or Territory furnished with material of practicerequired. war under the provisions of this or former Acts of Congress shall, during' the year next preceding each annual allotment of funds, In accordance with section sixteen hundred and sixty-one of the Revised Statutes as amended, have required every company, troop, and battery in its organized militia not excused by the governor of such State or Territory to participate in practice marches or go into camp of instruction at least five consecutive days, and to assemble for drill and instruction at company, battalion, or regimental armories or rendezInspection. vous or for target practice Dot less than twenty-four times, and shall also have required during such year an inspection of each sucb ?0l11pany, troop, and battery to be made by an officer of such 111llItIaor . an officer of the Regular Army. oe~ef~r~~~a~~e~~: SEC. 19. That upon the application of the governor of any State ~r ~ Territory furnished with material of war under the provisions of tbis Act or former laws of Congress, the Secretary of V\1ar may detail one or more officers of the Army to attend any encampment of the organized militia, and to ~ive snch instr~lCtioll and information to the officers and men assembled 111 such as may be requested by the governor. Report. Such officer or officers shall immediately make a report of such encampment to the Secretary of 'War, who shall furnish a copy thereof to the governor of the State or Territory.

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regula] States· fro111 tl aHowaJ


SESS. n.

CR. 196. 1903.


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SEC. 20. That UaOll application of the zovernor of any State 01' A s~ i ~n men t of , f urnis . h e Wit . h materia ial of of war un "'der th e provisions . , f thi18 Artuy ctticers for duty 'I'erritory 0 with militia. Act or former laws of Congress, the Secretary of W (1,1' may, ill his discretion, detail one or more officers of the Army to report to the g-ovemor of such State or Territory for duty in connection with the organized militia, All such assignments may be revoked at the request Revocation. of the governor of such State or Territory or at the pleasure of the Secretary of War. SEC. 21, That the troops of the militia encamped at any military AmmtuntO itiontfortar. it e d S tates may b e f urms . h ec 1 sue h amounts o:f ge prac Ice, e c. post or camp 0f t h e U III ammnnition for instruction in firing' and target practice as may be prescribed by the Secretary of War, and such instruction in firing ::;ha11 be carried on under the direction of an officer selected for that purpose by the proper military commander, SEC. 22. That when any officer, noncommissioned officer, or private Pension for wounds, of the militia is disabled by reason of wounds or disabilities received etc. or incurred in the service of the United States he shall be entitled to all the benefits of the pension laws existing at the time of his service, and in case such officer, noncommissioned officer, or private dies in the service of the United States or in returning to his place of residence after being mustered out of such service, or at any time, in consequence of wounds or disabilities received ·in such service, his widow and Pension to widow. children, if any, shall be entitled to all the benefits of such pension laws. . SEC ')3 That for the l)urpose of securinc a list of persons specially connmssions Examinations lor co'· m other qualified to hold cotnmisaions in any' volunteer force which may here- Yolunteers.· . after be called for and organized under the authority of Congress, other than a force composed of organized militia, the Secretary of War is authorized from time to time to convene boards of officers at suitable and convenient army posts in different parts of the United States, who shall examine as to their qualifications for the command of troops 01' for the performance of staff duties all applicants who shall have served in the Regular Army of the United States, in any of the volunteer .. forces of the United States, or in the organized militia of any State EI~glbilitl' of appli01' Territory 01' District of Columbia, 01' who, being' a citizen of the cants. U nited States, shall have attended or pursued a regular course of instruction in any military school or college of the United States Army, or shall have graduated from any educational institution to which an officer of the Army or Navy has been detailed as superintendent or professor pursuant to law after h~1Yingcreditably pursued the course of military instruction therein provided. Such examinations Regulations. shall be under rules and regulations prescribed by the Secretary of War, and shall be especially directed to ascertain the practical capacity of the applicant, The record of previous service of the applicant shall be considered as a part of the examination, Upon fieutlon Certificntesol qualil '. ., ., coustitute ellthe conclusion of each examination the board shall certify to the War gible class. Department its judgment as to the fitness of the applicant, stating the office, if any, which it deems him qualified to fill, and, upon approval by the President, the names of the persons certified to be qualified shall be inscribed in a register to be kept in the War Department for that purpose. The persons so certified and registered shall, Further i?str~"tion '1 eXamll1atlOn ., . ot eligibles In military 811bi ]ect to a p h ySlCa a t th e ti Ime, constItute an eli iglibl e schools. class for commissions pUl'imant to such certificates in any volunteer force hereafter called for and organized under the authority of Con!STess,othei' than a force composed of organizec1militia, and the Presldent lllay authorize persons from tbis class, to attend and pursue a regular course of study at any military school or college of the United States other than the :Military Academy at West Point and to receive from the annual appropriation for the support of the Army the same allowances and commutations as provided in this Act for officers of the
• .:J.










r!~ ,




Provisos. Age limit.

F1FTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. SESS. II. CRS. 196,197,332. 1903. FIFTY _SEVENTH CONGRESS. SESS. II. CRs.332,3 . be sufficient to pay all of said judgm apPdoP~h~il~e~~~able iu goM coin of the UniteldbS~~este bon S reseut standard weight and fineness, shal e~r In of the P ur er centum pel' annum, payable Sem!allllU8 rate of p ot less than five years and paya)lle. III not redeema J e Hfl D the date of issuance. The pnllClpal and "'it n l'ears rom n ee s, hall be exempt from UIlYand a11 t·axes, an d tl r nil boo as s . h ' e on the revenues of the ] there~~ ShS~id~n;~~~~hall b~gsold at not less than their Hn"nll. ds thereof shall be applied to the payment c and the pr?ce~ d' d to no other purpose, and they shall ments afOleSal ~u t' ns and be issued and sold under sue forul "tid dello~heuS~~retary of the Interior shell prescribe re~llia t under no circltmstauces shall such Jltdg EO,., ~ claiming through him, be required to pay, J Rut, ~"Y.O:O'e~tbe entitled to charge, demand, or rece ati?rn~j 01 7 e 'tlllln ten per centum upon the amonn or Jtl(hl'ectlj '. mOle, lvices 01' labor of auy kind Ol' ellnr a~'~~e~g~~~~~~s{~t)ll~hmeI{t of the claim, allthd in tcases of p ".' diu . for payment of less au en pet agreemettb.El~:'t begincreased above the percentage so a: ymen s u h .ud lUont shall be paid hel'eun~er the sai~o~l~~lo~v cmJst ~rtifY that tbe salll:elisti.genult1emahnl~ ~( , • f th t of the lelYlsa va asse .) del'e(lln JJl\l"suauce 0 e ac. 'd lud"menu; b h aII b e 1Il ' f [u -'1 s f tOTl" all the paymen t 0 Sal / 0 d d ainst sa ani! discharge of any and all clalills or eman ,s ng , or the ullited States on a?Conut of any property destloye 'es"ion of the buboUlc plague. 'j su~~~, ~, That this Act shall take .effect from nnd after I Approyed, J[lUU(lry 26, 1903,

organized militia: Provided, That no person shall be entitled to receiv a commission as a second lieutenant after he shall have passed the ag! of. thirty; as first lieuteuant after he shall have passed the age of t~·ty-fivei as captain after he shall have passed the age of forty· as waJor after he shall have passed the age of forty-five; as lieuten~nt Proporttonate dis. colonel after he shall have passed ~he age of :fifty, ?r as colonel afte~ trlburlon 01 .ppoin~ he shall have passed the age of fiftJ-five: And 111'ovzdedfU1,thel' That meuts. such appointments. shall be distributed proportionately, as near a's may be, awong the various States contrIbuting such volnnteer force: And n""'ctlollS, p1'Ovided, That the appointments in this sectiou provided for shall not be deemed to include appointments to any office in any company troop battery, battalion, or regiment of the organized militia which 1'oluu: teers as a bodv 01' the officers of which are appointed by the governor' of a State 01' Territory, un~~~~~~~n 01vol· SEC. 24, That nJl the volunteer forces of the United States called for Vol. 30, p.361. by authority of Congress sha-Il, except as hereinbefore provided be organized in the manner pro\7ided by the Act entitled "An Act to prol ide for tmnporarjly increasing the military establishment of the United States in time of war, and for other'purposes," approved April twenty-second, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, lolli, Siip~e":i; 23~ SEC, 25. That sections sixteen hundred aod twenty-five to sL-tteen ,cpenled.' , hundred and sixty, both included, of title si>;teen of the Rel7iscd Statutes, and section two hundred and thirty-two thereof, relatiolY to the militia, are hereby repealed. 0 Effect. SEC, 26. That this Act shall talre effect upon the-date of its approval. Approved, Jannary 21, 1903, '






JnnDn,y 22,1903. [Public, No. SL]

CHAP. 197,-au Act To est"bli.b Portal, North Dakota, a subport of eutryaud ""tend tbereto tbe Rrivilege, oj tbo first section of the Act approved June tenth, eigbteen hundred and eighty.

Bd it enacted up the Stnate and House of Repl'esentative<l of tIle United ~!n~g'~~f'iinme.Sta.tK!8 of Amenca in C01l.{J1'e<lS assembled, Toat Portal, North Dakota,
dInt. 'mn'Port,UOD

eX~~?d~j~ ~~.m.

be and is bereby desio-nated a subport of entry in tbe customs collectio'n district of N~rth a';d South Dakota, anel tlmt the privileges of the fu'st section of the Act approved June tenth, eigbteen hundred and eighty, entitled "Au Act to amend the statutes in relation to the immediate transportation of dutiable !>'ooels,and for other purposes," be, and the same are hereby, extended to said subport. Approved, Janna.ry 22, 1903.

[or la.ying a single electric str~ A.~t. T o.p rovide OHAP. 833.-An b D' tr'ct of Columbia, tmel f01' olb, across the Aquednct BrIdge, ill t e 18 1

'l b y the Sf3nate ct1ldHouse of Re7_)I'f3Slmtatives B'te z enac te" . '1'. u Jon de State8 of America in Congress (l8semblf}£l, hnt I d 0
amouuts hereinnfter stated by the Great FaUs a~. . Railroad Company a corporation of t~e Stateh of ~ lrgll missioners of the 'District of CoJuml~la arc ere Y au directed to chang'e or rebnild, "ccordlll~ to plam n[)Ill'OVethe Slljlerstructure of the Ath,e net 1'1 .ge laCl , . h J' ereon of a slUg ee mac River so as to pel'llllt t e p aClllg . railway track' for the ac?o~odatiou of electnc stl'eet c and to opemte across Bald bndge, . I f SEC, 2, That "'ithin tbirty d8:Y~after .the app,r0va 0 said Great Fa.lIs aud Old Douml1o?- fuIilroad Comp.a.n with the collector of t.'1.xesof the Dlst1'lct of Colurnbm t . 1 company. sball thousand dollars, and the sal( " , befored t vided ior in the first sectiou hereof shall be begun, e~ collector the additional sum of tw~mty-four ~Ol~d( ulYaregate amonnt of said sums bemg the estha c~~nge or alteratioll i,! said bridg~ I1ccess~ry ~or t. e p~~~ 1Il0dilting snch electl'lc street-rn]lw[lY traffic am oSb II That if the sum of twenty·five thou~all.d dollal's S a deposited by snicll'ailroad company wlthUl month~ sage of thiS Act the said company shall forfelt to the·s. COlumbia tbe snid sum of one thousand. dollars, here'd~ to he de Josited and all rilYhts under thlS Ac~: ProVl ed if the sll1d Gre~t Falls and Old Dominion RUllroad Corn


J""unry 26, 1903.

[fubUc, No. 55.]

CHAP. 332, -An Act To pal' in part judgment. rendered under an net of the legis· lative assembly of the TerrHory of.Hawaii for property destroyed in auppre...c:-sing the bubonic plague in enid Territory in eighteen hundred and uinety.nine and nineteen bW1dred, and authorizing the Territory of Ha;,vaii to issue bonds for the payment of the remaioing c1aims.


~~~~!~iC judgmenlO. . p~'!t~'tprlaliontopny

Be it encwtecZby tlw ,senate a.nd Ho~lSe of RIJj)1'e<lentatimes of tIle "0'i.ted plague&ate<l q_f .AJn<wica in Con(1l'CS8 ct8semblecl, Thllt the. sum of one mlllJOn
dollars 18 hereby approprlRted, out of any money 10 the Treasury not otherwise approl?riated, to pay in part the jud~ments -rendered under au act of the legislative assembly of the Terntoryof Hawaii ~y the fire claims commission of that Tel'l'it{Jl'Y for property cle.troyecll!: the suppression of the bubonic plague in said Tel'l'itOl'y in the years.elghteen hunclreclllud ninety-nine und nineteen hundred. bal· SEC,. 2. Tha~ the gOI'ernor und secretar.\' of s~id Territory are h~l'e~' authol"lzed to Issue tbe bonds of that Terntory JD such swn, not excee ing fil'e hundred thonsand dollars, as, together with thc money hereby

.,,'!~nd Issue !or

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