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Co ommunity Bible B Study y Le esson Three e Notes.

ence of Ch hrist The Excelle Hebrews 2:1 10-3:6

B Bringing Many M Sons to Glory 10 0 For it wa as fitting for f Him, for fo whom are a all thin ngs and by whom a are all thin ngs, in br ringing many sons to glory, to t make th he captain n of their salvation perfect th hrough 11 1 su ufferings. For both h He who sanctifies and those e who are being sanc ctified are all of 12 on ne, for whi ich reason He is not ashamed to t call them m brethren, , saying: I will w declare e Your nam me to My brethren; b In th he midst of f the assem mbly I will sing s praise e to You. 13 And again: w put My y trust in Him. H I will And ag gain: He ere am I an nd the child dren whom m God has given Me. 14 4 Inasmuch h then as th he children n have par rtaken of f flesh and b blood, He H Himself lik kewise sh hared in the t same, that throu ugh death He migh ht destroy him who had the p power 15 of f death, that is, the devil, d an nd release those t who through fe fear of death were al ll their 16 6 lif ifetime sub bject to bo ondage. For inde eed He do oes not giv but He ve aid to angels, b 17 do oes give aid to the se eed of Abr raham. Therefore, T in all thing gs He had d to be mad de like H His brethren n, that He might be a merciful and faithfu ful High Pr riest in thin ngs pertain ning to 18 G God, to ma ake propiti iation for the sins of o the peop ple. Fo or in that H He Himse elf has su uffered, be eing tempte ed, He is ab ble to aid those t who are tempte ed. T The Son Was W Faithfu ul 3 Therefo ore, holy brethren, b partakers p avenly call ling, consi ider the Ap Apostle of the hea 2 nd High Priest P of our confe ession, Ch hrist Jesus s, who w was faithf ful to Him m who an 3 ap ppointed Him, H as Moses M also was faithf ful in all H His house. . For thi is One has s been co ounted wor rthy of more glory th han Moses, inasmuch h as He who built the e house has s more 4 ho onor than the house. For every house is s built by s someone, b but He who o built all things 5 is s God. An nd Moses indeed i was s faithful in n all His h house as a servant, fo or a testimony of 6 th hose things s which would w be spoken sp afte erward, but Chris st as a Son n over His s own ho ouse, who ose house we are if f we hold fast f the c confidence and the rejoicing of the ho ope firm to o the end.

Hebrews 2:10-12- For the Fathers Purpose 1. Hebrews 2:9 quotes Psalm 8 and applies it to Jesus. Using a standard or Bible dictionary, define: a. Glory b. Honor

2. What does each of the following passages teach about glory? a. Isaiah 42:5-9 b. Romans 6:4 3. How is Jesus the founder of salvation (Hebrews 2:10)

4. Identify the two subjects mentioned in Hebrews 2:11

Hebrews 2:13-15- By the Sons Service 5. Read the following passages: Luke 4:5-13; John 8:42-45; 1Peter 5:8. From the Hebrews passage and the verse you read, write three or four words or phrases about the devil.

6. How do people today view the devil?

7. Why do you think people fear death?

8. What does it mean to you that Jesus frees us from the fear of death (2:15)

Hebrews 2:16-17- For the Believers sake, Part 1 9. According to Galatians 3:6-7, who are the sons of Abraham? 10. From Leviticus 16:3-5, 15-22, 34, give a. A brief description of the duties of the high priest

b. The meaning of propitiation (

11. Verse 17 describes Jesus as a merciful and faithful High Priest. Merciful means compassionate, kind, and forgiving. Faithful means true to His promises, devoted, and loyal. How do the words merciful and faithful influence your feelings about Jesus as High Priest?

Hebrews 2:18-3:1- For the Believers sake, Part 2 12. Read Mark 1:40-41 and Luke 19:1-10. What does each passage tell you about the help Jesus offers?

13. What does Jesus promise, as recorded in Matthew 7:7-11 and 11:28-30?

14. Reread Hebrews 2:17-3:1. What comfort do you receive from the truth contained in these verses?

Hebrews 3:2-6- Greater Honor Belongs to the Son 15. What things about Moses made him great? (See Exodus 2:1-10; 3:1-10; Deuteronomy 34:10-12)

16. In what ways in Jesus said to be even greater than Moses?

17. The author of Hebrews uses house seven times in these five verses. What do you think he means when he says we are Gods house?

18. Use the following verses to develop your ideas of courage and hope. In your own words, write a few sentences explain your ideas. a. Courage (Deuteronomy 1:21; Acts 27:25)

b. Hope (Romans 15:13; 1 Thessalonians 1:3)

19. In what way should these Christian concepts of courage and hope affect your daily life?

APPLY WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED IN THIS LESSON: How does the fact that Jesus is not ashamed to call [us] brothers (and sisters 2:11) inspire you to love Him? Want to please Him? Want to bring Him glory? What is the one thing you can do today to demonstrate your love for Him as your Brother? Next meeting is Lesson 4

The Peril of Unbelief

Hebrews 3:7-19 Are you enjoying the lessons so far? Let us know if God has touched you in this study? Dont forget, you can invite others to join at any time. I will personally catch them up.