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Levels of Competencies ORGANIZATIONAL AWARENESS Understands the agendas and perspectives of others, recognizing and effectively balancing the

interests and needs of one's own group with those of the broader organization. Proficiency level 5 (Teacher/ Master) 4 (Leader) 3 (Practitioner) 2 (Beginner) 1 (Competency Not Evident) Understanding the Industry and the position of the organization in the industry. Overview of business.

Knowledge of the products/ services of the company. Financial acumen(accurate knowledge about the financial resources.) Able to continually identify and explore business opportunities and needs.

TEAMWORK Willingly cooperates and works collaboratively toward solutions that generally benefit all involved parties; works cooperatively with others to accomplish company objectives. Proficiency level 5 (Teacher/ Master)

Communicates information about the business to

management and employees. Actively organizes activities aimed at building team spirit. Identifies opportunities for teamwork. Uses strategies to promote team effectiveness across the business such as providing information to other areas of the organization to help make decisions collaboratively and sharing resources to solve mutual problems. Facilitates teamwork across departments.

4 (Leader)

3 (Practitioner)

2 (Beginner)

1 (Competency Not Evident)

Takes action outside daily work routine to build commitment to the team as a focus. Models teamwork in own behavior. Shares learning with other team members and teaches them job skill. Appreciates other team members on their achievement; helps them in giving a better contribution. Takes in charge of managing the whole business and completing it at the right time. Contributes to team work by doing his job well. Tries to provide support to other team members in time of trouble. Participates willingly with the team by doing his/her share of the teams' work. Works well within the team environment to establish constructive ideas or solutions that meet organizational objective.


Clearly conveying information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message. Proficiency level 5 (Teacher/ Master)

Understands the reasons behind other peoples thoughts and

concerns. Uses this understanding to predict and prepare for others' reactions. Uses a variety of influencing techniques to be effective with different type of people in different situations. Is able to read, write, speak and follow instructions in order to perform his role. Keeps people at all level updated and informed. Is able to provide information in desired manner. Is able to communicate ideas. Expresses interest in others views & opinions. Speak confidently Gives clear direct and specific message Makes attempt to show benefits of his solution.

4 (Leader) 3 (Practitioner) 2 (Beginner)

1 (Competency Not Evident)

Listening and Interpretation, establishing rapport, understanding needs.

PLANNING Establishing courses of action for self and others to ensure that work is completed efficiently. Proficiency level 5 (Teacher/ Master) 4 (Leader) 3 (Practitioner)

Ability of arrange and assign work to use resources efficiently. Manages resource allocation in optimal manner. Sets standards and norms and plans for the total efficiency of unit/function. Is effective in planning the best balance of resources including human, financial and technological to meet goals. Creates Dynamic plans for various situations. Is able to create contingency plans for abnormal situations. Communicate the plan effectively to the appropriate person.

2 (Beginner)

1 (Competency Not Evident)

Able to assist other team members where necessary to formulate objectives. Accountable for preparation and delivery of plans for an activity or project undertaken by a work group or team. Anticipates problems and prepares countermeasures. Communicates the plan to appropriate agencies. Is a positive influence on the use of time in-group meetings helps maintain focus. Meets deadlines, delivers work on time without sacrificing quality. Is able to deliver in schedule for simple work situations. Diaries appointments and keeps to them on time. Can prioritize tasks and recognize the difference between urgent and important tasks.

INITIATIVE The capacity to take action independently and to assume responsibility for ones action. Proficiency level 5 (Teacher/ Master) 4 (Leader) 3 (Practitioner) 2 (Beginner) 1 (Competency Not Evident)

Continuously suggests innovative changes and can translate the innovative ideas into concrete changes. Able to take prompt action to accomplish objectives. Voice ideas on business issues without prompting, adopts changes in work place. Challenges the status quo and suggest new ways to improve the current system. Takes initiative to try out new ideas at his work place to improve process.

LEADERSHIP Leadership is an interpersonal influence directed towards the achievement of a goal or goals. Proficiency level 5 (Teacher/ Master) 4 (Leader) 3 (Practitioner) 2 (Beginner) 1 (Competency Not Evident)

Foresee the conflicts and tries to minimize the same before it arises, thus takes necessary steps. Takes advantage of most opportunities, could do more to leverage them through others. Assigns responsibility to different people according to their capability and sets deadlines for the same. Coaches people when required and open to give advice when asked. Clear about who should be given which tasks? Recognizes conflicts and acts accordingly. Senses the need to assign duties to people and delegating.