Western Regional Innovation and Learning Center

Vision: To provide engaged instructional learning & innovation to improve human life through education for today and in the future. Mission: To provide access to expanded learning to meet the needs of individuals, families, businesses, and communities, recognizing that schools need families and communities that are involved in the education of students and communities need schools to provide innovative education. Location: Daly Middle School- Lakeview, Oregon • Green energy efficiency facility     Geothermal heating Lighting retrofit Windows replaced Low energy costs overall

Partnerships: The southern end of Lake County is not bound by any higher education taxing district allowing for multiple partnerships to formulate 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. LCSD#7 LCRI OSU Extension KCC - to provide foundational program delivery OIT As many other higher education institutions as possible

Alignment to state 40/40/20 goals TVCC has stated they will be pulling out of Lakeview as of June 30, 2013. KCC intends upon continuing higher education services as of July 1, 2013 KCC currently delivers solid Career Technical Education (CTE) programs on the main campus (i.e. Ag, Welding, Automotive, Dental Hygiene, Nursing, etc ... ) and has expressed interest in expanding those services to Lake County MOU's are currently in development Needs Assessment Dual Credit: LCSD#7 plans on integrating curriculum with the Learning and Innovation Center to further expand dual credit opportunities in collaboration with OIT and KCC

Plans are in the works to potentially expand Ag curriculum to a four year degree program via recently signed MOU's between KCC and OSU Plans are also in the works of potentially delivering certified welding certificates A formalized day of KCC representation to visit Lakeview and potentially sign MOU's is in the works Technology: The vision is to install high tech video conferencing equipment into the learning center facility that allows for video reception as well as broadcast capabilities with zero latency.       Attract higher ed professors to community Allow usage for community leaders to video conference rather than travel out oftown High potential to save tax payer dollars Allows for interactive video conferencing Allows students to remain in community to receive their education Allows for scholarship dollars to remain local (i.e. Daly, Collins-McDonald, Ousley, etc ... )

Funding:   Potential for KCC to utilize available resources Grants for startup

On deck:        Needs Assessment Oregon Solutions Project designation through the Governor's office Facility Assessment Long and Short Range Business Plan MOU Establishment Transition plan development Seismic Retrofit project for DMS o Completion by end of August • Geothermal source project with Town of Lakeview, LCSD#7, and Lake Hospital District o Completion by end of July   Technology Plan Advisory meeting