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Shibly Forkani

C-51,Third floor (unit 2) South Banasree, Goran Dhaka-1214,Bangladesh

E-mail: Phone: +8801194444429 +8801616103050


Obtain a challenging, rewarding and long-term career with a local/international company as a Software Professional. I seek (and thrive in) a work environment where the excitement and commitment to technology equals or exceeds mine and presents the opportunities to utilize my creative and technical expertise.


B.Sc in CSE
Southeast University CGPA: 2.9 / 4.0

Jan 2007 Dec 2012


Somoy Media Limited

Programmer Responsibilities: Manage & Deploy new service In-house application development SMS based application development Web based application development

Oct 2011 Present

MM Services Ltd (Joshbox)

Jr. Software Engineer Responsibilities: SMS based software development Web based apps development

Jan 2011 Oct 2011

Programmer Responsibilities: Web based software development, Requirements analysis, design database

Aug 2009 Jan 2011


Programming LanguagesPHP 5, C, JAVA, SQL. Programming ToolsNetbeans, Adobe Dreamweaver. Networking Knowledge-Basic knowledge about IP, ARP, UDP, TCP, DNS, IP sub netting

MD. Shibly Forkani

Web Skills-Freamework : Yii (PHP Framework),Blueprint (CSS Framework) -Technology : Jquery, JavaScript, Ajax, XML, XHTML, CSS Database SkillsMySQL Server Configuration - Apache2 Web Server on LINUX, WINDOWS - MYSQL, PHP on LINUX, WINDOWS


Classified e-commerce portal Creating Product Category. Adding Classified Category Settings. Online payment module. User and member management module. Technology : PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery / Yii (php framework) Payroll : Employee management. Salary management. Provident fund management. Loan management. Salary calculation with relative deduction. Technology: JSP,Java Servlet,Mysql,Jquery Online News portal with video archive: Category based news presentation. News archive Program Display Program archive Live TV Technology: PHP5,Mysql,Jquery,CSS3, Youtube and Dailymotion API IT Store Management System IT product and instrument management. Adding and deleting product Requisition creation. Receive product as return. Technology: PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery Attendance software integrating with access control device Employee management Making work schedule Check monthly and daily access log. Attendance report depends on condition. Technology: 1. WEB APPLICATION (PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery), 2. ATTENDENCE DRIVER (JAVA) Presentation Management System ( FOR MARKETING PERSONNEL ) View broadcast list depends on time. Upload daily log file generated by system. Download reports as MS WORD. Technology: PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery Virtual Cricket Game (SMS, Web and Mobile Web Based) User can create their dream team using SMS or web.

MD. Shibly Forkani

User can change their any player before the match start and after the match end (max 3 players a day). User can bet on any player they wish, 25min before the game starts. Any time score update via mobile or web. SMS and email alert of the current score. An admin panel to manage the whole system. View reports, give match updates, give news updates, group SMS send, restrict any player, user comments filtering etc. Technology: PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery. SMS Management System for SOMOY TV SMS based news headline service. SMS based live voting system, user comment. Any time score update via mobile or web. SMS and email alert of the current score. There is a strong admin panel to manage the whole system. View reports of SMS incoming and outgoing, give news updates, single/group SMS send, user comments filtering etc. Technology: PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery. SMS Subscription Service Management System for JOSHBOX SMS based news headline service. SMS based live voting system, user comment. Technology: 1. PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery For web user and admin 2. Java for automated SMS service controller. Automated Mobile Handset Registration System for SPRINT Mobile (e-Warranty System) Handsets IMEI number, warranty lime line, dealers code, users location everything stored into the DB automatically when user first use the set. SMS based warranty notification to the user. Technology: PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery. Bulk SMS Portal SmartSMSPRO Buy/sell bulk SMS. Send single/bulk/pre-scheduled SMS. Create different groups to send group SMS. Admin panel to view the SMS creadit ststus, SMS outgoing reports etc. Technology: PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery. SMS Based Voting System for talent hunt competition Vote your favorite contestant via SMS. Admin panel to view the SMS incoming reports etc. Technology: PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery. Online Research Paper Journal (International Journal of Science and Advanced Technology) Maintain website content from admin panel. Uploading, Maintaining Research Paper. Technology: PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery. Download Station (KIOSK) For Sprint Handset Users. Download mobile contents (Wallpaper/mp3/video/games) via SMS from a touch screen panel. Subscribe different types of subscription services of Joshbox. Technology: PHP 5/MySQL/jQuery. Other Web portals:

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Interested to learn new technology. Study with new gadget like smart-phone. Listening Music.


References available upon request.

MD. Shibly Forkani