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N°. 02 - 2009


Hélène Fernandez Managing Editor

Siveco group has been providing CMMS services to its clients for nearly 23 years now. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive package that contains an innovative solution adapted to business needs with the minimum of operation and maintenance costs. Siveco invest a great deal in research and development and make significant efforts to increase competitivity. We have a strong R&D team that enable us to meet this daily requirement. The innovations and realisations of all the entities of Siveco Group have made their mark on the history of CMMS. For example, we are proud to present a preview of the first knowledge platform dedicated to maintenance. We have worked with our partner, IDSL, to produce a collaborative maintenance tool. It is the first data centre of this type. Read more on page 3. We hope that you find this issue of our new letter interesting and informative. Please visit our stand at the Maintenance Expo 2009 or visit our website for more information.

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One of four Brazilian Scorpion submarines sold to the Brazilian navy.

DCNS: the CMMS in vogue!
DCNS, the European leader in the Naval Defence sector is moving towards one of its most important contracts so far. The contract is to supply four conventional submarines to the Brazilian navy. A major contract for four new Scorpion submarines was signed during the visit of the French president to Brazil at the beginning of September. After the sales of two new submarines of this type to Chilli, two to Malaysia and six to India, the success of this type of vessel is assured. The French group DCNS will build the four submarines for the Brazilian Navy under the scope of an exchange of technology. The submarines will be a mix of Scorpion and Barracuda types. The boilers for the engines will be designed and build in Brazil. DCNS will work on the design and construction of the hulls. They will also assist Brazil with the construction of their first nuclear attack submarine. The remarkable operational performances of the Scorpions and the qualities of its combat systems make the submarine the word reference for conventional submarines. The maintenance of the assets (armed ships and surface vessels) is subject to a high level of security. To ensure its good management, the Coswin 7i solution has been deployed to the MCO department (Maintain in Operational Condition). Coswin will be used for everything that comes under the responsibility of DCNS which includes maintenance of surface vessels, nuclear attack submarines and ballistic missile submarines.

The CMMS of tomorrow
Laurent Crétot, the Product manager of Siveco Group shares his thoughts on three important questions. What have been the most important developments in CMMS over the last few years ? Can the implementation of a CMMS solution help industries face down the current financial crisis and what challenges lie ahead of us in the future?

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. time searching for information is eliminated. or control over the technology infrastructure in the «cloud» that supports them. preven. audio. training and transfer of knowledge becomes easy and efficient.siveco.Investment and production – Large projects involving solar power plants on the roofs of buildings or on the ground. Faced with the current financial crisis. More : www. personnel. A tried to make things as simple as pos. They no longer need to spend of staff. This can to manage planning or analysis tools are be done by making it conformities etc. It means faster repair Hall 6 Stand M 21 Where does the Mtv know-how come from? The technicians themselves! Cloud computing* is the provision of dynamically scalable resources as a service over the Internet on a utility basis.C : Automated inforvides a wide range mation: the informaA good CMMS of pre-defined retion must be made must include all the ports along with the more available to the tools required to user. They to emerging constraints like green are true profit centres that manage taxes and carbon taxes. There will be significatively less paper work orders. . With Coswin. Mtv is not Google. Users can have secure access to any required information via any standard web browser. Users need not have knowledge of. €1 per day. please contact us by phone on 01 30 45 98 80 or by email at contact@siveco. even after equipping technicians with netbooks. Another important technological change is the development of mobile devices such as PDAs. marine. IT departments can save a lot of time on administration of the software as it can now be integrated as part of their LDAP a platform for networking know-how Mtv is an innovative platform enabling technicians to capture. The have been reported for that day the reuser only needs to enter information port will be generated and also emailed about the work that has been carried automatically to nominated members out. CMMS has become a web based tool that can be accessed remotely without the need for any It is only necessary to use the server to update or modify the installation. One of our clients criteria of interest have already been has reported an extra availability of defined in the program. This means that considerable amounts of travelling time can be can be generated daily.Individual systems – Systems ready to connect to electricity networks in France and French departments and territories overseas. it is because it is interesting. reliability and productivity of equipment. diagnosis and problem solving is speeded up. for sible for the users. legislation. legal framework. what help can a CMMS offer to a company? L. The Mtv know-how capture software: it allows you to document with a quick photo and annotation. Maintenance Expo 2009 17th to 20th November Paris Nord Villepinte . Integration with the LDAP system of a company means that all the access methods and rights can be managed at a single level which makes it easier for the IT administrators to achieve their security requirements.. customisability)? Siveco Group proL.Large accounts with industrial development agencies – generators to provide electricity to isolated sites in Africa (pumps. health. expertise in. the first time fix works every time. Mtv is a cloud computing service. or simply record comments by audio or text. of technicians for the benefit of all. deployment etc)? Laurent Crétot : The most important change that has revolutionised the world of CMMS is the development of native internet architecture. sustainable development. less downtime and higher equipment reliability. With a “full web” solution the deployment of a CMMS application is very simple. often don’t require human expertise know-how. The netbook is just as its name implies. the Java interface allows the workstations are updated automatically when the user connects with no action needed from the IT department or network administrator. it is so designed that all the expensive processing elements are removed in favour of a device-web server relationship. lish systems for sharing knowledge These and other such repetitive tasks (standards. text. CMMS systems have adapted to make good use of these products. Mtv means capturing know-how in any media 2. connect it server of essential know-how to Coswin or any other EAM/CMMS new M. if you have a CMMS application (or ERP such as SAP) you will find that Mtv will reduce your cost of ownership. With know-how centralised and capitalised. Laurent Crétot What have been the most important developments in CMMS over the last few years (technology. airports. Mtv is targeted and precise. telecommunications. This provides a huge advantage to companies that work on multiple sites. illustrations. How much does it cost? How much does Mtv cost? Around €1 per day per technician. there are even strong indications that Apple will soon market their own device. appropriate knowhow and in any media: video.such as the changing market econotative maintenance plans and For more information about Mtv. etc. 2. pdfs. The ing data for reports. Technicians can now effectively share their experience. The only requirement is that there is a connection to the application server. purchases. but if. The advantages The benefits of Mtv are many: lost time is now converted into highly productive technology Brief Renewable Energies BP Solar selects Coswin 7i as their CMMS Apex BP Solar is one of the main players in the French photovoltaic industry. Everything that can example a certain number of incidents be managed by the software is. . The CMMS of all maintenance activities including tomorrow will have to adapt to things stocks. It is no longer necessary to install the software on client workstations. essential for both possible to program managers and techautomatic reporting nicians. Demonstrations of all the Coswin 7i CMMS products and solutions can be seen at our stand M21 in Hall 6 with previews of upcoming products including the new ‘cloud-based’ solution Maintenance. there are no capital costs no investments to consider. The Maintenance Expo is the largest industrial subcontracting exposition in the world. Mtv is a service. FiToday. share and build know-how. You will get all of that back and more from the efficiencies. Mtv means that for every problem the technician will have exactly the know-how he needs. They chose Coswin 7i Basic Industries to standardise their maintenance systems enabling them to increase their productivity while reducing their maintenance and supply costs. or a digital sketch. Technicians are able to send and receive data and synchronise directly from their mobile device. higher productivity and efficiencies. carry out tedious management of knowledge and by and time consuming processes such the development of collaborative as archiving transactions and creat. the availability. take a video. Mtv means the digital delivery of highly specific. More data can be recorded and the technicians receive updated data immediately. wherever they are working. The Mtv integration tools: Mtv can be plugged into Coswin (or any EAM/ CMMS system to enhance total maintenance effectiveness and efficiency. If they receive between 4 and 10 days per technician it.Product Manager for Siveco Group since 1997 age everything.Hall 6 Come and meet the Siveco team at the Salon Maintenance Expo www. developed in conjunction with Siveco Group. CMMS systems have become autonomous. . more financial objectives.methods. This means netbooks are extremely cheap. schools. 2 newsletter  CMMS NEWS newsletter  CMMS NEWS 3 News Technology & Innovation The future of CMMS Interview PRODUCTS Focus on M. discarded or accepted. Good work now be instantly recognised and rewarded. The cockfor it. Mtv works on all of them (provided they can run the Mozilla browser). Coswin 7i Renewable Energies was selected as the best software to manage the maintenance needs to their equipment and sub contracted work. It is run completely inside a web browser and can be accessed from anywhere with a workstation that has a web browser installed on it. There is one more technology: the portable computer. 1. more pertinent information. 3 important questions for the Siveco Product Manager. etc. 3. That is what we should be no need to pit indicators and are aiming to achieve Coswin Business Inwith the next version use additional software telligence decision of Coswin 7i. Best practices? They can be built rapidly as a Mtv multimedia document is circulated amongst specialists to ensure the best expertise is created and always available. procedures. Operating costs are reduced and it is possible to access additional services. The aim is to have Laurent Crétot has been one piece of software that can man. The solution that we have developed called Coswin Mobile allows remote access to data via a number of mobile devices. photo. This leads to increased productivity through improved quality of operations and financial savings. Mtv means each technician is connected to a centralised 3. The automated tasks within the of tomorrow is the dematerialisation program can be configured to Siveco of know-how and of software by the Product Manager. technical details.) and once they have been clearly identified make it possible to pool the expertise and They no longer have to check their time preparing and consolidat. Mtv is a product of IDSL a Swiss company. The company is active in three significant market segments: .com www. starting at £150 or €200. The Mtv server & networking technologies: the platform of “cloud computing* ” (or local server) for the networking (mutualisation) of know-how & its delivery. tablet PCs and smartphones. The HTML interface is not dependant of a client workstation at all. Also. The technology Mtv is a next generation platform composed of 3 basic technologies: 1. It should get to tool necessary to modify them or to them without them manage all aspects of create entirely new having to go looking maintenance. C : A powerful reporting tool makes it possible to have real time updates on production activities. The purpose of Mtv is simple: to provide to the technician exactly the right expertise or know-how whenever and wherever he needs it. sorted. This section of the market. There is now a wide choice of devices on the market.the report to see if it is interesting. The creation of reports that can give clear and precise assessments of the performance and And what will be the important iscondition of assets can help a compa. They increase organic market.maintenance. CMMS solutions will estabing maintenance plans automatically.maintenance-expo. CMMS applications are no lon. use. Another per month after implementing Co. They specialise in the conception and realisation of photovoltaic turnkeys (ready to use systems). The group aims to develop the agro-industrial production capability of the islands. tions and much more.sues in the future (increased mobilny to define and realise strategic and ity. TV relays etc). In fact. build expertise and create best practices easily. There reports. “This is really new: probably one the most innovative tool that I have seen in maintenance for 30 years” – an early user of Mtv. new decision-making methods ger simple databases that contain lists will need to be developed according of equipment to be maintained. It is a switch-on service (and can just as easily be switched off). We have on certain events.trend that will be found in the CMMS swin. the size that is between the smart phone and the laptop was revolutionised a few years ago with the introduction of the netbook. Request your free trial today! Call us today for a link to try out Mtv yourself! Industry Agro-industrial Maintenance: Coswin in the Reunion Islands Urcoopa was founded in the Reunion Islands in 1982 by four agricultural cooperatives that wanted to produce animal feed and support the growth of the islands. which often gives you pages & pages of information must be examined.

Monitoring the availability of each vessel.” Following the results of the load tests it was then possible to further optimise the application to improve the performance of the DCNS installation.4 HTML on a platform with the following characteristics: • 1 Windows Server 2003 R2 US with 1. evolution of installations and materials and also the testing of equipment. • Topographical Details (assets and equipment) • Equipment and asset structures • Management of work orders • Item detail files The results measured for each test were judged to conform well to the technical requirements specified for Project SIAM by DCNS. stocks. The first phase of the implementation of Coswin 7i was successfully completed on the main site in August About DCNS The DCNS Group is the European market leader for Naval Defence Systems. Among other examples of their clientele there is the Singapore frigate ‘Horizon’ and the Malaysian Scorpion submarine. nuclear ballistic missile submarines and the support infrastructure that goes with them. The tests were conducted in December 2008 at the DCNS site in Toulon. as well as their new constructions and activities. a unique information system used to manage the maintenance data necessary for the many different operations of the MCO department. a major maintenance contractor specialising in naval defence systems in Europe. DCNS : the CMMS in vogue! DCNS has chosen to use a single CMMS tool in order to optimise the management of their assets. 3Ghz CPUs and 4Gb of RAM (for JBoss 4. Assignment of work orders according to cost. covers a variety of actions put in place to support the new ‘division Services’. 110. Their prime role is the maintenance and support of armed vessels. They are responsible for the maintenance of nuclear attack submarines. Maintaining the performance level of facili- 2009. For them. The Naval and Maritime Industries About the Naval and Military markets and the European DCNS. Preventative work orders are created automatically according to the predefined maintenance policy associated with each asset. 17. They also construct machinery for specific tasks and provide operational service support.3) The Oracle database was loaded with data for 500. By analysing the trends and functional deviations DCNS are able to continually improve their methods of operation. Why did they choose Coswin 7i? DCNS made the decision to use Coswin 7i in June 2008. down times. They also manage the periodic maintenance Project SIAM The SIAM project (Système Informatisé d’Aide à la Maintenance). It will be used predominantly to manage the maintenance of surface and sub-surface vessels. Costs and availability of the asset are asset are also taken into consideration. Development of case specific. In France. It also makes it possible to capitalise on the data collected following the completion of work.2. Load Testing at DCNS Toulon Site Under the scope of Project SIAM. Adrian Nica from Siveco worked with Thalés staff to test an installation of Coswin version 7. both marine and land-based. It will be used to implement MCO contracts with the division Services. to put in place a Coswin 7i HTML solution for DCNS. particularly because the specifications of the test platform are well below what will be used in production. It must be possible for them to be able to verify the pertinence of the plan and make adjustments depending on the context. These availability contracts require some adaptation according to the maintenance needs envisaged for new constructions. corrective and supplementary maintenance work. The group operates independently using their own methods of development. nuclear attack submarines and ballistic missiles for the French Navy. They design and engineer major systems for armed vessels and manage construction sites that are used for assembly and integration. conditions of use and observations made.1 server with 2.2. purchases and documentation. has chosen to use Coswin 7i for the management of their fleet and its infrastructure. Aircraft carrier with Hercules radar for installations and assets with regards to maintaining their availability as defined in the original contract with the ‘Etat Major General’ of the French Navy. DCNS required THALES to conduct stringent tests in order to ensure that Coswin 7i was able to meet their very high specification requirements.3. The objectives of Project SIAM The implementation of a CMMS tool for maintenance management operations enables DCNS to define the technical contents for a maintenance project. downtime and quality control. For DCNS.. Planning of preventative work in function of various calendar criteria. the main advantages of using this software is that it is able to meet the high technical requirements of their information system. Coswin 7i can interface with other software that is used by DCNS for a variety of things including task management. The CMMS will be used to implement MCO contracts in the division Services of DCNS. Preparation and scheduling of work and also the follow-up of completed work and the closure of construction projects. costs and quality which is recorded and shared across all the DCNS sites. The HTML version of Coswin 7i will be installed for the MCO department (Maintain in Operational Condition). Distribution and organisation of construction tasks.0.500 work orders. The second phase is scheduled for completion in 2010 and will include deployment on other sites.2) • 1 SOLARIS 10 on a SUN E25K server (for Oracle 10. and used to manage the maintenance of surface vessels. Decisions on what to include in the maintenance plan are based on an analysis of historic data linked to the asset in question. These contracts will cover preventative maintenance work. The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle at harbour in Toulon . it covers their full range of their functional needs and can be reconfigured and paramtered to meet their changing needs in the future. 3Ghz CPU and 2Gb of RAM (for RAS XI R2) • 1 Linux Red Hat Enterprise 5. both marine and land-based.. maintenance planning and breakdowns. maintenance management. Throughout the world DCNS responds to local needs with the application of strength and technology. Tests were made to measure the response times for the four following scenarios. quotations and employee feedback. The software covers the following functional needs: management of corrective work submitted via staff or user requests.000 items. DCNS provide innovative support to the French Navy and ensure that the active fleet is maintained in operational condition.000 assets distributed among 10 different zones. marketing and production and the facilities of selected partners. They can use the collected data to find ways of improving their maintenance plans and so improve availability of assets and reduce maintenance costs and to track and audit the decisions made. which involves monitoring and work in coastal waters. These contracts cover the management of maintenance plans ties by using “Return of Experience” or employee feedback which consists of technical information. It covers the management of technical data. technical procedures following a breakdown. and repair of the aircraft carrier ‘Charles de Gaule’. It is not sufficient for DCNS just to follow their maintenance plan verbatim. DCNS are experts in naval architecture. management of production records.000 suppliers and 2. It consists of a framework that covers the “business” needs for the overall management of maintenance activities (consultation of technical reference material. 4 newsletter  CMMS NEWS newsletter  CMMS NEWS 5 Siveco Group have been working closely with THALES. namely: Facility performance according to the availability criteria. Their role is to optimise the maintenance costs of the Navy installations and to ensure the availability of all assets. the European market leader in the Naval Defence sector. Coswin will be installed in the MCO department (Maintien en Condition Opérationnelle or Maintain in Operational Condition in English) of DCNS Multimission frigate: DCNS contractor for the largest European military naval program headline FOCUS ON . 30% to 40% of the group’s activity is dependent on the MCO department who are reDCNS consoles used on submarines and surface vessels sponsible for keeping the vessels of the French navy in a seaworthy and operational condition. preparation and follow-up of works). The SIAM project manager from THALES commented that “The results of the tests are very satisfactory.

etc. Brose. with basic documentation and inspection routines now firmly in place. leading Chinese property management company Changcheng (Great Wall) Property Group selected COSWIN Facility Management System to manage its nationwide service operation.What is the future of Siveco in Chiagnosis. Siveco China’s project manager. where the com- Beijing Olympic Stadium Changcheng Property Group is the first joint-stock property management company in China. with operation in 22 provinces. Changcheng’s choice of COSWIN 7i as their core business system. based on the company’s long history supporting large multisite property management services suppliers worldwide. has been installed across all the LDC sites and has been made available to the entire group. etc. photos of machines). Coswin 7i is used to manage the maintenance requirements and keep track of service contracts for 72 of their wind turbines. The project started immediately with an implementation study conducted by the Siveco team in Shenzhen. a group that manage and implement development projects in Morocco have chosen Coswin 7i to manage the maintenance of equipment belonging to their mechanised fleet for their project to supply public works material to isolated communities in the Souss-MassaDraâ region. of course everything is running well) and grossly underestimated maintenance budgets when the plant is still young. a necessary step before further maintenance studies could be performed. both preventive and corrective. a maintenance organization in constant firefighting mode. Two Siveco China engineers assisted Brose engineers in defining a plant structure. a leading producer of aluminum profiles. General Manager of Siveco China Improving maintenance in China Founded at the end of 2004. does not develop software. Siveco China has become the country’s largest maintenance consultancy. The Royal Palace Clinic has chosen to use Coswin 7i Health to manage their various assets. as well as the implementa. LDC’s original activity was poultry slaughtering. The Fandy Group who are involved in the cereal milling industry have selected Coswin 7i Food and Beverages in order to implement a management system for preventative and corrective maintenance of their equipment. covering residencial buildings.I sample screenshot at LDC focus Brose Wuhan gets its maintenance up-to-speed with Siveco Brose. The result of the audit is usually bad: the weaknesses of the local team are highlighted.I. ArjoWiggins. this approach often means that the group will send an expert. Siveco Group is the leading European supplier of CMMS: very active internationally. Bruno Lhopiteau. Danfoss. cleaning. on the ground LDC choose Coswin B. the LDC Group diversified geographically by taking over companies operating in the main poultry farming regions of France. Auchan. Siveco accompany Aliplast for the maintenance of their factory in China Aliplast. Previously the maintenance managers ran the reports periodically. i. keep track of contracts and to create effective preventative maintenance plans. This reflects the differences between the French market. Phase 2 of the project will focus on designing an effective preventive maintenance program. motivate “hands-on” services: and train the local teams – even when maintenance audits. Changcheng Property Group took the lead in the Chinese property management market by being the first to achieve ISO9001. undergoing painful maturation. by acquiring one of bound to fail in China. has selected Siveco for a project aimed at establishing strong maintenance fundamentals at its Wuhan plant. Dakar has chosen to use Coswin 7i FM to help them manage their buildings and assets notably the air-conditioning and electrical systems. The next step of the project will consist in using COSWIN for analysis and further training of local maintenance teams. a highly optimistic view (“This unit operates as well as our French factory. ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications. Siveco China has developed a specific approach to address the needs of this market. er as prerequisite in Europe. we have con“organizing before you computerize”. What are the specificities of maintenance in China? B. The resulting new company then employed 90 people. Coswin B.I. dedicated to improving maintenance. Allen Li. A visionary company in many respects. The General Manager of Siveco China. Suez. Siveco also devised a monthly maintenance management meeting based on predefined analysis reports from COSWIN. which includes facility management. a 10-year veteran of the Chinese maintenance market. Jacques Rogge. More insidious. towards more structure. to audit the local team. overhaul planthey are still far from what we consid. As production volume and complexity are set to increase. In – which consists in “organize before 2008. security. Western approach could summarize as albeit slowly. We are the only supplier in China to be so clearly positioned on “maintenance improvement”. office buildings.L. The main objective is to automate the generation and distribution of existing reports.e. which we continue to mature. Changcheng expects quick ROI for this tion of preventive maintenance. in a market that presents a huge potential. a systematic management of technical know-how and the better decision-making capability that COSWIN will bring by allowing central analysis of business. with the Brose Wuhan team . municipal public buildings.I. the project helped build the fundamentals needed for true maintenance management. Coswin 7i Basic Industries was chosen by Synergie Interactive Industrial. This B. Based on this platform. derived primarily from the standardization of their practices across all sites. Senegal A new reference in the Tertiary sector The Business and Commercial Centre in Central Park. From 1984. technical assessments. serviced apartments. They also manage a national distribution network for natural gas and electricity. ROI is expected well within one year. to motivate and to train. as well as technical services.L : A look into the explains why the crystal ball tells me typical Western apthat the market will The traditional proach. Interview of Bruno Lhopiteau. a leading manufacturer of window lifters and seat systems for the automotive industry. our partners.: In practice. The company’s business has developed dramatically to incorporate cutting and the manufacture of processed products. down to maintainable machine components. Olympic Games in Beijing. shopping malls. In China. counts very few IT engineers. Our team. the merger brought together two companies in complimentary geographical sectors operating identical businesses. What is the mission of Siveco China? Bruno Lhopiteau : Our positioning in China differs from that of Siveco in France. The joint Brose and Siveco project team will use Siveco’s maintenance system COSWIN as a support tool to organize the plant’s technical know-how and to systematically analyze failures. Starting from scratch.ning. often someone not familiar with China. Siveco conducted a maintenance audit after two weeks and provided additional coaching to the technical team. di. Siveco remains an IT company. Saint Gobain.) www. The initial focus of the project was to transfer best practices from Aliplast UK and establish standard maintenance procedures. based on which the system will be setup. The primary goals of this first phase were to document the entire factory in COSWIN and to initiate a systematic approach to improving maintenance. makes it possible to plan and produce and email reports. Brose technicians have started recording failures. This core model will first be implemented to Shenzhen region. on the other hand. that could easily be implemented by less experienced Chinese technicians. maintenance becomes a priority for Brose in order to guarantee the reliability of its manufacturing process. one site will be selected for integration with Building Management System and another one to assess how the innovative COSWIN Mobile technology could be applied to a facility management contract in China. The pilot project is expected to take around 4 months. The Belgian Technical Cooperation. constantly introducing new technologies to get the CMMS closer to field workers. with new product lines being introduced. manually entering elaborating details and then sending them by email. including many multinationals (ABB. after which the FM system will be deployed nationwide. 6 newsletter  CMMS NEWS newsletter  CMMS NEWS 7 International People and skills China in Focus Brief Tunisia Renewable Energies: The Tunisian Gas and Electricity Company (STEG) choose Coswin 7i The Tunisian Gas and Electricity Company (STEG) produce liquid petroleum gas and generate electricity from a variety of sources including thermal. villas. Landmark agreement for Siveco in the Chinese property management market On August 26. a company that specialise in transforming metal using a variety of cutting and welding techniques. a Coswin B. at a much cheaper cost!”) often reflects a communication problem with the Chinese team (when management asks. Siveco assigned a senior engineer onsite for one month to work alongside Aliplast China’s General Manager and process specialists from the UK. Siveco China. Coswin B. condition-based maintenance. siderably enhanced always fails in this our service offering computerizing” – is country. Essilor. The company gained further credibility by managing the Olympic Village during the 2008’s pany manages more than 20 sites. In addition to the main project. or perhaps a third-party consultant. Their next step will be to make the reports available online. thus ensuring that any subsequent improvement plan will meet huge resistance. highly sophisticated when it comes to maintenance. serving over 20 millions customers all over the country. hydraulic and wind energy. We think of ourselves as a supplier of industrial services. and the Chinese market. Based on experience of similar projects. the CMMS is nical services supthe essential tool to plier. IKEA. They will also use Coswin to manage all their contracts with subcontractors and track the work done. Doing all this automatically will result in a considerable amount of time saved. winning praises as “the best Olympic Village for 40 years” by IOC’s President Mr. confirms Siveco’s unique position in the Chinese facility management market. we meet a lot of challenges with failure analysis. This move was welcome by our customers. The CMMS is for us a tool to structure. through a fully-graphical HMI based on COSWIN diagrams (plant layout. indicators and dashboards automatically to the concerned parties across the LDC sites. colleges and universities.sivecochina. Phase 1 of Brose project started on August 24 and was completed on September 11. as their new decision making tool The new maintenance management tool. as shown by our recent successes and over forty contracts in China. but still lacks maturity. Morocco Coswin becomes the market leader in Morocco The Coswin 7i CMMS solution has been a resounding success in Morocco with 4 important new sales. More about LDC : LDC was founded in 1968 from the merger between SA LAMBERT in Sablé sur Sarthe (Sarthe) and SA DODARD CHANCEREUL in Saint Denis d’Anjou (Mayenne). implements modern maintenance practices in its Chinese plant. Based on a long experience of maintenance “with Chinese characteristics”. The project’s pilot phase includes the definition of a “core model” defining the facility management standards to be applied to all Changcheng subsidiaries and contracts.

Subscribe online for a free CMMS web seminar at • Siveco Group Miniparc Euromédecine 912 rue de la croix verte 34198 Montpellier Cedex 5 .Montpellier The next partner’s event. 9 & 23 Coswin Healthcare Webinar Coswin Transport Webinar 20 Oct . Personnel & Consulting • Average age 34. 8 & 17 Dec 14:00 to 14:45 Coswin Light Webinar 12 & 22 Oct. Siveco Group is one of the largest specialised EAM/ CMMS software companies in europe • French company with a solid team of consultants who are all functional experts of Coswin 7i.15:00 to 15:45 20 Nov . 18 Coswin Fireman Webinar 14 Oct. 7 & 17 Dec 10:00 to 10:45 Events Coswin Health Open Day Thursday 15 October 2009 Information available from 8h30 to19h00 Montpellier Technical Center This open day will be an occasion to present our CMMS products to the Health organisations. simply complete the incident declaration form available on the Technical Support sections of the Siveco website. Coswin maintenance contracts There are 3 types: Standard. With the Gold contract an exclusive Technical Manager will be assigned to your Siveco Group SA BP41 F 78185 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Cedex www.10 & 26 Nov.2 %) • Coswin B. 30 Nov. or to modify an existing contract please call +33 (0)1 30 45 98 80 6 & 22 Oct.Hall 6 Coswin Prison Webinar 14 More : www. 14 Dec 10:00 to10:45 Coswin Airport Webinar 20 Oct. 16 Dec 10:00 to 10:45 Come and meet the Siveco team at the Salon Maintenance Expo 2009. Silver and Gold. 30 Nov 10:00 to 10:45 Siveco Group in figures Who are we ? • Founded in 1986. To learn more: presse@siveco. Coswin 7i Product • 1500 client accounts • 82000 users • Available in 16 languages • 50 recent technologies • 100% Internet • Mobility • 91 new customers in 2008 Coswin’s quality & stability • More than 200 scenarios tested automatically each week • 160 days of testing before each release Hotline & email support • immediate response by telephone or internet • unlimited calls to our international hotline • 98% of contracts renewed Distribution network • 8 subsidiaries • international presence in 65 countries Activity sectors • Healthcare • Facility Management • Transports • Renewable Energies • Industry • Airport • Basic Materials • Oil & Gas • Gas Stations • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals • Electricity • Food & Beverage Contact us • Phone : +33 (0)1 30 45 98 80 • E-Mail : contact@siveco. Incident CMMS News n°2 • October/November/December 2009 • www.UPCOMING DATES Free CMMS web seminar! Learn about the CMMS solutions developed by Siveco Group without leaving your office.16:00 to 16:45 Good to know Siveco can provide a comprehensive technical assistance to help you make the most of your CMMS.7 years • 22 nationalities • 16 Languages spoken Financials (2008) • 7. Demonstrations of all the Coswin 7i CMMS products and solutions can be seen at our stand M21 in Hall access to our product knowledge base and an account that will enable you to track and manage all your enquiries online. •The leading CMMS company in France with offices in Paris and Montpellier. the annual reunion of distributers and subsidiaries of Siveco Group will be from the 18th to the 22th of January at the Technical Centre in Communication Department • Hélène Fernandez • presse@siveco.6 %) Visit www.0 M € Orders received ( + 47. They will personally handle all your enquiries and ensure an immediate response. Webinar 19 Oct. The Silver contract provides an additional diagnostic tool.10:00 to 10:45 17 Dec .15 Dec 10:00 to 10:45 Siveco Partners Event 2010 18th to 22th January Technical Center .siveco. Coswin Industry Webinar 20 Oct.siveco.siveco. 16 Dec 14:00 to 14:45 Salon Maintenance Expo 2009 17th to 20th November Paris Nord Villepinte .com In Practice Declaration of a problem online If you need a fast response to a technical or functional problem in Coswin. With the Standard contract you will benefit from unlimited technical assistance by phone and email. 24 Nov. 18 Nov. 24 Nov.I. 17 Dec 14:00 to 14:45 Coswin Renewable Energy Webinar 19 Oct.8 M € Revenues (+ 17. For further information about these contracts.

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