Bubbles Not Your Grandmother’s Sparkling 17 Don’t think sweet!

This gorgeous flight will change the way you look at roses, with layers of bright cherry & strawberry flavors with each little bubble. Santo me Santho mas, Veneto, Italy Bai lly-Lapeirre Cremant de Bourgogne, France Cavas Hills Brut Rose White Wines Kick Ash White 17 Volcanoes were responsible for numerous disasters in White Water Rafting 16 ancient times. Every heard of Pompeii? They also If the idea of drinking crisp whites while whiteprovide unique, one of a kind sites for these amazing knuckling over class 5 rapids is your idea of a good white wines. time, then these are the whites for you. Nobolis Hars evelu, Tokaji, Hungary Roots Melon de Bourgogne, Wi lla mette Vlly, Hatzidakis “Nikteri” Assyrtico, Santorini, Orego n Greece Dm. Richou Anjou Chauvigne, Loire, France Bonifacio Lacri ma di Ora zio Aglianico Bianco, Stephen Ehl en Erdener Treppchen Ri esl i ng Basil icata, Italy Kabinett, Mosel, Germany Can’t make up your mind between red and white Golden State of Mind 16 Not every wine in California comes from Napa! Mendocino is rapidly growing as is the entire Sierra Foothills region. Some of these places are actually older growing regions than their more familiar neighbors. We think you will start to explore a little more after this flight. C ultivar Chardonnay, Mendocino DeRose Cabernet Franc, Cien ega Vlly Giornata il Ca mpo Sangioves e Blend Red Wine Gateway Drugs 18 Not sure if you like Old or New World wines? These Old World wines are the perfect entry point to lead you from the New to the Old. You will eventually forget you ever bought a Malbec from Argentina. Q u erciabella Mongrano Super Tuscan, Maremma, Italy Camins del Priorat Carignan Blend, Priorat, Spain Floats Like a Butterfly, Stings Like a Bee 18 Mas del Perie “Les Escures,” Cahors France Go Green or Go Home 17 From Biodynamic, LIVE certified, organically grown, or alternative containers, winemakers and wine drinkers are seeking out wines that are environmentally friendly. These three gems are part of that movement, and better yet, they are freakin’ delicious. Broc Martin Vineyard Mourvedre, Ampelos Cellars Syrache Domai ne du Brin Petite Brin, Gail lac, France This flight disproves the old myth that darker wines are better. What these grapes lack in pigment, they make up for in character & intensity. Think earthy, minerally reds. Terre Nerre Nerel lo Mascal es e Etna Rosso, Siciliy, Italy Dm. Foundid Xinamavro, Noussea, Greece Brez za “Santa Rosal ia” Nebbiolo d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy

AP Vin 25 Right here in the Mission District, Andrew crafts extremely small production Pinot Noirs by working with some of the best vineyards & growers. These truly show the difference a vineyard can make. We are thankful Andrew left finance for wine, because we need one a lot more Pinot like this! AP Vin Keefer Ranch Pi not Noir, Russian River Vlly AP Vin Ros el la’s Santa Lucia AP Vin Clos Pepe Santa Rita

Dessert Like the Dessert, Miss the Rain 19 Three very different wines, sharing a few things in common. The two most important- they are great pairings with chocolate or cheese, which is kind of our thing. Blandy’s 10 Year Malms ey Madeira Smith Woodhous e Lodge Res erve Port Trentadue Petite Sirah

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