From Lord Avebury


March 10, 2013

As we are meeting on another matter the day after tomorrow, I’m taking the opportunity of handing over to you the enclosed copy of a letter from Mr Gerard Hearne MA to the CEO of the UKBA Mr Rob Wightman. I’m not asking for a reply, because the saga Mr Hearne describes is in the hands of his constituency MP David Morris, but I do ask you to read his account of the labyrinthine and expensive steps he has been compelled to go through to satisfy the UKBA’s bureaucracy. I did tell Mr Hearne that Mr Wightman would probably never see this letter because it would be passed to a junior official for reply. No doubt they get an avalanche of similar complaints every day because of the hoops they are demanding people go through to be reunited with their spouses. You may have succeeded in reducing the immigration numbers by a few hundred by making it so difficult to get family reunification visas, but I hope you realise the enormous personal cost of this ‘achievement’.

Mark Harper Esq MP, Home Office. 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF c David Morris Esq MP