Luis Vera to Disqualify Domingo Garcia on National LULAC Election Day The Editor: Domingo Garcia announced today

that he was a candidate for the position of National President of LULAC. Domingo Garcia would be a tremendous person to lead National LULAC. Luis Vera has already made it known through the LULAC grapevine that at the National LULAC Convention which will convene in Las Vegas of this year that as legal counsel for National LULAC and in a game plan with the Parliamentarian, Domingo Garcia will be disqualified as a candidate for the position of National President of National LULAC on the grounds that Domingo Garcia did not pay his state, district and council dues for the period of time required under the LULAC Constitution. Luis Vera has informed those interested in his conspiracy that Elia Mendoza, the National LULAC Board appointed State Director of Texas, will certify to the facts that Domingo Garcia has not paid the required state, district and council dues. Luis Vera continues with his conspiracy setup that his ruling from the dais will require a 2/3 vote to overrule his opinion from the assembled delegates. All of this will go down on the day of the election at the National LULAC Convention. Luis Vera is counting that Domingo Garcia cannot garner the 2/3 votes that he will need to overrule Luis Vera's power play ruling. The Editor has always been of the opnion that if Domingo Garcia wants to win at National LULAC, he has to do it with as much money as the vendidos that run Natioanal LULAC are

going to use to retain control of the National organization. Domingo Garcia has to run with a slate and has got to be willing to spend at least $500,000.00 to win at National. You cannot win at National because you are a good person. You win because you are a politically smart good person, because you have got your house in complete order before you arrive in Vegas 2013. The big mystery for LULAC observers is the degree to which island Puerto Rico's old pro-state political players will want to finance a dead on arrival pro-statehood agenda in Natioanl LULAC. What needs to happen is for the forces of Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla, Puerto Rico's new Governor, to neutralize the PNP's pro-statehood efforts in LULAC. Garcia Padilla could go a bit further by financing a great number of island Puerto Rico delegates from its PDP arsenal. The PDP trounced Luis Fortuno's PNP operations in Puerto Rico in the 2012 elections by a factor of 2 to 1 in the State Senate, the State Congreso (House), and in the municipalities. If island Puerto Rico is neutralized, the mainland votes will decide the winner of National LULAC. Domingo Garcia is a fine person. But in National LULAC politics, even Jesus Christ would find it difficult to run for National office. Luis Vera would probably disqualify him because he would not be able to produce a birth certificate.

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