The Return of "Tapandole el Ojo al Macho" The Editor: A few weeks ago, the Editor reported on real estate

matters that involved National LULAC and two properties that LULAC owns that are known as Kingsville LULAC Manor Apartments in Kingsville, Texas and LULAC Hacienda Senior Apartments. The Editor will write a series of articles on the Hacienda property in the next few days. Margaret Moran, the National President of National LULAC, sold the Hacienda property to a third party last year. The question for the National LULAC Board and for the thousands of LULAC members is how much did the third party purchaser of the Hacienda property pay for the property? How much did the purchaser pay to persons other than LULAC to acquire the property. Did any members of the National LULAC Board receive money, either directly or indirectly from the proceeds of the transaction? Did any attorneys who represent LULAC play at both ends of the purchase - seller deal that would be considered a conflict of legal ethics for the Texas State Bar to review. Questions for the National LULAC Board include resolutions in the LULAC minutes that authorized Margaret Moran to sell the Hacienda property? Did the LULAC National Board have a full discussion of the sell of the Hacienda property, the appraised value of the property, the potential for the property to make money for LULAC? A fuller question for the National LULAC Board would be "did the board members exercise due diligence in any decision that they might have made regarding the

sale of the Hacienda property?" The Hacienda was a property of the members of LULAC. The duty of the National LULAC Board to the members is a fiduciary duty to protect the property of LULAC. Did the National LULAC Board breach its fiduciary duty to the LULAC members in protecting property of the organization? The amount of money that is involved in this transaction will be shocking numbers for LULAC members and the public. At the last National LULAC Board meeting that National LULAC had in February 2013, the beleaguered National Board members got into a discussion regarding suing the Editor, me, the writer of this blog. There was never any specific reason for the lawsuit other than some members of the National LULAC Board do not like the Editor. Without laying out the specific reasons to sue the Editor, one of the National LULAC Board pendejos who serves as the Vice President of Southeast, boriqua of course, made a motion to sue the Editor, that's what they call the Editor on the National LULAC Board, to which there was an immediate second by a family member of the pendejo motion maker. The Board got into a heated discussion regarding the motion, more LULAC money to be in court having to drag the Board all over the country and a possible counter suit by the Editor. The word back to the Editor that as the vote was being taken that Rosa "la Santa" Rosales raised her skinny arms, pumping them in the air, yelling out, "sue the Editor." The vote to sue the Editor passed with 5 votes voting against or abstaining. To those who voted No to "sue the Editor," the Editor

thanks you. Rather than spend even one minute on the Editor, the National LULAC Board should have been asking la bruja Margaret, "hey esa, who got the money for the Hacienda apartments? The Editor will be in court against National LULAC, he has a lot of questions to ask each National LULAC Board member about the Hacienda sale, the Kingsville sale, about their due diligence, and about their fiduciary roles as members of the National LULAC Board. The only question is who gets into court first? Anyway, the story that will coming out will shock you. The title of this write is associated with a former National of LULAC. It appears that he's got the other half doing the dirty work at LULAC. Dirty dealing in the past cost him cut his tenure short at National LULAC in his heyday.

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