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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A marketing information system (MIS) consists of people and procedures to assess information needs, ________, and help decision makers analyze and use the information. A) experiment to develop information B) question the needed information C) test market the information D) critique the needed information E) develop the needed information 2) The real value of a company's marketing research and information system lies in the ________. A) quality of customer insights it provides B) marketing information system it follows C) variety of contact methods it uses D) amount of data it generates E) efficiency with which it completes studies 3) In general, marketers must weigh carefully the costs of additional information against the ________ resulting from it. A) organization B) cost C) ethical issues D) benefits E) creativity 4) Diana Dion is currently researching data sources from within her company to make marketing decisions. Diana is making use of ________ databases. A) internal B) search service C) public D) external E) online TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 5) ABC Interior Designs wants to collect research data through mechanical observation. The three typical methods are video cameras, checkout scanners, and Internet surveys. 6) The ability to reach respondents is a major concern in international marketing research. 7) Open-ended survey questions are particularly useful in exploratory research. 8) Ideally, a sample should be representative so that the researcher can make accurate estimates of the thoughts and behaviors of the larger population. 9) Focus groups use no interviewer to bias the answers, may produce more honest answers, and can be used to collect large amounts of data at a low cost per respondent. 1 5) 1)




6) 7) 8)


10) Good sources of competitive marketing intelligence include competitors' annual reports, business publications, trade show exhibits, press releases, advertisements, and Web pages. 11) Before the research problems and objectives have been defined, researchers must determine the exact information needed and present it to management. 12) Too much marketing information can be as problematic as too little. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 13) Loft Industries sells roof trusses to contractors and builders and would like to conduct research to determine how customers assess customer service. Which of the following research instruments would be best for this firm? A) checkout scanners B) EEG devices C) people meters D) MRI scans E) questionnaires 14) Del Monte has created a(n) ________ called "I Love My Dog"; this online community allows company-selected dog enthusiasts to complete product- related polls, chat with product developers, and provide feedback about specific products. A) online experiment B) expert panel C) Internet survey D) immersion focus group E) custom social network 15) Maryann Rose is conducting research to determine consumers' personal grooming habits. Because of the personal nature of the survey questions about this topic, Maryann wants to select the contact method that is most likely to encourage respondents to answer honestly and that will allow her to easily collect large amounts of data. Which contact method should Maryann select? A) telephone interviews B) individual interviews C) focus group interviews D) mail questionnaires E) immersion group interviews 16) Juanita Petino operates a dress shop in a suburban mall. Her research budget is very small, so she utilizes low-cost or no-cost methods to gather research data. One method that works very well for her is to change the themes in her local newspaper and radio advertising and watch the result. Juanita is using ________ to gather data for marketing decisions. A) secondary sources B) guess work C) experimental research D) ethnographic research E) informal surveys








17) When ZIBA designers looking for ideas on how to craft a shower-cleaning tool spent 10 days in people's homes, watching consumers wash shower stalls, they were conducting ________ research. A) experimental B) survey C) secondary D) personal E) ethnographic 18) Which type of research would be best suited for identifying which demographic groups prefer diet soft drinks and why they have this preference? A) causal B) secondary C) descriptive D) exploratory E) experimental 19) You are about to test the hypothesis that sales of your product will increase at a very similar rate at either a $5 drop in unit price or a $7 drop in unit price. You are involved in what type of research? A) focus group B) ethnographic C) exploratory D) causal E) descriptive 20) To address concerns about the misuse of research study findings, several highly regarded marketing associations have developed ________. A) chief privacy officer job descriptions B) codes of research ethics C) bans against using data collected through online surveys D) behavioral targeting "Do Not Track" lists E) customer relationship management guidelines 21) Anna Gregory just read a marketing research report about the top 25 countries that purchase American products. What would the report most likely say about international research involving these countries? A) It is on the decrease due to high costs. B) Interpretations of data are consistent among different countries. C) Despite the costs of international research, the costs of not doing it are higher. D) The costs are higher than the benefits. E) There is a lack of qualified research personnel. 22) Small organizations can obtain, with relatively little effort, most of which type of data available to large businesses? A) ethnographic B) experimental C) primary D) secondary E) touch point







23) Marketing information is only valuable when it is used to ________. A) identify a target market B) please shareholders C) increase efficiencies in the supply chain D) make better marketing decisions E) expand management's job 24) A successful CRM program can be expected to help a company achieve all of the following EXCEPT ________. A) providing higher levels of customer service B) understanding how to better build the marketing mix C) understanding the competition better D) developing deeper customer relationships E) creating offers tailored to specific customer requirements 25) In CRM, ________ techniques are used to sift through data and dig out interesting findings about customers. A) value network B) data mining C) customer loyalty management D) data warehousing E) customer strategy 26) After a research instrument is selected, the next step in the marketing research process is ________. A) collecting secondary data B) selecting a sampling method C) selecting a research approach D) interpreting the findings E) implementing the research plan 27) The most common research instrument used is the ________. A) questionnaire B) mechanical device C) people meter D) live interviewer E) focus group 28) Focus group interviewing is a(n) ________ research tool for gaining insights into consumer thoughts and feelings. A) quantitative B) causal C) competitive D) secondary E) qualitatitve







29) Of the following, the best starting point for understanding how consumers respond to various marketing efforts is the ________ model of a buyer's behavior. A) stimulus-response B) subcultural C) societal D) belief E) generational 30) Marketing stimuli consist of the four Ps. Which is NOT one of these? A) price B) place C) politics D) product


E) promotion


31) This group of consumers tends to buy more branded products. and to make shopping a family event, with children having a big say in the purchase decision. In general, they are very brand loyal, and they favor companies who show special interest in them. A) African Americans B) mature consumers C) the upper middles D) Hispanic Americans E) Asian Americans 32) ________, the most affluent American demographic segment, now have more than $500 billion in annual spending power. A) Hispanic Americans B) African Americans C) Gays and lesbians D) Gen Xers E) Asian Americans 33) Family is one of the ________ factors that influence consumer behavior. A) personal B) business C) social D) psychological E) cultural 34) ________ are people within a reference group who, because of special skills, knowledge, personality, or other characteristics, exert influence on others. A) Habitual buyers B) Opinion leaders C) Social networkers D) Stealth marketers E) Laggards 35) Companies that use brand ambassadors are participating in ________. A) traditional marketing B) opinion leading C) values marketing D) direct marketing E) buzz marketing






36) The ________ is the most important consumer buying organization in society; the roles and influences of different members have been researched extensively. A) family B) membership group C) social class D) reference group E) subculture 37) People change the goods and services they buy over time because of the two changing factors of ________. A) belief and attitude B) self-concept and learning C) perception and personality D) family and tradition E) age and life-cycle stage 38) ________ is a person's pattern of living as expressed in her psychographics, including her activities, interests, and opinions. A) Lifestyle B) Motive C) Social class D) Personality E) Culture 39) A person's buying choices are influenced by four major psychological factors. Which is NOT one of these factors? A) beliefs and attitudes B) motivation C) alternative evaluation D) learning E) perception TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false. 40) A person buying a boat would be unlikely to exhibit complex buying behavior. 41) Two of the characteristics that are especially important in influencing an innovation's rate of adoption are relative advantage and compatibility. 42) Most unhappy customers explain their reasons for dissatisfaction to the company that sold the product. 43) When a consumer learns about a new product for the first time and makes a decision to try it, the consumer is engaged in the alternative evaluation process. 44) Dissonance- reducing buying behavior typically occurs when a buyer sees little difference among brands but is highly involved with the purchase. 45) Social class is based on shared value systems and common life experiences and situations.





40) 41)





MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 46) Donna wants to buy a new coat. During the ________ stage of her purchase process she will ask her friends to recommend a store and/or a style of coat. She will search the newspaper for coat sales, and she will visit nearby stores to see what is available in her price range. A) alternative evaluation B) product evaluation C) need recognition D) information search E) purchase decision 47) An invitation to go skiing for the weekend forced Donna to look at her current wardrobe. She decided she needed a much warmer coat. Donna was in which stage of the purchase decision? A) information search B) situational analysis C) need recognition D) problem screening E) product evaluation 48) Pat thought he had received the best deal on his new car. Shortly after the purchase, Pat started to notice certain disadvantages of his new car as he learned more about other cars available. Pat is experiencing ________. A) information evaluation B) postpurchase culture C) purchase decision D) postpurchase dissonance E) selective perception 49) George is buying his first house. He has found two houses that he thinks he likes. He is highly involved in the purchase and perceives significant differences between these two houses. George will likely undertake ________. A) opinion leadership B) complex buying behavior C) variety-seeking buying behavior D) marketing myopia E) dissonance-reducing buying behavior 50) According to one analyst, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can make you feel like "the toughest, baddest guy on the block." Harley-Davidson promotes its motorcycles with images of independence, freedom, and power. Harley-Davidson has created a(n) ________. A) brand personality B) attitude C) life-cycle stage D) brand motivation E) brand self-image 46)