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The purpose of this exercise is to assess the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges as seen and observed by the staff of the Reference and Museum Group. In this exercise, members individually share their thoughts for the organizations collective vision. This collaborative visioning exercise can be used to create ideas for strategic interventions that can shape and guide the overall decisions and actions of the Legislative Information Resources Management Department (LIRMD). This is also designed to create value and pragmatic plans and programs that best fit to the desired strategic organizational goals. This strategic planning tool is expected to provide information needed to achieve institutional development affecting its vision.



Most members of the Reference Services Group are willing to learn and grow Zeal for humble service Courteous May not be professional in the field but ably competent in service delivery Unity can be enhanced within the sub-system Relations with clients Priceless collections of legislative

Uninterested and unwilling leadership exacerbates the slow development of the groups target. Unfinished plans and programs Deficient capability building efforts made it hardly able for the personnel to transcend boundaries Irregular staff meeting makes the target hardly achievable and disoriented at times due to lack of cohesiveness among the major functions of LIRMD Health and other

Collaboration and partnership with public and private institutions for organizational goals Integrated programs will increase efficiency and effectiveness Realization of acquiring a new and world-class LIRMD building Increase effectiveness and competence will boost the morale of the employees Can create stronger and sound working relationship among staff and officials

Flooding at the storage area during rainy season Lack of disaster preparedness capability Outdated equipments to respond to possible disaster and natural and human-induced calamities i.e. fire and earthquake Irregular and neglected housekeeping and storage maintenance is seen to impair legislative documents Lack of material and financial resources to address present and immediate needs Reduced support from the administration The ever-advancing

documents and museum objects

personal circumstances are seen to hamper organizational goals Need To have a clearer focus Lack of integration among the major functions of the bureau Lack of understanding of overall scope of the department by the staff Incomplete historical documents and museum objects Documents for research are not strategically arranged and not user-friendly

Supportive Administration Increased Financial and material resources Visit/exposure to other museums can create or give new ideas in showcasing our collections

information technology disable us from using our stored information due to incompatibility of the system Fast turnover/acquisition of archival documents from Committee and Operations Department

Prepared by:

Maria Perpetua Calingasan-Barrera

Georgina T. Ortanez

Marivic M. Pareja

Arline M. Lambino

Ariel M. Panado

Henrico J. Guardaquivil

Alphonse C. Cruz III