Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Integrated Communications Campaign Team 3

Nurse Practitioners of Oregon (NPO) Integrated Marketing Communications Proposal

Team 3: Rinad Ayed, Jessica Barry, Eleonore Plusquellec, Niven Singh, Jillian Toda 1

Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Integrated Communications Campaign Team 3

Executive Summary
To: Nurse Practitioners of Oregon (NPO) From: Team 3: Rinad Ayed, Jessica Barry, Eleonore Plusquellec, Niven Singh, and Jillian Toda Date: 5/1/12 Re: Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Plan To the Nurse Practitioners of Oregon (NPO) Board: An integrated marketing communications proposal was created by Team 3 to meet the marketing needs of Nurse Practitioners of Oregon (NPO). This proposal is comprised of four main components:  Situation Analysis  Creative Brief  Budget Allocation Justification  Creative Samples The situation analysis shows how NPO’s mission statement needs clarification in order to truly communicate the comprehensive benefits the organization provides to nurse practitioners and their communities. To strengthen the communication of NPO’s mission and work, the strategic objectives and future plans section addresses the direction taken by Team 3 in meeting these goals. Finally, research and analysis of the competitors and NPO are given in the final sections in order to show where Team 3 can take NPO in terms of an integrated marketing campaign that will both educate the public about nurse practitioners, as well as attract members. Taking into consideration this analysis, Team 3 developed a creative brief outlining the NPO campaign. This document summarizes the target audiences of current nurse practitioners and potential nurse practitioners in Oregon. The two audiences encompass women ages 25-65 who are viewed as having household decision-making power, and men or women who are current or aspiring nurse practitioners. These two segments will be targeted through the ―Giving you the attention you deserve‖ campaign. This messaging highlights the comprehensive care that NPO as an organization, as well as nurse practitioners in general, provides for members, potential members, and aware patients. The campaign will include images of actual nurse practitioners, as well as groups in order to demonstrate the support network NPO stands for. To implement this campaign, a budget was drawn up, including a plan for a billboard, direct mailers, website enhancement, and posters for nursing school campuses. The total cost calculated for these marketing materials is approximately $23,454. Collateral samples that represent these pieces have been created and included in this proposal. Team 3 believes that this campaign represents the sentiment that NPO instills in members through its support network and work to educate the public about the comprehensive healthcare methods of nurse practitioners.


Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Integrated Communications Campaign Team 3

Creative Brief
Project Summary: The Nurse Practitioners of Oregon (NPO), a nonprofit organization, has asked us to address two audiences with this campaign. First, we are going to address the public and its lack of understanding about what nurse practitioners (NPs) do. Differentiating NPs from other nurses and physicians will be a critical aspect to this campaign, so we’ll highlight their holistic approach to healthcare. Second, NPO needs our help through an integrated marketing plan in order to reach out to NPs about membership with the organization. We’ll do this by letting them know about NPO’s mission, services and benefits they offer, such as discounts, scholarships, and their particularity vis-à-vis legislation. We will need to adapt our actions to fulfill these two main goals. However, developing a new logo, statement or image, will benefit NPO and communicate their mission and values. Since the long-term aim of NPO relies on obtaining support and recognition for NPs by the general public and by the law, then our campaign’s visibility will help serve this objective. Target Audience Profile: Current Nurse Practitioners  Male & Female  Ages 25+  Private or Public/Hospital Practitioners Student in nursing, future Nurse Practitioner  Male & Female  Ages > 25 The key benefits for NPs from NPO are the support provided through a large professional network, resources (e.g. conferences), and legislative advocacy assistance. This applies to both current and future nurse practitioners. The positioning statement for NPs is: For current and aspiring NP's, NPO offers support and recognition in addition to access to benefits and continuing education, because NPO is dedicated to emphasizing leadership, networking and governance on their behalf.

Women  Ages 25 – 65  Occupations - mothers or working females or both  Younger woman looking for a long term doctor  Mothers looking for a family doctor 3

Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Integrated Communications Campaign Team 3    Working women with time constraints Older women looking for specialization Women seeking personalized care and attention

This audience will be educated on nurse practitioners. The key benefits for women (ages 25-65) are NP’s availability, attention, specialization, customized care, accountability and family care. The positioning statement for women (ages 25-65) is: For women ages 25-65 in all stages of life, NP's offer availability, specialized care and attention because of the holistic approach that NP's adopt in their practice.

Campaign Action Objectives and Communication Objectives: Nurse Practitioners: Following the AIDA model, our campaign for current and aspiring nurse practitioners will catch viewers’ attention with the clean, professional images of real nurse practitioners and nursing students. Short, personalized descriptions will keep the interest of our audience(s) and lead to:   Desire—nurse practitioners and students will want to meet or network with the NPs featured in the ads Action—nurse practitioners will go to the NPO website to learn more, while nursing students will visit the NPO Facebook page or website

Through this campaign, NPO will fulfill the category need of networking and support for both current and aspiring nurse practitioners. Current nurse practitioners will be able to gain social support and personal satisfaction from being part of a community, of something bigger than their individual practices. Similarly, aspiring nurse practitioners and nursing students will gain valuable knowledge from an experienced organization with 57% of its members having already been in practice for over ten years (―NPO Survey 08 Demographic‖). Targeting nurse practitioners will use word-of-mouth referrals and direct mail (either physical or digital forms). Targeting aspiring nurse practitioners will be done primarily through digital channels like email and social media since this is a younger, as well as postings of print materials on college campuses. The level of involvement of the NPO service—educational, supportive, and networking benefits—to current and aspiring nurse practitioners is high. This high involvement allows for great interaction since NPO is built off of its membership’s participation within the organization. For this reason, our campaign will feature easily-processed messaging (image-based) for current and aspiring nurse practitioners to engage with in order to optimize the ending action.


Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Integrated Communications Campaign Team 3 Women (ages 25-65) We hope that the general public will have a better understanding of what a nurse practitioner is through our campaign, and will consider the role an NP might be able to play in their healthcare. Using the AIDA model, the campaign for women ages 25 – 65 will catch viewers’ attention with the use of professional images of real nurse practitioners with female patients in the age bracket. These images will emphasize the personal and specialized aspects of visiting a nurse practitioner. This in turn will lead to:   Desire – women in the age bracket will seek out more information about nurse practitioners and consider the benefits of visiting a nurse practitioner and how one might fit their needs. Action - the target audience will search, in addition to using word of mouth to collect more information about nurse practitioners, solidifying their understanding of what they do, and leading them to visit a nurse practitioner

The category needs mainly revolve around the personalization of health care. These women are all in varying stages of life, limited on time and spread thin and are looking for someone to take care of them and their families. The purpose of this campaign is strictly educational, so awareness will arise from the logo placement and NPO website information to invite the audience to find out more information. Brand preference is somewhat limited in this industry because many individuals choose their health care specialist through their health care provider, or continue to see their primary family care physician. The individual level of involvement in the service being offered is quite high as health care and personalized care are crucial aspects of everyone’s life. Individuals want to be healthy and are looking for a provider who shares that. Perceptions and Creative Strategy: As addressed earlier, NPO’s target audiences are not aware of the different benefits that they can get from NPO. The aim of this campaign is to show the different NPs, nursing students, and women in Oregon the opportunities that they can get through joining the organization or visiting a nurse practitioner. The benefits that NPO offers (legal support, scholarships, insurance discounts, connections, etc.) position it above its competition, so these will be advertised in the campaign. Our campaign strives to convey the following words for the NPs: united, active, change, recognition, opportunities, and benefits. On the other side, the adjectives that will be used in the mothers’ campaign are: caring, supportive, available, helpful and experienced. The campaign will use emotional appeal, inspiring clear, visually pleasing, realistic and colorful visuals. The billboards and all print material will include the website and contact information so that NPs can learn more about NPO and find out how to become members. There will also be a


Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Integrated Communications Campaign Team 3 simple statement and logo that will be used on every piece of advertising, which will allow the audience to connect with the statement and logo (see below). To measure the effectiveness of the campaign, we will assess the number of NPs who will apply for membership within the time of the campaign, and after. Moreover, a small survey could be used by NP members of NPO at their clinics for new patients, asking how they knew about nurse practitioners. Campaign Message: ―Giving you the attention you deserve‖ Imagery and Color Research Initiatives: Color Scheme: We want to provoke emotion and connection, something suggesting ―care‖ without being overly feminine. While purple symbolizes spirituality, magic, and purpose, it can be seen as associated more with women. In order to draw a more diverse group of nurse practitioners and customers, a shade of blue would be a more recommended color. Royal Blue has significance, representing: Communication, Creativity, Personal Expression, Vitality, Knowledge, and Health. Furthermore, blue has a calming effect that can put people at ease and comfort. Collateral Pieces:  Billboard (public education)  Poster that could double as direct mail postcards/email (NP and students)  Website Enhancement and Logo (brand clarifying and rebranding) Images using real nurse practitioners:


Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Integrated Communications Campaign Team 3

Logo Idea: Play on the image below with the nurse practitioner symbol internally (in place of the heart); include script of current NPO logo somewhere on the logo. We hope to rebrand the NPO logo in order to catch attention and create more recognition among NPs, students, and women. This Oregon symbol has been widely popular, and we hope to bring that popularity to NPO. By creating a logo that is pictorial, the public will have a symbol to associate with the organization, rather than having to recall the name of NPO. This logo will also symbolize the presence of nurse practitioners in Oregon, which is what NPO is striving for with this awareness campaign.


Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Integrated Communications Campaign Team 3 Campaign Budget (based on a $30,000 budget
Campaign Budget Worksheet Designed For: Nurse Practitioners of Oregon (NPO) DHX Advertising - Portland, OR / Team 3
Online Marketing Media Run Dates Impressions Cost Per Impression Audience Size (Approx) CPM Total Cost

Total Online Adspend Direct Mail Media Direct Mailers (postcards: 9x4") to nurse practitioners

$0 Mail Dates Jan, April, Sept Production Started Cost Per Item 20 days before mailing dates About $0.98 (early-to-mid Dec) ($0.9724) Total List Size 3300 CPM $ Total Cost $



Total Direct Mail Adspend Print Advertising Media Posters (27"x 39")

$ Insertion Dates September / February Ad Size Cost Per Ad Audience Size (Approx) CPM Total Cost






729.75 $730

Total Print Adspend Display Advertising/Transit Media 30 Sheet Billboard on I-84 in Portland

Run Dates April through September

Ad Sizes/Types
H 6.125” x W 12.25”

Cost Per Ad $2,500/month x 4 months

Audinece Size (Approx) CPM 5,000

Total Cost 2.4 12000

Total Display/Transit Adspend Other Media/Costs Cost Type Improve the website

$ Date(s) April Recurring/Duration 5 hours of work Cost Per Instance 200 (industry rate )/ per hour 500 $2 Total Cost



$1,000 Total Other Media Adspend BUDGET GRAND TOTAL Emails will be sent to different NPS for free ( a person from the organization will do that and it will include a digital copy of the poster) A Facebook page will be used for free, and will promoted on the posters $23,454


Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Integrated Communications Campaign Team 3

Marketing material objectives
Total budget allocation and marketing objectives corresponding to the chart on the previous page. Team 3 created these objectives and rationale for each piece of marketing used for NPO’s integrated marketing campaign.

% Online

% Total Budget


% Direct Mail 100%

% Total Budget Objectives 41% 1. Develop brand awareness, positive brand attitude among nurse practitioners throughout Oregon 2. Drive traffic to NPO's website for possible membership sign-ups.

% Print

% Total Budget


Objectives 1- Target aspiring nurses or NP to encourage them to get membership 2- Encourage NP to like NPO 3.11% facebook page 3- Word of mouth

% Print 100%

% Total Budget Objectives 51.16% 1. Raise awareness of NP's in Oregon, 2. Present new logo and statement , 3. General exposure for our women target

% Other 100.00%

% Total Budget


4.26% 1- To make the website more appealing for the new viewers and toeasy access information


Nurse Practitioners of Oregon Integrated Communications Campaign Team 3

Campaign Evaluation Strategy


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