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To give your application the best chance of success, please use this template for its layout and

include all of the information stated. NOTE: Failure to provide all of the required information is the number 1 reason for an applications failure. Trade/Position
(Start stating your job title/the name of the job you seek. Please do not write statements like any suitable position)

Personal Data

(This is the minimum detail that should be listed here) Your Full Name Your Contact Address Your Contact Tel / Cell (+ any area /country codes) Your Email Address (if have) Your Nationality

Recent passport sized photo of you on white background

Employment History (Previous / Current Job Details)

(Start with LAST job first and include all of the following details for all jobs you have held) Company Name (Employer) and employer contact details (address, phone, email, etc.). Job Title (specific name/title of the job you held) Month/ Year the job started AND when you left Location (City + Country where actually worked) Your Tasks/Duties (Details on what specific tasks/duties YOU performed at this job. If possible include technical specifications and/or equipment types).

(If listed here, must have been a course that was tested/had a specific outcome, e.g. certificate or pass award.) Name of Provider (The University/College/Company where you did took the course/training and if possible their contact details) Location (City + Country where you took the training) Dates attended the training (e.g. day and month started and finished for short courses, month and year started and finished for longer courses). Result/Outcome (what you received at the end of the training, e.g. BSc, pass certificate, etc. include any certificate or licensing numbers).

Language Proficiency
(To say how well you speak or write a language, proficiency levels to use are: Native language, Advanced, Intermediate or Basic.) English Language proficiency (Written and Spoken) Other Languages proficiency (Written and Spoken)

Additional Info.
Under this heading add details of seminars attended, special skills/ abilities/awards you have, etc.

Write in people who are willing to give you a reference for your work or character. Referee Name and full contact details (address, phone, email, etc.).

End Statements
End your CV by stating whether you seek a Permanent position, a contract position or either. Then confirm that all facts given in your CV are true and correct, and end with the statement confirming that you have no criminal record or other known impediment to employment overseas.
IMPORTANT: Before sending, check for any typos and double check that you CV has ALL of the details listed above.