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AutoPLANT Piping

A solution for innovative 3D modeling and detailed design

Bentley AutoPLANT Piping module is an object-based 3D piping system design and modeling application. AutoPLANT Piping provides state-of-the-art 3D modeling capabilities previously unavailable in any AutoCAD-based plant design and modeling package. This capability is achieved through ObjectARX technology, using 3D objects to represent plant objects. These custom objects provide superior representations from any viewing perspective, while using a fraction of the le size required through conventional methods.
AutoPLANT-generated Ortho.

Ideal for use on projects of all sizes, AutoPLANT Piping also utilizes a speci cation-driven design approach, which maximizes quality by ensuring compliance with applicable design criteria. Active database links ensure correlation between the graphical and descriptive data in the model. Design E ciency By increasing design e ciency through the improvement of the concurrent engineering work ow process, this fully integrated solution can dramatically lower costs. Speci cation-driven AutoPLANT Piping includes database catalogs of tens of thousands of components from which manufacturer-speci c speci cations may be produced. AutoPLANT Piping is speci cationdriven-you can select and apply one or more speci cations consistently throughout one or more drawings or projects. Components placed using this method are not merely drawing blocks. Instead, the components are built parametrically, and therefore have a high degree of intelligence.

AutoPLANT-generated ISO.

Component Placement Component placement in AutoPLANT Piping is an intuitive process used to automate common tasks. Whether placing adjacent piping and components in congested plant areas, or routing over large areas, automated component placement and orientation options re ect standard design conventions and maximize productivity. Life Cycle Enhancement AutoPLANT Piping o ers centralized data storage and powerful export capabilities, greatly enhancing the total plant life cycle and reducing maintenance costs. Interoperability Because AutoPLANT Piping is based on open architecture standards, it maximizes interoperability with existing business applications, reducing total implementation and plant life cycle management costs. Intelligent Objects The use of intelligent objects improves graphical representation of the model while reducing design cycle times.

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Speci cation-driven
Provides a list of models, including piping, HVAC, cable tray, conduit, plastic piping, ductile iron, high purity and tubing

Output Options

Automated Components
AutoPLANT model.

Standard AutoCAD commands (move, stretch, copy, mirror, etc.) Placement of a component to the run end of the previous component using a tting to tting method Placement of a known distance from a reference point Alignment of centerlines Toggling of the insertion point Changing of the reference point

Graphics information from standard AutoCAD DWG les Creation of associated ODBC-compliant database for each drawing Active links to ensure correlation between the graphics information and the database information Output can be structured in either a PCF or PXF neutral le format for use with associated applications, such as AutoPLANT AutoPIPE, pipe stress analysis software

Customization Tools

Material Reporting

Customization tools modify the software in order to handle speci c needs of a project Provided toolset can be supplemented Project congurations can be created or modied through a highly intuitive graphical user interface

AutoPLANT bill of materials.

Reporting of output directly from the database Placement of bill of materials (BOM) table directly on drawing Generation of a material take-o (MTO) report separately from the drawing Generation of accurate quantities of all piping systems components, as well as pipe lengths Extraction of report les to a number of common database and spreadsheet applications Customization of reports Development of specic lters for multiple reporting use

Work Area and Drawing Creation


Processor: Pentium II mHz, Pentium 4 GHz (recommended) Operating System: Windows 98, 2000, Windows NT 4 SP6 or XP Professional Memory: 128 MB RAM 512 MB RAM (recommended) Disk Space: 650MB (1GB recommended) Software: AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002

Xreference drawings from a variety of disciplines Drawing production utilities to dene a common work area Addition of individual drawings to a work area creates a set of saved cross reference drawings Proper connectivity among elements Automatic creation of piping isometrics from the 3D model with AutoPLANT Isometrics or ISOGEN


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