Wedding Night The vows are the traditional ones.

When Zander places the ring on her finger Alexis gasps. It is the same ring she bought for him. A gold Claddgh ring. The hands represent friendship, the crown symbol of loyalty and the heart love. That is what Alexis and Zander are loyal friends who love each other. The photographer clicks away. The smile genuine on their faces at the fact they both bought the same ring with the same thought behind it. There are pictures of the cake cutting. One of Stefan toasting the happy couple. A few of the five of them altogether. All the pictures one would have of any wedding. The photographer is very good. And tells them if they don't look right. No one looking at those pictures will ever believe that this isn't a happy couple. Later that night they return to the hotel. There are a few people in the hallway when they get to their suite. Zander opens the door hands Kristina to Stefan and stops Alexis just before she goes in. She gives him a questioning look. He sweeps her up and carries her over the threshold. Just like any newly married man would do. Stefan takes Kristina in and quickly leaves putting the do not disturb sign on the door. "Well here we are alone at last." Alexis says. Before Zander can say anything Kristina cries out. Picking her up out of the carrier Zander hands her to Alexis "I think she is hungry mommy." Alexis takes her and carries her into the bedroom. She changes her then sits down in the rocker that is on the balcony. She lowers one side of her wedding dress and Kristina clamps on greedily. Leaning her head back Alexis closes her eyes and starts to hum. Zander sits the chilled bucket with the sparkling cider on the table by the couch. He puts on the stereo. He doesn’t understand the words they are singing but it seems right for his night with Alexis. He kicks off his shoes. And picks up one of the goblets that say Alexis & Zander April 23 2003. I can't believe Stefan thought of this. He says sitting back on the couch staring at the names. He closes his eyes and listens to the music letting it take him over. He smells the her before he feels the goblet taken from his hand. He starts to open his eyes and he feels a dip in the couch as she kneels on it beside him. "Don't open your eyes. Just feel. That's what tonight is for us just feeling each other." She places her hands on his shoulders and leans over him. He can feel her looking at him. It is such a struggle not to look at her. But he will do anything to make her happy tonight. She smiles and pushes the hair off his forehead where it always falls. Her finger tips run lightly over his face memorizing each line. She leans down and kisses where her fingers have been. His forehead his eyelids. Along the bridge of his nose across his cheeks. His chin just missing his lips. Over to his ear her tongue slips out and runs the shell of his ear causing him to let out a small moan. She is torturing him. Back to his other ear slowly out lining it with her tongue. Small kisses race across his cheek until this time they stop on his lips. She outlines them with her

tongue. They are so soft so warm she thinks. Just for me. He lets out a sigh and she plunges her tongue into his mouth. He is shocked for just a moment. At her intrusion. Then her tongue moves along his teeth dances briefly with his tongue and caresses his palate. Her hands plunge into his hair. Turning his head so she can reach farther into his mouth. Their tongues dance like they have been waiting a lifetime for this. She moves her hands out of his hair down to his collar the tie is already gone. She unbuttons the shirt running her hands along his skin as she bares it to her touch. His skin so young and firm. She drags her mouth away from his and follows the path down his neck. Stopping to gently grab his skin between her teeth and she sucks. Leaving her mark on him. She moves down to his chest pushing the jacket and shirt off his body. He leans forward to help her and her lips cross his nipple. she runs her tongue around it getting another moan from him. finally her hands hit pay dirt. The belt slides through her fingers as she undoes it. He can feel a slight tremor in her hands as she unzips his pants and reaches inside for her prize. "Is this all for me?' MMMMMMM. She hooks her fingers in the sides of the pants and pulls. He lifts up off the couch to help her. She throws them over her shoulder out of the way. She is kneeling in front of him now. She looks up and sees him looking at her. He sees all this time she has had nothing on. She had taken her dress off when she left Kristina. "God your so beautiful." He reaches out to touch her. "lean back I'm not done with you yet. You will get your turn." She says smiling at him. She pushes his legs apart. Her hand move over his hard thighs up to his waist. Back down she takes his cock into her hands. She leans forward and slowly blows on the tip sending a shiver through him and making him even harder. She runs the tip of her tongue around the head then small kisses up and down the sides of his hard shaft. Her fingers going down to gently cradle his balls. Finally she lets her mouth engulf him. He can not keep him self from putting his hands in her hair. Holding her head as she suckles him. All the way down back up all the way down his shaft she goes. Faster wetter she gets him. His moans become louder. She can feel he is about to cum. He tries to pull out of her mouth away from her tongue. She wont let go finally with a growl he shoots into her mouth down her throat. Screaming her name as he does. ALEXIS. The sound of that turns her on even more. She swallows the last bit. Pulls her mouth from his shaft and lays her head on this thigh as he comes down from the most exciting blow job he has ever had. My God what kind of an idiot has a woman like this and doesn’t keep her? He wonders. Finally he can reach down for her he pulls her to her feet standing with him. He sweeps her up into his arms again grabs the baby monitor and carries her into the other bedroom. During the trip she marks his neck again. He sets the monitor down and gently lays her on the bed. "Close your eyes" he tells her. He straddles himself over her. This time he traces her face first with his fingers then with his tongue. But he is younger and hungrier than she more impatient. As he plunges his hands through her hair pulling her up to his mouth where his tongue plunges inside to duel with hers. He pulls back grabbing her bottom lip with his teeth gently sucking on it. He moves down to her neck. Kissing and licking her. As he gently pulls her skin between his teeth and sucks she bucks beneath him. His hands move down to her breast rubbing them gently. Feeling her milk leak out on to his finger. He slips them into his mouth sucking it off his fingers tasting the sweetness of it.. His lips and tongue move down and lave all around her breasts. His tongue gently passes over her nipple wetting it. Then he gently blows. This makes her let out a moan his name coming off her lips in a whisper. He can smell the scent of her now. He moves down her belly. He slides his hands down her thighs. They feel like silk beneath his fingers. His kisses his way down her thighs down her calves over her ankles getting a little giggle out of

her. He would need to remember her ankles were ticklish. He pushes her thighs farther apart and works his way back up to her hot center. He blows gently. His forefinger barely caresses her outer lips. She starts squirming. He lets the tip of his tongue just glance over her clit. She moans even louder now. He can see how wet she is just for him. He teases her no more and plunges his tongue inside her so quickly she shudders and has her first climax she is so ready for him. He sucks greedily at the juices flowing from her. Her hands come down on to his head pushing him farther into her. He sucks her lips and feels her shudder and gently bites her clit again. This time when she climaxes she moans his name aloud.. He pulls himself up and rests his head on her belly. He can hear her heart pounding in her chest. Finally her heart and breathing level out. She pulls at him and he moves up along side of her. This time they caress each other with open eyes. Their hands and lips following each other. His hand slides between her legs feeling her wetness. Her hand slides down to grasp his cock. Feeling how hard and hot it is. Just for her. Looking deeply into his eyes she says "Now Zander please. I want to feel you inside of me."' He rolls her on to her back she spreads her legs as she goes and plunges right into her. He takes her hand in his clasping them together raising them above her head. She withers beneath him matching his movements. She pulls her legs up. Almost to her chest. Giving him better access. He plunges deeper into her than he ever thought he could get. God she is so tight. He feels her griping him squeezing him. They start to moan together. Their movements becoming faster. He tilts up just a bit pushing her clit just enough she starts to scream his name as she cums. He silences her screams with his own as he shoots his seed inside her screaming her name back into her mouth as his lips cover hers. Just as he collapses on top of her. A cry wakens Alexis. She is still in the rocker with Kristina. Oh my little one. Was that what they call a wet dream. If so your Mommy wants lots more of them. She stands and puts Kristina in her crib. Yawning she heads to the shower. A good nights sleep is what I need. The next couple of weeks are going to be brutal. I hope Zander gets a good nights sleep too. Zander awakes with a start. He hears the shower come on in Alexis's room. He lays there thinking about the dream he just had. Lord I bet I take a lot of cold showers in the next few weeks. Christ I haven't had a wet dream like that in years.

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