Q1.Assume that you are the manufacturer of modules office systems and furniture as well as office organization elements (desktop and wall organizers, filing systems, etc.) Your company has been asked to propose an observational study to examine the use of office space by white –collar and managerial workers for a large insurance company. This study will be part of a project to improve office efficiency and paperwork flow. It is expected to involve the redesign of office space and the purchase of new office furniture and organization elements. a. b. what are the varieties of information that might be observed? Select a limited number of content areas for study, and operationally define the observation acts that should be measured. __________________________________ 4. What is professor’s weakest point? _____________________________ 5. What kind of class does the professor teach? ________________________________ 6. Is this course required?___________________ Notes

Q2.You wish to analyze the pedestrian traffic that passes a given store in a major shopping center. You are interested in determining how many shoppers pass by this store, and you would like to classify these shoppers on various relevant dimensions. Any information you can secure should be obtainable from observation alone. a. What other information might you find useful to observe? b. c. d. e. How would you decide what information to collect? Devise the operational definitions you would need What would you say in your instructions to be observers you plan to use? How might you sample this shoppers traffic?

Q3.In a class project, students developed a brief self – administered questionnaire by which they might quickly evaluate a professor. One student submitted the following instrument. Evaluate the questions asked and format of the instrument Professor Evaluation Form 1. Overall , how would you rate this professor ? Good_________ Fair_______ Poor____ 2. Does this professor a: Have good class delivery?________________________ b: Know the subject?__________________________ c: Have a positive attitude toward the subject?__________ d: grade fairly?_________________ e: Have a sense of humor?____________ f: Use audiovisual case examples, or other classroom aids? _______________ g: Return exams promptly?____________________ 3. What is professor’s strongest point?
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