Life in small-town Bomont is peaceful until City boy, Ren, arrives. Breaking every taboo. Ren brings dance back to the heart of a town held back by the memory of a tragedy. Based on the hit 80s movie (which launched the careers of Kevin Bacon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jon Lithgow), FOOTLOOSE has become a stage musical phenomenon. Music is by Tom Snow, lyrics by Dean Pitchford (with additional lyrics by Kenny Loggins), and book by Pitchford and Walter Bobbie. It explodes onto the stage with classic 80s anthems including Holding Out For A Hero, Almost Paradise, Let’s Hear It For The Boy, and of course the title track, Footloose.
General Production Information Supa Productions announces auditions for their production of Footloose. Performance dates are for three weekends opening Friday 13 September 2013 and closing Saturday 28 September 2013. The production will run for a total of 12 performances (including two matinees). Nightly performances will commence at 8:00 PM with Saturday matinees commencing at 2:00 PM. Director: Musical Director: Choreographer: Production Manager: AUDITIONS Auditions will be held from 11.00am on Sunday 14 April 2013 at Cook Community Hub (41 Templeton Street, Cook). Extra auditions and call-backs will be held from 7:00pm on Monday 15 November 2013. You will need to arrive no later than 10 minutes before your allotted audition time. You must complete the online audition form at before 14 April 2013. To book an audition please contact Jenny Wookey on 0402 712 840 on weekends or after 7pm weeknights. The audition will consist of three components – acting, dancing and singing. Acting: Please come with an understanding of the character you are auditioning for and be prepared to read a section of the script. Singing: You must prepare one song of your own choice. Make sure it is a song that shows your vocal ability and range. It is preferable that you provide sheet music for your chosen song, but we will accept backing tracks. However, please have sheet music for your song with you as back up. A pianist will be available to accompany you if necessary. Please ensure all sheet music and backing tracks are in the correct key. No Acapella will be permitted. You may be asked to sing scales at your audition. Dancing: On the day of the audition you will be taught a movement/dance routine. A two hour session has been allocated and there will be two versions of the dance depending on the ability of auditionees. Please wear shoes and clothing you can move comfortably in. No jeans. All auditionees will be required at the dance audition even if they are only going for a singing or acting role. CALLBACK (IF REQUIRED) Should callbacks be required we will let you know once the days round of auditions have come to a close. Please be familiar with songs from the show if you are going for a particular role. IMPORTANT DATES Rehearsals: Rehearsals will begin on Sunday TBA 2013. Rehearsals will be on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays according to the rehearsal schedule. Performances: Performances will be from Friday 13 September to Saturday 28 September 2013 at ANU Arts Centre. CHARACTERS REN MCCORMACK – A teenage boy from Chicago. Ideally, Ren must sing and dance – and he must also be witty (good comedic timing). Ren is a cut-up, a joker who enjoys a good time (which is why his pals are upset to find out he’s leaving Chicago in the opening number). Lately, though, his fun-loving attitude has taken on a tone of desperation, as he tries too hard to convince the world – and himself – that his father’s desertion hasn’t wounded him as deeply as it has. Ariel is the first character to get Ren to talk about that sticky subject. Sharing that intimacy early on becomes the basis for Ren’s and Ariel’s relationship. Ren’s emotional journey starts with his being feisty and flippant in Act 1, continues through his thoughtful argument to the Town Council, and ends with this emotional final confrontation with Reverend Moore. It’s a journey from boyhood to maturity. ARIEL MOORE – Shaw and Vi’s daughter. Ariel is smart. She understands the rules of the different worlds she moves between and, in each situation, she plays her part brilliantly. When she’s in her father’s presence, for instance, she is buttoned-up and demure; with Chuck, she burns off all her unexpressed, explosive energy with raucous, thrill-seeking behavior. Ariel loves to laugh – with Chuck, here girlfriends and, eventually, with Ren. However her spirits are, quite often, her attempt to keep a lid on the grief she feels about her brother’s death and the loss of her once loving relationship with her father. REVERAND SHAW MOORE – The minister of Bomont County, and father of a teenage girl (Ariel). The secret to the character of Reverend Moore is that he is charismatic. Charming, even. Shaw has a quick mind, a loving heart and a sense of humor. All of which endear him to his congregation. While trying to be strong for so many people, however, he continues to mourn the death of his son – the one person he could not save. Only ARIEL and VI (and eventually Ren) get a glimpse of this private anguish and the flashes of frustration and temper that arise form that. WILLARD HEWITT – Ren’s friend, a country boy. Willard is not dumb. He is a gentle soul with quick fists, which are his defense against a world that he often has trouble comprehending. Willard just hasn’t had anyone come along to puncture his macho belligerence – until Ren arrives. After that, the humor in the character of Willard derives from his gradual, innocent and giddy discovery of the new worlds that Ren opens up to him. RUSTY – Ariel’s best friend. Rusty may come off as sassy and self-assured, but, in many ways she is the most deeply romantic character in the story. She truly believes that she and Willard were meant to be together. However, they are so inept about expressing themselves, that it takes Ren – and a little time on the dance floor – to ultimately bring that about. URLEEN – Ariel’s friend. WENDY JO – Ariel’s friend. VI MOORE – Shaw’s wife. Despite the loss of her son and the strained relationship with her husband, Vi fully understands what kind of unflagging good humor she must display in order to keep her household – and her husband’s congregation – running smoothly. With her plucky irreverence, she gives us a glimpse of what life with Shaw was like before the tragedy, when theirs was a marriage both passionate and playful. ETHEL MCCORMACK – Ren’s mother. Where does Ren get his intelligence, his resilience and his sense of humor? From his mother, of course! It’s hard for Ethel to be living in her sister’s home and abiding by her brother-in-law’s rules. However, she never succumbs to the pathos of her situation. After all, she has to be strong for Ren. Their mutual loss (the walking-out of her husband / Ren’s father) has brought them closer together. They share a teasing, good-natured relationship. CHUCK CRANSTON – Ariel’s hot headed boyfriend. LYLE – Chuck’s buddy. TRAVIS – Chuck’s buddy. JETER – Ren’s friend. BICKLE – Ren’s friend. GARVIN – Ren’s friend. LULU WARNICKER – Ren’s aunt. WES WARNICKER – Lulu’s husband. COACH ROGER DUNBAR – The high school gym teacher. ELEANOR DUNBAR – Roger’s wife. BETTY BLAST – Owner of The Burger Blast restaurant. A COP (male or female) PRINCIPAL HARRY / HARRIET CLARK – Principle of the high school. COWBOY BOB / COWGIRL BOBBIE – Lead vocalist at the Bar-B-Que restaurant and dance club. COWBOY BOB’S BAND TOWNSPEOPLE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Jordan Kelly Nick Griffin Nikole Neal Jenny Wookey


ACT 1 Footloose - Ren and Company On Any Sunday - Rev Moore, Choir, and Parishioners The Girl Gets Around - Chuck, Ariel, Travis, and Lyle I Can't Stand Still - Ren Somebody's Eyes - Rusty, Urleen, Wendy Jo, and Company Learning To Be Silent - Vi and Ethel Holding Out For A Hero - Ariel, Rusty, Wendy Jo, and Urleen Heaven Help Me - Rev Moore I'm Free/Heaven Help Me - Ren, Rev Moore, and Company ACT 2 Still Rockin' - Cowboy Bob and his band Let's Hear It For The Boy - Rusty and Company Can You Find It In Your Heart - Vi Mama Says - Willard, Bickle, Garvin, Jeter, and Ren

Almost Paradise - Ren and Ariel Dancing Is Not A Crime - Ren, Willard, Bickle, Garvin, and Jeter I Confess - Rev Moore Can You Find It In Your Heart (Reprise) - Rev Moore Footloose (Finale) - Company

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