VOX: The Golden Jubilee Issue

MARATHON PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: • Including details on the Frenchman Street Block Party, Jandek

A Publication of:

•Interview with Lenny Zenith (formerly of RZA) • 24 Hour DJs

w/Hurray for the Riff Raff, The Death Set, Crooked Fingers, etc.

Spring, 2009

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Letter from the General Manager
Hello! When I was planning last year’s Rock-onSurvival Marathon, I began thinking about how long these Marathons have been going on and how long WTUL has been in business. This is when I first realized that 2009 is the 50th anniversary of WTUL. At the time, it seemed like something fun to talk about at the station. However, it has turned into so much more. This is the most well thought out Marathon we’ve seen in recent years and a homage to all of the wonderful volunteers that have run WTUL for so

long. From the most recent people who have stepped up, began planning, and volunteered for something new to long standing DJs who we would be utterly lost without. I like to think after planning Marathon for two years and then becoming General Manager that I am some sort of authority on WTUL, yet over the alumni weekend I had DJs talk my ear off about things that I couldn’t even imagine. There are a lot of great people out there who love this station and this Marathon is for them. Rachel


Andrew Bizer, Attorney at Law The Mushroom Perpetual Pink Editing

Mel Coyle Debbie Dixon

Letter from the editor

Well here it is, after a year layoff the VOX is back in action. And at a new size too. We weren’t sure if the VOX would be back, but this special edition commemorates the 50th anniversary (Golden Jubilee Issue). The word Jubilee comes from ancient Hebrew for ram’s horn trumpet, which used to herald the arrival of a “jubilee” every fifty years. The “jubilee”, according to ancient Hebrew law, signaled a year of renewal; slaves were freed, prisoners released, and society started over. In this way it is fitting for Marathon to be held in Spring, the renewing of the community’s bonds to the station and vise

versa and for the VOX to get a new lease on life concurrently. As a community radio station we are only as strong as our community, and for the last 50 Springs we have relied on you to let us continue mission of bringing you entertainment. So please take time to donate. I have included a donation page in this issue. It will only take a few minutes to write a check and send it in or even less time to donate online at wtulneworleans.com. We can’t do it without you. Kyle

Ashley Engles-Green Wastrell Fastard Kristin Lekki Charles Lucia Eric Martinez Rob Rioux

Associate Editor
Kristin Lekki



Kyle Barnett

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Table of Contents 5 – Marathon Schedule 6 – Marathon Party Dates and Birthday Bash Info 7 – “Fifty Years”: a stream of near-consciousness Debbie Dixon 8 – My Best MixCd - Kyle Barnett 9 - The Friends I See Are Alright, Even if we stay out all night…. An Interview with Lenny Zenith from RZA – Kristin Lekki 11 - Memory Alley: What WTUL Did for Me – compiled by Kristin Lekki 12 - Marathon 2009 Album Reviews by Ashley Engles-Green, Charles Lucia, and Rob Rioux 13 – Spring 2009 DJ and Show Schedule 14 – GAY ANIMAL SHAPES POEM – Mel Coyle “This Stuck Life” – Wastrell Fastard

50 YEARS in the Basement a Party in the Making



Gregg. I’m interviewing people in the community about what WTUL means to them and why they should donate.

It’s a land of hope and wonder, Charlie and maybe some deliriEach year in an attempt to raise funds for the station three WTUL DJs are elected by popular vote to serve as WTUL’s sole ous cello playing, too. Hopefully this is going to be 24 hours like never before heard on WTUL. on-air representatives 24 hours straight. 24-hour shifts begin Friday March 13 at noon with Iris Lin. Listen at 91.5 FM or on our webstrem at wtulneworleans.com

Friday, March 13 –Saturday, March 14
Iris Lin, WTUL Assistant General Manager 24-hour shift: Friday-Saturday Years as a WTUL DJ: 2006-2009 Favorite Bands: Pavement, Brainiac, Big Black, Weezer Other Hobbies: Filmmaking

Sunday, March 15 – Monday, March 16
Bryan Davis (DJ Rapscallion) Years as a WTUL DJ: 2006-Present Favorite Band/Musician: The Decemberists, Joy Division, and/or Bob Dylan Most Hated Band/Musician: The highly overrated Metallica. Or Nickelback, who the hell are they and why are they still here?

Other Hobbies: Kung-Fu movies, comic books, procrastination, being nice, journalism, cooking, and ukuleles.

Quote: WTUL is like an old pair of sneakers, it’s smells kinda funny, but there is no better fit. My three and a half years at WTUL has been an integral part of my college experience. Without, I would not have met as many strange individuals, nor Rudi Rioux (DJ Bear) would I have listened to so much music. Honestly, were it not Years as a WTUL DJ: Officially - 3 1/2, Un- for the unparalleled access we have in the stacks, I would probofficially - I did my first WTUL show in the ably be on the top of the RIAA’s list of folks who have to download music. I want to use this 24-hour shift to give back to the womb. organization that has given me so much. I am going to go all out just to make sure we raise the money we desperately need. DurFavorite Band/Musician: It’s a four-way ing my 24 hours, I plan to kick ass, chew bubble gum, defy scitie between Rasputina, Tom Waits, Clan of ence by drinking a gallon of milk in an hour, fight a bear, take a Xymox, and Skinny Puppy. shower, break a world record, and blow bubbles. I will also be telling jokes, singing songs, and fighting ninjas. Stay tuned for Most Hated Band/Musician: There are many but what first comes to mind is Jimmy all this and much more as The Rapscallion battles his fiercest Buffet (for personal reasons). adversary yet, exhaustion. Other hobbies: Speaking Icelandic, playing the cello, drinking Earl Grey, reading, and watching movies. Quote: My theme is basically Charlie the Unicorn meets Old

Saturday, March 14 – Sunday, March 15

Marathon Shows
Saturday, March 14
Frenchman Street Block Party with many local acts and lots of different venues on Frenchman.

BASH Saturday MARCH 14th Door: 9pm Show: 10pm $10.00 gets you in to both venues

Monday, March 16
Jandek with Hurray for the Riff Raff @ the Saturn Bar

Wednesday, March 18
The Death Set with Team Robspierre and Ninjasonik at the Saturn Bar

Friday, March 20
Gordon Gano (of The Violent Femmes) & The Ryan Brothers at Tipitinas

Sunday, March 22
The Hootenanny
(For more info listen to the Events Calendar, Updated on the hour every hour on WTUL New Orleans 91.5 FM and through our webstream at wtulneworleans. com)

BALCONY MUSIC CLUB: 504 Esplanade @ Decatur The Tomatoes Big Blue Marble Chef Menteur CAFÉ NEGRIL: 606 Frenchmen St. Arajay Glorybee Broken Smokes Player /Kommander feat. James Hall

"Fifty Years": a stream of near-consciousness
by Deborah "Lady Iyann" Dixon

"WTUL is like liquid crack squeezed out of a stereo speaker. It makes all the little Tulane tinmen march." -Darla L, a friend of the music

When I first arrived at Tulane, I didn't know the university had a radio station. A little slip of paper posted somewhere- maybe in the LBC- made me aware of that fact. A few friends and I attended the information session (I told one of my friends, who had no idea why she was in the LBC, that we would be Fifty years. What do I think of when I think "fifty years"? Being a jazz attending a lesbian conference.) I liked what I heard, and thought it would be aficionado, I think of Miles Davis' epic Kind Of Blue, and of the sheets of fun to be a DJ. sound that cascaded on to the music scene with the arrival of John Coltrane's One apprenticeship and four semesters later, I'm still here, and I'm not Giant Steps. I think of Barbie (ha, the ho's finally 50 years old) and how my planning on going anywhere. Neither is your friendly neighborhood radio stasister and I saved up our allowances to buy those little plastic pop-culturebrain-washers. I think of Sade, one of my earliest musical influences, and of tion. We (yes, "we," even though I wasn't here for most of it) have weathered Hugh Laurie, one of my most recent celebrity fanaticisms. When I think "fifty," relocations, evacuations, and many, many other frustrations. Yet here we are, I think of really bad rap music and stupid beef. I remember the old days of go- inviting you to celebrate with us in our 50th year of existence. I wonder where I will be in fifty years. Maybe I'll be invited to WTUL's ing to work and using a pay phone to call my ride home- lookit, I didn't have 100th anniversary. I can see it now. I'll be the crazy cat-lady with a million a cell phone, and it only cost two quarters at the time. Man, kids these days have it so easy. I know of a nine-year-old who has a cell phone. And not one of old pictures and ten times as many old stories. Oh yes, I'll be here. WTUL has opened up a new world to me: New Orleans. So many NOLA residents seem to those Disney play-phones, either. This is an actual cell phone. I think about the number of miles, plus four hundred, I am from my old hate being here, and hardly ever do anything for their beautiful city. They don't know how lucky they are. town. I think about the number of miles, plus twelve hundred, my old town But I'll be here, active in the community, working to repay the debt is from my home country. I think about the number of times the second-most I owe to WTUL for everything it's done for me- the home it's provided, the played track on my iPod has been played (the first, The Wailers' "Burnin' and camaraderie I have with my fellow DJs, the work experience it's giving me, the Lootin'," has 72 plays... wait, make that 73.) I think of the speed I usually travel on New Orleans streets (the well-paved ones, anyway). I think of golden outlet of expression it offers, and the connection it supplies between me and my listeners. anniversaries- real anniversaries, not those "ten-month" anniversaries some of you girls make up just to get gifts from your boyfriends. WTUL is special. There is truly nothing like it anywhere in the world. I I think of the one organization that's made me feel at home so far away hope WTUL is even half as important to you as it is to me. I hope you'll join in our celebration, and help us to stick around for fifty more years, and fifty more, from my house. Where I can help other motivated individuals work toward building something positive. Where I can be surrounded by incredible music. I and fifty more.... think of WTUL. Why don’t you quit staring and by an ad already?

Why don’t you quit staring and by an ad already?

Why don’t you quit staring and by an ad already?

Why don’t you quit staring and by an ad already?

Why don’t you quit staring and by an ad already?

You know you want to. Let’s make a deal.

Why don’t you quit staring and by an ad @

Best MixCD #57
by Kyle Barnett

My Best Mix CD is a new feature that allows WTUL DJs and the WTUL community to let the public know what their best MixCD is at any given period. The mixCD is the evolution of the mixtape, you know those crappy hissing and grinding audio tapes we used to make up until the late 90’s, at least those of us that are old enough. The mixCD took the concept of “The Perfect Mix” to next level, but these days it appears mix MP3 lists and online list posting services such as playlist.com are taking over. But for people like me, who still can’t get over the awe of the memory of the introduction of CD technology or the tangible equivalent of their own genius when it comes to putting down the perfect playlist, such as an author would chapters, and carrying that disc to the person for whom it was made. Unlike the online equivalent there is a certain craft that goes into fitting songs, the right songs in the right order, into an 80 minute disc, which is lost when there are no time constraints and whatever mix is made can be unmade at a few clicks. The whole point of the mixCD is to give it to someone else so that they may share in your indelible audiophilic talents. The mixCD stands as monument to this. This is why I am sharing my best mixCD with you. I hope you will do the same. 1. “The Swag” Link Wray and His Ray Men Link Wray was the baddest man with a guitar to come out of the 50’s. The original guitar hero lost a lung in Korea, but managed to develop a truer voice than even the best lead singer. 2. “Garbageman” The Cramps Recently deceased Lux Interior howls his psychobilly jowls out on this one with an underlayed guitar that is dirty and sexy and makes you want to find the nearest garbage truck to jump in for the pure pleasure of it. 3. “Colt 45 (Demo)” Metal Urbain One of the first French punk groups Metal Urbain le’ Punk in the trunk with driving abrupt lyrics and a guitar played like a percusion instrument that makes me want to pull an Ian Curtis-caught-in-a-strobe light all over the place. 4. “No Pussy Blues” Grinderman Aka Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Nothing more to be said, except too bad we can’t play this one on the air. 5. “Piano Man” Ghostland Observatory This Austin duo has broken onto the scene in the last few years with their funk-electro side show. Although Aaron Behren’s scream loses its edge at times the basics are intact. Plus the piano is just badass. 6. “Eine Symphonie Des Grauens” The Monochrome Set Adam Ant’s post-punk group. Melodic eases out the tension of the previous enraged passion. 7. “Crazy Rhythms” The Feelies Continues the movement towards a more mellow pace. You don’t want to overheat your listener after all. 8. “Pablo Picasso” The Modern Lovers Indeed Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole.

9. “Alpharhythm” Jeremy Jay Jeremy Jay is one of my favorite new artists of recent years. K records in Seattle has done it again with this sparse arrangement and always haunting voice and droning, droning, droning. 10. “Route to Palm” White Williams We have reached a repetitive vegetative state with White Williams as he lulls us into a very seductive meditative state. 11. “Ankle Injuries” Fujiya & Miyagi The repetitive movement continues here, but Fujiya and Miyagi bring up the pace a bit with this excellent piece. 12. “Bobby Malone Moves Home” Casiotone for the Painfully Alone And now begins the pain. Bring it down. 13. “Feathers” Man Man Juke joint sounding tear jerker with monster (latter day Tom Waitsesque) sounding vocals. 14. “I Break Horses” Smog Sparse, beautiful like a diamond in the field uncovered by a lifetime turnip farmer. 15. “SON” Pepi Ginsberg Heartbreak everywhere as Pepi sings “Last night I made it with a man, just so I could get high.” Hits me every time. 16. “Chad” The Smoke Poor Benjamin Smoke died of AIDs before Jem Cohen released “Smoke” the documentary. This song is a seemingly true portayal of his life with a younger hustler/lover. 17. “Was” Vincent Gallo The official credits track to the tape. Played by Film Director Vincent Gallo on his old ass amps and guitars. 18. “Blue Tone” Clock DVA And here comes the dénouement. The strange curtain closer coming from an LP. The horns hurt occasionally, but I like the easing feeling this song starts off with. 19. “Get” Blurt Another digitized LP of an obscure saxophone wailing sociopath. Enjoy. 20. “Girl” Suicide Finally bringing it home with the Electro-Punk duo that began their careers inciting riots because their music was so screwed. I love it.
If you would like your best MixCD featured in the next issue of the VOX please send the playlist with brief descriptions of the tracks/artists in the above style to voxwtul@ gmail.com or to: the VOX, WTUL New Orleans, 91.5 FM Tulane University New Orleans, LA 70118-5555 Offfice: (504) 865-5885

You can listen to the list on our website at wtulneworleans.com/v08/vox.html.

The Friends I See Are Alright, Even if we stay out all night…. An Interview with Lenny Zenith from RZA
By Kristin Lekki

New Orleans: Set the Scene. French Quarter. Jackson Square. Beignets with a huge pile of powdered sugar. Clip clop of a carriage in the background. And don’t forget that trumpeter playing Jazz. Or maybe some Blues. Because it’s New Orleans right, and that’s what you would need to picture the city. Jazz, or Blues, R&B, or Funk or Gospel. But 30 years ago, that began to change in New Orleans for some… In the 1960’s, new bands began to emerge that played rock and roll but they weren’t able to achieve commercial success. Some emerging bands like Skor, played as house bands with Lee Dorsey or Allen Toussaint. Zebra, who formed in New Orleans in 1975, could pack a house but couldn’t seem to make it big outside of the city. They eventuLenny Zenith ally moved to New York and were signed onto Atlantic Records. Up until this point, many ‘rock’ bands who had any amount of success were jazz fusion or cover bands. The Nobles, a New Orleans cover band, have been entertaining people since 1959 and are still going strong. Little Queenie, who was successful, rode the line between jazz/ blues music and the beginning of new wave music in New Orleans. Then came The Normals, the first New Orleans rock/punk/new wave band that was able to achieve success without being a cover band. With the 80’s brought The Cold, the Uptights, Multiple Places, Dash Rip Rock and RZA, to only mention a few. RZA band member, Lenny Zenith, remembers it well. “The N.O. scene in the early 80s was vibrant

Lenny Zenith, in the stairwell of Tipitina’s

and pulsing with the energy of punk and new wave -- thanks to The Normals, Totally Cold, Wayward Youth, Red Rockers (I’m sure I’m forgetting some important influential ones slightly before that...) It was great to be part of that scene, and to open for so many national touring acts at Jimmy’s Jed’s the President, Ole Man Rivers that went onto international acclaim! It was a great education and an honor to be remembered even now. New Orleans music scene is the best.”

WTUL was an integral part to my formative musical education turning me onto everything from early punk to Jr. Tucker from jamaica as well as local stalwarts like The Meters, Becky Kury, Little Queenie James Booker etc.
- Larry Zenith, RZA

Currently, Zenith is living in Ann Arbor, Michigan and plays in the band Minor Planets, although they are temporarily on hiatus. He says that a lot of that music is informed by everything “I learned and did in New Orleans; including being influenced by The Normals, The Cold and Little Queenie.” His other most successful band since RZA was Jennifer Convertible, a NYC based band. Recently, during a visit to New Orleans, he played an Open Mic Night at Carrolton Station, Uptown. “Yeah, it was a last-minute thing,” Zenith said, “and a bunch of friends and RZA fans showed up. It encouraged me to think about doing more there (old and/or new) from time to time. It was fun to resurrect some of the old songs, and showcase some new ones.”

RZA, Live at Jimmy’s

Zenith says that Leigh Harris was the biggest vocal influence even if it wasn’t as obvious as the Costello influence. The Normals and Little Queenie are on regular rotation on his MP3 player and he says, “I also like a little band from oxford MS (I think) King Elementary a LOT, as well as Lightning Love (from Ann Arbor (ex bandmates), The Editors, Carla Bruni, and Friendly Foes (also from Michigan ex- Thunderbirds are Now et al)”

David Slut and Lenny Zenith

“Unfortunately, lots of friends have moved on after Katrina, I miss the folks that used to play and many have gone on to do cool things,” Zenith said when asked about the current New Orleans music scene. “I haven’t had as much of a chance as I’d like to delve into the scene as much as I would like. I’m glad to know that Johnny J. and Dash Rip Rock are still playing around.” Listening to RZA, there are some obvious influences such as The Clash and Elvis Costello. In their heyday RZA opened for bands like U2, Iggy Pop, 10,000 Maniacs, Aztec Camera, XTC, Ultravox, Ian Hunter, The Romantics, Little Steven, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Replacements, Lords of the New Church, Marshall Crenshaw, Chequered Past, The Kingbees, Gang of Four, The Selecter, and X. Their song, “Urban Riot,” seems very contemporary as RZA describes the city at night.

For more information or to hear music by RZA or Lenny Zenith, check out the myspace pages listed below. There are also videos of RZA live, on YouTube. myspace.com/lennyzenithrza myspace.com/lennyzenith mypsace.com/jeniferconvertible

Barb, of The Cold

For more information on other bands listed in the article, check out the pages listed below: Myspace.com/multipleplacesband Threechordcity.com –The Cold Myspace.com/redrockers

The Cold RZA at the New Orleans Heritage Fair

Memory Alley: What WTUL Did for Me
compiled by Kristin Lekki

We polled some locals and asked if there was a band or musician that they had been influenced by, after hearing them on WTUL. Here’s what we got… “Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted. I would not have been the indie rock dork that I became without S&E” Anthony Turducken, former WTUL DJ, music director, and vox editor, Turducken Productions “Through WTUL I learned about a lot of bands and artists like Tortoise, Neutral Milk Hotel, some wild out-jazz and obscure country but there’s three artists I’m particularly fond of. First and foremost: potpie, who continues to be an inspiration! Although not to every one’s taste: I took my young son to the Mermaid early one Friday and upon seeing a potpie sticker above the urinal he was so upset his pissed on my foot. People think potpie is merely a sinewave drone guru, which he is, but his humor (fake ‘Cajun’ noise, hidden tracks, a machine to play vinyl backwards, and the recent ‘Classics’ disc where he composed drones from the first few seconds of classic rock songs) is often overlooked; as is his excellent guitar playing witnessed in loads of Halloween cover gigs. His do-it-yourself experimentation has also inspired me to make an, as yet unreleased, disc of electric toothbrush recordings. Should be a big seller on itunes in Romania. Glyn Styler. If there was justice then he’d be huge. Actually, he is pretty tall now I come to think of it. The art of crooning has never been so sublime and ridiculous. Mike Freemont - Mike came slouching out of Chalmette bearing with a Weenesque gobshite attitude, recordings of mic’d up hockey sticks, samples from cult movies such as El Topo and Starman and a keen ear for melody,postapocalyptic dinner music, and expletives. I hear something true under the rubble of his music which exposes folks like Ariel Pink as pretentious tossers. I think he can’t help but create and I’m jealous of that. If I had unlimited funds I’d buy a state of the art studio and lock Mike in it until he produced the Brian Wilson-esque epic album of which he may or not be capable. Is that abuse? If so he deserves it for being the worst interviewee in WTUL history!” Duncan Edwards, Former and sometimes current DJ; host of “Not Your Cup Of Tea” “Jawbreaker- Want. The song was Want off of Unfun and I still have (copies) of those punk shows that I taped from 89-90.” Chris George, Co-owner of the Living Room, recording studio “Patsy Grace” Eric Martinez, Member of Rougarou and WTUL DJ “Let’s Active and the Replacements. Hearing The Art of Parties on the legendary Techno 2000 show taught me there was more to synthesizers than Rick Wakeman solos. Discovering Make up with Me by Let’s Active let me know any jangly pop leanings were worthy, and getting floored by the Replacement’s “Unsatisfied,” gave me an unreaching standard to which I still aspire. Caleb Guillotte, Formerly of Dead Eye Dick “MGMT, Menomena, Arvo Pdrt, Vampire Weekend.” Jack Craft, Member of Glasgow “Well, I thank WTUL for giving me more bands to love other than those with cute boys who dance well. I guess my favorite from the WTUL stacks would be The Vandals. I even got free tickets from WTUL to see them at the HOB, and when one of them made a reference to O-town, I died.” Darleen Abadco, former WTUL DJ “The first band that came to mind that 1) I first heard on WTUL, and 2) influenced my musical tastes was The Move. While I knew that the band hailed from Manchester, featured Roy Wood and, in a later incarnation, boasted Jeff Lynne as well, I had never been exposed to their music until I first heard several of their earlier 45 sides on WTUL. The Move’s earlier 45 sides are quintessential mid to late 60’s brit power pop - big beefy power chords, super catchy melodies, lyrics often concerned with dreams, insanity, or alienation, infused with an English sense of dark humor - what’s not to love. As the 60’s segued into the 70’s, The Move’s sound got heavier. I can recommend their later stuff too, but it was their early 45 sides that first caused me to track down their music and start seeking out and listening too other less well known (in the US at least) UK and continental European 60’s bands.” Jon Ulz, WTUL DJ, alternative oldies DJ “Glorybee and Mahayla” Adam Campagna, Member of Les Poissons Rouges “..Soul...everything from Numero Groups soul comps, to Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Lady Dottie, Norman Mayer, and of course....BETTY DAVIS is the shit” DJ LizE, WTUL DJ, 2002 to present; former PD

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Marathon 2009 Album Reviews by Ashley Engles-Green, Charles Lucia, and Rob Rioux
Artist: TV on the Radio Album: Dear Science Label: Interscope TV on the Radio’s new disc does continue the sounds that can be found on their previous releases, just to get that out of the way. If you were already a fan, then no doubt you’ll be glad to hear some new songs finally. One difference that I can somewhat perceive is, for lack of a better word, maturity. Their sound seems to have, well, matured in some sense. Maybe they are just more assured and not out to impress anyone (not that they were before); maybe I am way off base here but that is what I get from this new disc. Artist: Neko Case Album: Fox Confessor Brings the Flood Label: Anti *Recommended* This is the Neko Case record that fully floored me. I like the earlier ones, but this one really blew me away. This record shows Case to be the incarnation of Patsy Cline, and this record has a classic feel to it without it feeling forced on any level. It’s going to stand the test of time quite well, and that’s apparent on first listen. Artist: Of Montreal Album: Skeletal Lamping Label: Polyvinyl Is it possible that Of Montreal is the next band to all of a sudden become big to those huge, swarming masses of people who only get their music from MTV and commercial radio? It’s not a question for shock value- stranger things have happened, like the time a cheez song reached the top 5 of the U.S. Billboard pop charts in the late seventies (look it up- it really happened). Of Montreal started out as one of the first wave of bands that had the ‘Elephant 6’ sound (along with Neutral Milk Hotel and Olivia Tremor Control, among others). The difference with these guys is that somewhere along the way they dropped a whole load of indie pop into the mix and the resulting sound gave them a whole second life as a popular act (and Outback commercial jingle maker). In a way they went from serious and occasionally fun to fun and occasionally serious- but it works either way. Artist: Jupiter One Album: Jupiter One Label: Cordless Recordings *Recommended* Caught this self-proclaimed ‘Space Pop’ band at Circle Bar and I was blown away, so much so that I tracked them down for this disc. They are out of Brooklyn and within 10 seconds of track 2 you can tell why they call themselves space pop. These guys actually move the music scene forward through regression (if that makes any sense). It sounds like an orgy involving Modest Mouse, old Cure, and most any band from the New Romantic Movement of the early 80s while early Pink Floyd watches. But they certainly put their own twist to it. All in all I’d call it spaced out, funky, pop goodness. Artist: Mike Freemont Album: Sounds Created… Label: Atlantic My favorite local record of the year so far. Badspelling member of Sun Valley Death Trap, Mike Freemont spews sacreligious, schizophrenic, and sappy lyrics on a subtle and ludicrous soundscape. It’s like he’s filtering Noah 23, pastoral Floyd, dub paranoia, electronica, and psychedelia. The low budget production adds to the charm (rather like that Raging Loneliness disc from last year did, although the two sound nothing alike). Lyrically, demonic penguins, trepanation, Japanese pornographic animation, paranoia, poisoned grits, cybernetic prostitutes, serial killing fantasies, and flesh eating cockroaches fare better than dirty mouth braggashockathon attempts. Some gratuitously strange instrumentals, a well-placed Jefferson Airplane guitar sample, tension, weirdness, subtlety, stupidity, peacefulness, mystery, from Chalmette. Artist: Quintron Album: Too Thirsty for Love Label: Rhinestone/Goner This is actually an excellent Quintron disc and possibly his best. He seems to have taken the foot off of the gas just a tiny, tiny bit, and this allows the songs to breathe a little more. Okay, that is vague, what I mean is that the way the songs are arranged you can easily pick out the lyrics and the instrumentation isn’t so muddled that it becomes a discordant mess. This disc shows more clearly that any of his others the nods to fifties and sixties popalbeit filtered through a kaleidoscope of confusing post-pre-post-meta-quasi-complexity. At the end of the day, Bywater hipsters or not, it is about fun, and there is fun to be had in buckets here…so there’s that.

fragment of something that will become something else eventually I am told, and there’s nothing wrong with it other than the length- some timid souls may wear out before the song ends. The other instrumental though is two minutes of the kind of goodness that should really warm the cockles of your cold heart if you are (as I am) a fan of Potpie or Fennesz. In fact, on second listen, I am very impressed with this second instrumental. The guitar part and the song structure remind me of some of the nice instrumentals on the 2nd LP of the 2LP set ‘Gone to Earth’ by David Sylvian mixed with a hint of The Moon and The Melodies. Artist: Death Cab for Cutie Album: Narrow Stairs Label: Atlantic/Barsuk *Recommended* This is a fully realized and nicely appointed record that will rightfully compete for spots on year-end top ten lists. The so-called single from this disc is 8 minutes long and has a 4 minute intro; which is very Sonic Youth of them. There is no more whining going on and this is a record that bears multiple repeat listens (I have played it straight through six times in a row as I write this and I am in awe of what they finally came up with here- so long ago I loved this band and I am glad to be able to love them again). Well done. Artist: City and Colour Album: Bring Me Your Love Label: Vagrant *Recommended* This is a tender and excellent acoustic-based album that isn’t ‘emo’ or whatever. The Iron and Wine reference is a tad off- but just a tad- and I have to believe that anyone who was ever moved by one of Sam Beam’s songs is going to love this- IF, that is, they get a chance to hear it. The guy behind this (Dallas Green) is a true talent and that can’t be any more obvious than as stated in these simple yet elegant songs.

Artist: Ra Ra Riot Album: The Rhumb Line Label: Barsuk *Recommended* This is the first time that I, Ashfree download @ www.theguberna- ley, have ever recommended a disc. I loved Ra Ra Artist: The Gubernatorial Candidates torialcandidates. Riot before but then I saw them live at HOB and com/noremainAlbum: No Remainder now I’m even more infatuated. Any band that can der.html Label: self-released rock a cello and a violin along with the usual comThis is the new single from Phil’s (Phil Rollins) plement of instruments deserves my respect. This excellent band. While it is three songs, for most is energetic, polished music from a group whose people there’s only one song here, and that would first full album just came out last August. I realize be the first one, “No Remainder”. It’s a very enjoy- that not everyone will share my absolute devotion able mixture of a singer-songwriter tune with a to this group but all the same, I feel that everyone good bit of well-placed laptopery to make it interneeds to listen to this disc at least once. esting. This is top-notch stuff for sure. The other two songs are instrumentals. The first one is a

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This Stuck Life by Wastrell Fastard

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