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Light Manual Muscle Relaxation as an aid to lower leg circulation

Light Manual Muscle Relaxation (Massage-Lite) making life more

comfortable-the walk you are having when you are not having a walk
I should point out I am not a doctor so I am not treating anything and what I say should not
be taken as a medical treatment or implied that it is-medical treatment should be sought and
advice taken about whether it is suitable for your complaint
Light Manual Muscle Relaxation-Massage-Lite

Massage-Lite definition-A totally stripped down version of a leg recovery system that is distinct from
conventional leg recovery systems for the following reasons

• No equipment needed
• No disrobing

• No oil-environmentally friendly
• No washing up
• No long training
• No clean area needed
• Can be done by anyone

Works with the muscles not on them

Light Manual Muscle Relaxation-(Massage-Lite) works through
• Simplicity
• Predictability
• Consistency
• Non invasive
• User friendly

A massage-lite workshop

Copyright 2009 Michael Gillan 1 ultra marathon recovery specialist
Light Manual Muscle Relaxation as an aid to lower leg circulation

Light Manual Muscle Relaxation is a Do-It-Yourself method based on encouraging

the muscles and tissues to assist with their own circulation
• It is not a conventional massage system

• It is not invasive

• It is not aggressive

• It is not time consuming

• It does not need disrobing

• It does not need oil applied to the skin

• It does not need strong hands and fingers

• It does not need hand/brain coordination

• It does not need equipment

• It does not work on the muscles

• It does not work on any specific injuries

• It does not threaten the integrity of the muscles

• It does not use force on the muscles

• It does not need more than a few minutes to do

• It does not require a long course or workshop

+It is based on the framework as expressed by Dr. Guyton that lymphatic fluid needs certain
Contributing factors to move it around the body, they are
“Contraction of muscles
Movement of parts of the body
Arterial pulsations
Compression of the tissues by objects outside the body”
+Guyton-Textbook of Medical Physiology eighth edition-1991 W.B. Saunders Company-ISBN 0-726-
3994-0 (p. 182)

It makes it easier for someone who has to become their own physical and muscle
therapist-and they have to learn how to do this with a minimum of education and

Copyright 2009 Michael Gillan 2 ultra marathon recovery specialist
Light Manual Muscle Relaxation as an aid to lower leg circulation
Why is working with the muscles more important than working on them?
Dealing with the muscles in an appropriate way is important if using manual therapies-to help increase
lower leg circulation it is important to make a choice that is not going to make things worse
This the integrity of the venous and arterial systems is compromised by breaking the fine capillaries
and venules that run throughout the circulatory network of blood carrying vessels

Here is an image of a leg of a swollen lower leg and ankle they do not have ms-but it shows how lack
of movement and exercise can affect lower leg circulation and make it more difficult to even wear a
pair of shoes without rubbing and causing feet problems
Muscle health (and warm feet) is based on having a constant supply of oxygen and
nutrients to them
To maintain the supply a balance between what goes into the muscles and what comes out of them is
important-if fresh oxygen rich blood can't enter the muscle tissues levels the muscles fatigue
To keep it all going the body has a circulatory system; part of it takes fresh blood to the muscles
pumped there by the heart through the arteries-another part of the system takes the used blood away
back to the body where it is re-nourished with oxygen and nutrients and recirculated again.

The Calf Muscle Pump

The muscle pump is made up of all the leg muscles and together they form a pump which forces used
blood against gravity up the legs back to the body for recycling by alternately putting pressure on the
venous system and releasing it
The veins which take blood back to the body have one-way valves in them-as the muscles squeeze,
they open the valves, letting blood pass through them; when the tension is released, they close stopping
the blood flowing back down towards the feet
Lack of movement reduces the veins ability to open and close by keeping constant tension on them, this
is called calf muscle pump inefficiency
Problems caused by calf muscle pump inefficiency include

• Poor circulation

• Lymph system inactivity

• Venous return reduced

Copyright 2009 Michael Gillan 3 ultra marathon recovery specialist
Light Manual Muscle Relaxation as an aid to lower leg circulation
How user friendly?

I worked for 24 hours off this chair (next to the bottles) without any equipment in unhygienic conditions

What they say about Light Manual Muscle Relaxation Massage-Lite

Michael’s methods of massage and blister care helped me to stay mobile throughout the race and
to recover quickly afterwards. His techniques are safe and gentle.
Unlike some treatments, which put the runners and walkers at risk of muscle tears or infection,
Michael’s techniques are gentle, safe, reassuring, and highly effective. They enhance comfort and
flexibility, build confidence, and promote success.
This booklet will help others to learn and practice Michael’s methods. It is recommended reading for
everyone who walks and runs and who wants to go further, go faster, or just to enjoy life more!!'
SANDRA BROWN 1996 Ladies 1000 Mile World Record Holder
1999 Ladies 100 mile Race walking World Record Holder

“The second tear (at least I have matching legs with old tears on both sides) was caused, to my great
annoyance at the time, by an overenthusiastic physio who was supposed to be helping me to warm up
gently before a 24 hour race and got carried away. I am now more wary of having physio at any time,
and make sure that I stay in control, by saying at the outset what I want and don’t want to be done to
me. Having never had a persistent injury (my varied training pattern means that any niggles have the
chance to heal quickly, rather than get hammered and go critical,) I have never had regular physio or a
steady relationship of trust with any physiotherapist who knew me and my needs. The closest I have
come to this was receiving massage from Michael Gillan during the Nanango (Queensland) 1000-mile
race in 1996. I had no hesitation in having a massage from Michael again at the end of the Melbourne
100 miles walk in 1999. Michael’s approach is very gentle at all times, and always works with the
athlete and puts the athlete in control, thus minimizing the risk of harm and maximizing the benefit.’
“I know that your massage kept a number of competitors in the event. The cold weather of Saturday
afternoon and night certainly got to many of the walkers and your prompt action had them back in the
race after a short stop.
In years past, that would have ended up as a non-finish. A number of walkers were able to keep going
for the full 24 hours on the basis of your expert help.”
Tim Ericson Secretary Australian Centurions Club

Copyright 2009 Michael Gillan 4 ultra marathon recovery specialist
Light Manual Muscle Relaxation as an aid to lower leg circulation
'I have known Michael Gillan for many years and have always got quick relief for my aches and pains
from the stretching he performs'.
CLIFF YOUNG-75-80 24 Hour World Record Holder (150.07 kilometers)

A word from Jesper Olsen World Runner about Light Manual Muscle Relaxation
“If I hadn't had the qualified help from the excellent masseur Michael Gillan, taking several thousands
of km out of my legs, I could spare myself the effort!”
“My crew for the current stages, Michael Gillan, has proven to have other talents than the quite taxing
job of taking care of all the requirements of a really tired ultra runner!
He has since years back been working on a new approach to stretching and muscle-rebuilding for ultra
runners. I have the last two days tried his careful stretch and massage, and a bit to my surprise the
muscles are beginning to feel like before the start back in Greenwich, London!!

Usually I doesn’t take massage as the legs of an ultra runner will often be quite sore during the long
time events (and especially in an multi-year event like this...), and getting a massage can at times cause
more injury and cramping up than good. For example my last massage was some 12 000km ago when I
ran the 12-hour competition in Finland. And so far that has been the only one.

But Gillan came with best recommendations from my main contact in Australia, Phil Essam, who
besides being vice president in the Australian Ultra runners Association has heaps of good knowledge
to share. And this new kind of mild massage for ultra runners is definitely one of the good tips! There
should be a fair chance that I actually get fresh enough to do some decent running at the 6 Day Race
that I have coming up in Colac from the 21.November. I quite look forward to that, even though I can’t
expect to make a top class result :-)”

He won! 756.2 kilometers (Jesper holds the record for the longest run in history over 26000
kilometers and the first person to run around the world
Taken from

Working with the muscles

Light Manual Muscle Relaxation Massage-Lite is arguably the most tested leg recovery
system in the world

Copyright 2009 Michael Gillan 5 ultra marathon recovery specialist
Light Manual Muscle Relaxation as an aid to lower leg circulation
Events and races it has been tested at
(A record of Light Manual Muscle Relaxation use)
1995 Colac 6 Day race (Light Manual Muscle Relaxation developed, used from here on)

1996 Nanango 1000 Mile 16 day (1600 kilometer) Footrace

1996 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
1997 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
1998 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
1999 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
1999 Australian Centurion Race walkers’ 100 mile 24 hour event (official masseur)
1999 Sri Chinmoy 24 hour race with Cliff Young (official masseur)
2000 Cliffies Dream 16-day event as masseur (7 days)
2000 Australian Centurion Race walkers’ 100-mile event (official masseur)
2000 Coburg 24 hour event (official masseur)
2000 Sri Chinmoy Adelaide 24 hour Event (official masseur)
2001 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
2002 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
2002 Australian Centurion Race walkers’ 100-mile event (official masseur)
2002 Self Transcendence 24 hour Event (official masseur)
2003 Australian Centurion Race walkers’ 100-mile event (official masseur)
2003 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
2003 National 24 Hour Championships Self Transcendence Footrace (official masseur)
2004 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
2004 Australian Centurion Race walkers’ 100-mile event (official masseur)
2004 Round the World Run 1 (3 weeks official masseur and support crew)
2005 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
2005 Australian Centurion Race walkers’ 100-mile event (official masseur)
2005 Cliff Young 6 day event (3 days with Indian National record holder)
2006 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
2006 Australian Centurion Race walkers’ 100-mile event (official masseur)
2007 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
2007 Australian Centurion Race walkers’ 100-mile event (official masseur)
2007 Antibes (France) 6 jour event (official masseur)
2007 Mors world run 2 training camp (14 days)
2007 Mors 100 Mile 24 Hour event
2008 World Distance 24 Hour Championships Montreal with the Danish National Distance
2007 Coburg 24 Hour race (official masseur)
2008 Australian Centurion Race walkers’ 100-mile event (official masseur)
Running Team
Various Anti cancer Council 24 hour relay for life events plus Duathlons and Triathlons

See page 7 for a result sheet for a comparison of a simple massage lite system can affect
recovery-Light Manual Muscle Relaxation was being developed at this event

Copyright 2009 Michael Gillan 6 ultra marathon recovery specialist
Light Manual Muscle Relaxation as an aid to lower leg circulation
NAME Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
A Krouglikov 237.2 113.6 130 106 126 108Kilometers
539 284 325 265 315 270Laps
T Rusek 215.2 98.8 98 139.6 138.4 122.4Kilometers
538 247 245 349 346 306Laps
M Taylor 174.4 128.8 143.6 123.6 120.8 89.2Kilometers
436 322 359 309 302 223Laps
B Beauchamp 180.4 133.2 124 117.6 110 93.2Kilometers
451 333 310 294 275 233Laps
P Gray 150 134 105.2 94.8 111.6 106Kilometers
375 335 263 237 279 265Laps
D Parris 138.4 108.4 106.8 116.4 106 107.2Kilometers
346 271 267 274 265 268Laps
I Davis 168 119.2 90 116.4 72 98.8Kilometers
420 298 225 291 180 247Laps
G Watts 131.2 96.4 99.2 104.4 92.8 133.6Kilometers
328 241 248 261 232 334Laps
C Young 142 91.2 90 97.6 88 92Kilometers
355 228 225 244 220 230Laps
D Kettle 138.2 86.8 90.8 95.2 94.4 84.8Kilometers
332 217 227 238 236 212Laps
R Hill 128 80.8 99.2 70 95.6 96.4Kilometers
320 202 248 175 239 241Laps
K Fisher 164 91.6 50 115.2 49.6 81.2Kilometers
410 229 125 288 124 203Laps
G Pollard 120 74.8 73.6 68.4 69.6 61.2Kilometers
300 187 184 171 174 153Laps
The above group came in for massage and stretching
The group below did not or had their own massage people
T Rafferty 141.6 112.8 104.8 101.6 98 96.4Kilometers
354 282 262 254 254 245Laps
G McConnell 145.6 110.8 114.8 113.6 108.4 106Kilometers
364 277 287 284 271 265Laps
G Audley 152.8 110.8 126.4 113.6 114.8 95.2Kilometers
382 277 316 284 287 238Laps
S Scanlon 140.8 82 84 34 0 0Kilometers
352 205 210 85Pulled out (Blisters)
J Timms 127.2 98.4 74.8 0 0 0Kilometers
318 246 187Pulled out 0Laps
N Mercer 166 16.4 0 0 0 0Kilometers
415 16.4Pulled out 0 0Laps
Underlining in the top group shows where the results of Gentle Manual Muscle Relaxation
was starting to take effect. The inconsistencies in the results on a daily basis was
caused by reverting back to conventional massage to see what happened
Note the higher injury and drop out rate in the bottom group.

Copyright 2009 Michael Gillan 7 ultra marathon recovery specialist
Light Manual Muscle Relaxation as an aid to lower leg circulation
In countries such as my own (Australia) with a good health system, improvement using drugs, exercise,
or surgery with inputs from physiotherapists, dieticians, chiropodists for foot care is available as are
gymnasiums to help with weight and exercise
In many countries-there is no help for those who do not have the financial ability to pay for treatment
and only basic care may be given-and it may be days walking or cycling to reach a hospital-self
treatment for these people is a necessity rather than a choice issue
In countries that have more poverty, having massage schools for training, and paying clients to pay for
massage is not an option they can barely afford the clothes on their back without having to pay tuition
fees, massage table, oil, towels etc
There is also the hygiene aspect-washing facilities, soap powder, the absence of clean running water,
dust sticking to oil which has to be washed off
You are at this website because you obviously have an interest in warm feet so if you want
more information on Light Manual Muscle Relaxation and you can afford it-please buy a
The money raised from this goes towards supporting my project on establishing classes
around the world in countries that do not have access to many health services

Michael Gillan
Long distance recovery specialist

For more information on Light Manual Muscle Relaxation go to

There are many other problems caused by venous inefficiency and it may be worthwhile looking at
Peripheral Arterial Disease in People With Diabetes
Controversies Regarding Vascular Disease in the Patient with Diabetes: A Review of the Literature
VOLUME: 53 Issue Number: 11 author: Robert J. Snyder, DPM, CWS
Copyright 2009 Michael Gillan 8 ultra marathon recovery specialist
Light Manual Muscle Relaxation as an aid to lower leg circulation

Copyright 2009 Michael Gillan 9 ultra marathon recovery specialist