Appendix A Sample - Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Note: To create a page like this, an inventory should be taken of each assembly and piece of equipment in the building that requires maintenance. For each item, maintenance information is compiled, primarily from the manufacturer’s instruction manual, or from generic sources if appropriate
Equipment or Part description Emergency Power Equipment: General Maintenanc e Maintenanc e procedure See manual for detailed definitions “Operator maintenan ce schedule – standby unit” Maintenanc e staff - Inspect set - Check fuel - Check coolant level - Check lube - Drain fuel sediment - Run system - Check air cleaner - Clean injector linkage - Inspect fan belt Every 6 mo.: - Check cooling system - Change oil - Replace oil filter - Clean, inspect battery charging alternator - Check battery Annually: - Check starter - Check injector nozzles - Replace fuel filter Engine AllisChalmers 3500 Mk II; 6-cyl diesel Serial # 100-1350 Installed: 2/14/75 Lubrication SAE 30W oil Use only “SC” rated oil for compressi on engines; Do not use multigrade oil Maintenanc e staff - Before engine startup: check dipstick on side marked “Stopped” - Check oil pressure when running (30-50 psi) or (207379 kN/m2) Every 6 mo.: - Change oil & fullflow filter - Lubricate throttle swivels Annually: - Test oil every 30 hrs of operation Pleas e initial each entry Equipmen t, Tools, Supplies required Personnel responsible Daily Maintenance Interval Weekly Monthly Other Initial and date

Maintenance Planning Handbook Appendix A – 1 Sample – Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Generator Onan UR 15R 60Hz Serial #: 973-0012 There are no brushes.Inspect generator bearing while unit is running . brush springs. or collector rings on this unit.Check voltage under load Maintenance Planning Handbook Appendix B – Page 2 . .Check connection s .

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