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1. 2. Where do you live? Whom do you live with? Do you like your house / flat? Why? Why not? I live with my family in a nice two-floor terraced house on the outskirts of Szeged. On one hand, I like living in this house, because there is enough space for everyone here. My parents have a good taste in furnishing and decorating, and they do everything to make it as homely as possible. Fortunately, we are on friendly terms with our neighbours, so they dont do things which might drive us mad day in day out. On the other hand, when I have to do the cleaning I often feel that our house is too big. Also, as it is situated on the outskirts, it takes a long time to get to the city centre, especially at the weekends, when buses run only once an hour. We have a small entrance hall, where there are pegs for hats and coats, a cupboard for shoes, and a small table with the telephone and the phone directory on it. The floor is tiled, since we have underfloor heating in the whole house. There is wall-towall carpet in the rooms, but not in the bathroom and the kitchen, of course. From the entrance hall open all the other rooms downstairs: the study and a bathroom on the left, the kitchen and my parents bedroom straight ahead, and the staircase on the right. The study is a small room with only some bookcases and a computer in it. My parents often work on the computer till late at night, otherwise my younger sister and I play games on it. The bookcases contain dictionaries, lexicons, and handbooks which might be needed for work here. In the bathroom there is a bathtub, a washbasin, a toilet, and some towel-racks and shelves for the toiletries. We also have the washing-machine here. The walls are tiled, so its not a problem if we splash them with water sometimes. The kitchen is small, but well-equipped: there are several cupboards for all the pans, casseroles, plates, and cutlery. We also have a cooker, a microwave oven, a coffee percolator, and a big fridge here. From the kitchen opens a small dining recess with a big table and six chairs around it. In my parents room there is a wall-unit, a French bed, a small table with a chair, and, of course, a TV set with a video player. The walls are papered, and there are several pictures and photos on it as well. The stairs lead upstairs, where several rooms open from a small hall: there is another bathroom, a guestroom, my younger sisters room, my room, and my elder sisters room. This bathroom is similar to the one downstairs, but there is no washing machine here. We very rarely use the guestroom, because it is small and quite dark. Since my elder sister got married and moved away with her husband, weve used her previous room as a guestroom instead. This room is similar to my parents bedroom, but not so well equipped. My room and my younger sisters room are very similar: there is a wardrobe, a bed, a table with a chair under the window, an armchair, and some shelves in each. To tell the truth, the main difference between the two rooms is that mine is much more untidy. We have a small garden, too, where we grow some vegetables.


Describe your house/flat: What rooms are there? How are they furnished? What is the floor like? What are the walls like? What do you do in the rooms? Do you have your own room? What is it like?

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