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Q. No. 3: ANSWER: What are the qualities of a good businessman?

INTRODUCTION: Business is the oldest form for man to earn money. Only a successful person can get more money. He should be intelligent, honest and hardworking. Almost one out of ten has businessman. So, the successful businessman should adopt the following qualities. DEFINITION: The definition is as follows: A person who owned, control and run a legal and regular activities for the sake of profit is called businessman. Explanation: To establish and run a business the businessman should must be hardworking, efficient and honest with his work. His relationship with customer and Employees should be positive. Then he can run a business on a successful way. QUALITIES OF A GOOD BUSINESSMAN Following are the good qualities of a good businessman. (1) Initiative and Decision Making: Success in human activity depends on initiative and capacity to make decision. These days changes take place quickly and if a businessman suffers from uncertainty he might miss business opportunities therefore it is essential for a successful businessman to make quick and correct decision. Determination and Courage: The business should possess qualities like will-power and determination to success. He should take advice from everybody but at according to his own decision. So a business should have quality of courage and determination. Intelligence and Alertness: A business must be intelligent and alert. He must be alert to business opportunities and threats. He must be intelligent to make use of the business opportunities. Quality of Leadership: The success of business depends upon loyalty and co-operation of Employees. The cooperation of employees depends upon their interest and JOB SATISFACTION. The employees will cooperative only if the leader is cooperative with them. Business Morality: Another quality of the business is business morality, which means honest dealing Honesty Straight Forwardness Fair Dealings Moral Character are also important qualities of successful businessman. A dishonest person cannot run his business for long time. Education and Training: In todays world, business has become so complicated and competitive. Without knowing the problems of business, it cannot be created. So, it is essential for a business that he should be educated and trained to handle all business problems. Prepared By: H . ABDUL REHMAN 0321-6485593







(7) (8) Time Sense and Anticipate: Modern business faces quick decision. It requires a businessman to realize time. He must always think in terms of time. He must be able to plan and look into the form. Regularity and Reliability: The businessman should be regular in business operations and dealings. He should keep organization constant and reliable. A businessman should avoid irregularities and uncertainty. Skills and Tact: A business man deals will various people everyday and takes important decisions. Therefore, it is necessary that the businessman must use proper skills and tact to make best use of the business opportunities. Adaptation and sharp memory: Adaptation means to adjust according to the circumstances. For a successful businessman, it is an important quality. A businessman faces favorable and unfavorable circumstances. Moreover, a businessman has to take business decisions keeping in view relevant facts and figures. Therefore, he must possess sharp memory. Courtesy and Aptitude: A business should be courteous. He must have natural aptitude toward business. Lack of aptitude makes the work uninteresting. Natural aptitude inspires a person to work hard. Moral Character and Co-operation: Moral character helps a person to earn power in society. Lack of moral character is the cause of downfall in the businessman. If a business develop the spirit of cooperation, he will able to get the cooperation from others. Smiling face and good health: A businessman should e cheerful. It enables him to impress others. Good health also creates a good impression about him. Ethical Behavior: A businessman should be ethically strong. He should obey all rules and regulation of society, religion & law & order. Other qualities: Additionally a businessman should possess other qualities such as. Intelligence Mental alertness Knowledge of Human Psychology. Enthusiasm Sense of humor Concentration Tolerance and Sympathy





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Prepared By: H . ABDUL REHMAN