Predictive Astrology


The 'natal chart' shows the position of the sun, moon and planets at our date, time and place of birth. As we progress through life, events occur as a consequence of past energy. The slower moving outer planets:Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto strongly activate the 'natal chart' through their transits, aspects, house positions, and houses of rulership. By using this simple 'Grid' method you can become your own predictive astrologer, it just takes a little bit of time and practice.


Look to the nature of the transiting planet which is characterised by its house position in the natal chart. This represents the core energy of the situation.

SUBJECTS CHART . Stage (3) EFFECT. For example. This gives the consequences of the action. ACTION AND EFFECT of the transiting planet in aspect. By taking the above three stages into consideration. the predicted event will not be some abstract abbreviation of the persons life.Stage (2) ACTION. Look to the houses which are ruled by the natal planet and transiting planet in aspect. This gives the main theme of the action. but a clear and precise interpretation of the CAUSE. let us take a look at a subject’s chart who has natal Pluto in Leo in the eleventh house with transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the fourth house opposing natal Mars in Cancer in the tenth house. Look to the house through which the planet is transiting.

Pluto transiting fourth house in Capricorn opposing Natal Mars in tenth house in Cancer (Hard Aspect). The subject made a stand and confronted the situation. This energy involved domestic rules and regulations. conflict and confrontation.  Transiting Pluto in the fourth house in Capricorn placed the subject in a situation where domestic issues surfaced over matters of dominance and control. The opposition aspect shows where you are learning from another person’s actions. The natal planet Mars in the tenth house in Cancer energises the house in which it falls through a personal drive for security. but when in opposition (hard aspect) it brings domestic discord.   .

I have illustrated this planetary aspect in a grid which shows the natal placements of Pluto and Mars by sign and house and Pluto transiting the fourth house in Capricorn forming an opposition to natal Mars. . Natal Pluto in Leo in the eleventh house (ORIGINAL ENERGY . control. action and effect of events that were triggered between transiting Pluto in the 4th house in Capricorn opposiing natal Mars in the 10th house in Cancer. Our subject is drawn to wider community interests through connections and associates who bring people together for the purpose of achieving either group goals or individual goals. The sign and house position of the natal planet describes the original energy within the personality of the subject. high tension and ego-conflicts over the ever evolving changes in the domestic/business sector of the subjects life. Grid of transiting Pluto in the 4th house in Capricorn opposing Natal Mars in the 10th house in Cancer GRID When putting this information together we can give an interpretation of the cause. HOW TO INTERPRET THE GRID Transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposing natal Mars in Cancer represents power.CAUSE).

Strong Influence Natal Mars – ruler of the eighth house. Her daughters partner was going through . ACTION AND EFFECT OF PLUTO IN CAPRICORN TRANSITING THE FOURTH HOUSE. The damage to the flat proved to be very costly.THE CAUSE. refer Aries cusp . Our subject was informed of some serious financial/business difficulties affecting her daughters partner whilst they were living in the family flat. conflict occurred when our subject opened her family flat to her daughter and partner. refer Scorpio cusp .CAUSE). However. business circumstances changed and in anger he trashed the flat.hard aspect (EFFECT).Stage (1) Natal Mars in Cancer in the tenth house (ORIGINAL ENERGY . Stage (2) Transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the fourth house (ACTION). our subject was renovating the family flat to improve family living standards. Our subject was financially supporting her daughters partner in business.hard aspect (EFFECT). IN SUMMARY . Stage (3) . With Pluto in Capricorn transiting the fourth house opposing natal Mars in Cancer in the tenth house.Strong Influence Transiting Pluto – ruler of the third house. At the time of the opposition. This caused considerable family tension and unease. Our subject has a strong drive to place herself in sole charge positions in business and take family control. Stage (3) .

For example if a natal chart is receiving transiting Jupiter trine natal Moon at the same time as transiting Neptune is forming an opposition to natal Mars. http://marianneohagan. WORKING WITH THE GRID METHOD When working with the grid method always remember the slower moving transiting planet will have a greater effect than the faster moving transiting planet. the astrologer would tend to expect a stronger influence from the Neptune transit in the clients life rather than the Jupiter transit. Our subject evicted the partner and paid for the damage to the flat. business went from bad to worse. . and with business contracts lost and tempers freyed.serious business difficulties so our subject supported both of them financially. the partner trashed the flat.

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