SUMMARY OF THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED TO BE ATTACHED WITH THE APPLICATION SUBMITTED FOR ISSUANCE OF LICENCE TO A CONSTRUCTOR/OPERATOR Company’s Name with present Registration Number and Category Number: NAME : INTERNATIONAL Registration 2009-2010 ____________________________________________ _____ S Documents to be Submitted

Catego FRAZI r y of


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PCP’s Scored: ____________________ No. of Engineers with the Company: _________________

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(Page No.)


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Application form duly filled Previous Original Registration Certificate
(For Renewal/Up-gradation)

Copy of Identity Card of Owner/Owners Undertaking from Engineers Works executed in last five years with certificate of satisfactory completion of works from the employer (authority whose signatures are borne on the contract) on specimen given at page-12 of the application Works in progress with percentage of work done up-to-date duly authenticated by the employer on specimen given at page-13 List of Machinery, Equipment and Technical Staff etc. with present state of machinery and qualification of Technical Staff Organizational Chart of the firm showing chain of command Affidavit of Sole Proprietor/Partnership Deed/Article of Association/ Memorandum applicable) National Tax Number Bank statement issued by the firm’s banker Paid Copy of Challan (Fee shall be accepted/deposited if the documents mentioned above are attached and are complete) FOR OFFICE USE (DO NOT WRITE BELOW)
(in case

0 6. 0 7. 0 8. 0 9. 1 0. 1 1. 1 2.


Dear Sir. Executive/Jr. No. Muhammad Sharif Janjua Regn No. At present our firm is registered with the following departments/organizations:Name of the Department/ Organization SCO FWO NLC Category C5 C5 C5 Name of Work in hand - 2 . Engineers employed by us and their particulars are given below: S. Islamabad.CHECKED BY a. (i) Name Mr. Executive with date: ______________________________________________________ b. Tele 246 Address H#350 Dhamial Road Rawalpindi (ii) (iii) and overleaf 2. Decision of the Council with date ______________________________________________________ d. We are submitting application for issue of license as Constructor/Operator duly completed along with necessary supporting documents. S. No.) No Limit Upto 500 Upto 200 Upto 100 Upto 40 Upto 20 Upto 10 Upto 5 PCPs Required 100 65 45 25 15 10 5 5 The Registrar Pakistan Engineering Council Ataturk Avenue (EAST) Sector G-5/2.) No Limit Upto 2000 Upto 1000 Upto 500 Upto 250 Upto 100 Upto 30 Upto 15 PCPs Required 150 100 75 30 20 15 5 5 Operator's Category O-A O-B O-1 O-2 O-3 O-4 O-5 O-6 Limit of Capita Cost of Project (million Rs. Deputy Registrar with date: ___________________________________________________________ c. Subject: ISSUE OF LICENCE AS CONSTRUCTOR/OPERATOR (NEW) CATEGORY C/ 5 . Signed by the Registrar on (date)______________________________________________________ Constructor's Category C-A C-B C-1 C-2 C-3 C-4 C-5 C-6 Limit of Construction cost of Project (million Rs.

which render our firm ineligible for continuation of the licence. Seal of the Company/Firm Duly signed by the Chief Executive Name and Address of Constructor 3 . reduction in the category.3. We undertake to notify to the Council if any of above mentioned engineers leaves the job and also undertake to inform the Council about any events taking place after grant of license. Yours faithfully. suspension or cancellation of the license as per Bye-laws 8(2).

Sector G-5/2. APPLICATION FORM FOR CONSTRUCTOR/OPERATOR Registration Number __________________ Present Category _________________ ( Year 2013 ) Licence for Three years [ Tick() any one ] RENEWAL UPGRADATION Present Category Category Applied for NEW LICENCE C-A O-A C-B O-B CATEGORY APPLIED FOR (Tick relevant column) C-1 O-1 C-2 O-2 C-3 O-3 C-4 O-4  C-5 O-5 C-6 O-6 Fields of specialization (Supported by work orders) ( Add pages if required) F 1. Type of ownership (Tick One Only) 3.2 3.3 Partnership  S. 2829348. Name of firm/company T R I A O Z N I I N T E R N A Website: http://www. 9206974 Fax: 051-2276224 E-mail: info@pec.2 5.3 E-mail Fax  4 .1 Phone 5. Permanent address of head office 5.6 4. No. Country of origin Pakistani  Foreign Name of Country 3. 2829311. Islamabad PH: 051-2829296.4 Sole Proprietor Private Limited Company Statutory Body‘A’ [see bye-law 4(2)] PAKISTAN ENGINEERING COUNCIL Ataturk Avenue (East).5 Public Limited company 3.1 Individual 3.pec. Mailing address

6. Percentage of share or No. Financial Certificate from scheduled bank Net worth as on date of application Rs. Nadeem Iqbal Mr.1 6.3 8. 5 .5 6.4 6.4 8.6 Mr. National Tax Number PROFESSIONAL CREDIT POINTS (PCP): Names of Professional engineers PEC registration No.2 8. of Shares 6.8 Bonus PCP credit { Bye-law 5(2)} Extra Bonus PCP credit { Bye-law 5(3)} Total PCP credit *Passport no. CAPITAL AND NET WORTH: Authorized capital of the company/partnership Rs. PARTICULARS OF DIRECTORS/PARTNERS/EXECUTIVES: Names and Address Designation PEC registration number *National Identity Card No.7 8.2 6.3 7.1 8. 7. Length of experience Partner or director. Holding 15% share or more Duration of full-time employment Professional credit points 8.2 7.4 8. in case of foreigners.1 7.5 (Add separate sheet if required) 8. Muhammad Sharif CEO CTO Tele-246 37405-2442006-1 70% 30% 7.3 6.6 8.

.5 10. Date Received: Date Approved: - Licence No.……….4 9. ………………… Licence No.Licence valid upto ………….… has been received and credit vide receipt No. Category: - Prescribed fee of Rs.……………. Company / Firm Seal Signature of Chief Executive Name…………. Analysis by PEC HQ and recommendations Decision for Enrolment Chairman Enrolment Committee FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY File No.. Issued ……………………. 9. OTHER INFORMATION: (attach sheets) List of Major Projects Completed List of works in progress Machinery/Equipment/Plant available with Present Condition List and qualification of technical staff (other than engineers) Management Structure/Organization Chart UNDERTAKING: (Page ___) (Page ___) (Page ___) (Page ___) (Page ___) It is hereby certified that the above are true statements of facts and we take full responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the information supplied herein to the best of our knowledge and belief..3 9... This is also to certify that none of the owners/ partners/directors against whose names PCP credit is claimed holds less than fifteen per cent shares in the firm / company.1 9.2 9. ………………Dated …………. Amount Rs.Dated …………………. This is further to certify that this application fulfills the entire requirements of PEC Bye-laws for licensing of constructors/operators and we fully understand the provisions of the PEC Bye-laws and agree to abide by them. Signature of Scrutinizing Staff Signature of Section Incharge Signature of Deputy Registrar Registrar 6 .……. ……………………… Dated………………….Bank Draft No.9.

000 13.000 A late fee @2% per month will be charged after 31 st march of the current year subject to maximum of 18% of the annual fee.000 60. which should accompany the application:Pakistani applicant Rupees) Foreign applicant (Rupees) 2. The foreign firm must also attach the joint venture or association agreement with a Pakistani Constructor/Operator. If the renewal is not submitted by 31st day of March. 5. Please give addresses of all your main offices and permanent branches as on the date of application.000 5.INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILLING IN APPLICATION FORM FOR NEW LICENCE/ RENEWAL FOR A CONSTRUCTOR/OPERATOR 1.000 200.000 4. On receipt of such information. The application for renewal shall be submitted to the Council by the 5th day of November of the year based on the constructor’s or operator’s status as on the 31st day of October of the same year. or renewal of licence is as follows. a surcharge of 2% will be levied. Category C-A/O-A C-B/O-B C-1/O-1 C-2/O-2 C-3/O-3 C-4/O-4 C-5/O-5 C-6/O-6 100. 7 . which render him ineligible for continuation of licence in accordance with the aforesaid bye-laws. 3.000 20. 4.000 25.000 300. change of category of licence.000 30.000 15. in this connection). 7.000 40. The licence shall stand expired on 31st day of December each year. 1976. Registration of Foreign firms: foreign firms can only be registered on project to project basis. Before filling in the application form.000 165. A licensee shall inform the Council of any events taking place after grant of a licence to him or renewal thereof.000 8. For initial registration. Please indicate whether you are a Pakistani firm or a foreign firm by striking out inapplicable. the applicant for the constructor’s or operator’s licence shall submit application to the Council in the form prescribed. 6. 1987 Please write the name of your firm or company by which name you would like it to be called and registered. The annual application fee for a licence. Simultaneously. the Council may decide to reduce the category of licence or suspend or cancel the licence as it may deem fit. please see bye-laws 4 and 8 of the Construction and Operation of Engineering Works Bye-laws. the foreign firm must also apply for registration of each engineer who is brought into Pakistan and who performs any engineering work in Pakistan (please refer to the Pakistan Engineering Council Act.000 15. and renewal.000 10. change in category.

Installation of all types of piling sheet piles. Tunneling and underpinning works. open car parks and related works such as kerbs. Construction of marine structure such as jetties. Sewerage pipelines. sea and river walls offshore construction works etc.REGISTRATION CATEGORIES AND SPECIALIZATION OF CONSTRUCTIONS/ OPERATORS CATEGORY CODE SPECILIZATION Road and Pavements Drainage & Retaining Structure Signcraft Installation DESCRIPTION Construction of road and road reinstatement. masonry. runways. Installation of railway tracks. Construction of water retaining structure such as dams. Installation of an integrated sign posting system for complexes. baggage handling system. shopping centres. Also includes setting up of exhibition stands and road signs. ports. disposal works. sewerage treatment works and allied works. Airports Taxiways. Offshore construction works including related works. bus bays. Installation. wharves. footways. water treatment works etc. maintenance and repair of oil and gas pipelines. etc. aprons. airports. Underwater construction works and maintenance of underwater construction works. bored cast in situ piles and timber piles etc. tube wells. CIVIL CE01 ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION (CE) CE03 Marine Structures Dredging Underwater Works CE04 Dams/Water Retaining Structures Irrigation & Flood Control Systems Offshore Works Tunneling and underpinning Railways Tracks Oil and Gas Pipe Lines Sewerage Works CE05 CE06 CE07 CE08 CE09 Water Supply 8 . maintenance and repair of water supply pipelines. CE02 Bridge Structures Piling Construction of concrete. pipe laying works etc. track transit system. Earth work/dredging in canal. aircraft parking bays. driven precast reinforced and prestressed concrete piles. timber or steel bridges. pavement. Installation. river and offshore. treatment plants. etc. aqueducts. distressing of rails and tracks. reservoirs. harbours. pumping stations.

Construction of steel framed buildings and industrial plants. Soil Investigation and Stabilization Landscaping & Horticulture Reclamation Works General Buildings and Maintenance Waterproofing BC01 Prefabricated Buildings and Steel Framed Buildings and Industrial Plants BC02 BC03 MECHANICAL ME01 ENGINEERING (ME) ME02 Restoration and Conservation High Rise Buildings HVAC Building restoration and conservation. including earthworks.CATEGORY CODE SPECILIZATION CE10 General Civil Engineering Works Slope Protection System Concrete Repairs DESCRIPTION General civil engineering works. Construction of buildings and industrial plants using prefabricated components and systems. commissioning and maintenance of lifts. escalators. Services include sampling. cargo terminals. travel lators and conveyor systems. refrigeration. passenger loading bridges. air traffic control towers. Provision of Landscaping services including tree planting. ground anchoring. contact piers. including fixing partitions. cold rooms and ventilation system. Fire Prevention and Protection System Lifts and Escalators Compressor Generators ME03 9 . Installation and maintenance of fire alarms. sub-soil drainage. Slope protection works. Reclamation works. etc. Airports Terminal buildings. Installation. etc. sand drains and ground grouting. turfing. Reinforcement of structures by way of pressure grouting. Also includes soil stabilization works such as micro piling. roofing and general maintenance of buildings. Installation. strength and composition. horticulture etc. investigation and testing services to determine soil classifications. prevention and protection systems. General building works. Satellite buildings. roofs and walls. Commissioning maintenance and repairs of air conditioning. guniting. Water proofing of basement.

incinerator. asphalt mixing plant. pipings. steam turbine driven chiller and centrifugal chiller. water treatment plant installation. tanks. Installation. grit blasting and painting. reactors. Quarry System ME06 Specialized Fabrication and Treatment Medical Equipment Kitchen and Laundry Equipment Heat Recovery System Pollution Control System Miscellaneous Mechanical Equipment Chiller for Power Generation Specialized Plant 10 . commissioning maintenance and repair of boiler plant. rotary pumps. gas processing plant.Hydrotherapy system . reciprocating pumps. filters. oil separators.CATEGORY CODE SPECILIZATION ME04 Building Automation System DESCRIPTION Building automation. hot and cold insulation. scrubbers. Mill. heating ventilation and air-conditioning.Dental chair . dehydrators. commissioning and maintenance of workshop.Compressed air systems . ME05 Workshop. Landfill technology.Sterilizer and autoclave .Medical gas installation . metering station. aviation re-fuelling and de-fuelling system. Installation.Hot water installation . separators. crushing and screening plant. oil refinery. hoist. laundry equipment. maintenance and repair of mechanical based systems such as pumping installation. co-generation plant. etc. petrochemical plant. etc. commissioning and maintenance of medical equipment such as: . centrifugal pumps and special purpose pumps. maintenance and repair of compressor station. flare system.Mortuary refrigerator etc. Erection. maintenance and repair of gas turbine driven chiller. maintenance and repair of exhaust stocks. Installation. mill and quarry systems such as cranes. etc. commissioning and maintenance of cooking and kitchen equipment. testing commission. etc. absorption chillers. sewerage treatment plant installation. Erection. Installation. furnaces. unfired pressure vessels and hot water systems. include installation and maintenance of microprocessors or computer based building control systems and industrial process control systems. bearing and welding. evaporators. Installation. petrol station. heat exchangers. industrial and process control systems. Installation. onshore terminal station.

radar surveillance system. sensor/detection system. high mast lighting installation. PABX. platform lighting. platform alarm system. Also includes installation and maintenance of generating plant and equipment not exceeding 1 KV. Installation and maintenance of low tension overhead lines and underground cabling not exceeding 1KV. intercom system and MAT. etc Telephone cabling and internal ducting. Building Automation. traffic lighting. includes installation and maintenance of energy generation systems. Also includes installation and maintenance of generator plant and equipment exceeding 1KV. laser system. Installation and maintenance of street lighting. safety and surveillance systems (security. fire protection system and earthing and lighting protection. airfield lighting. special effect lighting. included installation and maintenance of microprocessors or computer based building control systems and industrial process control systems. manholes. underground ducting/pipes. audiovisual system. oil refinery plant lighting. gas protection system. car park security control and card access control systems. alarm. Installation and maintenance of security. CCTV. multiplex and signalling troposcatter system. stadium floodlighting. General wiring and control system wiring works not exceeding 1 KV. conference system. vibration monitoring system. radio based communication system.CATEGORY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (EE) CODE SPECILIZATION EE01 Sound System DESCRIPTION Public address system. data communication equipment. Safety Surveillance System EE03 Building Automation System and Energy Generation System EE04 Low Voltage Installation EE05 High Voltage Installation EE06 Specialized Lighting System ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING EE07 Telecommunication Installation EE08 External Telecommunication Works 11 . etc. Telecommunication cabling (underground/ overhead). aircraft warning system. navigational aid. underwater lighting. EE02 Security. industrial and process control system. microwave system. stage lighting. remote subscriber system. Installation and maintenance of high voltage equipment and underground cabling. satellite system. high-tension overhead line including transmission tower exceeding 1kV. petrochemical plant lighting. vessels and navigational specialized system.

uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. 12 . Any other works* *Provide herein code(s) (CE11. EE11) as applicable and define work. nurse call system. Any work not covered in above categorization and description relevant to any engineering discipline. ME06. BC04. etc. radiotherapy equipment. commissioning and maintenance of surgical/operating theater table and lights. radiography equipment.CATEGORY CODE SPECILIZATION EE09 EE10 IT & Software Engg Miscellaneous Specialized DESCRIPTION Installation. electronic scoreboard.

D... adult. __________________________ DEPONENT I._______________________ DATE: _______________________ PLACE: _______________________ 13 . belief and information received and nothing has been concealed therefrom. c. has been issued by the Pakistan Engineering Council which has been renewed up to …………………………. That I have enclosed with this undertaking my following document:a. e. That I undertake to intimate the Pakistan Engineering Council about my disassociation with the above-mentioned employer within thirty days of the same. ……………. Copy of National Identity Card Copy of PEC Registration Card (Renewed) Curriculum vitae as per specimen on page-11 Copy of appointment letter of the Firm/Company Proof of monthly salary received from the firm That I have not ever incurred any disqualification in any manner under the Pakistan Engineering Council Act and Bye-laws. That the contents of the above mentioned undertaking are true to the best of my knowledge.. b. d. (if in the past any disqualification was incurred please mention material detail). government agency. That I am presently employed on regular/fulltime basis with …………………………… ………………………………………………………………………………………. office or bureau of any other consulting engineer.APPENDIX – ‘B’ [see bye-law 5(1)] UNDERTAKING BY ENGINEER I ……………………………………………………………………………. since ………………………………………………………… and presently hold the position of ………………………………………. dated …………………….CARD NO. 2. That I am registered as a ……………………………………………… and a certificate of registration bearing No. do hereby solemnly declare as under:1. 3. 4. I further state that I am not employed on any other assignment with any other private firm. 6.………………. 5. resident of ……………………………………………………………………….

No. Engineering M.Sc/B.D Engineering RECORD OF IN-SERVICE TRAINING TRAINING COURSE PERIOD OF TRAINING CONDUCTED BY EMPLOYMENT RECORD (AFTER PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION) INCLUSIVE DATE FROM TO NAME AND ADDRESS OF ORGANIZATION TYPE OF ORGANIZATION DESIGNATION OR POSITION LENGTH OF SERVICE YR-MO Total length of Service _____________________ I certify that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I have expert knowledge and specialization in the following types of projects.Sc Engineering Ph.E. Address ____________________________________ Tel.S/ M. (List not more than three). _________________ Date of Birth: ____________ Nationality: ____________ I.CURRICULUM VITAE OF A PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER WORKING FULL-TIME FOR A CONSTRUCTOR/OPERATOR REQUESTING PEC LICENCE Name: _______________________________ Age: ______________ Sex: ___________ Res.D. Project code 12… 12… 12… ______________________________ Signature of Professional Engineer/ Allied Professional Project Profile 14 . _____________ PEC Registration No. ______________________ EDUCATION NAME OF COLLEGE/ UNIVERSITY INCLUSIVE PERIOD OF ATTENDANCE HONOR/DIVISION RECEIVED B.Card No.

PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE (For each major work during last five years) NAME OF EMPLOYER NAME OF PROJECT NAME OF CONSULSTANT (IF EMPLOYED) STARTING DATE ORIGINAL COMPLETION DATE ACTUAL COMPLETION DATE DELAY PERIOD LIQUIDATED DAMAGES ORIGINAL CONTRACT VALUE VALUE OF WORK DONE UPTO FINAL BILL ENGINEERS EMPLOYED DURING THE EXECUTION OF THE WORK (Name including father’s name and PEC Registration No. QUALITY OF WORK EXECUTED AND REMARKS BY EMPLOYER CONTRACTOR (Name of firm and category with official seal) (Signatures of Chief Executive) Date: ______________________ EMPLOYER (Signatures. Name and official seal) Date: _______________________ 15 . b. c. d.) a.


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