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Memorandum of Understanding between (Company Name) And AMA Computer University-Manila Campus

PARTIES This Memorandum of Understanding is entered into between (Company), represented by its representative, heretofore referred to as the Training Institution and AMA Computer University-Manila Campus, represented through its School Director and heretofore referred to as the School. PURPOSE The purpose of this MOU is to establish an agreement between the Training Institution and the school concerning the design, implementation, and evaluation and monitoring of the OJT Program of the school. This MOU covers all student-trainee assigned to undergo a structure program for the development of competencies established by the parties. This agreement seeks to coordinate, facilities and expedite the implementation of said Program for the exclusive benefit of the parties and the student-trainee concern. DURATION This agreement shall commence on (start of training) and shall terminate on (end of training) unless otherwise terminated by agreement of all parties. CONDITIONS In attaining the purpose set forth in this Agreement: The Training Institution will: Align training and development activities with the current industry standard and needs Provide all resources necessary for the proper development of competencies required Establish appropriate procedures, guidelines policies for OJT Program Define the role of training Institution Practicum Supervisors and appropriate committee as the case may be Define and establish internal processes by which OJT program will be planned, delivered and evaluated Inform appropriate personnel and department on the training services being provided by their institution

Provide student trainee access to information that well be relevant to the overall achievement of competencies/skills required Establish a mechanism for student Trainee evaluation The School will: Establish guidelines in the determination, assignment and monitoring of studenttrainee performance Provide the necessary orientation of proper business processes, conduct and ethics to student-trainee Conduct periodic monitoring of student-trainee performance Provide information required by the Training Institution pertinent to student ranking and standing. ALL parties to this agreement will: Conduct regular consultation meeting for assessment and evaluation of the program Propose policies guidelines for the improvement of the program Exchange relevant information on current industry standards PROCEDURES FOR AMENDMENTS The MOU may be modified by mutual agreement of the appropriate partners. Any such modification will be preceded by 30-days written notice to the other party of the intent to modify, alter, and revise this agreement and the purpose of such. The parties acknowledgement this to be a provisional document, which me require modification. The parties agree to work in good faith to negotiate any such modifications to this agreement.

Signed: TRAINING INSTITUTION Date: ____________ SCHOOL Date: __________