Alexis knew everyone, but the guard was gone. He was new and didn't know her. Even with Sonny's pay, $1000 in cash was too much to pass up. Besides how much trouble could a pregnant woman cause. The only thing he did was tell her to tap, very quietly on the door and he would let her out when the coast was clear. For the next hour and a half Alexis wandered the vacant penthouse. She let the memories of the hours that had turned into years swirl around her. She laughed, she cried, she felt the friendship, and she tried hard to feel the love that she thought had been there. Her heart finally, started to accept that it could not have what it wanted. That no matter what, love couldn't be forced. That night was what it was. Two people who were close, in an emotional turmoil, took a step they never should have. Alexis had gone to see the therapist on her own one time. They talked for over two hours. The woman seemed to know that this was her only chance. She took it. She told Alexis, she had been told Alexis was at one time, the best attorney there was. No one ever beat her. She didn't do stupid things. If Alexis made a plan it didn't fall apart. The Alexis Davis she had heard about wasn't a mean, vindictive shrew. She was above all other things considered fair...Alexis Davis believed everyone had certain rights. She had one question and one suggestion "Where did that woman go? Go find her." So her she was in this penthouse...looking for the woman she used to be. Alexis thought..."How appropriate this day of all days to find myself again. I guess it is; this is the day I lost myself." She sat down on the floor, opened her purse and pulled out the thick envelope. Alexis pulled four documents out. She read the documents over three times, before she put her signature on the bottom lines and dated it April 22 2005. The first were divorce papers for Ric, the second custody papers for this child. She wouldn't have problems with Ric. She didn't love him. She wouldn't try to keep this child from him. Alexis actually thought if he wanted full custody, she wouldn't even fight him. The one thing Alexis was, was tired of fighting. Maybe she should just stop. The next document was joint custody papers of Kristina. There would be no more fighting for her daughter. All Alexis could do was hope and pray that Kristina would never end up in her shoes. She would never one day be sitting on a floor holding her dying father in her arms his blood covering her body. Therapists were good for something. The woman had figured out in a half hour what Alexis' mind had fought against for so long. She wasn't worried so much for Kristina's safety as for Sonny's. The therapist had assured Alexis there was nothing wrong with being afraid. She had every reason in the world to believe that one day Kristina would witness her father's death. Alexis knew better than most, the devastation that would bring to her daughter. But what Alexis had failed to see that the therapist pointed out to her. It was highly likely, that Alexis would be there, to help her daughter through it. She couldn't make Sonny change his life. Alexis could though change her own. She could give Kristina the life she and Sonny himself never had. Kristina could have two loving parents. With a lot of work they might not even yell at each other all the time. Alexis could see to it that Kristina did not grow up in a world of lies; at least on her side of it.

Alexis stood up putting the documents back into her purse. She walked over to the window and looked out over the harbor. Alexis laid her hand upon the glass in the same spot she'd seen Sonny lay his so many countless times. "Take your life and turn it around into something you can live with." The therapist had told her. Alexis walked away from the window and quietly tapped on the door. She turned and looked around, once more at the empty penthouse. The door opened and the young guard said "Coasts clear ma’am nobody but you and me." "What's your name?" Alexis asked. "John ma’am. But most people call me Johnny." He said smiling at her. Alexis walked to the elevator and pressed the button. As she stepped in she looked at him and said..."I'll be seeing you again soon Johnny." As the elevator went down, Alexis wondered if Sonny would rent her, his old penthouse for the same amount she'd paid for her old one. Couldn't hurt to ask. She looked at her watch. All she had to do was pick Kristina up from the sitter. Ric had told her Sonny's birthday party would start at six o'clock. Just in case she changed her mind and decided to join him. Alexis wouldn't be attending, but Kristina would. Her present to her father the custody papers and a copy of Alexis last will and testament. Giving Sonny full custody if Alexis should die before Kristina was an adult. Kristina would also be spending the weekend. The elevator opened and Alexis walked to her car. As she pulled away from the Harbor View Towers she wondered if Eldon would help her redecorate the penthouse. THE END.