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Pima County Sheriff's Department Law Supplemental Narrative: Name: Hudgin,Amara Date: 22:47:33 01/08/11


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Incident Number: 110108078 Sequence Number: 34 Narrative

Initial Case Narrative by T. Audetat Jr. #6312 on 01/08/11 at 2221 hrs. Total Dictation Time = 19:29 mins. Total Narrative Dictation Time = 18:46 mins. While on patrol in Foothills Beats Three and Four on 01/08/11, at approximately 1010 hours, I was dispatched to 7110 North Oracle Road reference a shooting. I was in the area of First and Rudasill when the call came out. I immediately responded from that location using my emergency lights and siren. There was a lot of radio traffic while I was en route to the incident location. I was en route at 1012 hours and arrived on scene at 1015 hours. While en route, I heard that the suspect in this case, who was later identified by his Arizona driver's license as Jared Loughner (DOB 09/10/88), was being held on the ground by two bystanders very close to where the incident took place. As I was traveling westbound on Ina, I made a U-turn at Oracle to get into the parking lot where this incident occurred. I pulled into the parking lot on the northwest side of the parking lot and immediately as I was pulling in, I saw 20 or 30 people pointing to the direction in which this occurred. I then proceeded toward the entrance of the Safeway, where I saw more people pointing in the direction where the suspect was located. I exited my patrol vehicle right at the entrance of the Safeway and was directed by bystanders to in between the Safeway and the Walgreens on the sidewalk, where a man was being held down by two or three other people. The male subject was said to be the suspect by several different people, whose names I did not get due to the exigent circumstances of the case. I immediately went to the suspect and placed my knee in his back and grabbed one of his hands. I then put him into handcuffs. Due to all of the radio traffic, I knew that several people had been shot already, so I immediately put over the radio that the suspect had been detained and emergency medical services should move in and expedite their response. Right about that time, I noticed there was a second deputy on scene, Deputy G. M. Patino #5976. She was about four feet away from me and she had recovered the weapon used in this incident. At that point, I also saw Deputy M. T. Kelley #6871, who I asked to assist me in the detention of the suspect. Deputy Kelley immediately came over. I told the two citizens who were still helping me hold down the suspect to back away and let the deputy come in. The citizens did so. At that point, I noticed that one of the citizens who was helping hold down the suspect had what was later learned to be a grazing gunshot wound on the left side of his

head. He was bleeding not even two feet away wound victim, a female clothing and was very,

from that. I also noticed that right behind me, to the south of my position was another gunshot whose name I did not get. She was wearing white very close to my proximity.

Once Deputy Kelley and I had hold of the suspect, I then turned the suspect over toward me with his back facing me and I searched him at that point. In his left front pocket, I found two magazines which I immediately observed to be for a Glock. I was not sure of the caliber at that point, but they were Glock magazines and they were both fully loaded. I took them out of his pocket and threw them about two feet away from where I was searching him, in an northerly direction and close to where Deputy Patino was located. I then searched the suspect's other front pocket and found a foldable knife, which to my recollection was approximately a four-inch blade. At that point, I asked him if he had any other weapons on him. The only thing, he stated, was in his back right pocket. I assumed that meant a weapon, because of what I just asked him; however, it was just a baggie with some currency and, I believe, a Visa credit card and his Arizona identification card; I believe it was a driver's license. I observed the suspect to be wearing a black beanie, a black hoodie-type sweatshirt, khaki pants and Sketchers shoes. I then instructed the suspect to roll over onto his side, once again, and I then sat him up. Both Deputy Kelley and I then escorted the suspect to my patrol vehicle, which was 20 feet away. I placed him in my patrol vehicle, then stayed right next to my patrol vehicle and tried to assist any other deputies who needed anything. At one point, I gave out my field camera for someone to take pictures. I also gave out a traffic cone for the preservation of evidence. I also gave out my individual first aid kit, which was equipped with blood clotting agents. I kept checking on the individual during this time by opening the door and making sure he was okay. I did that every couple of minutes, just to make sure that he was not injured in any way or anything like that. I noticed that he had some swelling on his left brow; however, I was unsure as to how that happened. I believe that happened before I got there. Approximately the second time I opened the door, he stated over and over that he pleads the Fifth. I assumed that he meant he is pleading the Fifth Amendment and that he did not want to talk to anyone. I did not ask him any questions. One of the other times I opened the door, I noticed the suspect had earplugs in his ears. They were peach in color and were the soft, disposable foam kind that are very common. I took those out of his ears; I am unsure as to where I put them after that. I stayed on scene until I was told to take another deputy with me and transport the suspect to the Foothills District Office, which is located at 7300 North Shannon, and secure him in the building. I noticed that Deputy W. A. Farmer #5964 was close by and I called him over, told him what my task was and advised him he would come with me. At approximately 1045 hours, Deputy Farmer and I became a two-person unit and we then drove the suspect to the Foothills District Office to secure him away

from the crime scene. At no point did either Deputy Farmer or I not have physical eyes on the suspect at any time. Once we were at the Foothills District Office, I informed Deputy Farmer that I did not do a very good search of the suspect while on scene and I wanted to do a secondary search of him when we took him out of the vehicle. Deputy Farmer stated he understood. Deputy Farmer and I then escorted the suspect into the building and conducted a search of his person. I did not find any other items on him at all; however, the suspect stated that he was kind-of hot, so I took off his beanie and his hooded sweatshirt. At that point, he said, "I just want you to know that I'm the only person that knew about this." That was the only thing, pretty much, that he said to me almost all day. I then waited with Deputy Farmer at the Foothills District Office. At approximately 1440 hours, two paramedics came in to make sure the suspect was okay medically. Their names were Scott Clark, who is a CET, and John Silberhorn, an EMT. They were both with Northwest Fire Rescue #334 and their run number was 524. I waited with the suspect at the Foothills District Office until I was told to take him to the Pima County Sheriff's Department (PCSD) Headquarters Building at 1750 East Benson Highway. We then left the Foothills District Office at 1654 hours en route to the PCSD Headquarters Building. We arrived there at 1719 hours. Initially, we went to the Identification Unit for fingerprints and photographs of the suspect; however, that was delayed and the plans changed, unknown to me as to why. At that point, we then took the suspect back over to the main building at 1750 East Benson Highway, where he was placed into an interrogation room. Deputy Farmer and I then stayed with the suspect until we were told to take him back over to the Identification Unit for buccal swabs of his cheeks and DNA swabs of his hands, photographs and fingerprinting. This all happened at approximately 2000 hours. I was assisting one of the Homicide detectives by taking pictures of what he was doing with the DNA swabs; this was all at 2000 hours. I then stayed with the suspect until I was relieved at approximately 2105 hours. I then went back en route to the incident location at Ina and Oracle to take Deputy Farmer back to his patrol vehicle, which was left at the scene. Once Deputy Farmer was dropped off at the scene, I then went back to the Foothills District Office to dictate my report. This concludes my involvement. NFI Transcribed by #6735 on Sat Jan 08 23:52:59 MST 2011

Reviewed by #6312 and updated by #6700 (removed a sentence regarding photographing magazines and changed one word) on Sun Jan 09 10:35:38 MST 2011.

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