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Declaration of Independence Assessment

Name: 1. It is 1776, and you agree that it is finally time to gain independence from the King. You know that he runs the most powerful country in the world, but you are willing to risk angering him in order to show your dilemmas with him. Prepare a help wanted ad to find a person that can address the king, and explain why he has not been a fair leader. In a short paragraph (4-7 sentences), describe the responsibilities of the job, as well as the experience and character traits that are needed in order to be hired. You can write this paragraph on the back of this page. 2. Adopting a new flag is often a sign of independence for a country. On the back of this piece of paper, please use different symbols and colors that you believe the new American people have. For example, the current U.S. flag has blue in it, and the color blue represents wisdom probably because the Founding Fathers were so smart! You can use the examples I provide, or you can make up your own (be creative, but appropriate). Whether you make up your own symbols, or the examples I provide, you must explain why you feel those symbols and colors represent the American colonists.
3. Red: the color of life, blood and passion is always associated with power. 4. Blue: means tranquility and symbolizes the water and the sky which is often associated with infinity and wisdom. 5. Green: is a symbol of nature and new growth. 6. Yellow: A warning color in many cultures. Also, yellow is also used in many flags as the color is associated with the sun and is considered as color of kings as well. 7. Black: Egyptians associate black with rebirth, while most countries associate the dark color with death. 8. White: the color of purity is in many countries also associated with death. White flags are lifted also as sign to surrender. 9. Violet: a combination of blue and red is a color used for meditation often, but can also mean bereavement in some cultures. 10. Pink: is often used as a color to symbolize success. Square: The four even lengths of the square symbolize balance and equal opposites Sun: The circle of the sun symbolizes unity and energy. Stars: Constellations of stars often represent energy, especially when depicting the night sky or star constellation Cross: In ancient times the cross only symbolized the different points of the compass, in the 4th century however the cross was also taken as the symbol of faith. Triangle: The triangle often also symbolizes strength and power.

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