Film Genre

Romantic Comedy □ - Action film □ - Historical Drama □

Opening scene

1) Where and when does the scene take place ? 2) What does the man have to do? 3) Tick the words corresponding to the character’s feelings / state of mind: - Embarrassment □ - Self Confidence □ - Fear □ - Enthusiasm □ - ill at ease □ - Stage fright □ - Secure □ - Uneasiness □ - Comfortable □ - Relaxed □ - Placid □ 4) What is the man’s problem? What do you learn from the opening scene? Who is this man?


1) Who can you see on the picture ? (names, relationship) 2) Judging from the picture and what you saw in the film, how would you describe the woman’s attitude towards her husband? - Compassionate □ - Unmoved □ - Indifferent □ - Untroubled □ - Supportive □ - Generous □ - Sympathetic □ - Helpful □ - Protective □ - Selfish □ - Loving □ - Spiteful □ 3) Explain your choices by giving examples

1) Who can you see on the picture? 2) What are they doing? 3) What is the speech therapist’s name? 4) What can you say about the two men’s relationship: - When they first meet ? - After starting seeing one another on a regular basis? - At the end of the film? 5) Give as many details as you can about the speech therapist (Nationality, Family life, Hobbies, Dream job, Qualifications, Place where he works….) 6) Who do the following words / expressions correspond to: George or Lionel?
Speech coach Speech impediment Introverted Eccentric Controversial Constrained - Confidant - Failed Actor - Exuberant - Despairing - Low Self Esteem - Brave

7) What can you say about the two men’s person alities? What can you conclude about this relationship?

The Speech Impediment
→ How does it affect George’s Personal life? Professional life? Give examples

George’s Family:

Who is this man ? What can you say about his relationship with George ?

Who are these 2 girls? Can you name them? Who is in fact the little girl on the right???

Questions :
When did George begin stammering ? How and why does George become king ? Name another famous stammerer George meets in the film

The title of the film
Explain the double meaning of the title

Compare the 2 pictures … What has changed ?

My review….( Tips for writing) My personal Reaction after seeing the film…
I liked the film □ I loved the film □ I didn’t like the film □ I hated the film □ My rating : / 10 I would recommend it to a friend : YES □ NO □

General facts
The film is a true story about…. It is directed by…. The film takes place in…. ( name) play(s) the part of……

The plot
The story is about…. The film tells the story of… It has a ( adjective) end

General comments and opinion
The story is long / slow / boring / interesting / fascinating/ absorbing…. The acting is outstanding / awful/ very good…. What I liked best / didn’t like was…. My favourite scene is when….. There is chemistry between the characters especially…… This movie is enjoyable/ pleasant/funny/moving as…..

Prepare a review…
Explain what you liked / didn’t like about the film : be persuasive!!! Your reviews will be uploaded on the blog of our school !!!

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