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It’s what’s underneath that sets Delphi apart.
Our Heritage
Aftermarket parts may look the same, but all parts are not created equal. As a partner to the top 25 global OEMs, Delphi knows vehicles. We know each vehicle’s DNA, and apply our OE engineering and high quality standards into every part manufactured.

What We Offer
It’s time to rethink what Delphi can deliver. From engine management to heating and cooling to fuel management to diesel systems to training and diagnostic services, Delphi applies its latest OE technology developments to all its products and services for the aftermarket. Here’s just a glimpse. Ford. Fuel pumps. Nissan. Oxygen sensors. Toyota. Ignition coils. Mini-Cooper. Compressors. Audi. Condensers. General Motors. Radiators. Hyundai. MAF Sensors. Volkswagen. Common rail systems. Honda. Fuel pressure regulators. And much more.

Where We’re Going
Where we came from is only a part of where we’re going. Providing the benefit of more than 100 years of OE heritage, Delphi is the company that makes the parts cars are born with. Delphi OE DNA. It’s inside every one of our parts.

Our Product Portfolio

Fuel Management

Engine Management

Heating & Cooling


Training & Diagnostics

Fuel pumps Fuel modules Fuel hanger/senders OE turbine pumps

Fuel injectors Fuel pressure regulators Air/Temperature sensors Oxygen sensors Speed and position sensors Knock sensors MAF sensors MAP sensors Ignition coils Distributor caps/rotors EGR valves Idle air control/ Throttle bypass valves

Compressors Condensers Radiators Accumulator/ dehydrators and Receiver/driers Blower motors Evaporators Heater cores Refrigerant lubricant

Pumps Injectors Rails Engine control units Glow plugs Fuel treatment Tooling Diagnostics Test equipment

Leader led training Self study training Webinars AutoIQ RepairPoint Automotive hotline


Fuel Management Systems
With more than 80% fuel pump coverage, Delphi carries fuel pumps, modules and hanger/sender assemblies for three out of four vehicles in North America. Delphi fuel modules deliver fast-pressure rise for quick engine starts and feature a two-strainer system for long lasting durability. And Delphi turbine pumps feature patented OE Gen IV turbine pump technology for quiet, more durable operations – 5 to 10 dB lower – for improved passenger comfort in the cockpit. Delphi OE turbine pumps have a smaller, lighter design to help reduce evaporative emissions and increase fuel economy.

Heating & Cooling Systems
Delphi compressors, radiators, condensers, blower motors, evaporators, heater cores, and accumulator/dehydrators and receiver/driers are designed to maximize weight efficiencies for improved performance and fuel economy. In fact, up to 15 percent reduction in power consumption and potential fuel savings up to .5 mpg! OE technology in Delphi heating and cooling parts ensure moisture control and corrosion protection for optimal passenger comfort and long lasting durability.

Delphi CVC Compressors
Three components are patented technology: 
A Swash plate variable makes the CVC adaptable to both pneumatic and electronic control for high speed operation at up to 9200 RPM; B Redesigned piston is more durable under low charge and low flow conditions; C Reed valve and valve plate increases the durability of the reed itself and reduces noise.

Delphi Fuel Modules 
A OE turbine pump has noticeably lower noise levels – 5 to 10 dB lower – in the cockpit; B Two-strainer system for longlasting durability; C Integrated OE fuel pressure regulator (1) Maintains pressure at fuel rail (2) Negates fuel return from engine compartment to reduce vehicle EVAP emissions.






Engine Management Systems
Delphi covers more than 50% of engine management repairs in North America with its comprehensive product portfolio. Delphi products deliver reduced potential for malfunctions such as the “check engine light,” all while maintaining stringent emissions regulations.

Diesel Systems
Operating up to 2,500 bar pressure, Delphi’s OE diesel fuel injection systems for car and commercial vehicles deliver optimal engine performance, increased fuel economy and reduced emissions. As a leading manufacturer of OE diesel fuel injection systems for car, light commercial vehicle, truck, agricultural and offA highway equipment, Delphi provides a complete system solution including the pump, injector, filters, pipes, rails and engine control units. Delphi also delivers a range of complimentary products including glow plugs and fuel treatment, as well as the tooling diagnostic and test equipment.

Ignition Delphi offers a variety of ignition systems components for
import and domestic vehicles such as ignition coils and modules, and distributor caps and rotors to deliver accurate, repeatable spark timing.

Emission Delphi delivers broad application coverage with its
emissions systems components such as oxygen sensors, EGR valves and idle air control valves to provide accurate exhaust and air flow.

Sensors Delphi offers a wide variety of sensors to monitor engine
functions such as air flow, engine knock, pressure, temperature, speed and position to deliver accurate feedback to the vehicle’s control modules ensuring optimal vehicle performance.

Common Rail Injectors



Planar Oxygen Sensors
Dual-layer protection shield provides long-lasting, reliable operation during sensor life; B Planar sensing element with integrated heater delivers the industry’s fastest light-off time (LOT) at six seconds for quicker closed-loop activation. The closest competitor is 10 – 12 seconds, potentially allowing 40% – 50% more harmful cold-start emissions to enter the atmosphere; C Stainless steel housing tested for durability, performance and environmental compliance – up to 15 years/150,000 miles.

High-pressure fuel inlet regulates pressure waves between injector and supply, and enables up to 2,000 bar of pressure for increased torque and engine output; B Solenoid assembly features unique injector design for high performance in addition to small size that allows the assembly to be in close proximity to the needle, providing extremely fast actuation and precise metering; C Two-way valve provides improved B delivery control; D Needle allows for fast, proportional opening C and closing of the nozzle needle translating to less emissions and better engine performance. D


Training & Diagnostic Services
As vehicle electronics continue to drive the development of today’s complex parts and systems, it’s no wonder logging nearly 80 hours of training a year has almost become a necessity for technicians. Prepare to repair with Delphi.

Leader Led Training Seminars Interactive communication to
promote the latest in-depth technical and diagnostic information so technicians can stay current on the latest service and repair trends.

RepairPointTM E-learning
tool allowing technicians to learn anytime and anywhere. Diagnostic service information including technical service bulletins, vehicle specifications and procedures, parts and labor data, and much more.

Webinars 45-minute online classes; Q&A sessions with the trainer
after each topic discussion; Multiple topics available.

Automotive Hotline Tele-diagnostic support by certified ASE Master Technicians as well as L-1 Advanced Engine Performance Specialists; Dedicated team for specific import and domestic vehicle OEMs. AutoIQ Interactive program
that explains repair and service procedures to the customer in a language vehicle owners can understand. To view a demo version of AutoIQ, go to

“Every year Delphi comes up with new topics for classes that our customers need. I never have a problem filling the classroom when I offer Delphi Training.”
– Scott Govig, Training Manager UAS, Warren, MI

“ This kind of training puts independent shops on the same level as dealerships, in terms of the quality of training they have access to.”
– Gary Glista, Corporate Stores Sales Manager Uniselect, Amherst, NY

Self Study Training Courses Stay current with changing
technology in the comfort of your own home.

the vehicle electronics realit y

It’s Here. The Vehicle Electronics Reality.
Every year the technology gap between original equipment and the aftermarket shrinks. Because of the continued advancement in new vehicle electronics, Delphi uses its OE expertise to launch products into the aftermarket that are timely. It‘s no longer a question of ‘It‘s coming.’ It‘s here. Delphi is ready to support its customers with the appropriate products and services. Because of the substantial increase in electronics on today‘s vehicles, these innovations can represent up to $8,000 in potential new repairs for a vehicle valued at $20,000. That’s a substantial repair opportunity! Are you ready?

Telematics Not Just for Vehicle Manufacturers and Dealers
Delphi has a long, successful history with advanced automotive technologies and specifically OE telematics – including collecting data from vehicles, transmitting information to vehicles and creating a flow of information. But did you know telematics is not just for vehicle manufacturers and their dealers anymore? Delphi telematics is your direct connection to your customer. • Roadside assistance • Vehicle locator • Safety and security • Preventative maintenance • Vehicle health monitoring • Remote door unlock

About Delphi
Delphi is a leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotive, commercial vehicle and other market segments. Operating major technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support facilities in 30 countries, Delphi delivers real-world innovations that make products smarter and safer as well as more powerful and efficient. Connect to innovation at

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