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Q. DET. ROSALIK A. JAMES TUCKER Q2. DET. HOGAN ______________________________________________________________________________ Q. A. Q. A. Uh, Mr. Tucker, can you, uh, state your name, please? James Lee Tucker. Okay. And, uh, what we wanted to talk to you about was, uh, the incident that happened on Saturday. And, uh, if, if you could just, uh, I, I know it’s been tough, but, if you could just run through that for me. Uh, my wife and I wanted to go to the Congress on Your Corner, uh, my wife has had, uh, dealings previously with, uh, Congresswoman Giffords. ‘Cause, of, uh, who she works for at the U of A. And, uh, I wanted to come along to meet her. And so, we arrived, uh, well before it started. After I got a haircut at, uh, Great Clips, we were still over there by the, uh, north of the main entrance to Safeway. Uh, well enough that they asked, uh, we were numbers, she was number two, I was number three on the sign-in sheet to see her. And, uh, when it was our time, uh, to talk to her, uh, Doris, uh, stood on, like, kind of like the south side, uh, speaking most directly with, uh, Congresswoman Giffords. I was standing on the north side. And, uh it was that time when, uh, totally surprised to hear, pop, pop, pop, pop. You know, for about, uh, 18. I, I lost count after 20. And, uh, I hit the ground immediately. Uh, because of the two bullets. Um, did not know how bad I’d been hit. And, uh, or where I’d been hit. But, just in body shock. But, I was able to look across to see my wife. Uh, uh, not hit. That was, uh, very positive. So, I immediately. I don’t know of where. Okay. Um, do you remember ever seeing the, uh, the shooter? No. No. Okay. You just heard the, the shots and? Yeah. And you noticed that you were hit. You went to the ground. And, uh. I, I just tumbled to the ground. It was, uh, one shot that’s in the, entered, uh, the, in the right calf and exited the, the calf as well. Okay. And I’m having surgery this afternoon to sew up the incisions that they made. Okay.

Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q.


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In the, uh, upper ____, too. Uh, relieve the pressure so the nerves can, uh, uh, uh, circulation to be restored to my right foot. You know. Uh, I was also shot, uh, here into the. Right, right shoulder? More the, um, collar bone. Okay. And, uh, apparently, the, uh, it fractured the clavicle and, uh, one piece of the bullet burst against one, uh, one, uh, vertebra. And, uh, another one lodged very close to a, a, uh, an artery. And, uh, uh, a lot of people were there. Pretty busy. And I later found out one from one the, uh, Chief’s of Northwest Fire District that, and this is what we train for. We had everybody, the scene was clear of any casualties. They were transported, uh, within 35 minutes of the time that it happened at. So, from Northwest, Golder Ranch, Tucson Fire and, uh, uh, Southwest Ambulance, uh, they did a great job. Do you have any questions? I just wanted to say that, apologize to you for, you know, coming in here and talking to you in the hospital bed and explain that the reason we’re doing it is just in case you saw something that nobody else there saw. That’s why we’re here. You know? Just to, obviously, you know, we’ve talked to a lot of people. We just wanted to make you understand, we’re not trying to bother you. And the reason we talk to you is in case you saw that one little thing. Maybe even before that you don’t know is related of after. That’s why we came to talk to you. And, uh you know, get the word. Obviously, I’m sure you wanted to get your story to the police, too. I, you haven’t talked to anybody, yet, have you? No. And just so I got it correctly, you, you went and got your haircut in the Great Clips in that same plaza first? Mm hm (yes). Okay. And then, um, when you went over to the Safeway, uh, the process was, your wife was number two on the list and you were number three to talk with the Congresswoman? Yes. Did you have to actually stand in line first? Or did you. Uh, we sitting there. There was, you know, chairs. Uh huh (yes) Um, you know, lined up there against the store front glass. Mm hm (yes). And, um, I spoke briefly with Pam Simon. Okay. And, uh, uh, as well as, uh, several other gentlemen. Uh, uh, well, I, I just feel so surreal to…

Q. A. Q. A.

Q. Q2.

A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A.


STATEMENT OF JAMES TUCKER – CASE #110108078 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Sure. …be there one second and, you know, a few seconds later there gone.


And did they have like a set, a bunch of tables set up, people are telling us or? There were two tables set up. One, uh, was kind of turned well, with the, the folding chairs. White frame folding chairs and blue. Mm hm (yes). Uh, uh, cushions. But, there was kind of the yellow barrier tape that there, the, the other side of that was, you know, folding tables. And then, uh, so, that was like facing northwest. I think there’s another, uh, another table, you know, um, running north south, you know, to the west side it, it. Yeah. Between that table and the building, is where, uh, Congresswoman Giffords were looking on you. So, your wife was actually, when you hear the pop noises, your wife was actually talking to the Congresswoman? That’s a yes? Yeah. I’m just making sure for the tape here. That’s all. Yes. Okay. And, um, is, are they separated by the tape? Or they kind of just sitting right next to. No, no they were standing right next to, you know, two feet… Okay. …away from each other. And were they standing or sitting? Standing. Standing. Okay. And, um, and are you right next to your wife at that point? No. I was, uh, like if, uh, you were, uh, Miss Giffords, I would be my wife. You would be me. Okay. In terms of positions. Okay. So, so you were, you were to your wife’s right? Is that? No. No? No. My wife was here. Oh, okay. I was seated to the left. I was over here.

Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A.


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Oh, okay. I see. And, um, so, uh, and then the first shoot, were, anything was the noise, not a, you didn’t see anything first? You heard something first? Is that what you’re saying? I heard something first. And it just had a everything sounded muffled. Mm hm (yes). Uh, besides the pop, pop, pop. And I realized I was on the ground. It was all pretty surreal. Okay. Uh, you know, not that I’ve ever been shot before. ____, so, _____ sensation. Um, if, when you’re feeling better if something we were to come back and draw a little diagram, would that help? Yeah. You’d be able to do that a little later on maybe when you’re feeling a little better? Yeah. Put people where they are? Okay. I, I would just hope. Okay. Yeah, where they, are _____. You gonna be out of here soon or? Possibly tomorrow. Well that’s good. Uh, we’ll see how they do with, um, close up those incisions. But, uh, _____ all. Mm hm (yes). It’s gonna be, you know, it will take a while for this to heal. Sure. Uh, physical therapy. Mm hm (yes). The, right now my right arm is just dead weight. Yeah. Uh. Um, and, uh, like, I just, I think, uh, you already told us. You never saw the actual guy or guys that had any kind of guns or were shooting or anything? No. Okay. I was facing, uh, Congresswoman Giffords. Okay. Uh, my wife was facing her as well.


STATEMENT OF JAMES TUCKER – CASE #110108078 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Q2. A. Q2. A. Okay. Even though Congressman Giffords is turned more, talking to my wife.


Okay. And were there other people beyond her? Associated with her? Whether it be staff, or, or on the other side of here? Do you recall? I did know who they were. I did recognize, uh, further to the south, um, I forget his name. But, I’ve seen his picture on the editorial page of, uh, Tucson Citizen. It’s like a, it’s publisher. Oh, okay. Uh, Hatfield. Or something like that. But, anyway, uh, I recognized him. Okay. And that’s further south, kind of more towards the front door? Basically? Yeah. More like in front of the front door. Okay. Anything else you can think of that, you know, you want to add? Or that. I know it happens all fast and everything, you know, so. No. I’ve had a lot of time to think about it. Mm hm (yes). Uh. Sure. You don’t sleep in the hospital. Yeah, that’s true. You know? Yeah. Um, and, I guess just so, earlier that day, you guys had come from where early in the morning? From our home. From your house. Okay. Yeah, we live about two miles west and one mile south. Okay. all right. ALL RIGHT. THAT’S, UH, ALL THE QUESTIONS WE HAVE. IT’S, UH, 1105 HOURS. AND GOING OFF RECORDING.

Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. A. Q2. Q.



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