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All the way back, so that you could drop the clip to how it gets when the clip runs out and you can. Right. Flop another one in. The gun was in that position. Okay. Roger, for the record, we’re, we’re back on the record now. I, I apologize for __. That’s okay. I want to make sure we get it. Um, the agent asked you a question. Do you remember what that question was? The question was what position was the gun in as far as when I saw it, right? Correct. If, if you heard it click back. If it was. I did not hear it click back, but I saw it cl-, the slide click back in the position where that indicates to me that the clip is empty or the clip t-, can come out and you can put another one in there. And he did have, at least I saw, at least three more clips. Did you see him reach for a pocket at that time? He couldn’t reach for, he couldn’t reach for nothing when he was on the ground. If he would’ve reached for anything. Okay. And so again, y-, you own guns, so you know it’s, it’s completely lock-, you know what a gun is when it’s you just see a gun versus its locked back. I do. The, and. I do. Okay. And the bar-, it was locked back? I do and it was. And again, just so, so we did start recording this again. Um, as far as a, you said a, a, a guy had picked up the gun? Yeah. Somebody had picked up the gun and it was, I heard people yelling about I’m gonna shoot him. And somebody else, I think a woman, yelling no, don’t, just put the gun down. You know? And the gun eventually was put back down. And somebody put their foot on top of the gun, although it was a good three feet from this guy’s outstretched hand which was not going anywhere anyway. Was the gu-, when the person, I, I, you, you don’t, I, I think you don’t remember anything about the guy that picked up the gun. So do you know if the gun was still locked back at that point? It was.

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It was locked back when the, the guy picked up the gun? It was. I looked at it because it seemed, um, you know, with the, with the slide pulled back it, it looked more like a small, like a oozie. You know it made the gun look much bigger than it really was. So, and I recognized that. I mean I, you know, I, you know. And you can’t remember if the magazine was in it or? The magazine, there was a, there was an extended magazine that either fell out of the gun itself or, and I do not believe the magazine was in the gun. And then three more clips ca-, spilled out of his pants pockets. Okay. So I don’t know if that’s answering the question for you. You’re fine. The gun appeared slid back. I do not believe there was a clip in it. This long, extended clip was laying not, not in the gun. How long were you in the position you were in with him before he was actually taken into custody by? Oh man, awhile. I mean we, we were all, don’t take this wrong. No. But we were all going, like, where the fuck is the police and the fire and the ambulances. And the police got here, I probably was on him for, man, time, I don’t know, four or five minutes, maybe more. Okay. So if it, it, let’s, let’s, so for ___, this was supposed to start at 10:00. Was it running on time? No. It was, was it running late? Yeah, maybe ten minutes late. Okay. So her first photo with that gentleman was probably about ten minutes late? I would guess. __. But then according to my, I looked at my wa-, I looked at my watch, my phone when I got here to get the time, ‘cause I don’t wear a watch, and it said about n-, twenty minutes to 10:00. I looked at it again and, um, when she pulled up, ‘cause she drives a Toyota 4Runner. Mm hm (yes). And I recognized the car. And I turned to my wife and said the boss is here. Mm hm (yes).

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And I looked at my watch again and it was, like, two minutes after 10:00, maybe. And she just walked up, and there were, like, hugs all around to people who work at her congressional office. Mm hm (yes). And she just got right to it. I mean. What color Toyota does she, or what ____ color car? I think it’s a, I think it’s green. Green? Where did she park? Over in front of the Walgreen’s. Okay. Okay. __? I’m good. Okay. Um, Roger, as, as things enter our mind, we’re probably gonna have additional questions for you later. And after we take this to her boss, they’re probably going to have a bunch of questions also. So we may have to, to do this again in terms of supplemental information, but that’s just the way that this goes. I’m giving you fair warning, so. Just get me wife’s phone back. Yeah, we’ll do what, we will do what we can. It has no bearing on what’s going on here whatsoever, and it would be just a horrible expense and pain in the butt to have to buy another one. We understand. All right, Roger, I, I appreciate it. Um, thank you, sir. Okay? So am I, well, you, are you talking to my wife at this very moment, too, somebody else? Can we go?

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(END OF RECORDING) WITNESS: Reviewed and corrected by Det. C.D. Garcia Jr. #1390 _________________________________________ DET. GARCIA #1390 TRANSCRIBED BY: D. CORNELIUS, JANUARY 10, 2011


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