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What is homeopathy? How homeopathy differs from allopathy? What ailments can be treated with homeopathy? Is homeopathy safe? How are homeopathic medicines administered? How are homeopathy medicines selected? What are the sources of homeopathy medicines? How are homeopathy medicines prepared and what are homeopathic potencies? How do homeopathic medicines work? Short Materia Medica of some homeopathic medicines. Assorted queries from 'Ask Dr. B' Where to find more information? Online Test

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Chapter 1 - What is Homeopathy?
Definition - Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine that is based on the principle of similars- like cures like - which means that a substance that can cause certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure similar symptoms in an unhealthy person. Homeopathy aims to aid and stimulate the body's own defense and immune processes. Homeopathic medicines are derived from a variety of plants, animal materials and minerals. These medicines are prescribed to fit each individual's needs, given in much smaller and less toxic doses than traditional medications, and are used for both prevention and treatment. Established 200 years ago by German physician Samuel Hahneman, and is recognized by the World Health Organization as the second largest therapeutic system in the world. ---------------------------------------------------------------Homeopathy is a system of medicine, which was discovered and developed by a German allopathic physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, between 1792 and 1842. The then prevalent system of medicine was not at all scientific (in its modern sense). The knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology etc. was not advanced enough. Most of these sciences were still in their infancy in the 18th century. Most of the disease causing organisms and conditions were still unknown to the medical fraternity. So the treatment for most diseases was eclectic. Everyone treated their patients according to their own whims and fancies. Methods like bloodletting, leeching, purging, giving crude doses of mercury etc. were the common treatment for most disorders. Dr. Hahnemann was very dissatisfied with the limited knowledge of human organism, disease process and the effects of medicines being used. So, he left his medical career and took up translation work to support his family. While translating Dr. Cullen's book of medicine (Dr. Cullen was a professor of medicine in university), Dr. Hahnemann came across a line in which Dr. Cullen attributed the curative action of Cinchona bark (from which quinine is prepared) in malarial fever to the fact that it was bitter. Dr. Hahnemann was not satisfied with this explanation as there were so many bitter substances around but none other showed any curative action in malarial fever.

To find the truth, he decided to investigate the action of Cinchona bark extract by taking the medicine himself. After taking the medicine for 2 days, he found that symptoms similar to malaria developed in him. He was amazed with this observation. He repeated the experiment on many friends and family members and found the same results. So from this observation he

pathology. It went through a phase of decline in 20th century when the sciences considered auxiliary to allopathic medicine (anatomy. After discovering that one basic principle in 1792. this science is gradually coming back to the center-stage! . it means that a medicine can cure those symptoms in a diseased person. and Norway. Today there are more than 400 Homeopathy Medical Colleges in the world. Since then it has been tested millions of times and has stood the test of time. Pakistan.00. But now.deduced that Cinchona bark is able to cure malaria because when taken by a healthy human being. He tested medicines with known therapeutic values on his friends and family and discovered that this is a general law which decided the curative action of all medicines. modern drugs like antibiotics and painkillers came into existence. Then he started working on this concept further to find if this a specific observation or a general truth applicable to all drugs. surgery) became more advanced. at least 5. it can create malaria like symptoms. Hahnemann established Homeopathy as a full system of medicine in the next 50 years. which. the legal status of Homeopathy is already at par with allopathy. as apparent limitations of these modern wonder (!) drugs are being realized and more work is being done on scientific and clinical research in Homeopathy. and insurance companies took hold of the medical practice. It has been more than two centuries since he discovered this law. Homeopathy became very popular in the 19th century. Simply stated. He called it 'Similia Similbus Curantur' or 'Like Cures Like'. Homeopathic medicines are available in most countries and in some countries like India. physiology. it can produce in healthy individuals.000 practitioners. and millions of patients using Homeopathy.

This is how Homeopathy works! . These work by killing the bacteria and viruses respectively. steroids.How homeopathy differs from allopathy or conventional medicine? Have you ever wondered about the days of your great grandmother. It kills the bacteria but does nothing to remove the predisposition of disease and the weakness of immune system. when there were no antibiotics. This is how allopathy or conventional medicine works. But how? What used to kill the bacteria. The second way in which a medicine can help the body in overcoming diseases is to strengthen our body's inherent immune system and let the body take care of the disease causing agents. Most of the time they used to get out of it. it weakens it further. In this process they weaken the body's inherent defense mechanism. body activates its defense system and fights the disease causing agents. and anti-inflammatory drugs to fight disease with? How did the people used to get cured of their illness till a couple of decades ago? The people did not used to succumb to every minor and major illness. painkillers. and parasites causing disease in those days? Their own immune system! Yes! our body has a very strong defense mechanism. predisposing it to more and frequent diseases. Thus there is overall health benefit. Instead. One is to add foreign chemical or biological agents in our body in the form of antibiotics and antiviral drugs. First. which initially resulted in the establishment of disease process. as our body's own army of white cells becomes secondary. capable of fighting most disease conditions. Secondly. viruses.Chapter 2 . When our body suffers from any disease. in this process as the immune system is further strengthened. the disease is cured very rapidly and effectively without the side-effects of the modern wonder drugs(!). In this way two objectives are attained. the predisposition to disease forms is overcome and their recurrence prevented. Now medicine can help in overcoming disease in two ways.

migraine. other hormonal disorders. So if you do not get benefit from Homeopathy at first. Be it skin disease. The reason for this is that Homeopathy is the only system of medicine which offers curative treatment (not palliative) in many chronic ailments which have been declared 'incurable' by other schools of medicine. Even in cases where curative treatment is not possible. asthma. most 'curable' cases that do not respond to Homeopathy are due to improper selection of medicine or potency and case management. menstrual complaints. All these and many more chronic ailments have been affected curatively by Homeopathy. Gross structural and pathological changes. appendices etc. it is said that Homeopathy never fails. chronic fatigue syndrome. chronic gastric and intestinal disorders. And although Homeopathy has it's limitations. don't dump Homeopathy . adenoids. The only major limiting factors are 1. 2. Then Homeopathy is also known to make surgery unnecessary on many occasions. Homeopathy is also very effective in the treatment of acute ailments. And the action of a rightly selected homeopathic medicine is usually faster than any other medicines. Unavoidable presence of certain causative or maintaining factors. 3. Many a tonsils. One last thing! In Homeopathy. arthritis. Very low vitality of the patient. management and palliation with homeopathic medicines is very effective and improves the quality of life of such patients without making them suffer with the side-effects of the modern wonder-drugs ( ! ). allergic disorders.What Ailments can be Treated with Homeopathy? Almost all ailments are amenable to homeopathic treatment. But Homeopathy is best known for its ability to treat chronic ailments. Benign tumors and renal stones also respond well to homeopathic treatment. have been saved with Homeopathy. like advanced cases of arthritis. it's the Homeopath that fails. Not only is this. malignancies etc.Chapter 3 .dump the Homeopath! . under proper homeopathic treatment the tendency to frequent recurrence of acutes and their tendency to become chronic aborted. psychological disorders etc.

Homeopathy medicines usually do not have any side-effects (as understood in conventional medicine) and they can not cause structural damage in general.Chapter 4 .Do not try to treat any chronic ailment yourself. In many countries. They can be given to infants and pregnant woman too. This does not mean that homeopathic medicines are totally harmless. The medicines are harmless only when selected properly and used in moderate potencies for a limited time or when taken under expert guidance. . Homeopathy medicines are given in sub-physiological doses (as dilution). Homeopathy medicines are safe only when used judiciously. use medicines in lower potencies like 6c. Homeopathy medicines have a very profound action on human economy. which do not need a prescription.Are Homeopathy Medicines Safe? Yes! They usually are. Since they work 'with' our immune system and not 'in spite' of our immune system.If the medicine does not give desired results in a day or two. . they usually do not cause adverse reactions. so they should not be taken without consulting a qualified homeopath. medicinal symptoms can appear in a person. seek professional help. . 30c etc. There is no such thing in this world as 'totally-safe'.Do not repeat the medicine more than 3/4 times a day. If you plan to use homeopathy remedies as home-remedies. If the person taking the medicine is too sensitive or if the medicines are used in very high/very low dilutions (depending on the patients sensitivity) for long periods. They do not have any chemicals or added colors in them. at least follow these guidelines .For acute conditions. . homeopathy medicines are available as over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. 12c.

put 5 to 15 drops of medicine in the vial. If you have the medicine in liquid form. it should be drained by slightly tilting the vial.How Homeopathy Medicines are Administered? This one is relatively easy to understand.The liquid medicine can directly be taken on the tongue also. Keep the filled level slightly below the neck of bottle. 1 to 10 pills can be taken at a time. Theoretically. 1 . The liquid medicines can also be used to medicate sugar pills. the size and number of globule does not matter much. . In old days. These days this rule is not followed strictly and is not known to make any difference either.4 teaspoons of water can be taken as one dose.liquid and medicated globules (sugar pills). . The medicines have high alcohol content. The ideal amount is that which is able to moisten all globules and there is no free fluid left at the base. * If there is excess fluid left at the bottom. so this is not the most preferred way. * Then put the cap of the vial back and shake it slightly to ensure that all globules get uniformly moistened.Chapter 5 . it was recommended that the medicated globules should be dried on blotting paper before use.2 to 4 drops of liquid medicine dissolved in 2 . depending upon the size of globule. If you have the medicine in medicated globules. Keep this as a standard. you can take/administer it in the following ways . following steps are followed * Fill a small glass/plastic vial (bottle) (1 to 4 drachma size) with sugar pills. The medicines are available in the market in 2 forms .2 drops at a time. especially for children. whatever be the quantity of globules. 1 globule of any size can be taken. * Depending upon the size of vial. To medicate the globules. 4 to 6 pills are often taken as one dose for the sake of convenience. But as the pills are very small in size.

Homeopathy medicines can also be administered by olfaction or by gently rubbing them on skin. instead of cane sugar pills. It is a bit complicated. These methods are not very popular and not known to be equally effective. This method is also equally effective. You will learn about it later. But they do work! Homeopathy medicines for the LM scale are dispensed in a special way. homeopathy medicines are dispensed in 'sugar of milk' powder. It is specially suitable. .Sometimes. if you need to dispense just one or two doses of a medicine.

A process in which a medicinal substance is given to a group of healthy people and the signs and symptoms thus produced are recorded. diarrhea. Only the symptoms of the acute ailment may be sufficient to prescribe a remedy. Drug Proving . After a homeopath gathers this information he/she uses the repertory to find out which medicines are most indicated for the case. cold etc. Materia Medica . Repertory . Case Taking . cough.A dictionary like index of symptoms. physical and psychological makeup of the person etc. let us first understand some basic words and definitions. to the actual signs and symptoms experienced by the patient.The process of initial consultation of a patient with a homeopath in which the patient presents his/her history/complaints to the physician in detail. . the aggravating and ameliorating factors. This whole process of understanding the 'person' who is ill can take many hours (in chronic ailments). This is a long process and requires lot of skill from the homeopath.. Then the homeopath uses his/her knowledge of Materia Medica to find out the remedy that best fits the case.A book which contains information about the action of various homeopathy medicines. Now we come back to the original question of how the homeopathy medicines are selected. maintaining factors. The discussion goes beyond the disease name. accompanying ailments. These days special software are available which help a homeopath in the process of case analysis and repertorization. such detail case taking may not be required. When a patient comes to a homeopath for the first time. the homeopath takes a detail interview to find out as much as possible about the complaints of the patient as well as about the patient himself.How Homeopathy Medicines are Selected? Before we deal with this. causative factors.Chapter 6 . Each symptom is followed by a list of medicines that have produced that symptom during proving. In acute cases like fever.

it always seeks to individualize. concomitant symptoms etc.What is Individualization? Individualization is the process of differentiating an object or a person from a class or group of similar objects or persons. salivation. likes. patterns of sweating. During a homeopathy drug proving the effect of a drug is closely studied on all parts of the body and in large number of people. hobbies. aching. then the symptom is completed with the location of pain. . its study of the Materia Medica compiled from those provings. colic. It is a character of homeopathy that all its practical processes are governed by the process of individualization. For e. much finer symptoms are elicited. These and many other traits help to create our individuality. are not of much use to a homeopath and in homeopathy drug provings. if a medicine produces headache during a homeopathic drug-proving. bursting.Chapter 7 . This gives us the full range of action of the medicine. desires. type of pain (throbbing. The crude sensations and symptoms like headache. diarrhea etc. The complete information allows us to differentiate various medicine producing headache in drug-provings or to say in other words the information allows us to differentiate various medicines capable of curing headache. burning etc. Individualization of Drugs Homeopathy recognizes the individuality of each drug and substance in nature. built. sleep. And no one would argue that inspite of that similarity in our structure and functions. In its drug-proving. Individualization of a Case / Patient No one would argue that all healthy human beings are anatomically and physiologically alike.. thermal reaction. we all have our individuality. expressions. We all have our way of thinking. susceptibility to various external influences and diseases etc.). emotions. reflexes. its selection of the remedy and its conduct of whatever auxiliary treatment is required. aggravating and ameliorating factors. its examination of the patient and study of the case. dreams. aversions. Its method of testing or 'proving' drugs upon the healthy human beings is designed and used for the purpose of bringing out the individuality of each drug so that its full power and relations are established. dislikes.g.

are sought to find out the individuality of the patient. Every person reacts to any external agent according to his/her individuality and so a persons individuality is reflected in his/her disease too.. may feel better in the evening or in morning hours etc. In every case of a disease. Such symptoms help us in individualizing a patient and selecting a similar remedy for him.. The entire examination of a patient is conducted with a view to discover not only the common symptoms of a case/disease by which it may be classified diagnostically and pathologically. may have perspiration on a specific part like face or soles. They reflect the individual reaction of a person to a morbific agent. burning pain in esophagus and sour eructation are common symptoms of gastric acidity. we also have an individuality in disease.g. are exactly alike. Homeopathy recognizes the individuality of each patient. but the special and particular symptoms which differentiate the case from others of the same general class. Common symptoms are those symptoms which are found in most cases of a particular disease.g. The signs and symptoms of a disease are nothing but the reaction of a person to the disease causing morbific agent or stimulus. may have thirst for cold or warm drinks. it treats the patient. In clinical practice these 'differences' are usually the deciding factor in the choice of the remedy.. It recognizes the fact that no two cases or patients. even with the same disease. For e. it individualizes! . Fever with shivering is a common symptom of malaria. a person gives two types of symptoms . It is said that homeopathy does not treat disease. It maintains that a true therapeutic science must enable the physician to recognize these differences and find the needed remedy for each individual.As we all have an individuality in health. In other words.Common and Uncommon. For e. Common symptoms help us in disease diagnosis and in suggesting the prognosis and general management to a case. Such characters reflect the individuality of a patient and are of great use to a homeopath in selecting the right remedy. a person suffering from fever can be restless or dull. Uncommon symptoms are those symptoms which are found in very few patient suffering from a particular disease / condition.

But would you call her healthy? I know a man. Health is a concept which does not merely relate to the absence of disease. And many people who are suffering from some known disease. He behaves with her as if she is his servant.Chapter 8 . He does not help his wife with family responsibilities. Health is a primary state. who is a couch potato. It relates to a person as a whole. He has no known disease. Not just the person you see. Or is there more to health? Let us explore.it tries to define a primary state through a secondary state. but also the person you 'feel'. of healthy working of organs.Physical Health Let us explore each one of these.Emotional Health . Does being free from any disease which can be given a name. Health is a holistic concept. may be relatively healthy. Health is a triune of three parts: . But would you call him healthy? I know a man who brags about his achievements till everybody around drops dead. makes one healthy? I think. no. It cannot be fully defined through a secondary phenomenon. * Health is a state of perfect harmony between all the organs and systems of the body. a woman who snobs at everyone. He goes to his job and does nothing else. I know a woman who likes to show off her tons of jewelry to those who can't have it. or having good thoughts. .Concept of Health What is health? How do you define it? * Health is a state of being free from any disease. disease. Most people who consider themselves healthy are not. The first definition of health has a basic fault in it . I know so many people who have no known disease and yet they are not healthy. He has no known disease. But would you call him healthy? 'Health' is an elusive word. She has no known disease. And then there is a larger question.Mental Health .

we say that these people have low immunity. It is quite natural and also good for our immune system. but it basically covers everything like:      All the body parts should be there All of them are in their natural place and position None of them has any pathology All of them are doing their physiological functions properly And they work with each other harmoniously This may seem a bit idealistic to some. But even this definition does not cover it all. Occasional sickness keeps our immune system in a ready state. . Their system breaks down with every stressful condition. Physical health can be defined as a state in which all the body parts are anatomically intact and are performing their physiological functions perfectly and harmoniously. a fever. It is a very simplistic definition. 'Not falling ill at all is also not a sign of good health' This statement needs to be understood carefully. Now in common parlance.Physical Health : This is probably the easiest to define and yet it is sometimes the most difficult to understand. So we can add another aspect to the above definition of physical health:  The anatomical and functional integrity of the body parts and systems should be maintained under moderate stress. There is nothing wrong in getting an occasional acute ailment. Read the following statement carefully. But the fact is that most of these people have normal blood counts and normal immunological tests. but here we are talking about the ideals. Let me give an example. Now a bit more tricky part. or a stomach bug. And yet they are not perfectly healthy. There are lots of people around us who catch a cold with every change of season or with every sudden change of temperature. So when these people are not down with cold they are in perfect health as per the above definition. It is a normal phenomenon to occasionally get a cold.

Although they are totally related but there is a difference of degrees. then go to a mental asylum and inquire about the rate of prevalence of acute ailments. and remember . . In fact many of these people are more ill than their counterparts who keep getting their occasional acutes. judge. My focus here is on the concept of mental health and not on mental sickness. but these signs do show that these people are not in their optimum mental health. Think about the people around you who need to be told everything twice before they understand you. Such people are more affected on the mental and emotional plane. I will not talk here about the mental sickness that takes some of us to asylums. I say this because these people are not super humans and most of them are not in 'ideal' health either. People whose perceptions are delusional. People who take wrong decisions even when facts are against their decision. Not everyone can have the same level of mental faculties. Now let us move on to the mental health. or about certain cultural and political ideologies. People who have never had a cold or never had a fever in ten years. And then think about the children at school who do not seem to remember anything. If you want to cross-check my statement. we basically refer to our capability to perceive. Not all of these people are healthy. But the result of these forces is not seen on physical plane. You will find it extremely low. who have rather strange perceptions of people around them. The fact is that these people do get affected by environmental factors and other stresses. Mental Health : When we talk about mind. And the housewife who looks for her specs while wearing them on her nose. comprehend. But many of them are. think. Think about the people who either do not think at all (thoughtless ones) or who think too much. They become 'dis-eased' but their disease is not easily apparent on the physical level. Think about all the people you know.But you might have seen many people around you. Now pause for a moment and think. I do not intend to say that all such people are mentally ill. who never seem to get an acute illness.the intellectual and reasoning faculties.

As we appreciate changes in the normal functioning of body parts as probable signs of disease. But in this part. similarly. until the things start taking bad shape. . Most of us are unable to recognize when our mental health starts to fail. But still we can set some reasonable standards. Emotional Health : Our brain is the part which regulates both our mental and emotional faculties. having the ability to perceive things as they are. our ability to reason and judge ourselves is also affected. They are at best 'deviations' that need correction through social and medical therapies. But even that has its limitations. These are just some of the basics and even these cannot be given a measuring scale.There is no absolute definition for mental health as there is a great variation in the level of mental faculties among people.without reaching to any conclusions! The modern medical science does not consider a person mentally ill. I will specifically focus on the emotional health. and not as one thinks they are. if he or she can not be given a disease label to wear. most of the people who suffer from some psychological disease are both mentally and emotionally ill. The only measuring scale we have is that of social average. having the ability to understand the social structure and ability to comprehend vocal and other forms of communication within that social structure  having a reasonable ability to make judgments regarding good and bad or right and wrong. But look around you and you will see so many 'mentals' moving around. So these two are highly related.  having the ability to remember and reproduce information collected through various senses or through learning to a reasonable degree. we should appreciate the subtle signs which reflect a change in our mental being. In fact. The concept of mental health is so vast that whole books can be written about it. And so people often do not realize that they are not in optimum mental health. Most mental deviations cannot be labeled as 'disease'. The reason for this is that when our mind is affected. Some of the markers of mental health can be:    having a mental aptitude near or above social average.

Suppose somebody abuses you. There is a primary stimulus which generates the 'emotions' based on the perception of stimulus. In this state we say a person is 'angry'. which in turn. affect our response to the same stimulus on the physical and mental plane. . Through social learning we are taught the meaning of love. your mind perceives it as a threat or offense based on its social learning.Technically speaking. Other kind of emotions are also generated in a similar way. Based on the perception of stimulus. joy. anger etc. This is what is inherent in us. some neuro-hormonal reactions are generated which create 'emotions'. Our subconscious mental awareness is probably a mental reflex action that comes without learning. Our mind generate negative thoughts towards the concerned person. and which leads to appropriate physical and mental response. muscles in face and the other parts of the body become tense in anticipation of further action.. But this is the primary response occurring as a reflex phenomenon.love. What kind of emotional response is generated depends on two factors . anger. they are generated in our brain. All the emotions we feel . or just walk away. sorrow etc. Let me give an example. What we perceive as 'anger' is the after result of that processing. hate. but it is a fact. The question is how is this 'anger' generated? And why only 'anger' is produced? Why do not you fall in love when somebody abuses you? First. For e. hate. Afterwards you feel angry towards that person. This secondary reaction is based on the intensity of emotions and the integrity of the regulatory mechanisms in our brain. The second thing that affects our emotions is our learning. This may sound like a very unromantic explanation. a young child also shows reaction to anger and shouting.. let me answer the second question. and we are taught to differentiate them. The winking rate decreases. The moment somebody abuses you. Now I come back to the first question as to how 'anger' is generated.our subconscious mental awareness and. Our eyes become prominent. are nothing but some primitive algorithms that are processed to generate response on the physical and mental level. joy. Emotions do not come from our heart.g. our emotions are neuro-hormonal reactions occurring in response to some physical or mental stimulus. through social learning. The concentration level of mind increases and it is focused on the current situation. To counter this threat. There can be a secondary phenomenon like you can also hurl abuses or hit the person. the mind needs to prepare the body and itself for some reaction.

but ultimately it is the person as a whole that is affected. There is no measurable way to define emotional health. then everything is not right with you. You cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body or healthy emotions and vice-versa. . But if you can't let that anger go for a very long time. But emotional health. who fear every passing wind. It is normal to be angry when somebody abuses you. Our brain can produce too strong an emotional response for a small stimulus or it may produce a very weak response against a strong stimulus. It s normal to feel sad when somebody close to you passes away. so can they go wrong at the emotional level.I have delved deep into the probable mechanism of emotions so that it becomes easy to understand how our emotional health can fail just as our physical health does. These people do not have any 'disease' and yet these people are not 'healthy'! The Triune: So far. The response may persist for too little a duration or too long a duration. and physical health are not separate entities. Let me give some real life examples to explain this. who are unable to fight when they need to. who lose their ability to reason when they fall in love. able to express the thoughts generated as a result of emotions)  able to regulate the mental and physical response generated due to an emotion. These are only a few raw examples. Our emotions show very fine variations from person to person. As the physiological reactions taking place in our liver or lungs can go awry. If you always feel elated (not just happy) without any good reason then you are not emotionally healthy. The three basic attributes that can be given to an emotionally healthy person are: An emotionally healthy person is   able to show correct emotional response based on the stimulus able to express his emotions (actually. The degree to which one of these components is affected can vary from person to person. I have discussed the three components of health as separate entities to understand each one of them more thoroughly. mental health. There are so many people around us who are unable to cry when they need to. But if you try to kill yourself after that. then you are not emotionally healthy.

mental. The dominant medical school still has to realize that just as the parts of a human body can not work in isolation. I did not discuss the causes for the derangement of health. 1. Through ages. nor in disease. Now let me elaborate some of the most common factors affecting our health. They also decide which plane is affected the most in a particular person. But what most of us do not realize is that children can also inherit the 'father's temperament' or 'mother's thought process'. mental. and emotional health. it is known to humanity that children tend to inherit their 'mother's nose' or their 'father's eyes'. Our mind and body are so closely integrated that when one is affected there are bound to be repercussions on the other. We can not forget that every part in our body and every cell in those parts has come from a single cell. can be associated with signs and symptoms on the other planes. These are not isolated examples. These are components which can not be separated neither in health. And as children inherit the physical and mental makeup from their parents. be it physical or psychological. Nearly every known disease. A cell which had a life force of its own. they also inherit the tendencies and susceptibilities to acquire . mental anxiety (which often results from emotional problems) is a well known cause for peptic ulcers and hypertension. Factors for Failing Health : While discussing physical. Again. And this is the reason why Homeopathy is so different from every other system of medicine. they also can not fall ill in isolation. There can not be a disturbed liver or a damaged lung unless and until there is a primary disturbance which affects the person as a whole. How can any one dissociate the body parts which have all come from one single cell? Leave aside the differentiation of parts. I left that part because there is hardly any cause which affects one plane without affecting the others.This understanding of the human being is why I like Homeopathy so much. and physical is not totally true. Let me give some examples to elaborate this. even the classification of health as emotional.Genes: Yes! our genes are one of the biggest factors in deciding the way in which our health gets deranged. Even a small cut in your hand (physical plane) can make you worry (mental plane) about the bleeding or injury in general and can make you angry (emotional plane) with yourself that you were not careful enough.

etc. Noise pollution is a recognized factor in increasing anxiety and stress levels in our society. and parasites. increased anxiety and tensions related to education. long working hours. Depleting ozone layer is a known factor in increasing rate of skin cancers. 'tendency to worry a lot'. are some of the factors that are responsible for decreasing the health status of our society at large. Allopathic drugs not only have their side-effects.it is a well known fact that conditions like obesity. Increasing sedentary habits. job. Allopathic Drugs: Even allopaths say that allopathic drugs are one of the biggest cause of health problems today. reduced rest hours. 2. For example . One factor that I have left and which is commonly considered a cause for illness is . but their excessive use is decreasing the immunity level of our society at large. and earth is a well known factor in the increasing level of many diseases. often run in families. People keep suppressing their ailments and keep working until their body finally gives up. 4. performance. crohn's disease.diseases. Environmental factors: Increasing pollution of our air. these factors are playing havoc with our health. poor in fiber content and with loads of artificial colors and flavors. career. diabetes. water. There is a high level of asthma and other allergic complaints in urban areas. diet containing highly processed food. peptic ulcers.bacteria. Defective genes sometimes directly result in diseases. hypertension. These are some of the major factors. What we commonly call as genetic disorders. or the 'tendency to catch a cold frequently' can be attributed to our genetic inheritance. Coupled with environmental factors and allopathic drugs. 3. But even the 'emotional instability'. The pill-popping culture is an open invitation to chronic ailments. What about these? Are they not . depression etc. viruses. Lifestyle and Social factors: Our contemporary life style is the second biggest factor for failing health of people.

And it is this spirit like vital force which gets deranged before we fall sick. you cannot logically disbelieve the spirit within us. And people themselves act as the carriers and create conditions for their spread.a major cause of disease? Yes. To begin with. he is within us. There is a big question that follows this one. People through their lifestyle and drug-abuse.'NO'. The first question that comes up in context of spiritual health is whether you believe in spirits? And then there are related questions like . Wait! Don't jump to any conclusions. Bacteria and viruses cannot rage a war against us . which animates us. are not a major cause of human sickness:  Social health If a person gets infected by a potent microbe and has a low immunity against it. etc.if there is no drug abuse. But bacteria and viruses are not a cause for decreasing health status of our society. then he may fall ill. All are very philosophical questions and the only answer scientific reasoning can give to them is . we cannot just shun the beliefs of a large proportion of humanity. The 'Goodness' in you is the God you think about. they are a cause of disease . viruses etc. I believe if there is any God. The ability of these microorganisms to make a person sick relies on two factors:   virulence (quality and quantity) immunity Plus there is a third factor that made me say that bacteria. And that applies to most of the modern diseases in some way or the other.but not a major one.do you believe in God? good spirits and evil spirits? afterlife? hell and heaven? etc. And if you believe in God. And since homeopaths themselves are human beings and deal with other human beings. decrease their immunity and create fertile grounds for these microorganisms. no sexual perversions. For me God means 'Good Deeds'. Not yet. What do you understand by God and human spirit? Well! I don't know if there is something ethereal like God and spirits. I don't believe there is any God in idols and churches or heaven.it is us who help them kill us! What about Spiritual Health? I could not have left this one! Homeopathy does consider that we all have a 'spirit like' vital force. Man himself is the cause for it. no promiscuity . yes! I do believe in human spirit and God too. We need to work with them and on them. I . But I believe there is more to life than just science and so I will give my views regarding these questions in relation to the question of spiritual health. Think of it this way . Also most of the humanity believes in God.what will be the rate of infection of HIV or Hepatitis-B? Extremely low.

is what you reap. And the spirit I believe in is the summary of our physical.and I want to live it healthily. What you sow. For me 'human spirit' is what a person really is. apart from what he appears to be. it's right here and if there is a heaven. mental. I believe what goes around. So if there is a hell. But I have this life to live . What I know is that life itself is dynamic. I am not aware of my past-life or afterlives. if I had any. comes around. That's my spirit! .do not know and can not know if there is a dynamic human spirit that animates us.the life that I am aware of . and emotional health. it's right here.

Hyoscyamus. snake poisons. Lac caninum ( bitch milk). Vipera (snake poison). disease products and tissues etc. Allium cepa. Coffea. For now. Here is the list of medicinal sources with examples of medicines from each source Plant Kingdom – Aconite napellus. Belladona. Lachesis (snake poison) etc. Rhus tox. Cantharis (spanish fly). None of these medicines are given in crude or physiological doses. Chelidonium. Culex (mosquito). Nux vomica. animal products. Sometimes even diseased tissue is also used as a crude base for the preparation of homeopathy medicines. Euphrasia. Arnica montana. Blatta orientalis (cockroach). are successfully prepared to yield therapeutic benefits homeopathically. Animal Kingdom – Apis mel (honeybee). energy forms etc. Cinchona officinalis. Even otherwise harmful substances like arsenic. Agaricus muscaris. Baptisia tinctoria. here is a list of sources of homeopathy medicines along with some examples of medicines prepared from each source. minerals. Many of the medicinal sources are going to raise questions in your mind like 'How can a medicine be prepared from this substance?' or 'Are homeopaths nuts to use this as a drug?'. Mineral Kingdom – . Chamomilla. The magic of it all lies in the way homeopathy medicines are prepared.What are the Sources of Homeopathy Medicines? Homeopathy medicines are prepared from a number of sources like plants.Chapter 9 . Thuja. Do not worry. Oleander. Go through them carefully. Drosera. You will get your answers soon. Lycopodium Calendula. Sepia (cuttle fish). Dulcamara. Lecithin (egg yolk). Pulsatilla. Aloe etc. Carbo animalis (ox hide). Gelsemium. We will study that in our next chapter. Homeopathy is the only system of medicine which has been able to successfully use all forms of matter and energy for therapeutic purpose. Tarentula (spider). Digitalis.

disease products or diseases tissues) – Carcinocin (cancer tissue). Sarcodes (healthy secretions/extracts) – Adrenalinum (adrenal gland). Insulin. Nosodes (disease producing agents. Imponderabilia (energy forms) – Luna (moon). Cuprum (copper). Lactic acid. Tuberculinum (tubercular pus). Ferrum (iron). X-Ray. Thyroidinum (thyroid gland) etc. . Anthracinum (spleen of anthrax affected animal). Graphites (carbon). Aurum (gold). Medorrhinum (gonorrheal virus). Influenzium (influenza virus) etc. Psorinum (itch eruptions). Petroleum (mineral oil) etc. Electricitus (electricity) etc. Sol (sun's ray).Aluminum. Pancreatinum (pancreas). Oxalic acid. Platinum. Argentum (silver).

but can not be used in crude form.Chapter 10 . Now a days. He also realized that many substances. the medicine is diluted in a ratio of 1:99 in every potency (1C. the person suffers from severe vomiting and watery diarrhea. I will take you into the process of discovery of the methods of preparation of homeopathy medicines. This discovery has become one of the most controversial discovery of medical science ever. Hahnemann established the 'Law of Similia'. 2C. The medicines are strongly shaken after every dilution (there is a specific method for shaking). He would take 1 part of medicine.g. although acted curatively. With every successive dilution. But arsenic being a poison could not be used on the law of similars for similar cases of cholera.. While experimenting with this process.How are Homeopathy Medicines Prepared? What are Homeopathic potencies? To answer these questions. In centesimal scale. The controversy starts here because after 24th decimal dilution (24X potency) and after 12th centesimal dilution (12C potency). the medicine gets so diluted that even 1 molecule of the . which are poisonous in nature. Hahnemann started to reduce the dose of drugs.. To reduce these undue limitations. the medicine is diluted in a ratio of 1:9 in every successive preparation (potency) (1X.decimal and centesimal. he started prescribing the medicines he had tested.. material doses as was the norm those days. When Dr. the patient would be given the crude extract of the china bark (cinchona) as a medicine. he found that the medicines were acting better and more deeply..and so on). 2X. Hahnemann observed that these crude medicines. 4C. If a patient came with symptoms of malaria resembling the symptom picture produced by china bark. For e. Dr. When a person ingests some arsenic. 3C. He used to give crude. 4X. produced lot of unnecessary side effects. Dr. mix it with 9 or 99 parts of alcohol or water or sugar of milk and would shake it or grind it..and so on).. medicines are prepared in two basic scales of dilution . 3X. can alter the human state of health. he soon realized that the medicines prepared in this way were acting better than the crude medicines. In decimal scale. For e. Exactly when and how Dr.. Hahnemann stumbled upon this method of drug preparation is not known.g.

What this signature is and how it gets transferred should be left as work for physicists. while discussing the method of preparation of homeopathy medicines.How do Homeopathy Medicines Work? In the last 2 chapters. There have been many double blind clinical trials which have undoubtedly shown that homeopathy medicines have definite medical properties. you yourself will start appreciating the power of small doses of homeopathy. This is an unsolved puzzle. What is important for the patient and the homeopath is that the medicines work and work very effectively. It means. I told you that homeopathy medicines are usually given in sub-physiological doses. Some newer concepts in modern physics like 'memory of water'. A 12C is considered a low potency by homeopaths. 10000C and beyond. It has been clinically verified millions of times. The current hypothesis is that the method of shaking somehow transfers the 'electromagnetic signature' of the drug substance to the diluting vehicle. are also being used to find the physical basis of homeopathy medicines. And Frankly speaking. This is a big scientific puzzle. I do not have any specific answers to them either. The initial results are very encouraging and I expect a full answer to this puzzle within the next few years. Very soon. (Beyond 12 C potency) So if there is nothing chemical left in these medicines. kirlian photography etc. then how and why do they work? Big questions. We have just started putting the pieces of this puzzle together. Homeopaths frequently use potencies as high as 30C. 200C. Our current concepts of physics and chemistry are not able to explain what is left in these medicines at such dilution that works curatively. nuclear magnetic resonance. The current hypothesis regarding the action of homeopathy medicines is as follows - . 1000C. the homeopathy medicine 'Arsenic' does not contain even a single molecule of arsenic and the homeopathy medicine Cinchona(or china) does not contain any bark extract in it. Yet the medicines work! and work better than the lower potencies. Chapter 11 .original drug substance can not be traced in the medicine(!!!!! the Avogadro's number is crossed)).

Homeopathic medicines are only sugar pills which act more as placebos and have no medicinal value as such. This is the bottom line. Homeopathy recognizes all diseases as a process and not as an entity. create an artificial disease like state which is called proving. which are alcohol based.) are not definite entities. Fact: Homeopathy is based on experimental pharmacological and clinical data. But these act as vehicles or carriers for the medicines. They are 'states' . What transpires within the body is of academic interest.Myths about Homeopathy Myth 1. indications. peptic ulcer.states of deviation from health. Thus they are not placebos. The physical basis of the homeopathic medicines is still not clear but there is enough clinical data to prove its efficacy. What is of primary interest to people who are sick and the people who want to heal. Fact: Yes. homeopathic medicines have been extensively studied for their efficacy in a variety of data. OCD etc. Over the years. Otherwise the medicine can be taken directly or dissolved in water. All the principles of homeopathy are based on sound logic and experimental the white sugar pills. . Homeopathic medicines have been scientifically studied the world over and found to be effective in a wide range of diseases. as such do not have any medicinal value. are just the final stage of a long process. When given to a sick person having a similar 'disease state'. Homeopathy medicines when given to a healthy human being. Homeopathy is an unproved science. Clinical studies have been conducted in India as well as other countries. the medicine (somehow) stimulates the body's defense mechanism (possibly through neuro-endocrine axis) in such a specific manner that the body itself compensates the diseases state and the process of healing starts. is that homeopathy medicines can restore a persons health. which no one can deny! Chapter 12 . Myth 2.Diseases as characterized by various names (diabetes. Diseases as we know them. The way clinically health is restored through homeopathy medicines has been documented extensively and millions of times. hypertension. cancer.

For example. etc. Homeopathy is only useful in chronic cases. tobacco. Fact: Qualified doctors practice Homeopathy.Myth 3. Fact: Homeopathy like any other field of medicine. Myth 5. cough. most people take recourse in homeopathy in cases of arthritis. Also. has its limitations. Myth 6. alcohol etc. many dental cases. Myth 7. Fact: Homeopathy is fast acting in acute cases and can be effectively used in treating infections. which take a longer time to treat with any other medicines. In India. cold etc. people tend to go to a homeopath only when the acute problem becomes chronic. Unfortunately. etc. One has to follow strict dietary restrictions while on homeopathic treatment. fever.where everything else has failed! But the true reason for this perception is because people turn to homeopathy so late when everything else has failed! After years of allopathic treatment often an illness becomes chronic.000 trained homeopaths in India and at least half-million across the globe. But then. which offer degree and post -graduate studies n Homeopath At present.00. Myth 4. Naturally. coffee. Homeopathy is slow acting and cannot be used in acute cases of diarrhea. Fact: Very often it is . allergic asthma or skin conditions etc. Homeopathic doctors are quacks who do not have formal training in the field of Medicine. as these substances interfere with the action of certain homeopathic medicines. these cases take longer to treat. Homeopathy is a 'magic remedy' that can treat any disorder.. cold. there are over 200 homeopathy medical colleges and world over the number is close to 500. fever. garlic. Fact: Some patients are asked to abstain from onions. tea. in most parts of the world. restricting alcohol and tobacco is also safe and healthy. it cannot treat cases where surgery is unavoidable. there are over 2. the treatment will now naturally .

Sometimes. the dilution may be taken as drops in water or over lactose. Myth 10. Are there really no side effects of homeopathic medicine. Fact: It can be used! The minute amount of sugar globules (the little round pills) taken daily does not matter. the recovery period is very less. Myth 9. Fact: Generally there are no side effects of homeopathic medicine if prescribed in potencies of 3CH and above. they should not be taken without consultation with a qualified homeopath. 2x have some side effects of minor nature. In very severe cases.take longer than in case of using homeopathy right from the beginning. But just like any other medicine. . homeopathy medicines should be used with caution and in chronic ailments. However. homeopaths medicate with different medicines. Homeopathy medicines are equally effective in chronic and acute ailments. Myth 8. The sugar pills serve only as a vehicle for transfer of the medicine. homeopathic medicines in higher dilutions may also elicit drug-proving in sensitive individuals. some tinctures and triturates in very low potencies like Ix. The homeopath gives the same white pills for all types of illnesses. is targeted to the individual problems. Homeopathy cannot be used in diabetic patients. Sugar intake in the daily diet is significantly higher than that taken by a few globules. out of a range of more than 3000 different dilutions. The selected medicine. How can they be really effective? Fact: Depending on the illness.

You were fine till 2 hours ago and now suddenly you develop pain in throat . ACONITE: Often there are times when you feel that you are about to fall ill. anxiety and restlessness! ARNICA: Arnica is a medicine which is best known for its ability to heal in cases of injury. It will abort the illness in most cases. Do remember them. Similarly. your skin feels dry and hot. pulsatilla. when the injury results from a fall. Aconite is a medicine that can be taken in the prodormal stage of most acute ailments.aconite could be your remedy. yet you can feel dis-eased . belladona. if they develop suddenly. The stage when the disease has not localized.aconite could be the remedy. medicines and their application. nux vomica and ignatia) is given here to make you familiar with homeopathy materia medica. You went into cold air. arsenic. Aconite is a medicine to consider whenever complaints appear suddenly. carbo veg. especially. Often in aconite patients.just remember acute ailments. Many keynotes of each medicine are given in bold. arnica. aconite can be the remedy at this stage before the cold has fully gripped you.Chapter 13. and . That is aconite for you in brief . They become more anxious and restless. sudden onset. blunt instruments. concussions. you will find that they get more disturbed even with slight ailments. The ailments are slight but the slightest ailment puts them off the track. The descriptions are not very exhaustive and have been simlified for better understanding. if you suddenly develop fever. entered a warm room and suddenly started sneezing. Short Materia Medica A brief discription of 8 homeopathy medicines (aconite. especially.technically called the prodormal phase of an acute illness.. They may even develop an undue fear of disease and death. there is dryness of mouth and you feel thirsty and there is redness of face .

The pains are often worse at rest. At the very same time. bruised feeling in whole body. by motion. He/she will continue to move or change his position as long as the body permits. Many times it happens that you meet people who tell you that they suffered some injury or met with an accident many years ago. arnica is often indicated. hot drinks. The complaints of arsenic patients are often worse around midnight and midday .contusions. The feeling leads to fear of death. Although the patient feels tired. The patient exaggerates the disease and may even feel that his/her disease is incurable (even simple diarrhea or cold!!). the patient also feels mentally restless. the patient requiring arsenic often feels very prostrated. fever etc. gastritis. The arnica patient is very sensitive to touch. The arsenic patient usually feels better by heat (except in headache). lame. There is lot of anxiety too regarding his disease and health in general. arnica is often indicated.more around midnight. If there is ecchymosis or internal bleeding after an injury or if there is pus formation in soft tissue or bones (without lacerations) after injury. and sensitivity to touch . he can not rest in one place. In injuries where there is an element of shock or where the muscles are more affected with a sore. It is also a very deep acting medicine useful in many chronic ailments. very tired. Whatever be the ailment the arsenic patient shows some characteristic features. More sensitive than most people. by touch. But if you remember injury. ecchymosis. as if beaten. sore/lame/bruised feeling. cold. Arnica has more use than described here. Arnica can even heal such effects of very old injuries. The feeling of fatigue is usually not in proportion to his/her ailment. The patient feels more tired than he should for the severity of his/her ailments.you will be able to put arnica to good use! ARSENIC ALBUM: Arsenic is a medicine with a very diverse range of action. The pains felt by a patient needing arsenic are often burning in nature. To begin with. and better by lying down. . It can prove useful in many acute ailments like diarrhea. but they still feel the pain in the injured parts. Arnica can work wonders in injury cases where the flesh is not torn. hot application etc.

The patient catches cold very easily and the cold usually settles in throat. * In asthma. . and pain in the affected part. ice-water. The patient often has no thirst during fever. In headache also. During headache the face becomes red and there is throbbing pain in the head. congestion. The skin feels dry and red. It is specially useful in the pre-suppurative stage (before the pus has formed). more so on the right side. The cough is dry. Belladona is often indicated in primary stages of inflammation. * Arsenic patient often becomes nauseous with the smell or sight of food. feels dry and painful. There are some other symptoms of arsenic too that you should be aware of * Arsenic is often indicated in gastric derangement ( gastritis / diarrhea / vomiting) after cold fruits. ice-cream. the tonsils enlarge. headache. sore throat. That's arsenic in short for you! BELLADONA: The acute conditions in which belladona often finds indication are cold. noise. The pains are often very intense and they start suddenly (not gradually). fever. the arsenic patient can not lie down. In fever also the redness and heat characterizing the congestive state predominates. short and is often worse at night. the congestion and throbbing pain is found. and acute painful inflammations of all kinds. and exertion. The patient develops sore throat. old food (cases of food poisoning). The pains pointing towards belladona are usually throbbing or pulsating in nature. dentitional problems of children. when there is lot of redness. light. It becomes better on applying pressure. The heat can be very intense with little sweat. The head appears more hot. The diarrhea of arsenic patient is often worse after eating or drinking.The arsenic thirst is also very typical. The pain is worse by lying down. Feels better by sitting and bending forward. The patient feels thirsty but drinks small quantities at frequent intervals. throat appears red.

after surgical operations. yielding disposition . Loud eructations which ameliorate. It is a lifesaver remedy for the state of collapse in cholera. It is preeminently a remedy for females . when the patient is almost lifeless. gentle. Digestion is slow.: Carbo veg. and air hunger are present with most of the complaints.who cry readily. respiration quickened and there is desire to be fanned. Congestion. sluggish. lazy and has a tendency to chronicity of complaints. redness.mild. oozing from shock. Abdomen distended. fat and milk which cause flatulence. That's carbo-veg for you! PULSATILLA: On account of its changing ..Belladona is also useful in many other conditions. breath cold. plethoric. Carbo veg has pronounced action on the gastrointestinal tract. Can not bear tight clothing around waist. Aversion to meat. typhoid or other grave diseases. pulse imperceptible. The typical Carbo veg patient is fat. sluggish. heat. Hemorrhage. this remedy is known as a weather cock remedy. the upper part. from grave or serious diseases. It helps when reactivity is low. Heaviness and burning after eating. persists for hours or days. and throbbing pains are the keynotes to remember for you. flatulence. esp. where the blood is dark. It especially suits to old people with low vitality and to people who have never recovered fully from the effect of some previous illness. Alco bleeding gums. food turns into gas. CARBO VEG. made from charcoal. . Weakness. shifting symptoms. from effects of drugs etc. with cold body (head may be hot). proves useful when the vital power becomes low from loss of vital fluid.

quick. It corresponds to many diseased conditions to which a modern man is prone. open fresh air. The focus is often on 'I'. The patient is usually oversensitive to external impressions like noise. faultfinding. chilliness and shortness of breath is often present with digestive and menstrual disorders. bland. thick. business cares and worries. which ameliorates. Also there is fear to be alone. nervous and irritable. odor. It also helps when the milk is suppressed or scanty. It also helps if the labour pains are weak or when the pains after delivery are severe or when there is bleeding after delivery. Symptoms often change. optimistic. the patient is mild. Has a clinging nature. The patient craves sympathy. Although the pulsatilla is patient is very mild. headstrong and self-willed . In females there is often morbid fear of opposite sex. active. Children like fun and caress. touch etc. of ghosts in the evening. heat. Mucus discharges are profuse. light. The typical nux patient is rather this (may be potbellied). ambitious. the patients is active. fastidious. scanty and painful. and suffer in consequence. Nux is the remedy for males who are zealous. is impatient and can not stand pain. It is useful in those persons who lead a sedentary life. Easily discouraged and offended. emotional and fearful.both mentally and physically. or remain under stress and strain of prolonged office work.Thirstlessness. . Pulsatilla patient is usually worse by warmth. doing much mental work. NUX VOMICA: Nux vomica is an everyday remedy. Pulsatilla is very useful if menses are delayed at puberty or when the menses are late. evening and eating rich food and is better by cold. stimulants and drugs. yellowish-green. Such people are are apt to indulge in wine.the achievers. shift or appear contradictory. Mentally. gentle motion and weeping. Mentally. closed room. 'Me' or "Mine'. of dark. gets angry easily. woman. timid. rich food. she is also very irritable at the same time. spare. Nux affects nerves causing hypersensitiveness and overimpressionability .

grief. fats and stimulants. unsuccessful desire. mental exertion. can not bear cold. But they are quick to perceive and rapid in execution (unlike Pulsatilla). anger. loss of loved ones. disappointment of ambition etc. There is sensation as if not finished after stool. Mental conditions change rapidly from joy to sorrow. from laughing to weeping. piles better by walking etc. And pains usually occur in small circumscribed spots. get sick or have convulsions in sleep. The slightest faultfinding or contradiction excited anger. Patient is usually worse in morning. Another interesting feature of Ignatia is that its patients often sweat on face while eating. The patient can not do mental work for 2-3 hours after a meal. but easily disturbed by very slight emotion. touches noise. The Nux person craves beer. Ignatia is also oversensitive to pain. or disappointed love. Ignatia is called the remedy of contradictions as it presents lots of contradictory symptoms like thirst during chill. easily offended. must loosen clothing. and better by free discharges. with frequent. Nux patient is usually chilly.Nux is a very good remedy for gastric disturbances. Persons who become mentally of physically exhausted by long-concentrated grief. naps. There is heaviness in abdomen an hour or two after eating. Such people often have desire to be alone. IGNATIA: Ignatia is a remedy which often comes into play when there is history of suppressed anger. pain in throat better by swallowing. Also they have an avers\ion to tobacco/smoking. cough worse by coughing. after eating or overeating. milk and rest. They are amicable in disposition if feeling well. passing small stool. That's Ignatia for you! . Ignatia patients often have involuntary sighing. and this makes her angry with herself. Children when reprimanded or scolded. The person becomes moody. Constipation. dry-cold weather. Ignatia especially suits to women of a nervous temperament who have a mild disposition.

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