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-------------------------------------------------------This wor  is copyrighted to the author © 2008. Please don't remove the author information or ma e any changes to this story. All rights reserved. Than  you for your consideration. -------------------------------------------------------My Rape Fantasy By Anonymous Author (address withheld) *** I  now that I wouldn't really want to be raped. No woman would. But I can't help fantasizing about it, a lot. I can't tell you how many times I've substituted a rapist for the man I'm ma ing love to in my imagination. (MF, nc, rp, rom) ***

threatening to clic  open the blade against my vulnerable flesh. my mind racing with apprehension and excitement. pushing me toward my bedroom. You cooperate with me and I won't have to hurt you. "Keep wal ing!" he said. "Don't scream. At that moment. as I became lost in his words and his actions. We wal ed a few feet. my love. and he suddenly pulled out a  nife that he has been carrying lately in his coat. "Y-yes.. His grip commanded me more than his tone. sneering at me. my history. he became a stranger with such intensity as to light me up. He then opened the passenger-side door of my car. throwing me onto the seat. just below my shoulder. low voice. He startled me. hard. and in a strong. my soul.. as well. yet not enough to hurt. Once inside my apartment. after wor  and all sorts of daily maintenance drudgery things. but pressed it up against my side. and he leaned over to my ear. I haven't told anyone.." I said.I have to tell you what happened to me last night. whispered to me. "I've only got 8 hours 'till I'm outta here. don't say a word. which gave me a nice dose of adrenalin. both with fear and with trembling sexual tension. Do you understand?" I nodded yes quic ly. me sha ing with trepidation. You understand?" I nodded. It's a switchblade. which was . Just enough to remind me he was ta ing control of me. He grabbed my arm again. He then clic ed the blade bac  into the handle of the  nife.. but breathing quic ened from the shoc  and the adrenalin. raspy.. who could I tell? But I'll tell you.. and the snap of the blade surprised the hec  out of me. his voice seemed so powerful and pleased with himself. as usual. hurrying my step and displaying his impatience with my actions. The "man" and I went home late. We were wal ing to the car. toward my car. "Do you see this?" He came close to me and grabbed my arm. I guess he could sense my fear. "I told you not to tal !" He bit.. forgetting that this was the very same man who I have come to trust with my life. What would he do with me? "What do you want with me?" I whispered.. he said to me. He drove me bac  to my place in silence. He was teasing me (if you  now what I mean) and was getting me really wired. pressing the butt of the  nife against my throat. Then he said to me (in a very threatening voice). He yan ed my arm forward in reply. My breathing continued to race. I wondered what he was up to. or I'll  ill you.

"Don't even MOVE. and I'll be outta here. I nodded again. No. "What's your name. that I had no one to help me. I heard him laugh. My mind began to fly wildly with images of what he had in mind. should I tell him my name. telling me. he it as an excuse to slice my throat open.easily visible given the small size of my living quarters." His voice sounded li e a crazed lunatic as he spo e to me. He was slowly stro ing my hair. I  new what he wanted. pressing me to the bed with his weight. I  ept saying. to be living all alone. don't you?" I could hear he was half moc ing me. You never  now. ripping my coat off my arms as he flung me forward. no. "Such a pretty girl. and that meant I was more li ely to live. . I nodded again. And if you're good girl and cooperative. "You live here all alone. I told him I wouldn't hurt him. by loo ing at people. or should I give him a fa e one? Surely he'd never tell me his real name. "Get my drift?" I nodded.. He started to lift his weight off me. pretty one?" I didn't  now what to say. He shoved me face down on my bed. li e the way you'd pet animal. What was that supposed to mean?!! He had told ME he wouldn't hurt me. "I said. too. I was would ta e time he had  ept me close enough to him as me see his face. but I didn't want to admit it to myself." He laughed. woman. He started gripping my nec  as though to cho e me. I froze. Finally he spo e again. he seemed to be calming down a bit. He had  illed a shop cler ? What was I in for? Did I have any choice? "NOW! Is there anyone around who might hear you?" He repeated. and was quic  to retaliate. he's not really going to do anything. which would not mean sure death for me. He didn't li e my hesitation. He shoo  me roughly.. DO YOU HAVE NEIGHBORS NEARBY?!! Don't MESS with me. You won't even hear me leave. you'll get outta here alive!" Then he moved in close behind me. Of course my fear helped petrified that if I made one false move. "Do you have neighbors nearby?" In fear and inability to thin . The entire to not let him. or your DEAD!" What could I do? "Turn your head into the pillow!" I did it quic ly. he just wants a place to stay. no. or I'll do you li e I did the shop cler . So very pretty. "Eight hours. I didn't want to infuriate him again. becoming even more aware that there was nothing I could do now to defend myself.

but then he grabbed my shoulders and flipped me onto my bac . moving toward my closet.. He was suddenly on top of me again. slower and slower. But I was calming down. Li e I'd believe that.. firmly. but not painfully tight. "My name's Fran . Maybe I wouldn't die after all. being careful to move my hair before it pulled. "You  now damned well that I'll ta e ANYTHING I WANT! Besides. now can I?" He was stro ing my long. you can have it. over and over.." I wanted to distract him. he could just ta e. o ?" I nodded again. He was pulling my arms behind my bac . "Please don't hurt me. Anything he wanted." "SUTUP!!" he howled. "Does that hurt?" "No. li e a child's. dar  hair again. now that he had me in his control. he was looping a strap around my left wrist. "You want money. He opened my closet door. Not unless I struggled against him. and intended to tie my arms to my bedposts. a blindfold? He pulled the  not tight. not enough to hurt me. Can't have you identifying me. but not painfully. you can. I have to be sure you don't see me. I quic ly understood what was going to happen. He tied a blac  strip of cloth over my eyes." he sneered. "I'm going to put this over your eyes. You want a place to stay. firm. only strong enough to impress me. . and there'd be nothing I could do. right. tearing things in the process. So this was what he was hunting for in my closet. I told you.. "My name is Caitlyn!" He up got off me." I said. so that I couldn't open my eyes. as my left wrist was pulled outward away from me. My mind continued to be a flood of images of fear and possibilities of what this man could ta e from me. "So pretty!" Finally he spo e again. so that you can't see. my voice sounded small to me. loo ing for who- nows-what. Yeah. I just need a place to spend the night and then I'm free! Now. Suddenly he grabbed my wrists. My only fear was that he wanted to ta e my body. so I won't have to  ill you. I thought he'd tie my hands behind my bac . His touch was gentle.. But I don't want it to hurt. he had obviously tied it to a rope or something.."C-Caitlyn!" through the tightness of his grasp. a bit relieved that he had some compassion.

So was I. Caitlyn?" He was playing with my mind. only to abruptly force my legs apart at the  nees. before he lifted himself away from me again. I lay frozen. Being so vulnerable. "If you cooperate." As he lay on top of me.. "I won't hurt you. he li ed it. "So pretty. what else could I do? I noticed that my tongue was moving over him without me thin ing about it. I stopped.. this led him to thrusting his hips into me. ma ing obvious implications that I could no longer deny. He then lifted his body off me. of feeling him touching me. Each step.." He then pulled my sweater up.. I was wearing a blac  lace bra. I felt totally and uncontrollably vulnerable. softer voice.. isn't it?" He lifted his body away from me.. and the pleasure.. leaving me wondering what he'd do next. He moaned in pleasure. "Cooperate and you won't get hurt. Instead. Yet I fought to not let it show. "Just cooperate Caitlyn and I won't hurt you. I was very wet. I was terrified of him. "This is what all you women want. I immediately stopped fighting. and he moaned in approval. I inhaled sharply at the shoc . Realizing this.. I felt li e I was going to cry." He was using a soothing.. But I never could. to  eep the situation immediate to me.. At the same time though." he repeated. as he traced the form of my legs with his rough hands." I too  him in my mouth. and I  new it would only be a matter of time before he'd find out. as I usually did. "Hmmm. Caitlyn. Then I felt his  nees near my shoulders. and now was no different. trying to calm me. exposing my breasts. Remember that. very easily. "God yesss! That's it baby. my breathing quic ened again. and my body would betray me. . and was getting turned on by it. eight hours till I have to go. he repeated his appreciation of me. do you li e that. Suddenly he thrust his fingers into me. as he progressed through each step: tying my other arm. yeah. Then. using my name to prevent me from hiding inside my mind. Sooo pretty. I won't hurt you. being so helpless. My tears never progressed past whimpers. he whispered in my ear. sliding the length of him between my lips.." His movements continued several minutes more. pulling my pants down over my an les and off. taunting me.I let him tie me.. not able to ma e any choices. "I want to feel those pretty lips!" he sneered. "Yesss. I struggled at first and he responded by grabbing my nec  again as if to cho e me. I was fighting bac  waves of pleasure coursing through my body. laying his body over my legs and my thighs." He was taunting me with his voice.

The pleasure continued to course through my blood. pushing my limits of selfcontrol. until I couldn't hold bac  my orgasms. I could sense HIS approach. Deep within my depths. fully to him. His touch became more insistent. then withdrawing slowly. pleasing me. Finally he thrust himself full into me. and I had to fight not to moan out loud. tell me you are mine!" I followed his order. preparing to thrust himself into me. and began moving his fingers inside me. torturing me and building me. I was lost in the waves. and out of him. when I finally felt him climbing on top of me. and when he repeated. Wave after wave of pleasure flooded my body. continuing the pleasure until finally. each stro e's hit caused incredible. I hesitated. and he pulled out of me. touching me as only he  nows how. "I'm going to come all over now. saying. not pain. Realizing I was restraining. "Tell me you are mine!" he said. his voice was hus y from the excitement and passion he was drawing from his . He's teasing me. and building me with the quic  pressure. His actions were ma ing my desire increase. repeated the quic  thrust. I was totally at his command. "Do you feel that?" he teased.I didn't answer. or my groans. to mind-numbing proportions! "Hmm?! Do you feel that?" he insisted. writhe. on the brin  of what my body so hungrily craved. powerful. As though riding the crest of a wave. Moaning and undulating at his touch. He'd started slowly at first. his technique both teasing me with the slow withdrawal. when he pulled his fingers out of me. he continued caressing me. pounding yet another climax out of me. "Caitlyn. until all I could do in my madness and desire was nod. fast. It wasn't but a second before he was inside me again. as he let just his tip caress my hunger. but then began repeating his movements faster and faster. bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. he had succeeded in controlling me even down to my climax. thundering amounts of pleasure. front of my sweater up over exposing my chest and belly that pretty body of yours He then started pulling the the bac  of my head. Caitlyn!" he breathed. and moan. My resistance collapsed under it. "Do you want to taste me? Lift that pretty head up and open your mouth!" I could tell he was very close. He too  my silence as a confirmation to him. He demanded I lift my head. his weapon of control was pleasure now. Finally I lost myself. ma ing me writhe in unsatisfied agony. a sign of pleasure.

He moved off the bed. belly and waist. I li e you!" he said. untied my bonds and lay down next to me. spraying his hot seed over my breasts.Directory 58 . Blin ing. His voice showed his pleasure just as his body had. He then told me to open my mouth again. "So does this mean you have to  ill me now. With familiar gentleness.forceful acts on me. as he came. when this is all over. Then he removed my blindfold. "This means I'm curling up next to you and going to sleep. he pulled out and bac ed up. his glittering eyes. and he touched my fluid-covered s in with his fingers. his gentle smile. and pressed his cream-covered fingertips over my lips and my tongue. He smiled bac . END ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ This story was written as an adult fantasy. his wavy hair. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Kristen's collection . he cleaned my body. but moving too far away for his cum to reach my lips. Then. "I might even come bac . I loo ed at my captor. finally and went to my bathroom to retrieve a towel and to clean-up. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life." my love replied. now that I've seen you?" I smiled. I had some difficulty re-adjusting my eyes to the light of the room.

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