BBA SEM 2 SPRING ASSIGNMENT BBA 201: „Research Methods‟ 1.

Explain the Probability and Non-Probability Sampling Methods. 2. Discuss the types of Questionnaire. Enumerate the guidelines in designing a Questionnaire. 3. a. Briefly explain the various components of the Research Report. b. What are the different guidelines for writing the Research Report? BBA202 – Business Strategy 1. Explain the various factors influencing the businesspolicy of a firm 2. What are the various steps involved in strategyformulation? 3. What are the primary functions of a strategic leader in anorganization? BBA203 –Financial Accounting Q1. Explain different types of accounting conventions. Q2. Explain the difference between cash discount and trade discount. Q3. From the following details, pass the necessary closing entries. Stock on 1-1-2003 4,000 Freight 800 Purchases 15,000 Factory rent 1,000 Bad debts 500 Office rent 2,400 Sales 30,000 General expenses 500 Returns to suppliers 2,000 Heating and lighting 700 Returns from customers 1,000 Discount allowed 300 Wages and salaries 5,000 Discount received 400 Carriage on purchases 1,000 Commission (Cr.) 500 Cartage on sales 200 Insurance 200 Depreciation on Machinery 1,000 Closing stock 6,000 Q4. What do you understand about “Partnership Deed” and explain the various contents in partnership deed. Q5.Explain the Annuity and Sinking fund methods of Depreciation. Q6. Explain accounting for amalgamation and bring out difference between pooling of interest method and purchase method? BBA204 – Marketing Management Q1. Describe the methods of environmental analysis-SWOT, PEST. Q2. What are the good qualities of a sales person? Q3. Define Product mix. Explain the elements of product mix. Q4. What are the important types of services which can be provided to individual and industrial customers, by the service providers? Q5. Write a short notes on: A. Determinants of Price B. Objectives of pricing decisions. Q6. Explain the personal, socio-cultural, Psychological determinants of consumer behaviour. BBA205 –Management Information System Q1. a. Define ERP. Explain the terminology related to ERP. b. How ERP evolved in a system? Q2. a. Compare between conventional organization system and E-enterprise. b. List the different business models and one example each. Q3. Explore the relationship between Artificial intelligence and Neural networks. Q4. There are two investment plans in the market whose details are given below based on which you need to decide which investment plan you need to select. Suggest which investment plan you prefer and why?

smusolvedassignments. Explain the steps Rahul would undertake for this. 2000 with respect to e-Governance. What is HR planning? List the factors affecting HR Planning. Q6. Explain Management Science models in detail. a. information and its structure. Q4. Suppose say you are appointed as the HR Manager of a garment company. The most likely time estimate is 9 seconds. a. Q6. What is meant by induction? List some of the commonly faced problems in induction. His senior manager gives him the responsibility of carrying out job analysis for various positions in the company. Explain the different categories of costs of or visit www. How is the McKinsey 7S model used for carrying out strategic planning and implementation? Q2. What are the essentials of a contract of sale? Q4. Compare between file processing system and DBMS b. Rahul is appointed as the HR Manager of an automotive component manufacturing company. Differentiate between personnel management and HRM. Mr.Q5. Define personal management. Q3. What are the different tests used for selecting workforce in an organisation? Q3. Q5. BBA302 –Human Resource Management Q1. b. E-Governance is used as a tool in modern technology. Estimate the completion time of each activity whose optimistic time estimate is 5 seconds and the pessimistic time estimate are 20 seconds. Q2. What were the reasons for the enactment of the Environmental Protection Act? BBA SEM 3 SPRING ASSIGNMENT BBA301 –Legal and Regulatory Framework Q1. Discuss the different provisions laid down under the IT Act. Explain the relationship between data. FOR COMPLETE SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT NOMINAL COST CONTACT solvemyassignments@gmail. What are the characteristics of a negotiable instrument? Q5. What are the important principles that you should keep in mind while carrying out this task? BBA303 – Quality Management Q1. Discuss the major commercial and corporate laws prevailing in India. Q2. Your first task is to formulate the wage and salary policy for the company. Explain the various types of contracts in detail. .

BBA402 –Management Accounting Q1.42 each. Rajesh works in Bangalore office in a Multi-national Company.A company manufactures and sells 60. Write note on a. Q4. Describe about the roles played by advertisement in the business and society.smusolvedassignments. Explain the limitations of marginal costing. Explain the consumer buying decision process. How can he do that? Explain different types of internet services. Define ratio analysis. Why productivity is important? Q4. Describe profit volume ratio. What are the advantages and disadvantages of newspaper as a medium of advertising? Q5. Q5. greeting cards and gifts for some or visit www. a. Brief the different factors to be considered in a firewall. Describe the importance of media mix decision. run and use. What are the various types of advertising appeal? Q4. FOR COMPLETE SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT NOMINAL COST CONTACT solvemyassignments@gmail. Think of such others requirements of e-commerce and write a note on it b. Describe the importance of management accounting. Describe the different types of Internet Marketing. Website e. Suppose a company offering bouquets online may also think of delivering cakes. List and explain the three different types of software which help to connect to the internet.33 percent on cost. Differentiate between budgetary control and standard costing. Discuss the Quality Management Principles Q6. The selling price is fixed to make a profit of 33. Q4.1. Q3. Q5. Network Interface Card (NIC) operates at the physical layer of OSI model. a.80. Q3. Q2. The MAC address provides a way to distinguish one NIC from other NIC. Q2. The fixed costs are Rs. Explain the different standards for a secure electronic payment system. What are the four types of analysis used to develop a comprehensive model for evaluation of a sales organisation? Q6. Firewall must be easy to install. Explain the advantages of ratio analysis.000. Hyper Text Markup language b. You are required to calculate P/V ratio. Q3. He goes to Delhi on an official duty and wishes to log into his system there. b. There is always a need of bigger network in the business because such network between consumers and companies can lead to new business opportunity.000 units of a product at a variable cost of Rs. Uniform Resource Locators d. Write a note on theories of motivation BBA304 –Advertising and Sales BBA SEM 4 SPRING ASSIGNMENT BBA401 –E-Commerce Q1. Q6. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol c. Q5. as on 31 March 2010 and 2011 are given below: . Bring out the properties of different network access equipment Q2.Q3. Search engines Q6. Write a note on control charts. The balance sheet of ABC Ltd.

Q2.90. What is e-marketing? How does it relate to e-business? BBA404 – Small Business Management Q1.1.000 You are required to prepare a cash flow statement. Discuss 3. Explain the securities market and discuss the methods of underwriting the securities. BBA 403 “ International marketing ” 1. Explain the stages involved in Merchandise Planning.  Dividends paid during the year amounted to Rs.4. 6. Explain in detail the Retail Marketing Mix.smusolvedassignments. part of the fixed assets costing Rs. David Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage is an improvement over Adam Smith’s theory of absolute advantage. 3.  Provision for tax made during the year was Rs. Explain the various functions of or visit BBA SEM 5 SPRING ASSIGNMENT BB0022 Capital and Money Market 1. FOR COMPLETE SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS ATNOMINAL COST CONTACT solvemyassignments@gmail. 5. Describe the characteristics of Small business. What is business plan and what are its components? Q3.20.  During the year.1. 2. . BBA405 – Retail Management 1. Define international marketing and furnish its features.85. List out the secondary sources of information while pursuing market research. Write a brief note on marketing mix.000 and the profit was included in the profit and loss account.000.00.000 were sold during 2010-11 for Rs.000 was sold for Rs.Additional information:  Investments costing Rs. 2. What is meant by product diversification? Explain with examples. Briefly explain culture and its elements.

2 What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of standardization and adaptation? Explain with suitable examples. 3. Write a brief note on international HRM strategy. BB0023 Multinationals & their Roles 1.4 Name five different characteristics of the economic environment that need to be analyzed by international marketers and their implications for international marketing strategy. 4.5 Describe any two aspects of the current Indian legal environment and its implications for international marketers entering the Indian market for the first time. Write short notes on the following: (a) FERA (b) Obstacles of foreign capital in developing economies 5. Q. Briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of MNCs. Finally PC reaches the office & the company pays the bill for PC by some standard means. What is a MNC? Discuss the impact of Foreign Direct Investments in at least two sectors of the Indian economy with examples. Explain the meaning. “The technologies transferred by the MNC to their production units in the underdeveloped countries are appropriate for the latter’s social and economic development needed”.3 Suggest five different ways in which India could improve its image as an exporter in international markets. request passes on to the purchasing department.  Issue a purchase order. What are the cultural factors that would have to be considered in developing a marketing strategy for this product? BB0025 – E Commerce Q. .1 Name and explain with suitable examples. BB0024– Introduction to International Marketing Q. then  Create a transportation and inform the warehouse.  Once sanctioned. present cost or may be latest version. 2. Q. fax or mail it to the supplier. 3. List out the primary stock exchanges operating in India and the causes of price fluctuations of shares.6 Select a product of your choice to be introduced in the US market. Q. within the time frame.  Identify the item & supplier: Selection of appropriate model & supplier. advantages and limitations of Listing. Do you agree or disagree with this statement.  Check the warehouse for inventory. three reasons why international marketing is more challenging than domestic marketing. explaining why? Q. The person in the purchasing department has to check more than one catalog and contact the suppliers to find out the availability.1 Let us examine the simple task when an employee of a company wants to buy a PC for his office. List out the credit rating agencies operating in India and describe the rating system. Discuss the shortcomings of Indian money markets 5. Explain the importance of credit rating agencies. 6. find out when it can be delivered to the desired location.  Approval process has to pass through one or more than one person. Q. Discuss the organizational structures for multinational strategies.2. requirements. criteria. Support your answer with relevant examples. What do you mean by “Bullish and Bearish”. Supplier  Verify the credit and sales history of the ordering company.  Create an invoice for the PC and mail it. Once the supplier is satisfied. 4. the position and/or right of the person. depending upon the cost involved. Explain the attitudes of buyers and sellers of call and put options 6. with the help of office supply catalog. Company  Generate request for PC including the specifications.

2 a. Certainly e-Commerce results in reduction of procedural Explain Japanese leadership approaches.1 Explain the role and importance of technology management.3 Discuss MODVAT in detail .geert-hofstede. Q5. Do you think poverty can be reduced through policies of inclusive growth? Q6. Q. hence better performance at reduced cost and time.5 Elaborate the TQM Process in Small Scale Enterprises. BB0029 –Economic Reforms Process in India or visit www. BB0028 – Entrepreneurship Development Q. Describe how ecommerce results in reduced cost and time.4 Explain New Small Enterprise Policy. most of the steps) business can be done online in e-Commerce.3 Discuss business strategy and implications of culture on business strategy Q. Q.http://www. Q. What suggestions Mr Zeeshan shall give the client? Q. Q. Q. Help them to understand the basics for internal growth of business and discuss the advantages and disadvantages as well. What are the different elements of E-C applications? b. Q. Write notes on VAT.1991.shtml.Once the above given processes are digitized (if not. What are the procedural overheads you come across in the traditional commerce? b.2 What is SIDO? Explain its functions. BBA SEM 6 SPRING ASSIGNMENT BB0027– Cross Cultural Aspects of Business Q. How has India benefited from International Development Association? . Discuss the impact of convertibility both in current account and capital account? Q4.3 Summarize the future directions of E-commerce.Write a short note based on the observations.5 Mr Zeeshan is a consultant. It decides to add some more new products to the existing product line like – digital cameras and MP4 players. How has privatization through disinvestment in India? Q2.1 Write a note on types of Entrepreneurs as classified by Danhof. Briefly discuss the reforms in the banking sector during 1992-2001.1 Write a note on specific Vs diffused Culture.3 How do you assess technology management? FOR COMPLETE SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT NOMINAL COST CONTACT solvemyassignments@gmail. a.2 Explain how the ten basic tenets for the management of technology is used in an enterprise to operate within a TC framework by taking a sample enterprise to explain.6 DigiTal is a leading laptop manufacturing company. Has the FDI flows in the current times helped India? BB0030 – Role of International Finance Institutions Q1. Explain the different layers of OSI reference model and have a look at the cultural dimensions of India . Q3. Q. Q.6 Visit the site http://www. BB0026 – Introduction to technology Management Q. Q. MODVAT and Service Tax. One of his client wants to do business in UAE.2 Explain Eiffel Tower Culture. Q.

What are the types of assistance given by The International Finance Corporation? Q3.3 Mr Shukla is the HR Manager at Sharp Technologies. Q. Q. In what way has the Asian Development Bank assisted India? Give current information also.1 What are the different types of decisions? Explain with examples.Q2. so the recruitments are to be made from within the organization. BB0031 – Management Development Q.2 Discuss line organizations in . FOR COMPLETE SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS ATNOMINAL COST CONTACT solvemyassignments@gmail. The organization is planning to expand its operations in different cities. There are some financial or visit www. Suggest some ways to Mr Shukla to fill in the positions in different categories.smusolvedassignments.

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