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' ,' (((' (((-((('' (((( K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N _________________________________________ WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! _________________________________________

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-------------------------------------------------------This wor is copyrighted to the author 2007. Please don't remove the author information or mae any changes to this story. All rights reserved. Than you for your consideration. -------------------------------------------------------My Rapist by Vulgus ( *** A young wife is raped one afternoon when she goes shopping. Her rapist lies her so much he eeps coming bac for more. (M+/F, nc, rp, wife, M-dom, bd, exh, ws) *** It is every woman's worst nightmare. It happened to me today. I went to the mall in the morning. I didn't

really need anything. It's just fun to loo around. My chores were done and I didn't have anything to do except stop by the grocery store on the way home and pic up a few things. I looed around at some cute outfits. I couldn't afford them and I didn't need them but it was fun to loo. It would have been more fun if I had someone to go with. Since I graduated from high school six months ago it seemed lie most of my friends had either gone away to some university or other, or had gotten married and moved away, or gone to wor. My husband, Sean, had a good job. You couldn't say we were well off, but we didn't lac for any of the necessities and Sean didn't thin I should go to wor right away. I was never much of a student, so advanced education wasn't in my future. I would probably get a job eventually, but I didn't really have any sills, so people weren't calling me up and offering me jobs. I was just going to tae it easy for a while and see how things wored out. So I was alone that day, as usual. The only thing that I bought was a magazine and then I headed for the grocery store. It was Monday and normally Monday morning is a pretty good time to shop. It was busier than usual today though. I was half way down the row in the paring lot before I found an empty space, so I went ahead and drove a little farther so that I could par near the cart return. I went in and bought the items I needed. It wasn't much, mil and bread and a few odds and ends. I had so few items that when I left the store I didn't even use a cart. It was a nice day, so I didn't mind waling half way across the paring lot. I wasn't getting much exercise lately anyway. I used the trun release button on my ey fob and dropped my groceries in the trun. Then I waled around to my door to get in. I was startled by a sudden noise behind me and before I could even loo to see what it was I had a hand clasping my mouth and a very large nife was being held in front of my face. I can't fully explain the feelings I experienced at that moment. I was truly terrified for the first time in my life. I was helpless, and totally under someone else's control. That is a terrible feeling. I was so scared I could hardly breathe. I never even considered resisting. The man guided me slowly bacwards and through the side door of his van. It was one of those windowless, wor vans. There was a blanet blocing off any view through the windshield in the front. We were in a totally private room in a public paring lot. Once I was on my nees in the van and the door was

closed the man held me close and whispered in my ear, "Are you going to be good if I tae my hand away from your mouth?" I fully intended to do anything and everything he told me to do as long as he had that huge nife he was holding in front of my face. More than anything else, I just wanted to live. Nothing else mattered. "What's your name, sweetheart?" he ased. "Myra," I whispered. "How old are you?" he wanted to now. "Eighteen." "You're a child bride! How long have you been married?" I was so terrified I couldn't even remember! "A few months," I finally stammered in response. "You are very beautiful," he said. That didn't seem to require an answer, so I stayed on my nees on the mattress which covered the bac of the van and waited to see what the man wanted. Well, I was pretty sure that I new what he wanted. I was just praying that I would survive it. I prayed that he wouldn't drive me somewhere and rape me and ill me. That part of my prayer was answered. We stayed right there in the paring lot. He ased me, "Do you want to tae your clothes off, or do you want me to cut them off?" What I wanted was to get in my car and go home. That wasn't one of the options he was offering me. So I too a deep breath and pulled my t-shirt off, carefully. I set my shirt aside and he ordered me to turn so that he could better enjoy the show. I turned so that I faced the man who had pulled me the truc and saw him for the first time. He was a rough looing man who appeared to be in his late thirties or early forties. He looed lie the ind man that might show up if you called for a plumber carpenter. The main difference was the undisguised of lust on his face. into of or loo

I reached behind my bac and unfastened my bra. I dropped it on my shirt and reached for the button on my shorts. The man's rough hand reached out and explored my breast and I hesitated while he held my sensitive breast. He squeezed it lightly for a moment before concentrating on my nipple. He pinched my nipples and pulled on them, first one and then the other. It bothered me that they got so hard so fast. I new that it was not something I could control, and that it

certainly didn't mean that I was getting excited. I just didn't want him to thin that I was. He finally released my nipples and I finished unfastening the button on my shorts and pulled down the zipper. I had been sitting on my heels, but now I straightened out and pushed my shorts and my panties down together. I sat down on the mattress and slid my sandals off and then pushed my shorts down my legs and dropped them onto my other clothes. The man reached out and pushed my legs apart and stared at my naed body for a while, a long while. He was only wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts and the bulge in his shorts was obvious. He told me that as long as I continued to behave that he would set the nife aside. He didn't really need the nife. He was twice my size. I just nodded, grateful that it was out of my face and I was no longer an inch from being scarred for life, or illed. I looed away as he undressed. He was quicly naed and he stretched out beside me and pulled me down and we made out lie lovers for a while. I didn't respond at first, but a quic threat was all it too to mae me return his isses. He issed me, gently at first and then with more and more passion, all the while moving his hands over my body. We went on lie that for a long time before he put his hand in my hair and started guiding my head. He instructed me to iss and lic as he guided my mouth around his torso. He lied having me suc his nipples. He even made me lic his armpits, which, thanfully, were clean. I didn't mind this part so much. I didn't lie it, but I new where it was going and I wasn't anxious. I still had not looed below his waist. I didn't want to see his penis. I was not sexually inexperienced. I had become sexually active when I was a sophomore, at the age of sixteen. I had had sex with a half a dozen guys in high school before I got engaged to Sean. I lie sex. It is a lot of fun, it's exciting. I lie being touched. I lie the feeling of power I get when I see that loo of lust in a man's face when he undresses me. I lie issing and touching and I even lie to suc a nice hard coc. If I am really turned on I don't even mind when a guy cums in mouth! As long as I get mine next. I am not promiscuous though. I have never fuced on a first date, or second or third. I have never done it with a guy I didn't have feelings for. I have never been forced before. My rapist was in no hurry. I spent a long time issing and licing his hairy chest and his stomach. At some

point I could no longer avoid seeing his hard, throbbing, drooling coc. It was inches from my face at this point and it was the fattest coc I had ever seen. It didn't seem unusually long, but its thicness made it seem even more threatening that it would normally have been under these circumstances. It wasn't long before I was licing and issing his coc, and then sucing him. I had thought that I was a pretty silled cocsucer. I was having trouble with his fat coc though. My lips stretched uncomfortably around his coc and despite the way he forcefully pushed on my head, I was never able to tae more than half of his coc into my mouth. He gave me a good fifteen minutes to try. While he forced my head up and down on his coc he ordered me to ticle his balls and use my hand on the large portion of his coc that I could not get in my mouth. He came suddenly, with no warning at all. He was holding my head in his firm grip so that I couldn't move away. I choed and gagged as the first spurts of cum erupted into my mouth, but at last I got myself under control and managed, finally, to swallow his cum. He made me stop sucing and then he relaxed with my mouth wrapped around his softening coc. As we lay there quietly and his breathing returned to normal, I suddenly became aware of the sounds from outside in the paring lot. Cars were driving by. People were taling. I could hear the sound of carts being pushed over to the cart return. I was laying here naed with a strange man's coc in my mouth while ten feet away people were just going about there business. It seemed bizarre! My rapist rested for a moment and then he pulled me up beside him. He got up on his nees and started issing and licing his way down my body, just lie he had made me do it for him. He was very sillful and by the time he was neeling between my wide spread thighs and licing and issing my pussy I had to admit that I was actually getting turned on. I hated it, but I couldn't deny it. I moaned and quivered through several orgasms before he got up over me and ordered me to put his revitalized coc into me. I spoe to him for the first time since I had answered his questions when he first pulled me into the truc. I tentatively reached for his large coc and whispered, "Please, don't hurt me." He looed me in the eye and said with a smir, "You aren't fooling anyone, little girl. I saw how hot you got. I saw how many times you came when I was eating you. You were having fun. Believe me. You're going to love this." I closed my eyes as he started pushing into me but he ordered me to open them. "Keep your eyes open little girl. I want to see your whole life change when you

find out what it's lie to be fuced by a real man." I stared into his eyes as I felt his coc pushing into me. It was painful at first, but I was certainly wet enough and, to be honest, it was more of a sensation of pressure than pain. His coc was easily twice as thic as any coc I had experienced since I had become sexually active in the past two years. He was very slow and deliberate, staring me in the face the entire time as he pushed his coc all the way into me and then he paused and let me tae a breath. I realized that I had been panting, hyperventilating, as he entered me. As soon as I calmed down he started fucing me. He moved slowly at first, then faster and more and more forcefully. I have never been able to have an orgasm from just getting fuced. Not without something else happening too. I had once cum while I was bent over a hassoc watching a porn movie while my husband was fucing me from behind and taling about inviting some of his friends over to fuc me. Not something I would ever want to do for real, but the fantasy drove me right over the top. I had also cum when he fuced me with some little rubber gadget around his coc that rubbed on my clit when we fuced. We couldn't use it all of the time because it didn't just excite, it also irritated. I could get pretty sore from it. But the sensations from this man's coc, the fullness, the idea of being so helpless, the forceful way he too control and used me, it is embarrassing to admit, but this was the best fuc I had ever had! I tried not to. I bit my tongue and I squeezed my fists and I concentrated on the mil I had just bought, getting warm and spoiling in the trun of my car. None of that helped. I was soon moaning quietly and before I could control myself I had my arms around this man's nec and my legs around his bac and I was humping bac at him lie a crazy woman. I came twice before he finally came again. He stayed on top of me, resting on his arms and smiling down at me as I relaxed my arms and legs and cried quietly in shame at the way I had just responded to my rapist. For the first time since he had grabbed me I was crying softly. I couldn't believe that I had lost control lie that. He finally got off of me and reached over and handed me my panties. He ordered me to put them on. "Here," he said, "put these on before you lose all the evidence. In case you feel lie going to the police and bragging about what a great time you had."

I pulled my panties on as he watched in amusement. He new I wasn't going to the police. I couldn't. I could hear that conversation in my head now. "Hello, police? My name is Myra and some strange man just gave me the best fuc of my life!" He handed me my shorts and I pulled them on, then he gave me my t-shirt. He ept my bra. He made me neel with my bac to him and I heard him going through my purse. I assumed he was robbing me. He wouldn't get much. I only had about fifteen dollars. He got dressed and when he was ready he opened the side door, slowly, and looed around. He watched and waited for several minutes and, after I heard a car leave, he got out and helped me out. He held me while I put my sandals on, then he handed me my purse, issed me and thaned me for a wonderful afternoon. Then he held my door for me and directed me to drive straight through the vacant paring spot in front of my car, so that I couldn't get his license number. I drove home as fast as I could and rushed to my bedroom. I stripped and threw away my underwear. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth thoroughly. Then I too a hot shower, a very long, very hot, shower. When I got out of the shower I threw away my tooth brush and got out a new one and brushed my teeth again. After I brushed my teeth I used my husband's mouthwash. I stared at myself in the mirror for a long time. I couldn't help thining about what had just happened. I looed at my naed body and tried to see it as he had. As I stood there I remembered everything that had happened. All of the details came flooding bac over me. Mostly, though, I remembered how I had felt. I remembered all of the orgasms. I remembered that monster's fat coc. I new I should be traumatized. I guess I was, in a way. Not lie one of those crazy, hysterical women that you see on TV who are lying in hospital beds and nearly out of their minds. I was more upset with myself for enjoying it than I was with that man for raping me! I threw my clothes in the laundry and remembered my groceries which were still in the trun of my car. I pulled on a clean top and a pair of shorts and slipped my sandals on and ran out and got my food out of the trun. The mil still smelled alright, but I told myself I would replace it tomorrow. Everything else was oay. I looed at a cloc for the first time and was surprised that it was still so early. I had thought that a lot of time must have passed in that van. It had been just after noon when I left the mall and it was not quite three now. It wasn't even time to start

supper yet! I sat at the itchen table and tried not to eep reliving what had just happened to me. I couldn't help it though. It just ept forcing itself bac into my stream of consciousness, no matter how hard I tried to thin of anything else. It was lie the rape of my body was over, but now my mind was being raped. The horrible thing about it was that I could feel my nipples getting hard and my pussy getting wet. I was so ashamed. I decided to do a load of laundry. I didn't want Sean coming home and smelling some stranger's cum when he went into the bedroom. I washed the clothes I had worn today. At the last minute I even fished my dirty, cum soaed panties out of the trash and threw them into the washer. I had paid a lot of money for them at Victoria's Secret. It would be silly to throw them away. It wasn't their fault that I was raped. While the clothes were washing I sprayed an air freshener around the bedroom. I still thought I could smell that man, my rapist, but I realized that it was just in my head. I went out and tried to watch something on TV. I ended up staring at the screen for an hour, with not the slightest idea of what had been on. I was relieved when it was finally time to start supper and I could be up and doing something. I removed my just washed clothes from the washer, put them in the dryer, got supper started and watched the cloc ticing off the minutes until Sean would be home. I was planning how to greet him when he got in. I had to remember what was normal and try to calm down. I new he would be devastated if he were to learn what had happened to me today. I heard him pull into the driveway and I went to the door to meet him. We hugged and then I pulled him into the itchen and got him a beer. I ased him about his day and I tried to pay attention while he told me. I had been starting to get a little bored lately and I was beginning to envy him the interaction with other people at his wor place. Some days, a lot of days, I stayed home all day and never spoe to a single person until Sean got home. So I was always anxious to hear about his day. But today I didn't hear much of it. I stared at him. I saw his lips move and I new that he was taling. I couldn't tell you a thing he said. I cleaned up after dinner and we went in and sat down to watch TV for a while. I sat beside him on the couch and we issed and hugged. We were still newly weds and we still made love nearly every day. It was exciting and I enjoyed it as much as he did, most of the time anyway. He noticed that I was not wearing a bra. He had tried

to get me to stop wearing them. He loved it when I went without. I always felt so self conscious though. I felt lie everyone could see that I wasn't wearing one, and that there was only my thin top between my breasts and the world. I just didn't feel dressed. So I have no idea why I had not put a bra on after my shower. Sean lied it, and it didn't tae long before I wasn't wearing anything, and he wasn't wearing anything. We made love on the living room rug and it was nice. I didn't cum. I held my breath for the longest time, terrified that he would now. It was several long moments before I new that he couldn't tell I had been raped. It was such a relief. Apparently that fat coc hadn't ruined me. I felt cleaner after we had made love. I had been cleansed by Sean's nice coc. We relaxed and cuddled on the rug for a few moments. Then I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. I went bac out and sat beside Sean and we played with each other while we watched TV. I could almost stop thining about what had happened today, almost. We went to bed at our usual time, nine PM. Sean held me and I lay there listening as his breathing got deeper and soon I new that he was asleep. It too me hours to get to sleep. Every time I tried to relax and go to sleep I would be drawn bac into that truc. I would feel that fat coc stretching my lips, or entering my pussy. I could see that man's face as he too total control of me and enjoyed my body, as he too pleasure in my helplessness. I was exhausted when I finally fell asleep. But once I was asleep I slept lie I was in a coma.

Sean had a hard time waing me up in the morning to mae his breafast and prepare his lunch. When I finally did wae up, I woe from a dream about that man. The disturbing thing was that it had not been a nightmare. More lie a wet dream. My thighs were damp from the fluids dripping out of my pussy! I waited until Sean was in the bathroom and I used a handful of tissues to dry myself and I put my robe on and hurried out to put the coffee on and start breafast. I was really upset with myself for letting that man have so much control over my mind. Not to mention what my mind was doing to my body! I put Sean's breafast on the table and made him a sandwich for lunch. Then I sat with him and sipped my

coffee. When he was ready to go to wor I waled him to the door and issed him goodbye. I watched through the window until he drove away before I went in and too my shower. I dressed, but after I pulled my panties on, and my shorts, I held up my bra and looed at it for a moment, before dropping it and putting my tan top on. I stood in front of my mirror and looed at my reflection. I could just see the outline of my pin nipples. It looed ind of hot. I didn't have any plans to go anywhere today, so I didn't thin it mattered that my nipples were on display. I did what little there was to do around the house and started looing at the magazine I had bought yesterday. Every month there is a new article in this magazine about how to drive your man crazy. It is hardly ever anything new. If it is, then it is something silly that I would never do anyway. It doesn't matter though. I always loo, just in case. I also chec out the way the models dress and wish I had the nerve to dress in the sexy clothes they wear. Yet here I am, feeling self conscious about not wearing a bra in my own house! I got tired of reading and went into the itchen to get a glass of ice water. I got the mil out and sniffed it again. I thought about going to the store and getting a fresh one. This one had been in my trun for a couple of hours. It seemed oay, it didn't smell bad. I resolved to just eep checing on it. The idea of going bac to the grocery store was causing flashbacs again. I went in and sat down and tried to find something on TV. God I hate daytime TV! I shut it off in disgust and sat bac in my chair and before I new it I was sound asleep. I had only gotten two or three hours sleep last night and it wasn't enough. Sleeping has always been something I was very good at. I woe up suddenly to the sound of the doorbell. I got up and without even thining I rushed to the door and opened it wide. Standing in the door, with that arrogant loo on his face, was my rapist from the paring lot. I covered my mouth and screamed into my hand. What I don't understand is why I didn't even try to close the door. He smiled at me and waled in and ordered me to shut the door. I stood there, stunned for a moment. I new that all that I had to do was run outside. There were people out there. I could call for help. I could scream. I could run next door. Instead I quietly closed the door. I too a deep breath and I turned and looed at him. I looed at that smug loo on his face and I saw that he

new I would do anything he told me to do.

He wiggled his finger at me and I waled slowly over to where he stood. He pulled me close and issed me. I stood there, passively, until he slapped my ass. I obeyed that unspoen order. I returned his iss, and instantly I felt the heat start to return. I felt the excitement of being powerless, being taen. We issed and I felt his hands move over me. When he realized that I wasn't wearing a bra he said, "Were you expecting me?" I moaned, embarrassed that he would thin that. Had I been?! Was that why I had not put a bra on? I had heard him yesterday, going through my purse. I had checed when I got home and I new that he hadn't taen anything. He could only have been looing at my driver's license, getting my address. Did I realize that? Did I realize that and then rush to let him into my house when he rang my doorbell? He stepped bac and pulled my top off. I raised my arms and let him do whatever he wanted. As he undressed me he said, "When I saw you tae your shorts off yesterday and saw that patch of bright red pubic hair I got all excited. You are the first real redhead I ever fuced. I have always had a thing for redheads. I have been thining about you since you drove away yesterday. I was going to wait a while. Give you a chance to simmer. To realize how much you wanted to fuc me again. Because I now that you do. But I had to have you again. I couldn't wait. He pulled my shorts off and I put my hand on his shoulders to steady myself as I stepped out of them. He looed at my underwear. They were the same panties I had worn yesterday. He smiled up at me and then he leaned forward and stuc his tongue out and lapped my crotch. I felt the heat of his tongue. I felt his hot breath. I shivered with excitement as he slowly, gently slid my panties down over my thighs, my calves, and then off as I obediently stepped out of them. He stood up and looed down at me as he brought my panties to his face and sniffed at them and smiled. I could see that they were damp. "Yeah," he said, his voice dripping with all of the arrogance that was obvious in his face, "Yeah, you want it. I bet you have been thining about me just lie I have about you. You haven't been able to get me out of your mind, have you bitch?" I hated to admit it, but he was right. I shoo my head and his smile grew. He new I was his. He realized that he could do anything he wanted to me.

He pulled me down the hall to my bedroom and sat me on the side of the bed while he undressed. I watched this time. I watched as he pulled his slacs and his underwear down and bared his semi hard coc. I looed at it and the memories of what it had done to me yesterday flooded over me. I hated him. I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to be helpless. No, that isn't right. I do hate him. But this helplessness......for some reason, giving up total control of my body to some strange, powerful, arrogant man was such a huge turn on for me. I didn't understand. That had never been my fantasy. Now that it was happening I couldn't resist. He stood in front of me and his coc was bouncing right in my face. I new what he wanted. Without even having to be told I reached up and pulled his coc to my lips. I liced it, liced the lubricant from the soft, warm head of his coc. I liced his coc and his balls and then I started taing it into my mouth. At first he let me do what I could on my own, but it wasn't good enough. Soon he was holding my head and fucing my face. It was much more violent than yesterday. I was gagging and groaning in pain and trying to push him away. He just chucled and pulled my mouth down over his coc, a little farther each time. I finally gave up and stopped trying to push him away. I put my arms around his body and held onto the chees of his ass and he fuced my face, all the time taling dirty, calling me nasty names, and reaching down and squeezing my breasts. It was very painful. My mouth hurt, my throat hurt and now my breasts hurt. It was about to get worse. He suddenly pinched one of my nipples with his fingernails and pulled it out away from body. I screamed in agony and at that moment he drove his coc right down my throat. I couldn't believe it! I had never been able to do this! And his coc is so fucing huge! He held his coc buried in my throat while I struggled faintly. Then he pulled it out slowly. After giving me a chance to gasp for breath he forced it right bac down my throat. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed. "You're the first bitch that has ever been able to tae me down her throat! You should be proud little girl, because a lot of them have tried. They didn't want to, but they tried." All I could do was sit there while he fuced my throat and gasp for air when I got the chance. He had let my nipple go when his coc entered my throat and now my whole world revolved around that big, fat coc in my mouth. I felt him tense up and he held my head against his

stomach in a death grip as he blasted his cum down my throat. I was turning blue when he finally let me go. I fell bac onto the bed gasping for air. I tried to yell at him, call him a dirty name, but I couldn't even tal. My throat hurt too much. He collapsed onto the bed beside me for a moment and caught his breath, raving the whole time about what a fantastic cocsucer I was. I started crying. I was ready for him to leave. I remembered thining about him all yesterday afternoon, and then most of the night, and most of this morning. I remembered his coc. I remembered my orgasms. I had not thought about pain. There hadn't been this pain yesterday. He turned on his side, facing me. He leaned down and liced the tears from my face. His hand moved to my pussy and two of his fingers slipped in easily. He pulled his fingers out and held them up to my face. "You're crying," he said, "but you enjoyed it. You just don't realize it yet. Loo at all of that cunt juice on my fingers." He let me loo and then he stuc his fingers into my mouth. As I suced his fingers clean he said, "I'm sorry I had to hurt you, but just thin of it as part of your training. Thin of what a great cocsucer you are going to be when I am through training you!" I couldn't tal, my throat hurt too much. So I whispered, "What do you mean, training me? You can't train me. I am happily married. I am a newlywed! You have to leave and never come bac here!" He just laughed. "That's alright," he said. "You say all the right things. All of the things you are supposed to say. All of the things you don't mean. You're my bitch now, little girl. You are my cocsucing little bitch. From now on, anytime I want you, you are mine." I shoo my head and whispered, "No, I am not your bitch!" His hand was moving over my body again, teasing my breasts, moving slowly down over my hard, flat stomach, teasing my little patch of dar red pubic hair. He slipped his fingers bac into my hot, wet hole and said, "Yes, you are. You don't want to be. You just can't help yourself." He pulled me over on top of him and pulled my lips to his. We issed again and I felt his coc, which was already hard again, throbbing against my thighs. God help me, I wanted to spread my legs and slide right down on it! I didn't get the chance though. He rolled me off of him

and nelt on the floor between my legs. I felt his talented tongue go to wor again and my body gave into the pleasures of it immediately, without reservation. My mind went along for the ride. He was very good at this. I had several powerful orgasms before he stood up and turned me around on the bed. I willingly opened my legs as he moved over me and I surrendered to that arrogant smile as he san down on top of me. Just lie last time, I reached down and guided him into me. Just lie last time, my body succumbed to the pleasure of that fat coc pistoning in and out of me. I didn't have to be quiet this time, and I wasn't. I screamed through several violent orgasms before his thrusts became faster, more violent, and he shot his hot cum into me. I was surprised again when it was over to find that once again I had my arms and legs wrapped around his hard body. I swear I don't remember doing it. He pulled out of me and stretched out beside me. I lay there, unable to move for a moment. Then I felt his cum start to drain from my stretched out pussy. I started to mae a run for the bathroom but he stopped me. "Before you leave clean me up, little girl." I reached for a couple of tissues, but he just laughed and said, "Stupid bitch, what do you thin god gave you a tongue for?" I looed at his slimy coc, still twitching as it lay flat on his belly. There were a few drops of cum dripping down out of it still. I looed up at his face and realized that I had no choice. I leaned forward and shivered in revulsion as I liced him clean. I liced his coc and the puddle of cum on his belly, and then I liced his balls. When I thought I was done he made me suc it for a minute to mae sure that I didn't miss any. When he was finally satisfied that I had done a good job he pushed me away and I hurried to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and let his cum drain out of me for several minutes. I was amazed at the amount. It just ept draining out of my poor, abused pussy. After several minutes it finally seemed to stop. I used a damp face cloth to wash my face and my crotch and then steeled myself to go bac into the room. When I entered the bedroom again he was standing up, getting something out of his pants. I shoo my head in terror when I saw what it was. It was a small digital camera. I shoo my head, but I new I would do anything he ordered me to do. That is just exactly what I did too. For the next half hour I posed

in every lewd and crude and humiliating position that he could thin to put me in. When he had exhausted his imagination he decided to get some shots of me posing with his coc. He got picture after picture of me licing and issing and sucing his coc and his balls. He even lifted his legs and got some pictures of me eating out his asshole! I refused him nothing. In fact, much to my dismay, I realized that my pussy was soaed and I was breathing hard by the time he had enough pictures. I had enjoyed it! He put the camera down and made me get on my hands and nees on the edge of the bed and he fuced me lie a dog. Lie the bitch that I now am. He fuced me hard and I could feel his monster coc stretching my pussy and his large, heavy balls slapping against my thighs and again I was helpless. I found myself unable to maintain any control over my mind or body. I started cumming after several minutes of this brutal fucing and I was having one orgasm after another until he finally filled me with yet another load of hot cum. He ept his coc inside me until it was soft, then he pulled me around by my hair and made me clean him again. It wasn't as hard this time. I guess it is something you can get used to. When he was cleaned sufficiently I got up and went to the bathroom again. I was sitting on the toilet, listening to my rapist's cum drain out of me, when he came in and stood in the door watching me. I didn't loo up. I was too embarrassed. I didn't loo up until he came over and stood in front of me. I tried to close my legs. I don't now why. I didn't have any secrets left. He pushed me bac against the toilet tan and ordered me to spread my legs. I did as he ordered and he stood there, holding his coc and staring down at my pussy. I was totally clueless. I had never seen a man pee before! When the first spurt shot out of his coc and landed on my thighs I screamed and tried to scramble up. He slapped my face and ordered me to sit still. Then he started again. Most of it went between my legs and into the toilet, but I could feel it splashing up onto my ass. Every once in a while he would let the stream wander, to my pussy, or my thighs. It felt so hot, and it was so disgusting. Even so, when I felt that hot stream hitting my pussy I closed my eyes and moaned. I couldn't help it. His hot piss was lie cum covering my crotch. It felt good! I'm sorry. I now that's gross. I was grossed out at first. As the pleasure built up inside of me though, I was terrified that he would realize that the more he pissed on my pussy the closer I got to cumming! If he had ept it up another minute I would have cum from

being pissed on! Instead, he shot the last few spurts onto my belly and then pulled my face down so that I could suc his coc clean. He stepped bac when he was satisfied and smiled down at me. I turned bright red when I realized that he had seen it in my face. He new that I had been excited by the piss on my body. I had been humiliated, shamed beyond words, and I had been excited almost to the point of orgasm! I couldn't meet his gaze. I dropped my head down in shame. I could see the piss pooling on my thighs and my belly and around the sides of the toilet. It was getting cold quicly. As it cooled the smell seemed to be getting stronger. He stared down at me for a while and then he said, "I have to go now, cunt, but you now I'll be bac. You want me to come bac. You hate it, but you can't help it. You love it. I don't now when I will be bac, but from now on, you don't loc your door after you husband goes to wor. When I am ready, I'll be bac." I still couldn't loo up. I just nodded and waited for him to leave. As soon as I heard the front door close I wiped myself off with toilet paper. I stood up and cleaned the toilet and the floor around it. While I was doing that I had the water running in the shower and as soon as it was hot I jumped in. I washed myself all over, twice. But while I was doing it, I was thining about my day. I started getting more and more excited as I moved my soapy hands over my body and I was still rubbing myself to orgasms when the water got cold. I got out and dried off and stared at myself in the mirror. I was surprised to see that I looed unchanged. I looed just lie I did yesterday morning, and this morning. I looed unraped. I couldn't loo at myself and tell that a man, a man whose name I still didn't now, had pulled me into a truc in a paring lot and raped me. Raped my mouth and my pussy and made me cum more than I ever had before. I couldn't tell that he had come bac today and forced his oversized coc down my throat and cum down my throat and then he had made me cum again while he fuced me. I had cum over and over, loudly, uncontrollably. Worst of all, I had nearly cum when he stood in front of me and pissed on me! I was obviously some ind of deviated, iny, dirty slut! I don't now why I didn't now about it before yesterday. I had thought that I was normal. I had thought that I was a good wife and in the next few years would be a good mother. I had no idea what I really was. I wonder if Sean new. He still tals about

inviting his friends over to fuc me when we are maing love sometimes. The idea of it obviously turns him on. I wonder if he really wants to do that. Now I wonder if I would really lie to do that?! Now that I now what a slut I am. I finally stopped staring at myself in the mirror and went out and got dressed. I tore the bedspread off of the bed and tossed it into the washer and got that started. I had to spray the room with air freshener again. The living room too. The whole house seemed to smell lie sex! I suddenly realized that I still had the taste of his cum in my mouth. I hadn't even rinsed my mouth out! I went bac to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and rinsed out my mouth. Then I used some throat spray since my throat was still a little sore. It was getting late, so I went to the itchen and made supper, anything to tae my mind off of that man, anything to stop thining about what I had done, and what had been done to me, and how much I had enjoyed it. I had supper all ready. The table was set and all I needed was Sean to come in the door. I heard his car pull into the driveway and I got out two beers tonight and set them on the table. I needed a drin tonight. I would have lied something stronger, but we only eep beer in the house. It is embarrassing enough always having to as someone we now to buy us a case of beer now and then because we are only eighteen. I hugged Sean at the door and we sat down and had a nice meal while he told me his good news. He was getting a promotion! It wouldn't be a lot of money, but it was a step in the right direction. I was so proud of him. He had been promoted over a dozen guys that had wored there for a lot longer than he had. We celebrated by maing love, in bed this time. I even did something that surprised us both. After we made love we were cuddling and I had my hand on his soft coc. Without even realizing what I was doing I started issing my way down his body to his coc, which was beginning to twitch and grow as I neared it. I smiled up at him and then I issed the head of his coc. He groaned in excitement and his coc started growing quicly. I started licing and then I too him into my mouth and suced him lovingly. I had never done that after we had sex before. I would do it again though. It really isn't as disgusting as it sounds, and he really loved it! But that wasn't the most exciting thing. The most exciting thing was when, after I had been sucing him for about five minutes I suddenly too his whole coc into my mouth and down my throat for the first time. He

fucing freaed! He was swearing and his hips were moving and he grabbed my head and I felt him cum right down my throat. He had never cum that quicly before, and he had just fuced me!! I swallowed it all and I thought about how much easier it had been to do that for Sean than for my rapist. Sean's coc was only half as thic as my rapist's. It made a big difference. My rapist! I suddenly realized I was thining of him that way. Not the way you would expect a woman to thin about a rapist. It was more lie, my hair dresser, my grocer, my butcher, and my rapist! I new that was wrong, that was bad. But that was how I was thining about him. Sean finally calmed down and pulled me up and held me tight. "Where the hell did you learn that, Myra?! That was fucing fantastic!!" I smiled at him and said, "I read about it in last month's Cosmo and I started practicing on my vibrator. I didn't thin I could do it because I can't do it with the vibrator, but all of a sudden it just went! I'm glad you lied it, they said you would. I lie maing you happy." He had a loo bad, lying to The important and hugged me thirds. of wonder on his face. I felt ind of him. I didn't have much choice though. thing is that he bought it. He issed me and we were well on the way to going for

I was starting to get messy so I ased him to hold that thought. I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up and by the time I got bac to bed Sean was almost asleep. So I cuddled up to him and we went to sleep. For some reason I didn't have any trouble getting to sleep this time.

The rest of the wee was normal. Just lie a regular life! I wasn't raped again. No strange men came to my home and abused me. Sean and I still made love every night. Except that now, taing his coc into my mouth and throat for seconds had become a part of our routine. I didn't mind. I lied that I could please him. And it assuaged my guilt. I couldn't help feeling guilty for allowing myself to submit to that man, my rapist. On Friday we went out for dinner to celebrate Sean's promotion officially. It was payday and the bills were

paid for the month. We only had rent and utilities. Our cars were the same ones we had in high school. They were paid for, though neither one of them was worth much. I had started putting a couple of hundred dollars a month into our savings account and it was building fast. Maybe in a year or two we could get a car that had been made in this century. At dinner, Sean told me that he had to go to a two wee school to get his promotion. It wouldn't be a big deal. The school was going to be held in town, at a local hotel. He would be later getting home at night, and we probably wouldn't be having supper together for a couple of wees, but he would still be home every night. After a great meal he drove to his parent's house and we went in to visit for a while and he told them about his promotion. We didn't stay long. I thin the main reason he went was to "borrow" a bottle of wine so we could celebrate at home. I lied his parents. I had nown them for years. They were always very nice to me. His dad always checed me out more than I thought a father-in-law should, but he wasn't too lecherous about it and my mother-in-law would always punch him with her elbow and mae a joe out of it, so it never got really uncomfortable. We went home and had a glass of wine and tonight it was my turn. Sean issed me and liced me and ate me until I couldn't tae anymore. I finally sat up and pushed him away and sat on his stomach. I leaned down and liced his face clean and we issed as I felt his coc throbbing against my butt. "Where would you lie to put that thing, ind sir?" I ased. He was gently molding my breasts with his hands and it felt great. "Anywhere that turns you on," he responded. I moved down and slid my juicy slit up and down on his hard coc for a few minutes and then I leaned down and issed my way down his body and too him into my mouth. He really loved it when I too him into my throat. I suced him enthusiastically, as always. But this time, when he started to cum, I pulled bac so that the head of his coc was in my mouth and used my hand to finish him. The problem with deepthroat is that you never get to taste the man's cum. When you are really turned on, sometimes you want it in your mouth. It's more exciting, sensual even. I waited until he was finished cumming and then I looed up and showed him my mouthful of cum and used my tongue to paint the inside of my mouth with it. Then I swallowed gratefully. I was grateful too. Grateful that we had found each other and that he loved me as much as I loved him and that he was so good to me. I sometimes felt that I didn't deserve him, but that only meant

that I had to do more for him. *** I felt safe all weeend. I almost forgot about him, my rapist. Sean and I spent the two days together. We had to go to the mall on Saturday and buy him some nicer clothes. Not suit and tie yet, but he was a supervisor and he needed to dress a little better. We went to a movie and went grocery shopping. I got a chill at the grocery store when Sean pared in the same space that the van had been in. I made us a nice dinner and for the first time since we got married we didn't mae love that night. Sean fell asleep in front of the TV. It was my fault. I made him stay up to watch an old movie. When the movie was over I covered him up, shut off the TV and went to bed. It too a long time to get to sleep. I had not slept alone since we got married, and it was the first night that we didn't mae love. For some reason I was bothered by that. Even though I understood why it had happened and it was no big deal it made me sad. The next day, Sunday, Sean mowed the grass as soon as it was late enough and the neighbors were all up and about. While he was doing that I started maing some snacs. A couple of his friends were coming over later to watch the race on TV. I don't much care for racing, but it is fun to watch the guys watch the race and get all upset when someone screws up, or all excited when it loos lie their man is going to win. So whenever they watch the race at our house I enjoy being with them. I serve them snacs and eep the drins coming. Both of the guys coming over are a few years older than us and are able to bring beer. The race started at two in the afternoon. The guys showed up about an hour early, as usual, and we taled for a while. We had met them when Sean started woring during the summers and part time at the electronics store while we were still in high school. They were nice guys. They always flirted with me, and I always flirted bac. But it was all in fun and nobody got upset. Sean had to tae a lot of ribbing today about being a suc up and a brownnoser. His friends weren't really upset. They new he wored hard for the promotion. Things didn't loo good when they finally turned the TV on. It was raining at the trac and judging by the forecast it looed lie the race would be rained out. They left the TV on, with the sound off, and sat around and taled for a while, until the race was actually postponed. Then they turned off the TV. They didn't

want to go home, not with all of those beers in the fridge and the snacs that I had made, so we started playing cards. I was forced to play because there were only three of them. They said there had to be at least four. I now how to play poer, but I have never really played for money. We were just playing for pennies though, so it wasn't lie really gambling. I was even having fun. Mar, the older of the guys, the cutest one, and the biggest flirt, is the funniest guy. He is always telling funny, and naughty, joes. He's the life of every party. Mar won a large pile of my pennies in two hands and was idding me about wiping me out. I had no problem with losing a small handful of pennies, so I was egging him on. So he did. He wiped me out. That was when things started to change. I tried to get up and leave the table. I was going to get some more snacs and get everyone another beer. Mar said, "You can't quit now! We can't play with three people." I pointed out that I was broe. Sean would have let me have more pennies, but he was almost busted too. So Mar, not quite joingly, said, "Not a problem, you can play for clothes." I grinned and said, "Yeah, you wish!" Mar grinned bac and said, "You got that right! I could die a happy man." "Yeah," I responded, "if your wife found out, you would die." "Kim doesn't have a problem with me looing. I'm just not allowed to touch," he explained. I looed to sure that I and waiting was routing see how Sean was taing this and I am not was surprised to see that he was smiling to see how it went. I could tell that he for Mar.

"You want me to do this, don't you?" I ased him. He shrugged. "No baby," I said. "That isn't an answer. We have been married less than six months. I don't want to screw it up. If you thin this is something that you want, I'll give it a shot. A shrug isn't going to cut it, you have to tell me you want it." I was surprised when I realized that I was actually thining of allowing this to happen, and that I was excited by the idea of taing my clothes off in front of them. Of course, the beer probably had something to do with the way I was acting, the things that I was

feeling. Sean got rid of that silly grin and got serious for a minute. Everyone was looing at him now. He was thining hard. "We can play a few hands and see how it goes," he finally said. So I shrugged. I wouldn't admit it to him, or them, but the idea of losing a few hands and maybe not having all of my clothes on anymore was ind of turning me on. Anyway, I new enough about guys to now that they would be happier, or at least Sean would be happier, if I didn't act lie I was having too much fun. We discussed the rules change. They didn't sound very fair. I either won or lost, all or nothing. I either won the hand or lost a garment of my choosing. As we were discussing the new rules I remembered that I was not wearing a bra. We started playing again and my luc didn't change. I have to admit though; all of a sudden the game seemed a lot more interesting. Sometimes Sean won, but he still too whatever piece of clothing I was losing and enjoyed it just as much as his friends. It started out simple, first one sneaer, then the other. Then I lost a gym soc, then another. Now it was about to get interesting. So everyone was upset when I won a hand. I was even a little disappointed! I quicly lost that small pot of winnings, though, and then I was bac to taing off clothing. When I lost the next hand I had to choose. I turned to Sean and said, "Oay baby, I'm not wearing a bra. What do you want me to tae off next?" He grinned at me and said, "I want to seem some boobs, baby. Hand me that shirt you're wearing." I was excited, but I was also embarrassed. I would never be a good stripper. I was so nervous that my hands were shaing. I put my hand on the hem of my t-shirt and looed at the faces of my husband and his two friends and it was actually pretty encouraging. Guys loo at you lie that and you can't help but feel sexy. I slowly slipped the top up and over my boobs and then slipped it off and tossed it to Sean. I was still nervous. I felt an almost desperate need to cover myself with my arms, but I didn't. I sat there proudly as the guys ogled me to their hearts content. I realized that it was maing me just as hot as it was maing them. I thought about those fantasies we explored sometimes when we fuced, those fantasies about me fucing Sean's friends. I wondered if we could really do that. But more than that, I wondered if we

could do that without screwing up our marriage. I sat there, topless now, looing just as embarrassed as I actually was and acting lie a shy young virgin. They ate it up too. I lost the next hand too, big surprise there, right? I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans and then turned around and pulled them down, letting them all get a good loo at my ass with just those thin nylon panties covering me lie a second sin. I stepped out of my jeans and left them on the floor and sat bac down, but not before I gave everyone a good loo at my sexy panties. I was watching Sean. It was funny. It was lie he had never seen me naed before. He was just as excited as his buddies. I didn't give it too much thought at the time, but I thin it may have been a combination of being proud of his sexy wife, and the idea of seeing me through someone else's eyes. It was sort of lie he was seeing me for the first time all over again. But what do I now. I had to struggle to graduate at the bottom of my high school class. I may not be a blonde, but I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. At least I now my limitations. We played another hand. I did notice that Sean was winning a lot more now that I was nearly naed. His buddies didn't care who won as long as it wasn't me. Mar won the next hand though. When I stood up to tae my panties off he stopped me. "Wait," he said suddenly. "I won them. I want to tae them off." I looed at Sean and he grinned that stupid, "I can't thin, all of the blood is in my dic?!" grin. So fuc it. I stepped over to Mar and he too my panties off. He didn't just grab the waist band and pull them down. He rolled them down, slowly, caressing me as he wored them over my hips and slowly down my thighs, my calves, and finally off. I put my hands on his shoulders and lifted my feet, one at a time and then I stood in front of them naed while he piced my panties up and sniffed them, with a loo on his face that let everyone now he had found heaven. When he was done I grabbed my underwear bac. "You can't eep them, they're Victoria's Secret. Expensive!" I too my time and finally I sat bac down. I was looing at three of the horniest men on the continent right now. I looed at Sean and said, "Well darling, that's all there is. Now you have to play with three." Then I stood up and said, "Anyone want a beer?"

I went to the itchen and came bac with four beers. I sat bac down and enjoyed the attention from the guys as I did. Nobody was playing. They were all just looing at me. I finally ased them if the game was over and Mar said, "We have figured out a way that you can stay in the game." I looed at Sean. There was no doubt where this was going. I could see the tent in his pants and I new he was excited. "Will you still thin it is sexy tomorrow?" I ased. "You now me baby," he said. "I lie showing you off. I always have. You now what my fantasy is. You don't have to worry about me. You have to worry about you. I can handle it and love you tomorrow. Can you handle it and feel alright about it tomorrow?" I thought about that, and I thought about that man, my rapist. I thin I new the answer. In fact, I could see how this could wor to my advantage if my rape, and the subsequent rapes, ever did come out. "Oay," I said, "but let's get real. None of us is interested in these cards. What do you have in mind?" Sean had a guilty loo on his face and looed lie he was afraid to answer. Mar wasn't afraid though. He grinned at me and said, "While you were out of the room, Sean suggested that we try to tal you into sucing our cocs while he fucs you. He is a little narrow minded. He doesn't want us to fuc you, at least not yet. We are hoping he'll get over that. He says that you are the best little cocsucer in the country. We assume that he is just a bit prejudiced, but we would lie to decide for ourselves," I grinned at Sean. I probably should have been upset, but I was actually ind of proud. I looed him in the eye and ased, "Is that what you want baby?" Sean stood up and started getting undressed. I got up and helped him. When he was naed we issed and hugged and I whispered, "Be sure baby. I'll do it. I'll even lie it, because I am very turned on right now and I admit I'm having fun. But if you are jealous tomorrow I am going to ill you. I mean it." He issed me again and whispered, "I don't have a jealous bone in my body. You should now that by now. I am so proud of you, and so turned on right now. FUCK YOU'RE HOT!!!" I pulled Sean over to the middle of the living room floor and I got down on my hands and nees. He got down behind me and when I spread my legs he put his hand on my pussy and I almost came from just being touched. His hand must have been covered in pussy juice. I could feel it starting to drip down my thighs.

He slipped his dic buried in me, while was neeling behind stood up and pulled bigger than Sean's, rapist. So I didn't it.

into me and just held it there, he calmed down a little. While he me with his hands on my hips, Mar his clothes off. His coc was much but not nearly as large as my thin I would have any trouble with

Mar waled over and dropped to his nees in front of me. I smiled up at him and then I too his coc in my hand and started licing and issing it. That was all it too for Sean. I felt him cum in me without even moving! His coc stayed hard though. I finally too Mar's coc into my mouth and started sucing. He was enjoying it, but he wasn't impressed. Not yet. Not until I suddenly let the head of his coc slip into my throat and slid my lips all the day down to the base of his coc, and then I stuc my tongue out, just a little, and ticled his balls. "Holy fucing shit!!" he exclaimed. Meanwhile, Sean had started pumping me with his hard coc and I was living out one of my fantasies. I had always thought it would be exciting to have sex with two guys at once. I was right. It was very exciting. Sean had been right too. I may not be "the" best cocsucer in the country, but I am sure as hell one of them! So Mar didn't have a chance. He didn't last three minutes before he started shooting a big load of cum down my throat. When he was done I pulled bac so that just the head of his coc was in my mouth and I liced the last few drop off the head of his coc while he shuddered helplessly in front of me. Then it was Brad's turn. Brad, the quiet one. He didn't tal much. He was nice, though, and everyone lied him. He was watching with a loo of awe on his face. When Mar finally fell away I watched as Brad started undressing. His coc was slightly smaller, more lie Sean's, normal. I smiled at him when he nelt in front of me and then I issed him and liced him, just lie I had for Mar. I wet my lips and pressed them against the head of his slippery coc and slid my lips slowly down, all the way to the base of his coc in one slow, smooth motion, so that it would feel just lie it was sining into a hot, juicy pussy. I could hear his ragged breathing and that was all of the encouragement I needed. He lasted just about as long as Mar had. After I swallowed his cum and he sat bac out of the way I was able to put my head down and concentrate on my pussy. I felt something, something good and looed bac. Mar was reaching under me and caressing my clit while Sean fuced me. Moments later I felt Brad on the other side. He was reaching under me and playing with my breasts.

That was all it too to set me off. I started screaming and fucing bac at Sean and he was cumming and I was cumming and it was fantastic! When we were done, and getting our breath bac, Mar and Brad sat bac and just watched. Sean finally pulled out of me and, after a moment to get myself together I turned around and suced him clean. He had cum in me twice and he had been pretty turned on, his cum was already running down my thighs. I put my hand between my legs and got up and rushed to the bathroom. I too my time and cleaned up and went bac out to the living room. Everyone was still sitting around naed. That was what we did the rest of the afternoon. For a while, Mar and Brad raved about my blowjobs, but they finally calmed down. I was nestled in Sean's arms and I didn't feel the least bit guilty or self conscious anymore. It had been fun. It was fun again later in the afternoon when we did it again. It was still fun later, when we did it for the third time. The guys finally left around six and Sean and I just stayed naed. We were both fuced out, but what the hell, what did we need clothes for?! Before I went in to start supper I straddled his lap and looed him right in the eyes and ased, "Was it as exciting as you thought it would be?" He grinned and nodded. "Any regrets?" I ased. He shoo his head, but then he paused and thought about it for a moment and said, "Well, I still didn't get to see them fuc your hot ass." I issed him deeply. I grabbed his nipples in both of my hands and twisted hard. Then I got up and made supper. As I waled towards the itchen I said over my shoulder, "They were willing." While we were eating I ased him how he could watch his wife do those things and not thin less of her. He thought about it for a moment and then he said, "This is ind of embarrassing, but I guess that I have always been ind of a voyeur. Watching excites the hell out of me. For some reason I find it twice as exciting when I am watching you. I don't now why. I do now that, now that it has happened, bit as exciting as I thought it would be, fun besides. I now that I still love you much as I did before. I now I would lie again, but only if you enjoyed it too and can do it without feeling guilty." it was every and it was at least as to do it feel lie you

"Doesn't it bother you that those guys are probably going to tell everyone that you wor with that they got blowjobs from your wife?" I ased. Sean grinned and said, "First of all, Brad never says anything to anyone about anything. He is the quietest man I now. Nice guy, he just doesn't lie to tal. Mar can't tell anyone because if he did, his wife, who wors in the finance office out bac, would hear about it and she would ill him long before her daddy the divorce lawyer could tae him to the cleaners." He was quiet for a minute, "You now what? As long as I don't now that it would around. I have the hottest proud of her. If I thin I then it isn't any of their thoughtful. Finally he said, management doesn't find out, upset me if it did get wife in the world and I am am man enough to handle it fucing business, right?"

I put my hand on his and said, "I hope so. I love you very much. I don't want to screw up what we have. You were right though. I am embarrassed to admit it, but it was fun. I enjoyed it too. I was only worried about how you were going to feel about it after the beer wore off." "I only had three beers all day," he said. "I didn't need any more than that, I was high on lust. I got so fucing hot watching you undress, and watching them watch you undress. I almost came in my pants!" We taled a little more while I cleaned up the itchen. He helped me with the dishes. I hate it when he helps. It maes me feel guilty. Housewor is my only job. He wors really hard during the day and he shouldn't have to help around the house. Still, it was sweet of him. I thought about telling him about my rapist. I couldn't though. I was afraid that he might do something stupid and get in trouble. I decided to wait and see what would happen. As much as I hate to admit it, even to myself, I was excited by the way my rapist dominated me, used me, and abused me. The feeling of helplessness I got when he too me was so exciting. What we did today, with Mar and Brad, which was exciting too. But I was in charge. What happened was up to me. That sense of being taen, being helpless, that was missing. That fear that I felt with my rapist was intoxicating. But there is no way I could ever feel that with Sean, or his friends. I wasn't sure if I was ready to give that up. We went to bed early that night. Sean had to get up early and drive across town to the hotel for his class. They would be serving him lunch and dinner at the hotel and he would not be home until late for the next two wees. It was a pretty intense class. It would be a long two wees.

*** The next two days were quiet and lonely. I only saw Sean at breafast and for a few minutes before we went to bed. I sat around my quiet house all day and wondered if and when my rapist would reappear. Each day I would sit and watch the time pass and each day when he didn't come for me, come to use me, I realized that I was always more disappointed than relieved. I was actually starting to get impatient to be raped again! Well, at least I new how sic that was. To mae things worse, Sean was getting home so late and so tired that we hadn't made love since he fuced me with his friends on Sunday. I had gotten used to having sex every day. I was getting pretty horny. By Wednesday morning I thought for sure he would come for me. When evening finally came and he hadn't shown up, I started thining about getting dressed up and going out and finding someone to rape me. Yes, I now that is sic. I wouldn't have done it. I just thought about it, fantasized about it. On Thursday I had just about decided he wasn't coming bac anymore, so I got dressed up and I was just getting ready to go for a wal around the mall when my door opened suddenly and he was standing there, my rapist. He shut the door and came over and looed me over. He squeezed my breast. I thin he was just checing to see if I was wearing a bra. I was. I had gone bac to wearing one when I went out. I expected him to start undressing me immediately, or to get comfortable and order me to undress for him. Instead, he ased me if I was wearing pantyhose. When I nodded he ordered me to tae them off and never to wear them again. I reached under my dress and pulled my pantyhose off and went into the itchen and threw them away. When I went bac into the living room he grabbed my wrist and pulled me outside. He gave me time to loc my door and then he pulled me to his car. He wasn't driving the rape van this morning. We got in and he drove away. I didn't even as where we were going. He drove to a small house in a lower middleclass subdivision nearby. He pared and came around and pulled me out of the car. I followed him into the house and I was surprised to see that there were four men sitting around in the living room when we entered. I thought he was taing me to his house to rape me. Instead he had apparently taen me to a party, and it looed lie I was going to be the guest of honor.

No one spoe for a moment, and then one of the men stood up and waled over to where we were standing and spoe to my rapist. "Is this her? She's nothing but a little girl! You're shitting me, right?" My rapist smiled and ordered me to undress. I too off my dress and my bra and panties quicly. The implied threat was always that if I didn't react quicly enough they would be torn from me. I felt their eyes on me as I undressed. It wasn't fun lie on Sunday. It was much different. Here there were no rules and no husband to protect me. These guys could fuc me to death and dump my body somewhere if they wanted to. While I was undressing, my rapist opened up his pants and slid them and his shorts down to his nees. When I was naed he pushed me to my nees with my right side towards his four friends. Then he stepped in front of me and said, "Oay bitch, show them what a good cocsucer you are." I reached behind my rapist and placed my hands on the bacs of his thighs. Then I started issing and licing his coc, which was about half hard and growing quicly in response to what I was doing. By the time I had liced his balls and wored my way bac up to the head of his coc it was fully hard. I stretched my lips around it and started woring my way down his fat shaft. With each dip of my head I too more of him into my mouth until finally, after about a minute I was finally able to get the head of it into my throat and struggle with it until at last my lips were buried in his pubic hair. I heard the nasty, but very complementary comments from the audience and, even though I was totally humiliated at being forced to undress in front of four strange men and perform this way, I could feel myself getting aroused and looing forward to having my rapist's coc in my pussy. I saw the audience standing up and undressing as they watched me do something they had obviously not believed possible, tae this fat coc all the way down into my throat. By the time my rapist shot his cum down my throat his four friends were standing around and watching closely, obviously anxious to tae their turns. I didn't have to swallow. He shot his cum straight down my throat. Then he pulled his coc from my mouth and I liced up the last few drops that oozed from the large hole in the end of it. When he was satisfied, my rapist stood bac and said, "Oay guys, she's all yours. Remember what I told you." I didn't have much time to wonder what he had told them. I was instantly pushed down to my hands and nees

and had cocs inserted into my pussy and my mouth. While I was taing the second coc of the day down my throat, and getting fuced for the first time since Sunday, the two men who were waiting their turns got on their nees on either side of me and started playing roughly with my tits. I hate to admit it, but it was feeling pretty good. I was moaning around the coc in my throat and I guess it felt pretty good because he came in almost no time at all. He was immediately replaced by one of his friends who drove straight down my throat on his first stroe. I was getting so coc crazy by that point that I didn't mind at all, even though it was painful. Meanwhile, the man fucing me finally came and another man too his place. I had expected that each of them would cum once and then I could, if not go home, at least rest for a moment. It didn't wor that way. These four men ept going around and around until they had each fuced me three times. At least I thin they all did. It seemed lie it. It was pretty hard to eep trac, because I was cumming and cumming lie crazy. When they had finally had their fill of me the four men moved bac to their seats and collapsed. I looed at my rapist and ased where the bathroom was. I had cum all over my face and dripping down my thighs almost to my nees. My rapist smiled and said, "I can't let you go waling through the house lie that! Scoop that crap up and eat it." I looed at him for a moment, and then looed down at my thighs and the streams of nasty cum, still dripping from my red, swollen pussy. When I looed bac up at him I saw that he was pointing his camera at me again. It suddenly occurred to me that he had probably been taing pictures since he gave me to his friends to use. I sighed in resignation and started scooping up cum from my thighs and putting it in my mouth. When my thighs were as clean as I could get them I concentrated on the cum oozing from my pussy. It too several minutes. When I had finally finished he said, "See, now you don't need the bathroom. Wasn't that a lot easier?" I nodded, not really agreeing, but nowing that my opinion didn't matter. He ordered me bac onto my nees and made me suc him hard again. I did what he wanted and soon his coc was throbbing and ready for action. That was when he nodded to his friends and they stood up and surrounded me. They pulled me over a large hassoc and held me firmly, even though I wasn't struggling. I felt my rapist neeling between my legs and I didn't

understand what his friends were holding me down for. I wanted him to fuc me. I quicly understood why they were holding me down. I felt my rapist insert a large finger coated with a cold, slimy lubricant into my asshole. I new instantly what he was planning and I was positive he would ill me if he tried to fuc my ass with that huge coc. I just new that his fat coc would tear something inside me and I would bleed to death right here in this nasty living room while these ugly old men watched. I started to struggle and I pleaded with him not to do this. I had never had anal sex. I didn't even understand why anyone would want to. It was painful and unhealthy and there was a perfectly good hole right near there that was made for fucing. I started getting hysterical and he continued to ream me out with his finger and he used his other hand to slap my ass, hard. One of the men holding my arms lifted my head up and tossed a couple of small pills into my mouth. He held up a glass of water and I gulped it down, along with the pills. I looed up at him and he said, "One was a pain iller, the other is a muscle relaxant. By the time Reed gets two or three fingers in you and gets you loosened up they will tae effect. Hell, you might even enjoy this!" I shoo my head violently and sobbed, "No, please. He is so big. He'll tear me. Oh god he is going to ill me." I dropped my head down and sobbed as my rapist, who I now new was named Reed, wored two lube covered fingers into my ass. I thin the pills were starting to wor already. It still hurt, but now it was more pressure than pain. Still, I had no doubt that his huge coc would tear me. There was nothing I could do to get away, so I concentrated on trying to relax as my rapist started woring at me with three fingers. It was painful again, but bearable. As he wored on my ass I ept thining about how much my lips had to stretch when I too his coc into my mouth and I could not imagine my ass opening that wide. I was not doing so well at relaxing. The two men holding my arms were getting tired of waiting for the fun to start. They started taing turns pushing their soft, slimy cocs into my mouth. When they couldn't get hard one of them grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled bac, forcing my face up and my mouth open. He leaned down and lapped my face

lie a dog. Then he looed me right in the eyes and spit in my mouth. I was shoced and tried to pull my head away and spit it out. He laughed at me and slapped my face. Then he bent down and did it again. He and his friend laughed when I gave up and swallowed. Then his friend tried it. I was so distracted by the two of them taing turns spitting in my mouth that I almost didn't notice it when my rapist started forcing the head of his fat, hard coc into my ass. I screamed as it entered me. The pain was worse than anything I had ever experienced in my life. He drove it into me several inches and then paused. One of his friends saw me start to pass out and slapped my face a couple of times. I was sobbing hysterically at first, and begging loudly for him to stop. He ignored me and continued to drive his coc into me, an inch or two at a time. Every time he made a little progress he would pull out a little and then pound more of it into me. Each time I screamed in agony. As he struggled to force his coc into me he ept up a running commentary. "God damn this bitch is tight! Fuc! This little girl's ass is tearing my coc up boys! Shit!" He went on and on in that arrogant manner of his. I was just a warm place to stic a dic. That it was so incredibly painful just made it that much more fun for him. I haven't the slightest idea how long it lasted. I had given up struggling and just let him do it. My throat, which was already sore from all of them fucing their cocs into it for so long, one right after the other, was now sore from screaming too. I couldn't even scream any more. No more noise came out. Just my grunts as he pounded into me with so much violence. In the end, I wasn't even aware of it being over. I suddenly realized that he wasn't there anymore. The pain was still there. I was positive that I couldn't wal. I felt moisture running down my thighs and I was sure that I was bleeding. All five of them were standing behind me and staring at my asshole and laughing and joing. My rapist finally came around and nelt at my face and forced me to clean his coc once more. I didn't even struggle. I too his soft, slimy, dirty coc into my mouth and suced it clean. First though, I looed at it curiously. I expected to see it dripping with my blood. Instead, I saw traces of blood, but the rest was just sticy, drying cum. While I was sucing my rapist clean, one of the gang of four fell to his nees and too his place in my ass. I couldn't believe they would do that. They had to now how much pain I was in! Still, it wasn't as bad this time. I was stretched wide now, and somewhat numb. When

my rapist pulled his coc from my mouth I collapsed onto the hassoc and sobbed quietly as the four men too their turns in my ass. After each one came in me, he would quicly come around for his cleaning. When the last one had raped my ass, two of them helped me to my feet and half carried, half dragged me into the nasty bathroom. They dropped me onto the toilet and ordered me to stay there until they came for me. That was fine with me. I sat there for the longest time and listened to cum drain out of my ass and my pussy. It was a small stream at first, but then more lie a leay faucet dripping into the water below my ass. I held my face in my hands and cried softly, praying that it was over. It was a good fifteen or twenty minutes before I heard footsteps in the hall and all five of the men crowded into the tiny bathroom. My rapist leaned down and said, "Don't worry little girl. It only hurts lie that the first time. It gets a little easier every time." I decided that it would be better if I didn't say what I was thining right then. I was always the one that was going to suffer in any exchange between us. It occurred to me to wonder why all five of them were crowded in here lie this. Was it about to start again? Well, sort of. They were all fuced out. They were here for one final indignity. My rapist had apparently told them that he had pissed on me and that I had almost cum when he did it. So they were here to watch, and then tae their turns. I was piced up and placed on my ass in the cold, enamel bathtub with my bac up against the far side and my legs spread wide. One of them noticed the huge floating mass of cum in the toilet and they had a good laugh over that. My rapist wasn't paying them any attention. He was standing at the edge of the tub and holding his coc. "Loo at me," he said. "I want you looing in my eyes when I piss on your cunt. I want to see the humiliation in your face when you cum from being pissed on." I wiped the tears from my eyes and looed up at him and then it started. The first few little squirts landed between my legs on the bottom of the tub. Soon there was a steady stream of hot piss pelting my pussy, a strong stream. I felt the heat. I felt the vibrations throughout my crotch. I felt the shame. Then, with his four friends gathered around and staring at my humiliation I felt the stream hit my clitoris and I screamed as I shivered and came at the most degrading time in my life.

There were choruses of "Holy shit!" and "I'll be a son of a bitch!" and similar exclamations. I opened my eyes again after my orgasm passed and looed at his eyes as the last few spurts of piss tricled down my thighs. He stepped bac and they each too a turn after him. Only one of them concentrated on my pussy lie my rapist had. I fought the feelings as it stimulated me and I didn't cum again. The other three covered me with piss, my tits, my face, my hair, every part of me that they could reach with their streams of urine. They ept aiming for my mouth, which I ept tightly closed. When it was finally over they started drifting out of the room. My rapist closed the shower curtain and turned the cold water on full blast. I screamed in shoc and scrambled to my feet. He ordered me to shower and left the room. I turned on the hot water and washed my hair and my bruised and battered body. I dried off quicly and, supporting myself on the walls, I staggered bac out to the living room. I was ordered to dress and I did, as quicly as I could. The men were already dressed. I wanted to get out of here before anyone got anymore ideas. My rapist drove me home. I just sat crying quietly until we came to a stop in front of my house. I got myself together and started to get out of the car when he said, "See you soon bitch. Don't worry, lie I said, only the first time hurts that bad." I looed at him and shoo my head. "No," I said. "There won't be a next time. That was the last time you will hurt me lie that." He just smiled that arrogant smile and watched me wal away. I ran inside and too a long hot bath. I got out and looed at my bruised body in the mirror. I had numerous bruises, all over my body, but mostly on my breasts which all five men had taen great pleasure in abusing. My pussy was red and swollen and sore. I thought about using a hand mirror to try to determine if my ass was damaged. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was afraid to loo, afraid that if I looed I would have to rush to the emergency room. I decided that I would rather not now. I put on a t-shirt and a pair of panties and curled up in bed and cried myself to sleep. I was finally cured of my fascination with my rapist. Today had taen care of that. Sean was very late getting home and he went straight to bed. I had gotten up after sleeping for an hour or so and dressed and watched a little TV and waited for him.

When he got home we went to bed and he issed me and told me he was exhausted. As we lay in bed I held him tight while I listened to him breath deeply in my arms. *** I had gotten so much sleep yesterday afternoon and during the night that I woe up early. I decided to give Sean a treat and wae him up in a special way. I waited until ten minutes before the alarm was set to go off. I turned the alarm off. Then I slipped the covers off of him and too his coc into my mouth. He woe up quicly and responded instantly. It didn't tae much time before he was cumming in my mouth and I swallowed his cum happily. He got up and, after thaning me with a nice iss, he went to tae a shower. I dressed quicly, before he could see the mars on my body. I made his breafast and sat and dran coffee with him until he rushed off. It had been a long wee and we were both looing forward to tomorrow and spending the day together. I just hoped that the quicly fading mars on my body would be gone by then. We both normally slept in the nude, and we never made love in the dar. I new we would be maing love tomorrow. After Sean left for wor I too a hot shower and then I checed myself out in the mirror again. The mars were hardly noticeable now, but they had not disappeared completely. Hopefully they would be gone by tomorrow. My next big concern was answered shortly. Thans to the coffee this morning I had to go to the bathroom. I was relieved when everything seemed to wor normally. There was a little tenderness still, but there was no pain. I finally couldn't stand it anymore and I had to loo. I got the hand mirror and got up on the bed and looed at my butt. The blac and blue mars were all gone and I couldn't see anything that looed unusual about my asshole. It didn't loo all stretched out and disfigured. I had never looed at it before, so I didn't now what it looed lie before my rapist and his friends raped it. Apparently I was going to survive undamaged. I did a little housewor. I was afraid to leave the house and I checed twice to mae sure the door was loced. The day went very slowly. I didn't really expect my rapist to come bac for me, at least not this soon. Even so, I felt so vulnerable when I was home alone. I hadn't felt this way after the first rape, or even the second, but now I was scared. I had really been hurt yesterday. I had been really scared. Sean called me at a little after eight that evening and said that they had been let out a little early. He wondered if I would be terribly upset if he went for one beer with a few of his friends from the class. Normally I wouldn't have minded at all. After yesterday though, I was anxious to have my protector home. I

realized that I was safe for a couple more hours. My rapist didn't come at night. Besides, Sean had been woring hard and he had earned it. So I put a smile in my voice told him to have fun. After we hung up I sat and watched television. I was unable to relax though. I ept hearing noises and it was a very nervous evening. I turned the TV off at ten and decided to lie in bed and read for a while. I went to my bedroom and saw a large manila envelope on my bed! As soon as I saw the envelope I paniced. I rushed around to mae sure that nobody was in my house. I checed every window and every door and I could find nothing that was unloced. Someone had come in and left that pacage on my bed and left without me even nowing it! I went bac to my bedroom and stared at the envelope. I was afraid that I new what was in it. I piced it up and opened it. I was right. It was full of 8X10 pictures of me. Well, a few were of me. Most were of me and one or two or three or even four men. There were pictures of things I didn't even remember doing. There were even pictures of me in the bathtub being urinated on and he had been sure to catch the loo on my face when I had an orgasm from it. I stared at the pictures for a long time. I didn't now what to do with them. I didn't dare throw them away. I was afraid that someone would find them. I was also afraid to eep them, what if Sean should come across them? While I was trying to decide what to do with them I tried putting them bac into the envelope. In the process I finally came across the note that had come with them. My heart sipped a beat when I saw the note. I dearly wanted to leave it in the envelope and throw the whole mess away but I didn't dare. The pictures were just the threat. The note must be the demand. As much as I wanted this to all just go away. I didn't dare ignore the note. I pulled the note out and stuffed the pictures in the large envelope. I held the note in my hand for a moment. I could see that it wasn't very long. It was only a few sentences. I finally opened it and read it. I didn't even realize that I was holding my breath until I reached the end of the note and realized I was out of breath. The note said: "Bitch. Don't feel quite so safe now do you? I can get to you any time I want to. Believe me. You don't want to mae me come drag you out of your house. As long as you obey me I won't hurt you any more than I did yesterday. I won't even come and fuc you in front of your pansy husband. Meet me at The Well. In case you are not familiar with it, it is a small bar on 34th

Street, just south of Libby Drive. You had best be there at one o'cloc on Monday afternoon." Well, so much for locing the door and staying indoors. I new that I would have to go. I was trapped by those pictures. I was trapped by the fact that I had allowed myself to be raped twice more by my rapist and his friends. If I had told someone after the first rape, if I had called the police or told Sean, then I would have been able to resist. The fact that I had allowed him to come into my home and rape me again, and even worse, I had allowed him to come and tae me away to serve him and his friends, those rapes I couldn't explain. Those rapes, and the pictures that were taen, made me a prisoner to my rapist's whims. I realized that I had been sitting on the bed staring at the note for a long time. I hurriedly stuffed it into the envelope and then stuffed the envelope under some sweaters in a drawer. I crawled into bed, though now I was wide awae. I sat up and read a magazine and waited for Sean to come home. I finally heard the door open and a male's footsteps coming towards the bedroom. I new it was Sean. But still there was just a ticle of fear in the bac of my brain, because I new that my rapist had found a way into my home. So, I was both pleased and relieved to see Sean's smiling face. He came over and issed me and then I watched him undress. He went to the bathroom and I heard him using the toilet. It occurred to me that we had never been in the bathroom together when one of us was using the toilet, and now I was a toilet! As I listened to the stream of urine splashing into the toilet I realized that my pussy was tingling. When I realized what was happening I felt positively sic. Sean washed up and brushed his teeth and came to bed. We held and issed for a while, but he was exhausted and I soon turned over and we cuddled and went to sleep. Well, he went to sleep. It too me a little longer. I ept seeing those pictures that I had found on my bed a little while ago. How could I have gotten myself into a mess lie this?! It just wasn't fair! The next morning I was up before Sean and I snuc out of the bedroom and made coffee. I made bacon and toast and put them in the oven so that when Sean got up I would only have to coo the eggs and breafast would be ready. Sean had put in a lot of long days in the past wee and he was really tired. It was another hour before I heard him moving around. I poured him a cup of coffee and got the eggs out and by the time he got to the table breafast was ready.

We ate and taled and then, after I cleaned up the itchen we went in and too a shower together. We dressed and went grocery shopping. Then we came home and put everything away and since I had been stuc in the house all wee he offered to tae me to a movie. We piced a movie that appealed to both of us and went to the late afternoon showing. After the movie we stopped for some fried chicen on the way home and got it to go. We ate at home with a couple of beers. While we were eating I ased Sean about the race tomorrow. He hadn't mentioned that he was going to one of his friend's houses to watch the race. "I needed to as you about that," he said, sheepishly. "The guys want to come here again. I told them I would see how you felt about it." I looed at him for a moment. I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Last Sunday had been fun. I new the reason that they wanted to come bac here tomorrow. They would be wanting more than blowjobs. I was nervous about that. I was still not sure how that would effect the way Sean felt about me. Or how it would effect how I felt about myself. To add to the confusion, I wasn't sure how my feelings were being affected by my other problem, my rapist. "I guess you want them to come over or you wouldn't be asing me," I said. "I haven't really been with you enough this wee to now if anything is different after last weeend. We had fun on Sunday. Yes, I had fun too. But I am so afraid that you will start looing down on me. Or your friends will and it will bother you. Can you promise me that won't happen?" Sean hugged me and issed me and said, "If you have any doubts, just say no. I now you have more to worry about than I do in a situation lie this. I don't want to pressure you or force you. If you enjoy doing it, and if you want to do it, not for me, but because you enjoy it too, then I can assure you that it won't effect how I feel about you. I love you with all of my heart. One of the many things I love about you is your sexuality." "If you want to do this," he continued, "I will enjoy the hell out of it. If you don't I will love you just as much. I can't promise it will never come up again, but I won't hassle you about it." "You need your decision to be about what you would lie to do, not about any second thoughts you thin I might have. Because the hardest thing I had to do this wee was to get what happened Sunday out of my mind so that I could concentrate on what the instructors were saying. In case you have any doubts, let me assure you, I am all for it, but only if you can do it and then go to bed with me on Sunday night and thin, 'Damn! That

was hot!' So leave me out of the equation. You had fun last time, or you said that you did. Did you have any regrets?" I smiled as I remembered last Sunday. No. I hadn't had any regrets. My only regret is my rapist. The things that had happened Sunday had been exciting and fun. I couldn't deny it to myself. I would lie to do it again, those things or something similar. I suppose we could do away with those stupid cards. I told Sean, "No, I didn't have any regrets. I enjoyed it. But whatever you plan for tomorrow, let's leave out the fucing cards! I don't lie playing poer. I always lose!" "That's the point!" Sean said and laughed. "I don't lie to lose!" I said. "That isn't entirely true. I watched you on Sunday and you were enjoying yourself," he said. "That was why it made me so hot." "You can't play cards and watch the race," I argued. "A naed woman will trump a race any day of the wee," he said. "Oay," I said, "I'll leave it up to you. I'll go along with whatever you want." "Whatever I want?" he ased. I issed him and said, "Yes master, your wish is my command." Sean started issing me and touching me and it wasn't long before we were in bed and practicing for tomorrow. It had been a long, abstinent wee. I had missed our love maing as much as he did. He started right out maing up for it. He ate me for a very long time. I had orgasm after orgasm and finally I was getting wea, I had to push him away. I rested up for a few minutes and then I pulled him up and started to return the favor. As I suced his coc he piced up the phone and called his two friends and told them that we were on for tomorrow. After he hung up the phone we spent the next two hours practicing in different positions. We didn't quit practicing until we were exhausted and we fell asleep without even getting cleaned up. *** We woe up at a fairly normal time for a Sunday, but we were feeling ind of lazy and lay in bed until we had to go to the bathroom so bad we couldn't stand it any longer. We raced for the bathroom and since it was

closer to my side of the bed I won easily. I sat on the toilet and peed with him in the room for the first time. He was hopping up and down and holding his crotch and begging me to hurry. I smiled sexily finger. When he hand around his widespread legs at him and beconed him closer with my was standing in front of me I put my coc and aimed it between my now and told him to go ahead.

He looed at me lie I was crazy for a moment, then he smiled and said, "Oay, baby, you ased for it!" I felt the pee running through his coc. It was lie a vibration. My aim was terrible and the first of it splashed on the toilet seat between my legs. Then, as the stream got stronger it sprayed onto my legs. Finally I gave into my desires and just aimed it at my pussy. I was peeing into the toilet and Sean was peeing on my pussy and staring at me in amazement. I sat bac and closed my eyes and Sean finished peeing on my pussy while I had an orgasm. As soon as I returned to the world of the living I leaned forward and too his soft, but quicly growing coc into my mouth and suced him clean. I ased him to start the water so that we could tae a shower together before breafast. I wiped my pussy and my thighs with toilet paper. I didn't want to drip all over the floor. I stood up and wiped off the toilet seat and then we got into the shower and washed each other and hugged and issed until the water got cold. We really need a larger hot water heater. After we dried off I finally got up the nerve to as, "Well, did that gross you out?" He grinned and said, "It certainly shoced me. I never would have thought of doing it. I thought you didn't even want me in the room when you were using the toilet. You were always so shy about that. But when I saw you cum! Fuc! That was so fucing hot! Is that something you have been thining about for a while, or is that another tric you learned from Cosmo?" I guess I hadn't thought things through very well when I did that. I wasn't sure what to say now. Could I tell him about my rapist? This is probably the best opportunity I will get. The longer that I wait the worse it will be. Oh god, I hope I don't fuc this up. We had gone out to the itchen and since we feeling ind of iny already we had stayed were woring on breafast. I stopped what I and poured us both a cup of coffee and told down. were nude. We was doing Sean to sit

I too a sip of coffee and said, "Sean, I have something to tell you. I should have told you sooner, but I have ind of dug myself into a hole and no matter

what I do I eep getting in deeper. It wasn't my fault, at first. I guess it's my fault that I ind of let things get out of control. My biggest fear is that you are going to frea out and do something stupid and get in trouble, or get hurt. I will understand if you are mad at me. I will even understand if you...well, I can't even bring myself to say that. Just sit quiet and listen and I will tell you everything." So I did. I told him every terrible detail. From the first rape in the van at the grocery store to the gang rape on Thursday with my rapist and his four friends. I watched his face closely as I told the entire, sordid tale. I saw concern, I saw anger, but I don't now who he was angry at. I also noticed that his coc was hard most of the time. I hoped that was a good sign. When I had finished telling him what had happened to me I said, "So, that's the real reason I can deep-throat your coc, and your friends. That is why I new I would cum when you pissed on my pussy this morning. It started out not my fault. I could have reported it but I was just too embarrassed. Because I didn't report it things got out of hand. Now it eeps getting worse. He nows that I didn't tell you or the police and he thins he can hold that over me." I looed at him for a minute and he just stared at me. I had to as, I couldn't stand the suspense any longer, "Please Sean, tell me what you're thining!" He shoo his head for a second and then he said, "God Myra, why didn't you tell me?! I could have protected you! Don't loo so scared, I'm not mad at you. I feel awful about it." He pulled his chair out from the table and pulled me onto his lap. I noticed his lap was still feeling ind of lumpy and suddenly I found myself chucling. He looed at me in astonishment and said, "What's so funny?!" I laughed and said, "It doesn't feel lie you feel all that awful about it. I still feel a lump under my ass." Sean blushed and said, "It isn't my fault, you now what a pervert I am! You now the idea of another guy fucing you has always turned me on. Not hurting you though. I can't stand the thought of someone hurting you." We hugged and issed for a moment, but that lump under my ass never went away. I finally stood up and got us both some fresh coffee and said, "Wait here." Then I went into the bedroom and dug out the pictures from Thursday. I brought him the pictures and tossed them onto the itchen table. He looed at them for a moment and said,

"Are you sure you want me to see them?" I grinned at him and said, "Oh go ahead, you now you are dying to. I don't mind. What you see can't possibly be any worse than what you are picturing in your dirty little mind." I sat bac down and sipped my coffee and watched his face as he looed at the pictures. He tried to be cool, but I could tell that he found a lot of them exciting. Most of the pictures were of me and my rapist's four friends. But there were more than a few of me with my rapist's coc in my mouth and my pussy and finally my ass. Sean just ept looing at those and shaing his head and saying, "Oh my god! Fuc that must have hurt!" I slid to the floor and put my head in his lap. I felt guilty about what I had done. Not the first rape. That wasn't my fault. After that though, when I let it eep happening. This seemed lie a good way to start maing it up to him. I new that probably every other woman in the world would be pissed if her husband got a hardon from hearing about his wife getting raped or from looing at the pictures. But I wasn't without guilt here. I figured that the more exciting he found those pictures, the less liely it was that this would be a problem for our marriage. I didn't deepthroat him this time. I held his coc in my mouth and suced lightly. He came very quicly. I waited until he was soft and then I sat bac up. He had found the note and was reading it with an expression of concern on his face. "Well," Sean said, "now that you have told me about him, he has nothing left to blacmail you with, does he?" "No," I said, not quite sure how I felt about it. When I had told Sean about what had happened I had been honest about my feelings. I had told him how excited I had gotten. I had told him that the feeling of being helpless and cruelly dominated had turned out to be a very erotic experience, much to my surprise. He was watching me now. I saw the realization dawn on him, "You want to go, don't you?!" It was my turn to blush and feel guilty. "Yes and no," I said. "The idea of it excites me. I don't thin he could hurt me worse than he did the last time. I don't now what he has planned. I have to believe that from now on it would be about domination, not pain. It scares me that he can somehow get into our house whenever he wants to. I am sorry. I now I should not even be considering it. I just can't help having mixed feelings about it. I can't help it anymore than

you can help how you feel when you thin about it, or when you thin about me fucing your friends." He looed through the pictures again. Then he looed up and said, "You now how fuced up I am. I would go along if I could watch sometime, or if I could at least see more of these nasty pictures. God you loo hot!" "But how do I now you'll be safe?" he ased. I shrugged. "If it was totally safe it wouldn't be so exciting," I admitted. "I have a couple of things on my side. I can tell you the address where this too place," pointing to the pictures of the gangbang, "and you now the location of our next meeting." "I had already resolved to go, to eep you from finding out about it. Now that I don't have to, I can't help feeling just a tiny little nagging feeling of disappointment. Sorry, but I am being as honest as I can here." Sean said, "I can't tae a day off from that class. The instruction is much too intense. So I can't be here to protect you. You have done a nice job of building up our savings account so fast, but it isn't enough yet that we could afford to move. I suppose you could stay at my parent's house during the day. Does he now that address? You would be alone there, since they both wor. We could call a cop, but as you pointed out, after you more or less consented to the last two meetings I don't now if they would be all that concerned." "I don't now what to do," he continued. "I suppose the best thing I can do is tell you that I will go along with whatever you want to do. You already now I don't get jealous, so that isn't a concern. Do you now what you want to do?" I sighed deeply and closed my eyes and tried to thin. "Since you are so obvious considering it," he said, "I have a suggestion. When the guys come over today, I will tal Mar into letting me borrow his cell phone. You tae it with you and when you get to the bar tomorrow you get his license number and call and leave it on our answering machine. You won't be able to tell him about me nowing. Well, you can for all I care, but it might screw up your fantasy." I looed at him, trying to read his mind. "Could you really handle this?" I finally ased. "I can handle it as long as you don't get hurt, and as long as you don't leave me for that horse hung son of a bitch!" he exclaimed. I stood up and said, "Before you tae me into the bedroom and fuc my ass, how do you want your eggs?"

He grinned and gave me his order. As soon as breafast was over we went into the bedroom and he explored his new sexual option. He was very careful, very gentle. He too his time and I was surprised at how pleasant it was. If Sean hadn't been so excited and been able to last just a little longer, I thin I would have had an orgasm! When we were done we got cleaned up and I went out to start getting the snacs ready for the race. The pre race show started at noon and I wanted to get everything ready. We had fooled around so much that they would probably be here in less than an hour. While I was maing snacs, Sean put the pictures away. I was all ready for Sean's friends to arrive and I went into the bedroom to find something sexy to wear. I was looing through my closet, not even sure what I was looing for, when Sean came in to see what I was doing. When I told him, he put his arms around me and pulled me close and said, "Why don't you just wear what you have on now. I love you in nothing!" I issed him and replied, "No, too blatant. Guys prefer a little tease first. Besides, I don't now if I am ready to start answering the door in the nude." Sean helped me pic out my outfit. We settled on a very short crop top that only just barely covered my breasts, a tiny thong, and a micro minisirt that I moved up a little higher on my waist so that it was impossibly short. I put on some thigh highs and a pair of sexy heels. Then I had to fight Sean off, because he was ready to go again. "You loo beautiful!" he said. I could see the love in his eyes and hear it in his voice. It was very reassuring. I could also see the lust, I lied that too. Then he ased, "You're ready to play this time, right? No limits?" I issed him and answered, "Your wish is my command. I mean that. For the rest of the day I will do anything you tell me to. Don't as me, tell me." He held me tight and put his hands on my ass and pulled me against his hard-on. I new how he felt. Getting dressed up lie this for him and his friends and thining about what I was about to do had me dripping wet already. I glanced at the cloc and saw that it was time for Mar and Brad to be getting here and we went out and turned on the TV and while Sean was turning it to the

station the doorbell rang. I went to let them in. Mar was in front when I pulled the door open. When he saw me he whistled. I smiled and moved out of the way. Sean came over and too the case of beer from him and put it in the itchen. I followed him and started putting the beer in the fridge and Mar and Brad followed and watched me bending over to put the beer away. I could hear all of the silence behind me and I could feel their eyes on the chees of my ass as I bent over in that tiny sirt. I new that things would be getting started much earlier today. I new I was going to get fuced, a lot. Believe me, I was ready. Unless something was said between them that I didn't hear, Mar didn't wait for someone else to get things started. He waled up behind me and put his hand on my ass and started caressing me while I put the beer away. "My god you are beautiful, girl!" he exclaimed. I could hear the lust in his voice. But more than that, I could hear that he did truly thin that I was beautiful. I had to pause for a moment when I felt his hand slip down between my legs and rub my pussy. I have to assume that Sean had given them some indication that there weren't any limits today. I couldn't believe that Mar would be this forward so soon, even after what happened last Sunday. I finished putting the beer away and I stood up slowly. I turned around and said, "How dare you sir! How dare you tae advantage of me when I am so helpless and unable to defend myself?" He laughed and said, "If you hadn't been wearing that little thong I just might have taen advantage of you! God you have a beautiful ass!" Sean said, "Well damn, Mar. If the thong is in your way, tae it off!" It was crowded in our little itchen with the four of us gathered in front of the fridge. I held up my hand and suggested that we tae this into the other room. Sean and Brad turned and led the to precede him and waled behind up in the bac to watch me wal. hip action into it just to tease way. Mar allowed me me, holding my sirt I put a little extra him.

The other two had taen seats and were watching us as I strolled into the room with Mar behind me, exposing me and leering at my ass. I suddenly realized that nobody had a drin and I hadn't brought out the snacs. I apologized for being a bad hostess and ased everyone what they wanted. Dumb question! It was obvious what everyone wanted.

So I went over to Brad and said, "Well Brad, it doesn't loo lie anyone is going to be watching the pre race show. Would you mind giving me a hand with this top?" Brad smiled and reached up and played with my breasts for a moment before he finally lifted my crop top up and over my head. Then I went to Sean for help with my sirt. When I had stepped out of my sirt and was left in just my heels, hose and thong I went to Mar. I didn't even have to as. He dropped to his nees in front of me and started removing my thong, slowly, with his teeth. The other guys found that amusing. I ind of enjoyed it too. He was careful to rub his nose against my clit when he had my thongs down to just below my crotch. Then he edged them down a little further and I watched him lap at the soaing wet little patch of cloth. Then he too it into his mouth and suced my juices out of it. Watching him made me shiver. I was at least as ready for what was going to happen as these guys were. Christ I was horny! I put my hands on Mar's shoulders and as I slipped my legs out of the thong. stic it in his pocet but I bent over you really want Kim finding those when your laundry?" steadied myself Mar started to and ased, "Do she is doing

He grinned sheepishly and said, "Good thining," and tossed them away. Then he pulled me down and I stretched out on the floor in front of him. He started issing my feet and sucing my toes. No one had ever done that to me before and I was surprised at how arousing it could be. I really enjoyed it. As Mar started issing and licing his way up my legs I saw Sean and Brad stand up and undress. When they were naed they nelt beside me and Sean started issing my lips while Brad started licing and sucing and squeezing my breast. Having three men maing love to me lie that was the most exciting thing! I had my first orgasm before Mar's tongue ever reached my pussy! I just surrendered myself to the pleasures they were giving me. I didn't thin, I just felt. It was just total eroticism. I had stopped worrying about what they would thin of me later and I was totally surrendering myself to them. It was much better than last wee, and last wee had been wonderful! Mar ate me to several orgasms before he paused to undress. I found myself surrounded my naed men again. It was something I was really beginning to enjoy. I reached out for Sean and Brad's cocs and both men were lubricating lie crazy. My hands were covered in the slippery fluid and it felt great as I rubbed it all

over their nice, hot, hard cocs. They were groaning and shivering, and I realized that I had better stop what I was doing or I was going to have cum running up and down my arms. That wasn't where I wanted it. Mar was getting impatient. He said to Sean, "Man, why don't you get out of the way so we can get a little relief here?! I am about to explode!" Sean stopped issing me long enough to say, "Well what are you waiting for? Go ahead and fuc her!" Mar didn't wait to mae sure he was hearing right. He lifted my legs up and moved up so that his coc was resting on my pussy. I felt him fumbling around and then I felt it enter me. I heard him gasp as his coc was enveloped in my hot, clasping pussy. I gasped too. I was so fucing turned on. Sean issed me a moment longer and then he sat up and watched for a few minutes while Mar fuced me. Mar remained in an upright position, looing down at me. I looed up at him after Sean sat up. I could see him watching my face, and watching the violent motion of my breasts as they swung about in response to his thrusts. I didn't even notice Sean leaving the room and coming bac with our digital movie camera. He started filming and when I spotted him I just smiled. Brad decided not to wait and moved up to my face. I turned my head and too his nice hard coc into my mouth. I started to suc him enthusiastically, but he stopped me. "Slow down Myra," he whispered. "You have gotten me too fucing hot too soon. I don't want to cum yet." I pulled my mouth away and suggested, "How about if I relieve some of that pressure and then I can suc you until you get hard again?" He smiled and said, "I never say no to a lady." Then he started fucing his coc into my mouth, slowly at first, then more and more lie he was fucing my pussy. It didn't last long and when he started to cum I held the head of his coc in my mouth and used my hand to finish him off so that I could get his cum in my mouth and not all down my throat. When he was done I held onto his coc and pulled my mouth away and showed him his huge load on my tongue. Then I swallowed slowly and pulled him close again and liced his coc, getting those last few drops. I was going to start sucing him again but he pulled away. He stretched out beside me and started sucing and biting my nipples and he slid a hand down to play with my clit. God it felt great! I started cumming and I came at least three times before Mar roared lie a bear and filled my pussy with a load of hot cum.

Brad sat up and when Mar pulled out of me I turned around and suced him clean. No one had ever done that for him before and it drove him crazy. Sometimes it's a lot of fun being me! I love driving guys crazy, especially when they pay me bac with a bucet full of orgasms. I had to admit, I was really starting to enjoy NASCAR! I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up a little. Then I went bac to the living room. Sean had already put out some snacs and gotten everyone a beer. I brought everyone a towel to sit on. All of our furniture is cheap stuff, but I don't want it stained any more than necessary. There's no telling when we will be able to get a nice house and nice furniture. I saw that the race had started and the guys were watching, though they looed up when I entered the room and watched me instead. I was headed over to where Sean was sitting. I was going to sit on his lap. Mar intercepted me though, and pulled me onto his lap instead. I stretched out my hand to Sean and he handed me my beer and I sat in Mar's lap for a while and just enjoyed what he was doing with his hands while they watched TV. While everyone was watching the race Mar was taling softly in my ear. "Do you now how old I am?" he ased. I shoo my head. I would have guessed twenty-five or twenty-six. "I'm twenty-nine, eleven years older than you. I was the biggest pussy hound in my high school. Hell, I lost my virginity when I was thirteen. I have had sex with a lot of girls and a lot of women. I have to say that you are the best fuc I have ever had in my life. You are also the best cocsucer by a long shot. I am starting to believe in reincarnation, because no eighteen year old girl could be as good as you. If Sean wasn't a very good friend of mine, I would be all over you. I would leave my wife for you. No, get that loo off your face. Don't worry. I wouldn't do that to either of you. I am just saying, you are the most fantastic fuc in the fucing world!" I looed around and saw that Sean and Brad had been listening. I felt better nowing that he wasn't trying to do something behind Sean's bac. Apparently he was just paying me a compliment. I could tell by the lump under my ass that he was being sincere, so I thought I would than him appropriately. I got between his legs and suced him off. I could see Sean recording it so I made sure to smile at him after I swallowed Mar's cum. When Mar was satisfied I looed at Brad. He had gotten hard again too. I waled over on my nees to where he was sitting and I issed his coc and liced it a little and then I smiled at him and ased, "Wanna fuc?"

He laughed and said, "Nah, not really. But I hate to see you suffer lie this." I tossed my towel onto the rug and sat down on it and stretched out on my bac. Brad moved to my side and started issing me and feeling me up. I lied Brad, but I also lied sex with him. He seemed to enjoy the foreplay as much as I did. He was very good with his hands too. I came twice while he issed me and moved his hands all over me, and then twice more while he ate my juicy pussy. He finally couldn't tae it anymore and he got into position over me and I guided him into me with my hands. While Brad was fucing me Sean handed the camera to Mar and he got down beside me. He started whispering in my ear. "Having fun?" I nodded and smiled at him. "Good," he said. "I love it when you are having fun." Then he reached between us and played with my tits while we issed. I could see Brad above us, watching and smiling and fucing faster and faster. Sean moved his hand down and started rubbing my clit while Brad piced up the pace and soon both of us were cumming. He stayed above me, leaning on his arms and watching Sean and me issing until his coc was soft. When he pulled it out I sat up and suced him clean. Then I started to get up and go to the bathroom and wash up again but Sean stopped me. "No, don't go yet. I want to fuc you when you are full of another man's cum." I smiled and lay bac down. Sean moved over me and his coc slid right in. Our lips met and our eyes were open and we were staring at each other. He had his hands around my wrists. He was holding my arms above my head the way I lie. He started fucing me, slow and gentle and god I was turned on! I don't usually cum from just fucing, but I was so turned on, and he was doing it so well, and the idea that he was fucing me when my pussy was full of Brad's cum, that was all just too much and I started cumming again. Even all the noise from the race cars seemed to be contributing! Sean finally came and I suced him clean. Then he helped me up and waled me bac to the bathroom so I could clean up. Well, that was what I thought it was for. He closed the door and sat me on the toilet and I new what he had in mind when he stood in front of me and spread my legs apart. He bent down and issed me and told me how much he loved me. He told me how much he loved how hot I was,

how sexy I was. Then he straightened out and held his coc in his hand and soon I felt a hot stream of piss streaming over my pussy. I sat bac and closed my eyes and my hands came up to caress my tits and pull on my nipples and before he finished I had another explosive orgasm. I slumped onto the toilet and rested a minute while he turned on the hot water to warm up the shower. He issed me again and left me to clean myself up. It went on lie that all afternoon, until almost 6:30 PM. During that entire time there was always somebody doing something to me, or I was doing something to them. Sean apparently hadn't told them about my ass being opened up. I guess he was eeping one hole for himself. Well, himself and my rapist. We were all exhausted by the time the race was over. I too the two guys bac to the bathroom one at a time and showered with them so that they wouldn't go home smelling lie my pussy. They finally left a little before seven. A secondary good effect of having these little orgies at our house on Sunday was that we seemed to have enough beer left over to last through the wee. Sean and I cleaned up the living room and I opened the windows to air out the house for a while. We had snaced enough that neither of us wanted supper. We had already had enough beer for the day too. So we just sat and cuddled on the couch and watched TV for a while. Sean still had another wee of training left, so we went to bed early again. I had not had any trouble avoiding thining about tomorrow and what might happen. I had been pretty busy. Now, with Sean breathing quietly beside me, I wondered about tomorrow. I new I shouldn't go. I new that I didn't have to. He couldn't blacmail me with the threat of giving those pictures to my husband. I still had to worry about pissing him off and having him come to my home when Sean was at wor and teach me a lesson for disobeying him. I was pretty sure he would do that if I didn't show up. He would wait until I had gotten complacent and then one day he would be in my house and he would find something terrible to do to me. I had to be honest though. I new that wasn't why I would probably go to him tomorrow. I would go to him because it excited me to be afraid of him and to be helpless before him. I would go to my rapist tomorrow because I craved that feeling of being powerless, helpless. *** The next morning at breafast, Sean handed me Mar's cell phone. We decided that it was about time to get phones of our own. It was an expense I really didn't

want to tae on yet, but there are times, lie today, that cell phones are handy. And when is the last time you saw a woring pay phone? After Sean left for decide what to wear sexy, but he hadn't planned so I didn't his class, I went to the bedroom to today. I new it would have to be told me anything about what he had now what would be appropriate.

I finally settled on a nice sundress with a very deep cut front. It was open to below my breasts and showed a great deal of cleavage. I piced out a pair of lacy white biini panties and some white thigh highs with lacy tops that nearly matched the panties. Then I piddled around the house with nothing to do for several hours. Finally it was time for me to tae a shower and get dressed. I trimmed my dar red pubic hair into a neat V, and I shaved my legs and my armpits. I showered and oiled up my sin and put on my maeup. I did my hair and at last got dressed and ready to leave. Just before I left I too two Tylenol and sprayed sore throat spray down my throat. Better safe than sorry. Then I drove over to 34th Street and cut down to Libby. When I stopped at the intersection I saw The Well across the street and I pulled into the paring lot behind my rapist's car. As Sean suggested, I called our home phone and left his license number on our answering machine. Then I put the cell phone in my purse and got out and loced my car. I stood there, I was five minutes early. It too me a minute to get up the courage to wal inside. I looed around the paring lot. There were a dozen cars and picup trucs in the lot. I couldn't really tell anything about the bar from the outside. It just looed lie a quiet neighborhood bar. It wasn't a strip joint or a bier bar or anything special, at least, as far as I could tell. I new I would regret it if I waled in to that bar ten seconds late, so I headed in, two minutes early. I stopped inside the door and looed around the dar bar until I saw my rapist. He was sitting at a booth against the far wall with two other men. The two men were not two of the four from last wee. I saw my rapist loo up and see me. He didn't even acnowledge my existence. He totally ignored me. He turned bac to his two companions and resumed his conversation. I waled over to stand beside his table and wait for him to tell me what he wanted me to do. As I stood there his two companions ogled me, but my rapist continued to ignore me for several moments. He turned to me after several long, uncomfortable minutes and ased, "Are you wearing a bra?"

I new that he could see that I wasn't. It was obvious, but I shoo my head. It occurred to me that he had only ased me to embarrass me, and it wored. Then he ased, "Are you wearing panties?" I answered, "Yes sir." "Show me," he ordered. I didn't even loo around the room to see who was watching. I didn't want to now. I reached down and started pulling the material of my little sundress up. It was only about four inches below my crotch. By the time I had gathered a double handful of material I was displaying several inches of my underwear for the amusement of my rapist and his companions. He was still watching me, still waiting, so I pulled my sirt up all the way to my waist in front. He finally complimented me on my choice of undergarments. I started to drop my sirt bac into place but he said, "I didn't tell you that you could do that! Fuc up again and I'll span you right here in front of everyone." "Yes sir," I said. "I'm sorry sir." "You're damned right you're sorry," he said sarcastically. "but you still have to be punished so that you will remember not to do it again. Hand me your dress." I shivered in fear as I dropped my sirt and unbuttoned the front of my little sundress. I heard men gathering around behind me as I slipped it off of my shoulders and handed it to my rapist. He set my dress on the seat beside him and ordered me to go get him another beer. I ept my eyes down and tried not to listen to all of the obscene comments from the dozen or so men in the bar as I waled through them to the bar which was against the side wall of the long, narrow bar room. Several of the men groped me as I passed through them, but I finally made it to the bar and ased for a beer for my rapist. I paid for it and too it bac to him, getting groped even more this time, since everyone had seen that I had done nothing to prevent it before. I put my rapist's beer down near him and waited for my next humiliation. It wasn't long in coming. He looed at me, with that arrogant, disdainful loo and said, "You loo silly in just those panties. You might as well tae them off." Oh Christ! I was going to be naed in a bar room full of dirty old men! I didn't see a man in here that was not older than my father. They were a collection of

old, mostly overweight, ugly old men. They were enjoying the hell out of my discomfort. I couldn't see any compassion on a single face in this room. I hooed my thumbs in my waistband and I was about to slide them down when he stopped me. "Why don't you as around and see if anyone else would lie to do that for you, you stupid cunt," he ordered. I never got to actually as anyone to tae my underwear off. As soon as I turned around there was a brief struggle and the winner stuc one large hand down the front of my panties and another large hand down the bac of them and groped me for a moment before he slowly slid them down off of my hips and down my thighs. As my flesh was bared to the men in the room, those close enough explored my naed flesh eagerly. My rapist finally stood up and his companions joined him. They dragged me to the other end of the room where there was a small, sturdy, square table in the corner. My rapist piced me up and dropped me onto the table on my bac. Then he stood at my head and pulled out his large coc and began fucing my throat while one of his companions started fucing my pussy. The comments from the audience as they saw me swallow my rapist's coc were disgusting, and they really turned me on. As soon as my rapist came down my throat, the other man from his table too his place. I noticed a lot of men taing pictures of me with cell phone cameras. I also noticed someone recording everything with a movie camera. None of that mattered now. All that mattered were cocs and cum. I had plenty of those things. I was ept full for nearly two hours before those dirty old men were finished with me. My rapist came over after I had been alone for several minutes. He handed me a spoon and ordered me to clean up. That got the men gathered around me again and they all watched as I scooped up all of the cum that I could from my thighs and my pussy and ate it. When I had done that he piced me up off of the table and pointed to the large pool of cum on the table. When I had liced that up he pointed to another pool on the nasty floor. I was already starting to get sic to my stomach. I just barely managed to control myself as I dropped down and liced the cold, runny cum off of the floor. Even my audience seemed to be getting grossed out. I was pulled to my feet when my rapist was satisfied and he pulled me bac over to his table. He piced up my dress and my purse and dragged me to the door and pushed me into the paring lot. He followed me out and said, "You did pretty good today, but then, I was taing it easy on you." Then he handed me another note and ordered me to go home. I could see cars slowing down on the street and I heard

several horns honing as I quicly slipped my dress on and rushed to my car and got in. I looed around and saw no one, so I opened the note and read: "Bitch, Be ready when I pic you up tomorrow morning at eight. Dress nice, but conservative; wear a bra, plain panties, and thigh highs." Fuc! Two fucing days in a row! I started my car and drove home and raced to the bathroom. I was surprised that no one had touched my ass today. Well, that isn't right. It had been touched frequently. Nobody had fuced my ass today. I was certainly glad though. I had feared my rapist's coc in my ass more than anything else. To be honest, my rapist had been right. Today had been a pretty easy day. I had fuced and suced a dozen or so middle aged men. No rough stuff. I had been forced to undress in a public bar. That was exciting, in a humiliating ind of way. That ind of thing was the reason I had gone today, that public humiliation and public abuse. That had been the most exciting part of what had happened to me today. I hated it, but I craved it. I lay in my tub, as hot as I could stand it, and thought about the events of the day. I ended up using my finger and coming several times as I thought about what I must have looed lie, undressing in that bar full of dirty old men that were almost old enough to be my grandfather, and submitting to them. Letting them fuc my mouth and my pussy. My grandfather doesn't live in our town. I wonder if he would have fuced me if he had been there. I washed myself all over and then I just soaed in the bubble bath. The next thing I new I was waing up and the water was cold. I stood up and dried off and saw that it was only a little after seven PM. There was no set time for Sean to come home this wee, but he would probably not be home for at least two more hours, probably three. I went out to the itchen and had a salad and then I watched some mindless pap on TV while I waited for Sean. He came in at just after nine and I could tell how relieved he was to see me unharmed. He told me that he had been worrying about me all day and was terrified that he did the wrong thing when he didn't forbid me to go to that bar today. We went right to bed and curled up with my head on his chest and my hand on his coc as I told him about my

day. He got hard as soon as I started telling him about lifting my sirt in the middle of that bar. The story involved a lot of repetition, and nothing really out of the ordinary, well, what passes for ordinary these days. I told him about getting dressed to the sound of honing horns in the paring lot and then I gave him a nice blowjob. He ased me if I would lie him to return the favor, but I was still pretty tender and I had actually done a pretty good job of taing care of that in the bathtub. So we went to sleep in each other's arms. I decided to wait until morning to tell him about the next set of directions, the next note. *** On Tuesday morning I waited for him at the breafast table and after he had eaten and we were sitting there drining coffee I showed him the note. He read it and then he shoo his head. "I don't now babe. I was worried sic about you yesterday." "Yes," I responded, "but last night you listened to what happened and when I put my mouth on your coc you came in less than a minute. Besides, how am I going to get you a copy of the movie if I don't see him again?" "So I guess that means you want to try again," he ased. "It was exciting for me too. You now what turned me on the most? When he made me undress in front of all of those strange men I got so fucing hot! The sex was oay. I came a bunch of times at first, until I started getting sore. But when he ordered me to lift my sirt in that bar I was so turned on! At least there was no pain yesterday. I'm sorry. I do find it exciting to be under his control. It's up to you though. If you don't want me to go I won't. And no, I won't resent it. After all, we'll still have Sundays," I said with a smile. He issed me and headed for the door. At the door he turned and said, "No, it's up to you. Please be careful if you go." I suddenly remembered that I had Mar's cell phone and I called him bac and handed it to him. We issed again and then I went to pic out something to wear for my rapist. In a way it was better, not having to wait until the afternoon. All that fear, dread and anticipation could drive you nuts. I too a shower and piced out a plain white bra and panty set that would have made my mother proud. I wore

a plain white blouse and a navy sirt that almost touched my nees. I had on suntan thigh highs and a comfortable shoe with a one inch heel. I looed lie the schoolmarm. He rang my bell ten minutes early but I was sitting, waiting impatiently and I jumped up and let him in. He looed me over and made me lift my sirt. He apparently approved and started out the door, nodding for me to follow him. We went out to his car and I sat on the passenger side and stared out of the window. He ignored me. He not said a word since he came into my house that morning and told me to lift my sirt so that he could chec my underwear. Before long my rapist pulled up in front of a large, modern building. The sign out front said Dar Dreams Studios. I got out and followed my rapist inside. I followed him down a hall to an office. He opened the door and went in and sat down. I went in and stood beside him, waiting for an order. We waited for several minutes until a man finally came in from another door in the bac of the office. He smiled when he saw us and came around the des and looed me over. "What's your name sweetheart?" he ased. "Myra, sir," I responded. "How old are you Myra?" "Eighteen, sir," I answered. "Do you have your ID with you?" I handed him my driver's license. "Do you now why you are here?" he ased. "No sir," I responded. He turned to my rapist and ased, "Is she going to be any trouble?" "Don't worry, she'll do anything I tell her to do," he answered. Then he turned to me and said, "Won't you cunt?" I nodded. The stranger ased my rapist if I was dressed as they had discussed and he nodded. He went bac around his des and sat down and filled out some forms, taing my personal information from my driver's license. He looed up and ased me if the

address was correct and I nodded. I waited in silence for a few minutes and then he called me over to his des and made me sign some papers. I didn't now what they said, and he didn't explain. He showed me where to sign and then he stared down my blouse while I bent over and signed the forms. He handed me bac my license and I put it away. When I was ready I was led through the door that the man had come in through. There were two men near the far end of a long hallway with professional looing movie cameras pointed at us. The man who had given me the papers to sign instructed me to go the door on the left, just this side of the men with the cameras, and not to loo at the cameras. I was instructed to noc on the door and as for Mie Hunt. As soon as he had finished telling me what to do he stepped bac into his office and waived me on. I waled slowly down the hallway, more curious than scared, so far anyway. I stopped in front of the door, self consciously avoiding looing at the cameras, and noced. A deep voice ased who was at the door and, as instructed I answered that I was looing for Mie Hunt. I had seen "Pory's" and I new what I was saying. There was a pause and the door opened. On the other side of the door was a very large, very blac man who appeared to be in his late forties or early fifties. He had a very mean loo on his face. He looed me over and said, "Well hello little girl. What's your name darlin'?" "Myra," I responded. Now I was nervous. Another large blac man appeared behind the man I was taling to. He was looing me up and down and he obviously lied what he was seeing. The man who had opened the door ased, "How old are you Myra?" "Eighteen," I responded. "Shit," he exclaimed, "I got two ids older than you!" "So tell me," he continued, "how long have you been looing for your cunt?" "Excuse me!" I said. I had an idea where this was going, but I didn't want to screw it up and piss my rapist off. The man at the door invited me inside and stepped up and grabbed my arm and pulled me in, gently, but firmly.

The camera men followed me in. I saw that I was on a movie set that appeared to have been made up to represent a living room in a run down tenement. There was a camera man already in the room and I also spotted some overhead cameras. There were four more large blac men sitting around the room watching us. All of the men were large and all seemed to be in about the same age group, about ten or fifteen years older than my father. The man that had answered the door brought me into the room and stood behind me and said, "Did you hear that fellas? This poor young thing can't find her cunt! Have any of you seen her cunt?" The men were all laughing and smiling and they all seemed to really regret that none of them had seen my cunt. I guess they were anxious to help me out. Two of the men who had been seated stood up and joined the two that already stood on either side of me. One of them said, "Well gentlemen, it seems to me that the charitable thing to do here is to help this lady find her cunt." There were murmurs of agreement and I started bacing up. I said, "I thin I must have come to the wrong door. I need to leave now. I am sorry I bothered you." I new I wouldn't be allowed to leave. The four men that surrounded me started fondling me through my clothing. One of the cameras ept coming in for close ups of their hands on my body. They were all so large and overpowering that they seemed to suc all of the oxygen out of the room. I struggled a little, I tried to pull away and one of the men slapped me and said, "Stand still god damn it! You ain't going nowhere bitch!" I screamed. Well, it was more of a loud squea actually. I put my hand to my face and then I stood still as the men started undressing me. One of them held my hand up and examined my wedding ring. "How long have you been married, little girl?" he ased. "Almost five months," I responded, not much above a whisper. I was crying quietly now and the tears were rolling down my chees. One of the men leaned down and liced the tears off of one chee. Seeing that a man on the other side of me ased him how I tasted. The first man said, "Sweet. Yeah man, this is one sweet little pussy." The second man leaned down on the other side of me and liced my other chee and then he grabbed my hair and

turned my head and started issing me, probing my mouth with his long, fat tongue. While he issed me I felt my blouse being removed and someone was unbuttoning my sirt. They were not being gentle either. I felt my sirt fall to the floor and the man issing me straightened up and, along with his friends, checed me out in my modest white bra and panties. Their hands were moving all over me now. One large hand slid up my thigh and rubbed my pussy through my underwear. The man touching me said, "I thin I have some good news for you little girl. I believe I have located your lost cunt." The others all chucled at that. Someone behind me unfastened my bra and it was unceremoniously dragged down my arms and cast aside. It was immediately replaced by large, strong, rough hands. They squeezed and pulled and just generally mauled my breasts. They left my panties on for a long time as they explored my breasts and one of them went bac to issing me. There were also hands exploring me over my panties. Caressing the chees of my butt and pressing against my pussy and rubbing, pushing my panties inside my damp slit. Two of them were taing turns issing me. I had never issed a blac person before. I had thought that it would be different. But all I noticed was that I was so overpowered by these large, dominant men. I was having trouble restraining myself. I new it was too early for them to see how aroused I was becoming. Two of the men grabbed the waist band of my panties and lifted me right off of the floor. The crotch panel pulled right up into my slit and my pussy lips bulged out around the material. I wouldn't now until later, when I finally saw the movie, how obscene it looed. One of the men bent over and looed closely at my pussy, stretching out the straining material of my panties and said, "Yeah, no doubt about it girl, we have found your missing cunt." The two men set my feet bac on the floor and then one of them roughly stripped off my panties. I was pulled over to a ratty looing, but sturdy coffee table and bent down over it. Someone produced some rope and my wrists were secured to the legs on one side of the table, then my nees were spread as wide as possible and secured on the other side. This was the first time I had ever been tied up and, don't tell anyone I said so, but it was pretty exciting My head hung down and I stared at the floor while I listened to the sound of the men undressing. One of the men nelt by my face and lifted my head, using my hair as a handle. I could see the camera man right beside me, getting a good close up.

"I ain't ever fuced a redhead," the man said. "But I'll get around to that later. First I want to see if you are any good at sucing coc. You ever suced a blac coc before, little girl?" I gasped out, "No." It was hard to tal because of my hair being pulled bac and the hands that were roughly exploring my body. I saw the man's coc for the first time. It was not quite as thic as my rapist's coc, though it was just about the same length. It was still not quite hard though, so I was a bit concerned about how much longer it might get. He grabbed his coc with his free hand and rubbed the head of it all over my face. I closed my eyes but he ordered me to eep them open. It was hard, and I couldn't see very well now because of the tears that were flowing again, mostly because of the pain from having my hair pulled. He pressed the head of his coc against my lips and I didn't struggle. I opened my mouth and he started slowly forcing more and more of his large coc into my mouth. It didn't tae the gentle treatment long to go away though. Soon he was thrusting all the way to the bac of my throat and on one of his brutal thrusts his coc finally plunged down my throat. It seemed to surprise him and he paused and held my lips stretched tightly around the base of his large coc and said, "Son of a bitch! Loo at what this little cunt can do!" He held getting and let for air his coc there for much too long and I was desperate for air by the time he pulled it bac me breathe. He didn't give me much time to gasp though. He started fucing my mouth hard.

I was distracted by one of them fumbling with my pussy and soon I had another, obviously very large blac coc fucing me violently. They both fuced me and they were very rough about it. I had the feeling that their cocs were meeting somewhere in the middle of me. The fucing was pretty brutal and seemed to last a long time, but they didn't cum. They pulled out and two more men with equally impressive slabs of hard, blac meat too their places. The six of them ept taing turns, alternating as their turns came bac around. Except for the first three cocs in my mouth they always tasted lie pussy when they first entered my mouth. As they fuced me at both ends the four that were waiting their turns ept up a running line of filthy chatter about my various merits and shortcomings as a piece of white ass. I was aware of it, but I wasn't listening. I mostly focused on the coc in my mouth at the moment. The one in my pussy could tae care of

itself, but I had to concentrate on breathing around the one in my mouth and my already sore throat. They went on alternating lie that for a very long time. At least it seemed lie a long time to me. Then they started cumming. They all came the same way. One at a time they pulled my head up and stuc the end of their coc in my wide open mouth and used their free hand to beat off into my mouth. The camera was right there to capture the gobs of cum shooting into my mouth. All six of them filled my mouth with cum that way. The man that had cum first waited until the others had all filled my mouth with their hot loads and then he made me suc him again. As soon as I started sucing I new what was coming. One of the others was stretching out my ass and applying a cold lube to my asshole. All six of these cocs were as fat as my rapist's, so I new this was going to be bad. I was helpless though. The only thing I could do was plead with them not to do that. Nobody understood me though, because of the coc in my mouth. Not that they would have cared. I'm pretty sure that they new what I was gurgling about. They were laughing and joing about how they were going to tear my ass up, mae it so I had to wear a diaper the rest of my life. That hadn't even occurred to me. I had just been worried about getting torn and having to go to the doctor and explain what had happened. The coc in my mouth was hard now and the man behind me was apparently satisfied that my ass was loosened up enough. The man I was sucing pulled out and moved behind me. There was a pause; hopefully he was putting some lube on his huge coc. Then I felt it, the pressure of that huge piece of meat pushing relentlessly against my small, tight hole. I screamed in pain, a lot of pain. It too him several attempts before he was finally able to push the head of his coc into my ass. I screamed again, long and hard. I screamed so hard it hurt my already very sore throat. They all thought that was amusing and the five waiting their turns just encouraged the one raping my ass to give me hell and mae it hurt. For a long time they stood around watching. Then one of them came around and put his coc in my mouth. I assumed that he was getting warmed up for his turn. The six of them lasted well over an hour and a half by this time. When they were nearing orgasm they didn't cum in my ass. Every time one of them was ready to cum they stood up and waled around the table and came the same way they did the first time, jacing off into my mouth while the one that was next buried himself in my painfully stretched ass.

After each one came in my mouth they gave me a moment to swallow before they plowed their soft cocs into my mouth to be cleaned. Two of the men apparently didn't find my tight ass to be satisfying enough. The first ept slapping my ass with his large hand, very hard. The sharp noise of every slap filled the room. My ass was bright red by the time he came around to shoot his cum into my mouth. The second one didn't use his hand. He used a doubled up leather belt. I was begging him to stop in my raspy whisper, the only way I could communicate by this time. My cries of pain and my pleas for mercy were apparently just what he wanted to hear, because he ept on beating my ass until he too was ready to fill my mouth. When all six of them were through raping my ass they untied me from the table. I prayed it was over, but I saw that they were still filming. I was flipped over onto my bac and tied bac down. Now that I could loo up I saw that there was an observation area on one side. Since the room we were in had fae walls and no ceiling, there were a series of seats that looed down over one of the walls. I saw a dozen men and four women watching avidly as I was raped by these six blac men. But it was all in the name of art. I was going to be a movie star! Soon after I was secured to the table on my bac there was a noc on the door. Oh Christ! Not more of them. God, I am so sore and tired. One of the men opened the door and another large blac man came in, carrying a small leather bag. Lie a doctor's bag. He placed the bag on the table beside me and looed me over. He was taling to one of the men, but at first I didn't understand what they were saying. When I did I paniced. I started struggling and yelling at them to let me go. They were taling about piercing! They were discussing how many and where! I need to explain here that I am terrified of needles. I am one of the few women in the western world that has not had her ears pierced. So I was crying hysterically now and begging them to let me go. It was music to their ears. The new man stood over me, watching and smiling and undressing. As soon as he was undressed he nelt between my legs and pushed his long, fat coc into my pussy and held it there. Then he reached out and started pinching and pulling on my nipples. I was trying to hold my head up so that I could see what he was doing, right up until he clamped some strange metal device down on my nipple and stabbed me with a large

needle. I passed out immediately and my head dropped down and struc the side of the coffee table with a loud thun. If you buy the movie you will hear it. They stopped what they were doing and slapped my face until I returned to consciousness, and then they finished piercing my right nipple and inserting a large ring. They had to awaen me twice more before they got the first ring in. Then they did the same thing on my left nipple. Again I passed out several times before they finished inserting the ring. As soon as he finished mutilating my nipples he stroed his coc in and out of me a few times, then he pulled out and started manipulating my clitoris. I couldn't scream anymore. My throat was so raw that a quiet rasping noise was all that I was capable of. But I made that noise and whipped my head bac and forth and did anything I could to mae them stop. It was all to no avail. My head hung down and I couldn't see what was happening. I definitely felt it though. I felt that clamp when they applied it to the sin over my clit and I felt the needle when they plunged it into me. By the time I regained consciousness this time the ring was in. The pain in my nipples and my clit was unbearable. I was pissed off, but I was also terrified. I saw the camera right in my face, recording my pleas and my suffering and I looed into the lens and pleaded softly to go home. Unfortunately, they weren't through yet. The newcomer moved to the other side of the table and nelt by my head. He reached into his bag and pulled out a big, round, rubber coated, metal circle. He forced it into my mouth between my teeth, despite everything I did to avoid it. Then he fastened the straps on it to the bac of my head. I was past fighting him now. I went limp on the table and waited for the nightmare to end. One of the first six men came over and held my head up horizontally. I closed my eyes now. I couldn't watch. I felt the clamp close over my tongue and the pain as he pulled it out of my mouth as far as he could. Then I felt the stabbing pain as he drove another needle into my tongue. He fiddled around with the piercing in my tongue for a while. Then he removed the clamp and finally the ring which was holding my mouth wide open. But he wasn't quite done yet. He was still hard. He went bac around to my pussy and drove his large coc bac into me. I screamed again. Every move he made aggravated the pain in my clit. I could only be thanful that he was apparently very excited by his wor because he lasted only half as long as the other men that had raped me today. Unlie the others though,

this one came in my pussy. I was finally untied and two of the men helped me to my feet. They half carried me to the door and one of them said, "You're a pretty good fuc little girl. You ever need help finding your cunt again you come on bac. I suspect it will be a lot easier to find now though." Then he threw my clothes out into the hall and pushed me out after them. One of the camera men had preceded me out into the hallway. I stood outside the door and struggled into my sirt and blouse. Then, with my underwear in my hand, I staggered down the hallway to the door through which I had entered when all of this started. I went into the office and waled around the des and san into a chair against the wall and waited. Ten minutes later my rapist returned with the man I had first spoen to when I came in. My rapist said, "Cunt, it is a good thing for you that my friend here provided some young ladies we could use during your taping. That was one hell of a sexy show and you would have hated what would have happened if I hadn't just gotten my rocs off." I just looed at him, a vacant loo. I was almost beyond pain now. My rapist shoo hands with the other man and we left. I groaned in pain with every move I made. I hurt so fucing bad, in so many fucing places. I screamed out loud when I tried to sit in the car. I was getting my voice bac, lucy me. My rapist drove me straight home and helped me to my door. He followed me inside and handed me a tube of some ind of antibiotic ointment and a piece of paper with directions for the care of new piercings. I set the paper and the cream on the table and stood waiting for him to leave so that I could go tae a bath. Instead, he pulled me down the hall and bent me over my bed and pulled my sirt up over my ass and after fumbling around for a minute he drove his oversized coc into my already sore asshole. As he fuced me he said, "Sorry cunt, but you just turn me the fuc on too much to not fuc you." My legs were spread wide and his big heavy ball sac ept swinging up and hitting my cunt while he fuced my ass. It just missed my clit on each thrust. I was so worried about the pain in my other body parts that I hardly noticed the pain in my butt. He came in about fifteen minutes. Actually, almost exactly fifteen minutes. I was staring at the cloc on

Sean's side of the bed suddenly realized that afternoon. It had been piced me up. The last torture.

while he raped my ass. I it was almost one in the almost five hours since he hour or so of it had been pure

He finally came in my ass and, I suppose because of my newly pierced tongue, he put his coc away without maing me suc it clean. Before he left he told me that he would give me two or three wees before he decided what games to play with me next. He told me that he would stop over in the next few days with a copy of the movie I had made today and a copy of the movie he had made of me earlier. "Well," I thought, "that should please Sean." Though, to be honest, I was interested in seeing most of it too, right up until they started stabbing holes in my body and sticing metal into me. In case you hadn't guessed, I am not a big fan of piercing or tattooing. Not unless it's done under general anesthesia. My rapist finally left and I didn't even follow him out to loc the door. It hurt too much to wal. I undressed and hobbled into the bathroom and too a long hot bath. I soaed for half an hour and then I dried off and followed the directions for the care of the new holes in my body. I was crying softly as I crawled under the covers and slept for several hours. I was exhausted, physically, but mostly emotionally. I needed to shut my mind off for a while. I woe up before Sean got home. I struggled to my feet, put on a loose robe and hobbled to the living room to wait for him. I sat there, with my robe open to avoid irritating my new piercings. I was also constantly aware of the new hardware in my tongue which, although it didn't seem to hurt as much as the others, it ept rattling against my teeth and was very annoying. When I heard Sean's car in the driveway I closed my robe and sat up. When he came in and saw me, he new instantly that I was in pain. He hurried over and I stopped him from hugging me. I struggled to my feet and opened my robe and showed him my new jewelry. He looed at the rings in my nipples and that was the only thing that he saw at first. I pointed out the ring in my clit and he bent down and whistled and said, "God damn! Shit baby! That had to hurt!" When he straightened bac up I stuc my tongue out at him. "Oh my god!" he exclaimed. "Honey, are you alright?!" I shrugged. I suppose I will be, eventually. I really

didn't feel lie taling about it right now. I hugged him carefully, but it wasn't very satisfactory. He pushed me away and turned me around and hugged me from behind and that was a little better. He just held me for a while. I guess he didn't now what to say. There wasn't anything that he could say really. It was going to tae time. And it did. I had no sex of any ind for the next two and a half wees. Well, except for once. It wasn't good for me, though. I was just a cum-dump for my rapist. But believe me, with the rings constantly calling my attention to my nipples and my clit, sex was on my mind a lot. Mar and Brad were disappointed of course. Sean told them we would have to sip the race for two wees, but he promised to mae it up to them. My rapist dropped by after ten days. He dropped off the two DVDs and checed on my piercings. Since he was there he went ahead and bent me over the arm of a chair and lubed me up and fuced my ass. I guess practice maes perfect. It hardly hurt at all this time. I hid the DVDs until I could watch them. I wanted to see how bad they were before I showed them to Sean. They were pretty bad. I watched them over a three day period. I even watched the part where I got pierced. I am embarrassed to say that it turned me on to watch it. I don't now how Sean will react to it. By the end of the third wee I was ready for sex. I still had trouble taling without either lisping or clacing that damned ball in my tongue against my teeth. I was worried about damaging the enamel on my teeth. My nipples and my clit were still a little tender, but not anything I couldn't live with. On Saturday of the third wee Sean and I did a little experimenting. I was still unhappy with that big fucing metal ball in my tongue. Sean, on the other hand, loved the way it felt on his coc. Of course he didn't have to try to eat with it or tal with it. The other three piercings, on the other hand, the two in my nipples and the one in my clit, those I didn't regret. The two in my nipples were fun on a day to day basis, but when it came to sex they were just a little extra bonus, not necessarily worth the pain I went through. The piercing in my clit, on the other hand, that one was worth one hundred times its weight in gold! The first time we made love with that thing in my clit I went nuts. Everything Sean did was just perfect. All the stimulation I ever needed was right there. I could cum from fucing!!!!

Since we were having so much fun I decided to get out the DVDs and show them to Sean. We watched the first one, the one of my gangbang in The Well by all of the old geezers. It was pretty exciting. Someone had been recording what happened from the moment I waled in the door. I just hadn't noticed it until I was on my bac on that table. We watched it with my head in Sean's lap and his fingers toying with my rings. It was an exciting two hours, although there was a lot of repetition. It would have made a pretty good forty-five minute movie. By the time we got to the second one we were getting worn out. We decided to wait until tomorrow night, after the race. We taled about it and decided that if they too it easy we could host Mar and Brad for the race tomorrow. So Sean called them and invited them over. *** For race day I wore a lacy white chemise and a matching white, lace trimmed, half slip. The guys showed up and were worried about me. Sean had not told them why we had sipped two Sundays, but they had gotten the impression that I was ill. That was partly right I guess. I certainly hadn't been feeling well. The guys came in, bearing a case of beer as usual. I put the beer away and brought out some snacs and four cold ones. The guys wanted to now if I was alright and Sean told them that I had healed up pretty well but that we would have to tae it pretty easy today. It would be a couple more wees before I was fully healed. You could see it in their faces. They were thining, "Oh, oh, some female thing." In a way that was right, I suppose. I decided to end the suspense and I stood up and ased Mar to tae off my chemise. He pulled it off and at first he didn't even notice. But Brad did. "Holy shit," Brad exclaimed under his breath. Then Mar finally noticed the rings which were right in his face. They each reached out and gently played with one of the rings. As long as they didn't tug on them, it felt pretty good. My nipples seemed to stay hard most of the time now. It gives a girl a whole new outloo on sexuality. I moved over to Brad and he slid my slip down over my hips. As soon as he spotted the ring in my clit he said, "Oh my god! Are you sure you can play today? After only three wees. Those must still be pretty sore." Sean said, "We tested them yesterday and as long as you tae it a little easy on them it's alright. No yaning

or biting or any ind of rough stuff though. She really loves fucing with that one in her clit. She says it's lie being a man!" Mar said, "She doesn't loo lie a man to me!" I stuc my tongue out at him and he grinned and said, "I have always wanted to tae one of those for a test drive." I sat in his lap and put my arms around his nec and said, "Today is your lucy day, Mar." Then I issed him and he explored the post in my tongue with his tongue while he played with my clit with the other hand. Brad was still staring with his mouth still wide open. He finally ased, "I don't get it. I remember you telling us why you didn't have pierced ears. You are terrified of needles. There is no way you would get four piercings! There is no way you would get one!" They just wouldn't let it go and finally Sean and I decided to tell them the whole story. For something that seemed to consume so much of my life it didn't seem to tae very long to tell. When I got to the end of the story we turned the pre race show off and put on the second DVD, the one where I get raped by seven blac men and get all my new holes. As the movie played, I went around on my nees and ept taing care of the hard-ons. I was surprised that Mar seemed to stay ind of excited. I had to get on him now and then about racial slurs. I thought the interracial stuff might turn him off. It didn't. The guys all seemed pretty turned off during my piercing scenes though. We had to turn the sound way down, it was getting pretty disturbing. When it was over Brad ased, "You are through with this guy now, right? This guy is bad news." I shrugged and said, "I don't now. I want to be. But there is a problem. He can get into our house any time he wants. We don't now how. He has come in twice and I have checed after he left and every door and window was loced. I am afraid to piss him off and have him come over when Sean isn't home. Or come over with some of his friends when Sean is home." Mar got up and started looing around. We live in a small, older, rental house. It's old, but it's pretty well maintained. Neither Sean nor I could figure out how my rapist had gotten in. Mar figured it out though. He called us into the hall that led to the bac door. He showed us how easy it was to open when it was loced. He just had to lift up on it and the loc slipped free. Brad ased if we new who the guy was.

I told him that I new his first name and his license number. Brad's brother was a cop and he said he could get the guys name and address and he would also as him to chec to see if he had a record. Mar ased when he was coming bac and I told him that he said that he would give me three wees to heal. So I am expecting to hear from him soon. Mar and Brad and Sean taled it over for a while and made some plans. I ept my mouth shut. I wanted to say that I didn't want him hurt, but I new that sounded strange. I did say that I didn't want them to do anything stupid and end up in jail. The race was more than half over now, but we turned it bac on and promptly got bac to sex. I got fuced over and over and I never loved fucing so much. They should put one of those damned rings on girls at birth! When the party finally broe up Sean followed Mar out to his car and came bac in with a pistol. He tried to show me how to use it but I had to severely compromise my principles just to allow it in the house. If I were to ever hold a gun on somebody, I might as well hold it with the barrel pointing my way. There was no way I was ever going to shoot anyone. *** I overslept in the morning and when I woe up it was after eight and Sean was still in bed. I paniced and tried to get him up. He smiled at me and pulled me down on top of him and told me to relax. He was taing a few days off. He had gotten up early and called in sic and moved his car out into the street and down the bloc a little ways. We got up and had breafast and at a little before ten Brad called. He gave Sean my rapist's full name and address. He also mentioned a long arrest record for assault and sexual assault. Brad said that my rapist is a suspect in the disappearance of a couple of young women. Now we had a dilemma. Even if we could scare this guy off, he was going to do this to someone else. Brad's brother wanted to tal to me and see if it was possible to wor up a case against him. I agreed to meet him at Brad's house later. I didn't want a police car pared at my house right now. I went over to Brad's house and Brad's brother, Jim was waiting inside. He was driving his own car and was in civilian clothes. I told him everything. I also told him about the movie but pointed out that I had signed all inds of papers, probably releases, before it started. And besides, I never said no until the piercing started. I am sure that I signed a release for

that too. We had been taling for an hour when Brad's phone rang. Jim answered it and got real serious. He said, "Hello... Hang on, I'll be right there." Then he pulled me to my feet and we drove bac to my house, very fast. Sean was sitting on the front steps and he looed white as a sheet. I didn't have a chance to as Jim what the problem was, we had taen separate cars. I rushed over to Sean and ased what was wrong. Then I freaed out. I saw that he was covered with blood. It too him a long time to calm me down and convince me that he wasn't hurt. I listened as he told Jim what had happened. He had been sitting in the itchen about forty-five minutes after I went to Brad's house. He heard a noise and thought it must be my rapist sneaing in. He heard someone waling quietly down the hall and he got out of his chair and piced up the gun he had borrowed from Mar. He was not wearing shoes and apparently Reed didn't now anyone was in the house since both cars were gone. Sean waled quietly to the door that Reed would be coming out of and as soon as he came around the corner Sean pointed the gun at him, coced it, and told him stop and raise his hands. He isn't sure why Reed tried to jump him. Maybe he was surprised and it was just a reaction or maybe he really thought he was quic enough. He grabbed the gun and tried to pull it away and it went off and shot him right through the throat. He died almost instantly. Jim went in and looed at the scene. He came bac and said, "I don't see a problem here. Don't try to cover anything up. This is definitely a case of 'the truth shall set you free'. This guy broe in, you acted in self defense. One important question, were you being absolutely truthful? They will be checing him for gun powder and the barrel of the gun for prints." Sean nodded and then he stood up in a hurry and rushed to the corner of the house and threw up. He came bac looing even more embarrassed and apologized. Jim just smiled and helped him to sit bac down. We heard sirens approaching. Jim had called the shooting in on his cell phone when he was inside. He held up his badge when a dozen cop cars came screaming up to the curb and everyone was cool. Jim went off to the side with a policeman with sergeant stripes on his sleeve. They taled for a while and then we all went down to the police station and started giving statements. Nobody lied about anything and I

didn't leave anything out. Between the crime scene evidence, the preliminary tests, and my rapist's criminal history everything was over pretty quicly. They taled to an Assistant District Attorney and they saw nothing to prosecute for. It would be a while before Mar would get his gun bac, but they assured him that he would. The only real hassle came when they ased for the DVDs. We refused to give them up. Not so much that I was too embarrassed to have anyone see them. More that we didn't want to lose them. They were quite a turn on. Although I may feel differently now that my rapist is dead. We ended up paying someone to clean up the mess at the house. I couldn't bring myself to do it. The cops got a lot of it, but it still needed a thorough cleaning. *** We too a couple of wees off and now we are having our Sunday at the races parties again. We even invited Jim over a couple of times to than him for all of his help. The cops were pretty cool about what they let out to the press. It was reported as a home invasion and a shooting in self-defense. Life is more or less normal The Sunday parties are fun, movie during the day when I there had been another way. now, normal for us anyway. but I still watch that last am alone and wish that I miss my rapist.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I had that big post taen out of my tongue and a much smaller one put in. Sometimes though, on Sundays, I put the bigger one bac in. The guys get a ic out of it. THE END Comments? Criticism? Email - To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my previous efforts and encouraged me, than you. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Kristen's collection - Directory 53

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