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-------------------------------------------------------This wor  is copyrighted to the author © 2005. Please don't remove the author information or ma e any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites. Than  you for your consideration. -------------------------------------------------------Tale of The Midnight Rapist; Jenna by Desert Bandit (address withheld) *** A Handsome Young man with a high I.Q. finds it all too easy to get laid. He wants a challenge. In order to ma e sex more challenging, he conceals his face behind a blac  mas , brea s into the homes of beautiful wealthy women, and rapes them, all at the stro e of midnight. He is not out to humiliate; but have fun, and give women tons of orgasms...with or without their

consent. Most women usually give in after the 9th orgasm however. (FFM, nc, rp) *** Nic  stood at 6'2, and weighed 200 lbs. Solid muscle, and not an ounce of fat. He was an M.I.T. graduate who got his bachelors in computer programming and mathematics in only three years, and at the top of his class on both majors. The man was handsome and a true genius. On top of that, he had an 8 inch coc , and balls the size of tangerines which could stin  up a loc er room with their musty smell. He had chiseled, dar  features, with deep set green eyes. Indeed, Nic  Mancuso had it all. There was nothing he couldn't do. He was good at everything. He was a top athlete in his high school that got numerous offers from Pac Ten schools to play both football and bas etball. He also got a recommendation from a congressman for West Point which he rejected. As far as girls were concerned, there were never any problems. He lost his virginity at age 13 to a beautiful supermodel aged 30 years. At the time his coc  was only 6 inches, but very thic . They had sex several times until she had to go bac  to France, which depressed him greatly. Nevertheless, throughout Jr. High, High School, College, and now in the world of wor , he had a different woman every night. Sometimes four different women per night. That's the curse of having big balls; no matter how many women you fuc  you are never satisfied. Whatever the case, surprisingly enough he always got condomless sex. He was so good loo ing and intelligent most women willingly too  his seed. Unbe nownst to him, the woman he lost his virginity to give birth to a beautiful baby girl. She got pregnant from their last fuc ing, and he never  new. In fact several women got pregnant by him. This was causing some serious mental anguish. Everything was easy for him. Because of his loo s people treated him well. If he needed money, he could always figure out a scam or two to get what he wanted. Indeed, he had stolen 16 billion dollars through computer hac ing and gave it all bac . Then he decided he needed 2 billion so he held on to it. A scandal ensued but the hac er was never found. It was all too easy to get any woman he wanted. Hollywood starlets? All the hottest cunts in Hollywood enjoyed his ministrations; from Sandra Bulloc , to Catherine Zeta Jones, to Britney Spears. The first lady of the United States? Turns out she's really into bac  door penetration.... Queen Rania of Jordan? Those are not her husband's

 ids, a DNA test will tell you that right now.....
Princess Diana? Mr. Mancuso gave her 97 orgasms wee s before her death when he was about 19 and on spring brea  on his second year at M.I.T. Truly, there was no woman on earth Mr. Mancuso could not fuc . They all willingly gave in to his charm, and the folds of their cunts were all parted by his massive pleasure tool. It was enjoyable to be sure, especially the rush of releasing quart upon quart of hot sperm inside the cunts of many beautiful women, and seeing their bellies swell from the pregnancy afterward. But it was not enough. He wanted more of a challenge. So he devised a plan. He would become, the midnight rapist. He hac ed into the computer systems of every police station in the country and loo ed at rape statistics, and patterns. He also carefully studied the new crime investigation software cops used. He confused the data that went into the software, creating a false crime pattern. This is to say, if a rape was reported from the house of his first victim, a report would appear on the other side of the country, in another city, from a different house. The cops would be caught chasing a red herring of sorts. So that the cops would not suspect someone was tampering with their equipment, he also made it so that, after about 5 or so rapes, the crime investigation software would lead cops to violent serial rapists. Nic , although planning to be a rapist himself, was truly disgusted by the rapists out to humiliate women. Personally, Nic  loved women; he loved their big doe eyes, their thic  lips, their soft s in and even softer bodies. He also loved the powerful grip of their cunt muscles, and the sweet, warm wetness which caused him to explode inside them. The majority of rapists do not intent to ma e women feel pleasure; what they want is to bully and humiliate women. Because of this, with some sense of justice, nic  made it so that the crime investigation software would catch other, more violent rapists, while  eeping the cops of his bac . Whatever the case, it was all set up. All he needed to do now was go somewhere were there were a lot of high class women so he could pic  his target. And so, he went to a shopping district in Beverly Hills. As expected, there were a lot of gorgeous women. A lot of blondes, but that was fine by him. Pussy was pussy after all. A lot of Jewish bitches too. Their air of overconfidence was unmista able. Not to mention the dar er loo s many of them had. From the parade of gorgeous wal ing vaginas he found many that were to his li ing, but he  new he could only pic  one. Finally, he found his target.

A blonde socialite in her mid 30's was giving a clothes salesperson a hard time. She was a really nice girl and did not deserve the treatment the blonde snob was giving her, but she put up with it and served her anyway. "There she is" nic  thought "the woman I'm gonna fuc  tonight." He shadowed her to her mansion and saw where she lived. The place was pac ed with guards, and it was a true fortress in every sense of the word. Li ely there were probably Dobermans too. Whatever the case, he was going to shove his coc  in her and ma e her carry his child. Before he made plans however for the brea  in however, there was a really hot girl in a clothing store who needed his ministrations. And so, Mr. Mancuso too  a mental picture of the area he needed to be at, and drove bac  to the store where the nice girl was at. He went into the store and wal ed around a bit. Not really interested in anything. He just hung out,  ind of, staring at nothing until, finally, he caught the girl's attention. "Can I help you?" the girl as ed "actually" Nic  said in his New Yor er accent, "I'm not here for the clothing." "Then, what are you here for?" the girl as ed in a condescending tone. "Your name. I was really intrigued at how someone as beautiful as you could  eep herself so composed after being badgered by that socialite." The girl blushed "I'm just doing my job." "Oh no" nic  said "I've seen a lot of girls lose it and be rude to customers. You were a perfect lady through and through." "Alright. You are trying to flirt with me and you're not here to buy anything. If that's the case then you should just leave!" Nic  loo ed upset, and after a few seconds retorted "alright, I won't bother you..." The stress of dealing with the bitch socialite had actually gotten to the girl, and she was ta ing it out on Nic . Realizing this, she apologized saying. "loo  I'm sorry. My name is Jenna. I'm a go to school here at UCLA." "Really" nic  retorted "where are you originally from?

you don't sound Californian and your complexion is light for these parts...." "I'm from Colorado" Jenna stated "I was offered a full scholarship by UCLA and, well, you don't loo  a gift horse in the mouth as they say." "That's all great and good but.... tell you what, I feel  inda bad for not buying anything so I'll go ahead and play the part of the pervert and buy a pair of expensive panties. Why don't you show me to one of the dressing rooms?" "Sure!" Jenna stated, her tone now much friendlier. No sooner had he seen where the dressing room was, that Nic  dragged Jenna into one of the rooms with him, and shut the door. The store was about to close and it was empty, so no one saw them. Nic  slammed Jenna against the mirror and  issed her. She pushed him away and slapped him, but then shortly afterwards wrapped her arms around him and started  issing him bac . As she was wearing a small dress and sandals, Nic  pulled it right off and then proceeded to undo her bra. A nice pair of D cup breasts was revealed, with the pin est, most beautiful nipples any women would be proud to own. Nic  did not waste time in suc ing them, bringing them together while hungrily lic ing. Wet slurping sounds filled the dressing room, and Jenna moaned and gasped with pleasure. Nic 's coc  was straining in his pants, as thin ing he would rape someone he stopped fuc ing and masturbating for a whole month. Being hungry for the taste of her s in, he explored her with his hands and  issed her body. He gently bit into Jenna's ass-chee s, gently  issing them, all the while pulling down her panties. When she turned bac  around, she revealed the most beautiful shaved pussy he had ever seen (and he had seen many!). It was flawless; the most perfect folds of vulva flesh he had ever seen, no excess s in hanging out anywhere, and it was slowly inflating before his very eyes. Her clit came out of hiding to salute him. Jenna was now star  na ed, as she was only wearing a small dress and a pair of sandals. Nic  dug his fingers into Jenna's ass-chee s, and pressed his tongue against her clit and began lic ing, never letting it lost contact with it. Her  nees began to buc le as she trembled in agonizing pleasure. She reflexively put her fingers through Nic 's hair and began stro ing it appreciatively as she moaned and gasped in orgasmic pleasure. "Oh my God your ma ing me cum!" Jenna gasped out, as she released slimy liquid all over Nic 's face. He

smiled through his lic ing as he loo ed up at her and pressed his tongue even harder against her clit. He then curled it so that it would wrap around the clitoris, in effect, creating a little pussy for her clit to fuc . She let out a loud scream that was heard by people in the street. "Oh God don't stop!!" she screamed, loud enough for everyone outside the store to hear. And he didn't stop. He  ept going for a full hour until finally, the strain in his pants was just too painful. He undid his fly, pulled down his pants and underwear, letting his coc  spring out for a breath. It was already drooling pre-cum which swung around li e a piece of string and it was iron-hard. Even the head was inflated almost to the point of bursting. "I must plunge into her pussy," he thought. "I can't ta e this much longer." Jenna felt coc  hit her leg as he undid his pants, and she also felt the pre cum on her foot. Feeling this, she gasped out in an orgasmic haze; "I  now you want me... don't hold out anymore, put it in me. Please, my pussy hurts... I need to be filled... Put it in me.... You  now... you want to... Your coc ... it hurts as bad as my pussy... relieve us both, put it in me...." She was right; Nic 's sperm were swimming so hard they were practically boiling his nuts. He had to blow his load, and she wanted him. Without further delay, he stood up and placed the head of his coc  right on Jenna's swollen pussy lips. Loo ing deeply into her eyes, he pushed upward and sun  into her. First the tip, and then ever so slowly, half way. Ever so slowly, a little more. Finally, ever so slowly, all the way to his big balls, as sexy, slimy-fuc ed-pussy sounds began to permeate the air. Jenna immediately put one leg around him, and then the other, hanging on to him. Nic  held her up by her ass chee s and began pumping. Her pussy was unbelievably tight, hot, and deliciously slimy. Some of her pussy juice was dripping on the floor as she had come so much the penetration was releasing a lot of it. That, and the lic ing had made her pussy walls seriously juicy. As he thrust in and out of her, she felt the warm relief soothing her vaginal ache. The heat from Nic 's coc  then slowly began to spread all over her body. She was truly joined to him now.

Nic  thrust into her with bestial fury, as her body began dripping beads of sweat from every inch of her s in. Jenna was burning up; Nic 's coc  felt so hot and thic  inside her, she was faint, and in and orgasmic haze, her beautiful face contorted in a mas  of ecstasy. Nic   ept up the pumping for two hours at the end of which he began thrusting with more and more fury. The intensity and frequency of Jenna's orgasms multiplied ten-fold, and by now Jenna's body felt li e it was on fire. His body finally gave in to the impregnation instinct and pumped Jenna full of his seed. His balls contracted into his body almost painfully as he shoved his coc  all the way into Jenna. Spurt after spurt of hot jizz pelted her cervix and pussy walls as Nic  felt his burning, orgasmic release inside Jenna's squeezing pussy. She felt his hot jizz massage her insides with soothing, pelting jets that felt soooo good. It was hot and soothing, both at once and she could swear she could feel the sperm swimming around in her. He  ept pelting her with jet after jet of hot cum for about a half hour, the white fluid now beginning to drip unto the carpet, mixed with some of her pussy juice. The mouth of Jenna's uterus dipped into the large sperm pool deposited by nic , as her pussy burned and burned with the intensity of the most powerful orgasms she ever had, and the feeling of being pelted by jizz. Nic  moaned, and with one final spurt, released his final wad into her. Jenna felt her most powerful orgasm of the fuc  and nearly fell unconscious, barely hanging on to him. With that final spurt, nic  collapsed on his  nees, and then feel bac wards, with Jenna now straddling him. She laid on top of him, panting for breath, with his dic  still in her. He held her close to him, and slowly let his coc  soften to let it naturally slide out of her. A few minutes later as it did, white fluid spill out of Jenna's cunt. Nic  felt genuine fulfillment from this fuc , and he actually felt he had fused with her spiritually when he pumped his dic  into her. Surely enough he wanted to let her  now it. "That was great; we should do it again sometime."

Jenna did not respond. "Jenna?" Nic  said trying to get a response "Jenna?" Upon trying to get a response the second time, he loo ed down at his chest and saw that she was sleeping. The intensity of the orgasms had caused her to fall asleep. "Great" nic  thought. Without wasting time, he pulled his pants up, loo ed around the store for a towel, and cleaned them both up. As soon as Jenna stopped dripping his cum, he got her dressed, pic ed her up, and put her in his car. He dug into her purse loo ing for an I.D. or driver's license and using it, he hac ed into public records using the store computer. He found where Jenna lived, and promptly drove her to her apartment. Using her  eys, he opened the door, and laid her on her bed. He loo ed down at her with intrigue and wonder, thin ing how unusually great the fuc ing had been. "God she's beautiful" he thought "and I have had some exquisite women, but she is so beautiful." Just then he noticed a wet spot forming between Jenna's legs. She had not completely stopped dripping his sperm. To ma e her more comfortable he dried her up as best he could, and stripped her off her clothes. "She's going to want to ta e a shower after the mess I made in her" he thought. "I'll just leave her li e this." With that, he  issed her on the chee , close to her mouth, and covered her beautiful na ed form with a blan et. He made sure all the windows where shut, he turned on the air conditioner on low, and double loc ed her door as he left. Three hours later, Jenna wo e up, really groggy but feeling a sense of well-being she had never felt before. Out of the blue, she started laughing li e she had heard a really funny jo e, and tears began streaming down her chee s. She couldn't quite understand why she was so happy. All she  new is that she was. Her pussy felt awfully sore, but very satisfied and sated. She thought she had been dreaming, but then she loo ed down at her cunt and white fluid continued to pour out, this time at much lesser volume. "So that was real," she thought to herself. "I hope I see him again." The feeling of happiness and well being was so strong

she did not really care how Nic  had found were she lived. "All the better," she thought to herself "this way he'll come bac  tonight...." With that, she got up, and got her beautiful na ed self over to the shower. **** Nic  felt sated, and very drained after fuc ing Jenna. The rape of the bitchy socialite would have to wait. For now, he was going to go home, and hit the sac . No sooner had his head hit the pillow that he was out li e a light. That night, he had a dream, in which he was brea ing into a large mansion, and raping a beautiful socialite. A dream that would be fulfilled, in the next story. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Kristen's collection - Directory 33