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FS 4: Exploring the Curriculum Episode 3: Tell Me YOUR ANALYSIS 1. Why should teachers know about curriculum design?

Curriculum design ensures how students will learn and it is important for teachers to be aware of curriculum design because it meets the needs of students with the appropriate lessons. Understanding curriculum design is a way in which teachers better understand what they are teaching and its relation to the past and present. 2. What do most principles and theories of curriculum development have in common? How is this commonality expressed or spelled out in the curriculum of the class you have observed? What they have in common among principles and theories of curriculum development is that it is more student-centered wherein the needs of the students are provided. In the class observed, the teacher does less of the task and the students participate more.

Episode 4: Bridging Educational Processes YOUR ANALYSIS 1. How important is involvement of all stakeholders of the school in the schools programs and activities? All stakeholders should be involved in the schools programs and activitie s because family and society involvement is beneficial and helpful in determining the activities of the school. In a way, students become more interested in their studies through these. Aside from giving ideas and opinions, they could also cover some of the expenses in the schools programs and activities. Working together to build strong partnerships makes the school the best environment next to home. 2. What specific principle of curriculum development justifies the importance of cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders of the school? In the same way as curriculum development is important; it also requires cooperation and collaboration. Stakeholders should study and plan well the programs and the activities to be implemented if they are necessary or beneficial for the learners. The greater good for all the learners lies in the cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders of the school, just like how a curriculum development should meet the needs of the learners.

OBJECTIVES (Write down the teachers Learning Objectives)

STRATEGIES (Describe the strategies used by the teacher)

ASSESSMENT (Describe the assessment method/s & tool/s used)

REMARKS (Write your personal judgment on the alignment of the Objectives, Strategies, and Assessment)

YOUR ANALYSIS 1. Why do teachers need to align the objectives, strategies, and assessment? The proper alignment of objectives, strategies, and assessment goes back to the way the entire lesson plan was formed. It is important to plan your work and to work your plan. It should be properly aligned in the sense that they reinforce one another and none strays from the objectives. 2. How should teachers align their objectives, strategies, and assessment? Suggest some strategies. The objectives should set the goal of the teachers on what they want the learners to achieve and learn. Strategies are the methods to achieve those goals. The strategy should be interesting for the student for them to maintain their focus. The assessment must measure what the students have learned. These should all be aligned in order to best convey the information at hand.